Shah Rukh Khan signed as the brand ambassador of Linc Pen

Product and Brand Endorsements come easy to Shah Rukh Khan. After having endorsed a whole range of products from colas to cars and cell phones to computers, Shah Rukh has now been signed as the brand ambassador of Linc Pen brand of pens.

According to MD of Linc Pen, Mr. Deepak Jalan, Khan was a natural choice as he is someone who personifies style, entertainment and enjoys widespread popularity across all age-groups.

Linc Pen is now keen on aggressively expanding in Western India and what better way than to rope in King Khan himself to promote their brand. Now don't be surprised if you see your near and dear ones writing with a Linc Pen. After all it's the SRK magic!!!

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Big B to star in PNC's thriller titled The Actor

Amitabh Bachchan is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors we have in Bollywood. Now, strange as it may sound, Amitabh, the actor, is all set to star in Pritish Nandy Communications next film titled The Actor.

Bollywood Hungama spoke to Pritish Nandy himself who confirmed this news, "Yes, we have signed Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for a film called The Actor. It is a thriller and will be directed by Kushan Nandy. We are still in the process of finalizing the rest of the cast," said Mr. Nandy

Mr. Nandy also dismissed rumors which said that The Actor is a biography based on Big B's life.

Hope Mr. Bachchan (The Greatest Actor) recovers soon and continues to entertain his millions of fans world over.

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RGV to rope in Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone for Sarkar 3?

Ranbir and Deepika on RampGrapevine is abuzz that the third movie in the ‘Sarkar’ series will feature Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

Though Amitabh Bachchan may have expressed his reservation about working in the third Sarkar movie, Ram Gopal Varma never ruled out yet another sequel. In fact, the news of ‘Sarkar 3’ was doing rounds since the day Sarkar Raj released.

It was apparent from the open ending that Varma gave to the film. The scene in which Amitabh tells his wife to call Chickoo, who is Kay Kay Menon ’s son, to come back to India indicated that the director wanted to continue the story in the next movie.

If the news is to be believed, Ranbir is going to play the grown-up Chickoo who returns to India. And Deepika will portray his love interest on screen. Ranbir and Deepika were last seen together in Bachna Ae Haseeno and filmmakers love to cash in on the off-screen chemistry of the stars.

The speculation was also rife that Jaya Bachchan might play a significant role in ‘Sarkar 3’. Whatever the news or speculation, ‘Sarkar 3’ would be soulless without Amitabh Bachchan . So, Amitabh and possibly Aishwarya Rai will be there for the sequel.

Varma has yet to confirm the news. And he is not available for any comments. So wait and watch.

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Hollywood Actress Michelle Yeoh wants to work with Shah Rukh Khan

Actress Michelle Yeoh, best known for acting in multiple-Oscar winning film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Bond film Die Another Day, loves to deliver punches on screen but her ultimate desire is to pair with India’s romantic idol King Khan.

SRK and Michelle Yoeh

Yeoh, whose science-thriller Babylon A D released in Indian theatres recently is also hoping that the film would be liked in India.

“I know Shah Rukh Khan is quite famous in India and I would love to star opposite him. But unfortunately no calls yet. But, yes I wish I could get to work with him as a lead actress, be it a Hollywood or Indian film,” says Yeoh.

This Asian actress is a Bollywood fan too. “I am an Asian and I like Indian films a lot. Have seen a couple of them in subtitles,” Yeoh told PTI in an email interview.

Michelle Yeoh stars opposite Vin Diesel in Babylon A D, which is set against the backdrop of not-too-distant future where much of the planet is in a war zone left by nuclear meltdowns.

The actress says she enjoyed playing the role of a fighter nun as she got the chance of doing what she loves best–kicking and punching. “In one scene where I had to kick someone and by mistake I hurt him. I felt embarrassed as his nose just couldn’t stop bleeding but somehow Vin controlled the situation,” says Yeoh recalling the incident.

“Since the incident the talk on the sets was about this Asian girl who kicks too hard and warned each other to either better stay away while stunts or take maximum precautions,” says an amused Yeoh.

Yeoh admits that she takes special pride in her capability to do dangerous stunts. “For me stunts are the greatest challenge. I love what I do. I love the physical aspect of it. I do take a lot of pride, and I do respect the people that I work with, particularly the stunt people.”

The actress is not ready to reveal much about her future plans though. “There are 4-5 untitled projects in queue. Well 2009 might see a couple of biggies. I am keeping my fingers crossed. But I am very much concerned about Babylon A D’s” success in India,” she says.

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Meerabai Not Out Trailer

Meerabai Not Out Cast: Anupam Kher, Mahesh Manjrekar, Mandira Bedi, Vandana Gupta, Prateeksha Lonkar, Anil Kumble, Eijaz Khan and others; Director: Chandrakant Kulkarni

Meerabai Not Out Preview:
Pritish Nandy Communications brings you the craziest, amazing love story of the year! And the one thing it’s not about is hearts, flowers and Cupid with his bow-n-arrow! Infact, tweak it a little, take away the bow-n-arrow and put a bat in Cupid’s plump little arms and what you’ve got is MEERABAI NOT OUT!

Meerabai Not Out Movie Trailer:

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Fashion Movie gets Adult Certificate from censor board

Award-winning director Madhur Bhandarkar is upset that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has given his next film ‘Fashion’ an ‘adults-only’ certificate.

“Given the movie’s theme, I certainly never expected that the board would give it a ‘U’ certificate, but I was sure it would receive a U/A certificate,” Bhandarkar told IANS Tuesday.

Bhandarkar, who has co-produced the film with UTV Motion Pictures, describes “Fashion” as his most glamorous film. He roped in Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut, Arjan Bajwa and Mugdha Godse to do lead roles.

The board members, who saw the movie Monday in Mumbai, objected to six scenes including Priyanka and Arjan’s lovemaking scenes and Priyanka and Kangana’s dragging at drugs scenes. The members asked Bhandarkar and his co-producer, Ronnie Screwvala, to delete them from the movie.

As the director refused to delete the scenes, the board has given it an ‘A’ certificate.

Arjan Bajwa and Priyanka ChopraThe members refused to be convinced by Bhandarkar’s argument that the scenes being objected to are an integral part of the movie and that yanking those off would mean compromising with the realistic depiction of the movie’s subject.

“Although we had the option of appealing to the Revising Committee of the board against the Examining Committee’s decision, we chose not to do so as that would have taken a lot of time. Besides, there was no knowing what would be the decision of the Board’s higher committee,” Bhandarkar said.

“Fashion”, which takes a close look at the other side of the fashion world, is due for release Oct 29.

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Shahid Kapoor as Kid

I know that loads of Shahid Kapoor fans frequent visit this site, so these photos are especially dedicated to them. Yeah, these are pictures of Shahid Kapoor in his childhood.
I think nothing has changed much as he is still looking like what he did in his childhood. :D

shahid kapoor childhood

shahid kapoor childhood

shahid kapoor childhood

shahid kapoor childhood

shahid kapoor childhood


Will Himesh do it Again?

This Himesh Reshammiya in a Burqa photo was taken at the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah in Ajmer. Well, this is not a new photo as this was taken right before the release of Himesh’s debut movie Aap Ka Surror.
Now what I’m really interested in is whether Himesh repeats the Michael Jackson/Govinda Burqa act before the release of his second movie Karzzzz or not. If you know Himesh well, you shouldn’t be shocked to see him do the act again.
Waiting for the new pictures![:D]
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I don't understand this Hindu - Muslim rift: Salman Khan

Hello Hero!
(Laughs) Nice way to start huh! But the ultimate hero is not me but Sohail Khan. Watch out for him.

Sohail has done really well for himself, hasn't he?
Yes. When Sohail did Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, he was appreciated in the film but the film didn't do really well. So somewhere down the line he got a bit demoralized. He was doing well as a director and with his production company.

At that point of time he wanted to do action but the fact was that he was good at comedy. He is one of the few people who can do justice to action and comedy. But as a family we thought that he should concentrate on comic roles.

That's when Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, God Tussi Great Ho, Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na, Hello and now Heroes happened.

As you must be aware by now that Mr. Bachchan is in the hospital. Anything you'd like to convey to him or his well wishers through this interview?
Yeah of course. He is one of the senior most and talented actors we have in our industry today. It affects the industry big time. We all are worried for him. Abhishek is too close to Mr. Bachchan and vice versa.

So we are confident that he will be fine and don't forget that Mr. Bachchan is a fighter and will come out as a winner. But something like this to happen on his birthday is quite depressing.

Is Heroes a tribute to the Indian jawans in a way?
Heroes isn't about the Indian jawans or the Indian soldiers or against Pakistan. It's about two guys who just want to have fun in life and then they get an exercise to find out whether joining the army is important or not.

The jawans in Heroes played by Sunny, Bobby, Dino and myself can be Pakistani, American, Chinese or Japanese but you will find such guys anywhere.

Infact, there is one of my dialogues in the film saying, "Yeh jung kab khatam hogi?" and my co-star replies, "Yeh jung thodi hain. Jung to tab hoti thi jab raja maharaja khud aage aate the ladne ke liye. Jis din woh neta jo yeh treaty sign karte hain, woh ladenge, tab yeh jung khatam hogi". It's a very meaningful film.

Vatsal Seth brought to my attention that you did not smoke a cigarette just because you were wearing a turban. Very touching I should say?
Yeah, that's true. That's the reason I am trying to quit smoking. I normally don't talk about smoking and I try not to smoke whenever possible.

Well, it means that you not only respect your country here in Heroes but also other cultures.
If you're going to respect somebody's religion and somebody's culture, I think they're going to respect your culture and your religion. I believe that all the religions are basically the same.

They preach and teach the same things. It's just that they have different ways of doing it. But I don't understand this Hindu - Muslim rifts sometimes.

Tell me one Hindu man or a girl who does not have a Muslim friend or the vice versa. This is just a card that the politicians play and some people do this for money too.

Do you think Vatsal Seth has a long and a bright future ahead of him?
He is the cute 'Tarzan' Boy. He is an adorable kid. Even though he is around 26 or 27, he looks 15 to 16 year old. He is training hard and trying to put on a bit of weight.

And once he gets that, he will be an even better looking boy, not that he is not now. You know, those lover boy roles which Kumar Gaurav, Aamir Khan and I've done in the past don't work now. It's time for a change, a drastic change.

Vatsal will have to change his image if he wants to survive in the industry. With this film, he will do justice to his role just as Riteish, Aftab and Arshad have done in their films. Two hero projects are good for him right now. I think he has already signed three to four films.

From a serious conversation to something not that serious - Preity Zinta. Let's talk about her.
(Laughs) She is a serious actress but sometimes she is a complete brat. Can you believe it; she went to some acting classes to learn the Punjabi accent. So when she came and started talking in Punjabi, I was shocked. It was too good. I've worked with Preity in more than five films now. So we jell along well and have a good rapport.

You play one of the jawans in Heroes. How did you make your character look rough and tough?
First of all, I did not put a fake beard. I wanted to grow my own beard and make it look very authentic. Then again, we are actors and we have to act. There is no way out. It's more about the convincing nature of the character you play.

So even if I was thin, I can look tough. In addition, the postproduction, action coordinators, fight sequences, etc also helps build a tough guy. It is not physically possible to do the kind of stuff what Khalli or the Rock can do (laughs).

Both Nanhe Jaislamer and his debut film Kyun, Ho Gaya Na were not successful at the box office. Then why did you say Yes to Heroes?
First of all, I told Samir not to make Nanhe Jaisalmer but he wanted to do it. He did approach me for Nanhe Jaisalmer but I said No to it. Then he comes up with Heroes, to which I immediately said Yes.

I think this film is going to be a sure shot hit. I mean, I will be surprised if Heroes did not do well. Plus Eros International is doing the marketing. I mean, their last Samir Karnik film did not work. So I hope they do justice to Heroes (laughs).

How much of Salman Khan off screen represents Balkar Singh of Heroes?
Every character I play or I've played is somewhere close to me. There is some personality in me, which has to have this resemblance. If I don't have that spark of the character, I cannot play it.

I choose those roles which I think I can comfortably do it. My onscreen roles bring out some kind of Salman Khan, which is off-screen. Balkar Singh is tough, patriotic, loving and a good guy. I too am a good guy and not a bad one as many people think I am.

Why not go shopping during Diwali, why watch Heroes instead?
Wrong question dude! That's too brave of you to say that. But I would disagree with you. There are lots of reasons to go and watch a movie - 'Kya kar rahe ho aaj? Chalo picture dekhte hain', 'do ghante ki film hain, chal dekh kar aate hain', 'maine is film ke baare mein kaafi accha suna hain'.

The publicity, the word of mouth, your favourite hero is in the film, it's a good story, etc. I think Heroes would be a combination of just about everything. Plus, there is no 'chechorapan' in the film at all. It's a meaningful film and it doesn't bore you. It's a fun film.
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What patch up? There was no fight with Aamir: Ram Gopal Varma

Look what Phoonk has started. Another film on the supernatural 1920 is a success. Aren't you responsible for promoting blind faith?
I don't think cinema influences audiences' behaviour. People being possessed by the devil was a belief that has existed long before cinema came into being. Doesn't cinema capture slices of life? If movies influenced people, after Hum Aapke Hain Koun the joint-family system should've come into vogue in a big way.

But you're endorsing supernaturalism. Isn't that against the spirit of progress?
People in our country have space in their minds for the supernatural and rational thoughts. Even the most rational mind believes in the evil eye. When an Indian NASA scientist goes abroad his mother feeds him dahi, breaks a coconut for his journey. Science and the supernatural co-exist. What happens in Phoonk happens all the time.

Isn't 1920 riding on the success of Phoonk?
I've no idea. I haven't seen 1920. Horror is a neglected genre in India. In Japan, Thailand and Korea, horror is the mainstay of their cinema.

But we in this country blindly ape western trends. Use universal emotions. They'll never fail. We're always wondering whether we should've songs, or whether we should look like American films. Also in horror the aura is created mainly through the imagination and the performances and that's tough.

Besides I don't make horror films. They rely on gore. I hate that. I make scary films. These play with the audiences' imagination.

So you are making Phoonk 2 ?
I am definitely making Phoonk 2. The main star is the crow. It carries the story forward.The sequel goes back to the same family. But with additional characters.

It will start with Zakir Husain's character being killed by the spirit of the women Ashwini Kalsekar who practiced black voodoo. The Kannada actor Sudeep had his voice dubbed for Phoonk. He's learning Hindi intensely for the sequel so he can speak his own lines.

Are you still dazed by the success of Phoonk?
What makes the audience want to watch a film is a mystery. Everyone thought Rock On would've a very limited appeal. Nobody knows what works. Flops have happened to me before. So have hits. I just need to make films, As far as I'm concerned Phoonk is over. I've no patience with post-mortems.

Aren't you enjoying the success of Phoonk?
I enjoy making films. Not throwing parties and drinking champagne. And I value constructive criticism more than praise.

Wouln't you have preferred to produce Phoonk yourself?
I've never produced a film in my life. I've always collaborated with big production houses. I've been a producer by default. I was impressed by the producers of Phoonk. They're the best company I've worked with.They spent an unlimited amount on the publicity and marketing.

Were you confused when Phoonk clicked so quickly after Contract flopped?
It happens all the time in the entertainment business. Take my Aag. It had huge stars. Everyone was shocked by its low opening.

Everyone thought Sholay would bring the audiences in. I now realize the interest level of audience between 13 and 30 in Sholay was very low. Prashant Raj who starred in Aag hadn't seen Sholay. It's a far more popular film inside the film industry than with the young audience.

If all the people who said Aag was a bad film had seen it, it'd have been a super-hit. Aag-bashing became a popular industry.

You had 3 releases in two months as director. Aren't you overdoing it?
I didn't make these films in two months, did I? It's just that they were released one after another. The release of Sarkar Raj was delayed. I had free time on hands. Since the only thing I do is make films and since I had the scripts of Contract and Phoonk ready I decided to make these films.

Didn't this crowd bother you?
I'm totally convinced that audiences don't care about the director's name in the credit titles. If they did Contract would've taken an opening after the success of Sarkar Raj and after Contract Phoonk should've been boycotted.

I don't think Ram Gopal Varma was the issue at all. At best a brand director creates interest in a project. But it doesn't determine how many people will watch that film.

Why are you constantly attacking mediapersons on your blog?
It's the other way around. It's the media that bashes me all the time. That's because I've a release every 2-3 months. At least I now have a platform to express my thoughts clearly. Eventually my thought-processes have to zero in on individuals.

Why do you take offence to critics not liking your films?
When I review the reviews there's personal malice involved. But when someone writes a review without understanding the film I've the right to object. I've the right to an opinion as much as the other person.

You say one critic blasted your films because you rejected her script?
I didn't say that. All I said is, if in spite of all her efforts she can't make one film what is her qualification to blast films day in and day out? I just have conversations on the blog.

Many people think you're getting even on your blog with your enemies?
How can I get even on my blog? Eventually people will see my film or not see it regardless of what I write on my blog.

How often do you blog?
Whenever I've the time. Maybe once every two days. I now have the chance to talk about the influences that shaped the way I am. See when a journalist puts my thoughts forward he will bring in his own personality. On the blog it's just me and my thoughts.I'm very fond of the blog. And won't give it up.

After Contract are you done with the underworld?
I never saw Satya as a beginning, Company as a continuation and Contact a culmination. I was repeatedly saying they're all a different aspect of the underworld. They aren't a trilogy.

And I will go back to the underworld if another aspect of it appeals to me. The failure of Contract wasn't a shock. I've had many failures in the past. If I can make another underworld I'll try to make it more interesting.

The subject could've been made like Munich or Rambo. I chose to make Contract like Rambo set on a very realistic pattern. It didn't go down well with the audience.

Finally you've patched up with Aamir Khan?
What patch up? There was no fight. We haven't met. I'm not doing any film with him.
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Why pairing with Ranbir is so special for Katrina

Katrina Kaif it is said has signed a two film deal with UTV recently.

The first film will be directed by director duo Abbas Mustan while the details of the second film is being worked on. The actress had earlier signed a deal with Studio 18 too.

Recently, rumors were abuzz about Katrina Kaif being offered a dance reality show on a leading television channel.

A source revealed, "Katrina's popularity is growing larger and larger by the day. Not only is she topping all the opinion polls and popularity charts, she's also being offered whopping amounts of money for endorsements, films, what have you and now the latest being a TV show.

A news report claimed that Katrina had already given the nod to this TV show as she was being offered a multi- crore deal. It is true that she's besieged with offers and she has turned down many. She has no dates to spare for new films as she is busy shooting nonstop for the biggest of banners."

After so many success to her credit the actress is looking forward to Rajkumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani where she is paired opposite Ranbir Kapoor for the first time.

"I am looking forward to this film since this is the first time I have been paired opposite someone of my age" says Katrina. Then there's Subhash Ghai's Yuvraaj opposite Salman Khan.
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Aamir shuns mobile phone... again

Aamir Khan has discarded his mobile phone as he is shooting for 3 Idiots. He is shooting for the Rajkumar Hirani film in Ladakh along with Kareena Kapoor. His mobile is now with his secretary.

Aamir had never been a mobile phone fan and had purchased a handset when almost the entire film industry had it back then in 2001.

He always considered it an intrusion to his privacy and concentration breaker while shooting. Aamir used to carry a Pager for around 3 years even after the mobile was launched.

A source says, "Aamir is in Ladakh shooting for 3 Idiots and their the cell network is almost non-existent.

He therefore found a good a good excuse of shunting his mobile for a few weeks. His mobile phone is now with his secretary. He is enjoying his mobile free days yet again!"
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Hrithik in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next?

Hrithik Roshan has always held Sanjay Leela Bhansali in high esteem and has always made a wish to be on the directors list. It is now heard that Sajay Leela Bhansali approached him with a project and Hrithik ever so eager has also signed on the dotted line.

However there has been no official confirmation of the project.

Hrithik's spokesperson has neither denied nor confirmed the project. All details about the project remain a secret. But considering the powerhouse of talent that both the director and actor are, the movie promises to be a sensation.

Hrithik is presently shooting for his home production Kites with director Anurag Basu the actor was not reachable.

It has now been heard that he has injured his knees too and it will be sometime before he comes back to Mumbai. However there have been reports that Hrithik will very soon be back in Mumbai to complete his committments here.
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Amitabh shows 'definite' improvement

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who was admitted to hospital after he complained of abdominal pain, is showing "definite" improvement, said a spokesperson for Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, on Tuesday.

The medical team attending on Bachchan is pleased with his progress over the past four days. Amitabh was taken to hospital Saturday when he was celebrating his 66th birthday at his bungalow Pratiksha in Juhu.

"Bachchan is definitely improving and doctors are happy with his recovery. Any other news is rumour," said Lilavati Hospital spokesperson Mohan Rajan in a press statement.

"Bachchan is also able to converse with his family members, all of whom are with him constantly," he added.

The Big B has expressed his gratitude and said that he felt "most humbled" by the prayers and good wishes of his fans and well-wishers. However, there was no indication when Bachchan is likely to be discharged from the hospital.

Apart from his wife Jaya, daughter Shweta Nanda, son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai are present at the hospital.
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It was difficult to play half man-half woman

Seasoned actor Aamir Khan, known for portraying versatile characters in films, says playing half male and half female (pictured left) in an ad was one of the most difficult tasks he had ever done.

"It was one of the most difficult tasks to play a male as well as a female in the TataSky ad. But it was a challenge for me and I accepted it. I am very happy with the output," said Aamir who is the brand ambassador of TataSky.

Aamir was speaking at the announcement of TataSky's new interactive feature TataSky + in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Aamir refused to divulge any details about the next ad for TataSky, saying: "You will get to see it whenever it comes. But it will be an interesting one."

On being asked about his favourite programmes on television, Aamir said he prefers to watch various sitcoms, news and documentaries.

"I also watch History Channel because it is very informative. Besides, I also like 'Takashi's Castle' because it is my daughter's favourite. We really enjoy that programme and the hilarious commentaries by Javed Jaffrey."

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Aamir Khan launches Tata Sky's latest offering this festive season

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Karisma Kapoor, Farah Khan and Arjun Rampal at the launch episode of Nach Baliye

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Mugdha Godse: The real ramp life is completely different

Fashion world and Bollywood are closely related. From ages models have been ruling the roost of Bollywood. And now one more name from the modeling arena gets added to the list with Supermodel Mugdha Godse's entry into Bollywood world. A dream debut with one of the most prolific filmmaker of Bollywood Madhur Bhandarkar, Mugdha is all excited about her upcoming release FASHION.

Like many models (aspiring to be actress someday) was Mugdha equally keen on that part. 'Frankly speaking I never planned my career. It was never on my mind to get into modeling or for that matter into films. It just happened to me', she quickly replied. Okay, agreed, but we are keen to know how she became part of such a prestigious project FASHION. The dusky beauty revealed, 'Actually when I was shooting for an ad film for a Jewellery Brand, which was being directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, it was at that time Madhurji asked me to be part of his film FASHION and like any newcomer even I was thrilled to be associated with such a high profile director. And I gave my nod for the film.'

Definitely it's great for any newcomer to get an opportunity to work with multiple National award–winning filmmaker – Madhur Bhandarkar, but can we know what made her sign this project other than the fact it being a Bhandarkar film. Was Bhandarkar the only factor to induce enough to become a part of FASHION? Replies Mugdha in a chirpy tone, 'Obviously Madhurji happens to be the foremost reason. But also the fact that it is closely related to the fashion world made all the more easy for me to be a part of FASHION since I belong to that Industry. I have been in fashion industry for quite sometime and I know the ins and outs of this place. Being a model I could connect with it immediately.'

Former Miss India Mugdha Godse is a successful, well–established supermodel and ramp walker in real life. What about her reel life? Is she equally successful in the film also? 'Unlike my real life I am not so highly successful model in the film. I play a very vibrant, outgoing, bold and outspoken girl called Janet Sequeira, whose life takes a turn when something bad happens to her. My character is very positive which is of helpful nature, good at heart, it is intertwined with that of the other characters in the film and it is an emotional journey for all of them,' explains Mugdha.

Of course, Mugdha is no stranger to fashion world and holds good amount of experience, so was it much of a transition at all, seeing that she's an experienced model herself? 'Obviously its different being in a film there you have to act' Says Mugdha in a confident tone and also drew contrast between walking the ramp in real life and in the film, 'The real ramp life is completely different from the film. Though I hail from modeling world but being in a film is absolutely different scenario. In real life, ramp walk is hardly a 15–minute affair whereas doing the same job in a film is much more tiresome. It took us around 5 days to shoot the same for the film' she further adds, 'In terms of expressions, you generally keep a straight and stiff look on the face on the ramp, but for a film you have to be very expressive and exaggerate.'

Since she is well acquainted with the know–how of the fashion industry, the intricacies and behind the scenes functioning of the industry, did it help her co–stars and the director at any point of time? Rejoins Mugdha, 'I can't say I provided any 'gyaan' out there on fashion but yeah there used to be discussions on the sets which used to help us a lot for our shots. Since I am aware about ramp walking and the kind of body language which models carry so I could help my co–stars on that area. Talking about Madhurji he is very talented and excellent director. He knew much more than I could have contributed. The kind of research they have done for the film I must say it's fantastic.'

Madhur once said that Mugdha is a bundle of talent what do you have to say on this? Says Mugdha 'Well, if Madhurji thinks so that means he must have definitely noted certain good points about me.' That's wonderful to hear and how has been the response overall, 'Oh the response has been terrific. The team of FASHION really appreciated me. Right from day one they have been supporting, guided me well and never let me feel a newcomer. Everyone applauded for my performance. Infact they used to call me '1 take artist', adds the sultry siren.

Normally models are said to be sharing not so cordial relations. They are hit by negative vibes like jealousy, etc. How is Mugdha's relation with Priyanka & Kangana in the film? Do they share cordiality on–screen? Laughs Mugdha, 'Are you asking me to reveal the entire story? You will definitely come to know about the same when you watch the film. At this moment my lips are zipped. Ya, but all I can say is I am friends with both the beauties. Rest you can get it when you watch FASHION.'
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KARZZZZ would be super-duper HIT - Shweta Kumar

There are just 2 more days to go for the release of KARZZZZ and Shweta Kumar, who makes her debut opposite Himesh Reshammiya in the film, is already quite confident that the film would hit the bulls� eye at the box office.

'I can comfortably say that KARZZZZ would be a super–duper hit', says Shweta in an animated tone, 'Luckily all things are falling in line. KARZZZZ is the sole notable Hindi film release of the week and even in coming weeks, I don't see much competition.'

How about HEROES and ROADSIDE ROMEO which arrive on 24th October, a week after KARZZZZ?

'I guess children may still prefer ROADSIDE ROMEO but that's about it. Apart from this, KARZZZZ should be hot favorite even in its second week. Promotion of the film has been fantastic and the music is already doing superb all over. Moreover, Himesh is coming on the big screen after more than a year. I am sure his fans have been longing for this moment', says Shweta in an excited tone.

'For teenagers, KARZZZZ is an event in itself. I know of people who are really curious to see how the remake has turned out to be. There would hardly be anyone who hasn't seen the original KARZ. Now as Satishji (Kaushik) reprises the classic, today's generation would really be looking forward to what's in store.'

Talking about how she is feeling before the D–Day, Shweta comments, 'I guess coming from a filmy background helps. Yes, I cannot deny though that it is a mixture of each and every emotion. As this is my first movie, I myself have a lot of expectations from the film. I am looking for people's reaction and let me admit it – I do sometimes get nervous thinking if people don't like me or my film. Still, I won't say that I am dying of nervousness.'
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Ajay does some funny steps in GOLMAAL RETURNS - Rohit Shetty

Director Rohit Shetty can't help but laugh whenever he remembers his experience of shooting a hilarious sequence in GOLMAAL RETURNS. Apparently, this sequence which has Ajay Devgan and Celina Jaitley dancing with each other was supposed to be shot as a song but was later picturised with only background music.

Confirms Rohit Shetty, "In the script, there was the requirement of this song where Celina and Ajay get into a seducing rendezvous. However, by the time we began shooting for the film, we realized that kids and family audience were looking at me to churn out an out family masala entertainer, just like GOLMAAL. I realized that for the audience I was catering too, I should not get into typical massy affair."

This is when the decision to throw out the song was arrived at, right?

"True", says Rohit promptly, "I pronto decided to leave the song and instead have a fun sequence in the film. Now what you see is a hilarious outing between Ajay and Celina on a boat. I can't help but laugh every time I see this sequence. Ajay (Devgan) had done some really funny dance steps in the song and the final result has been even more lovable than I could have bargained for."

How exactly?

"Well, the song sees Celina lifting Ajay and having him swirl around all over in the air as dolphins keep jumping from one side of the boat to another. It is mad and an out and out spoof sequence", signs off Rohit.
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Kareena charged up about GOLMAAL RETURNS!

It's heartening to see actors taking a personal interest in the well–being and promotion of their films..... Kareena Kapoor is surely going down the illustrious Aamir Khan route in ensuring that GOLMAAL RETURNS, her first release after JAB WE MET, does not fall short of creating the magic it promises to create at the Diwali box office.

According to industry sources, even while shooting for KAMBAKTH ISHQ in Venice with Akshay Kumar, Kareena was in regular touch with the film's producers on the promotion of GOLMAAL RETURNS, which, in her opinion, is an out–and–out commercial family entertainer.

In fact, Kareena was very keen to have Pritam (her JAB WE MET music director) compose the score of GOLMAAL RETURNS, which she voiced to the producers at the very outset. She even took an incredible amount of interest in listening to the songs after their recording and voicing her opinion. The result was a chartbusting soundtrack, including her 'Tu Saala Kaam Se Gaya...' number, which has become an overnight hit.

Upon her return to Mumbai from Venice on the 15th of the month, Kareena is said to have made herself available for the publicity of GOLMAAL RETURNS.

We're confident that her passion and sincerity will pay off when this keenly anticipated mega–comedy hits the cinemas on Wednesday, 29th October.

It is an Indian Films – Studio 18 worldwide release.
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Priyanka Chopra signed as the brand ambassador for Nokia

We always believed that in Bollywood, fame and fortune changes every Friday...till we came across Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka career graph may have been badly affected this year, as most of her films this year flopped back to back. But contrary to what one would expect, this Chopra girl is going great guns and how!

After having lent her signature to a million brands worldwide, she has now been signed to be the Brand Ambassador for Nokia, world's largest mobile phone maker. Speaking about Priyanka's association with the brand, Nokia's spokesperson said that they selected Priyanka in order to create a deeper connect with its young and style-savvy consumers.

With Priyanka now at the helm of things, the company will also flag off a new campaign with the tagline 'It's not just a phone, it's who we are', which would be on air from next week.

Way to go Priyanka!
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Yash Raj Films' New York is being shot in Philadelphia

Residents of Philadelphia were in for a surprise last weekend when they saw helicopters with FBI written across them zooming above the PNC Bank Building. What's more there were even quite a few SWAT officers who made a dramatic entry, suspending themselves from the aircraft carrying rifles. Just as localites began to worry if there was a panic situation on hand, did they see a film crew with cameras et al shooting this whole scenario.

This was not any hostage attack or terrorist threat but the shooting of Yash Raj Films' upcoming project New York (working title) which was in progress in the busy and central area of Philadelphia. The film's stars, namely John Abraham, Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh, were present as the crew along with director Kabir Khan filmed some action scenes in and around the PNC Bank Building. While New York has been quite a prominent feature of many a Bollywood films, this was a relatively new experience for the residents of Philadelphia who after initially getting a trifle scared seemed to enjoy the most of this Bollywood film shoot.

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SRK's REAL Boulevard

Shah Rukh Khan has begun work on his lifestyle boulevard project at Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. The actor appears in the project's promotional campaign posters. As reported ('Realty Raja'; Hitlist, Sept 30), an SRK boulevard is being built on Al Dana island in Ras Al Khaimah.

In the posters, SRK talks about his experiences in B-Town and how he looks at his new venture.

One of the posters says, "There are a few things I've learnt from making movies. You can't hire a great sunset.
You can't say, 'let's get the seagulls to fly in from the right' . You can't ask the wind for a retake. Some things should never go according to a script. Some things should be real."

Another poster has the words, "An on-screen romance lasts three hours. With a break-up thrown in between for drama. Real-life romances are better. They last a lifetime. The ups and downs are real. People fight harder to keep their romance alive. And that's the way it should be. Some things should be real."

It is learnt that King Khan will launch a full-fledged campaign in the coming weeks.
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John bares all... most!

John Abraham has shows off his bod in his forthcoming flick, Karan Johar's Dostana, directed by Tarun Mansukhani. Here he talks about doing a bare dare...

Let's talk about the yellow trunks...
Well, I think that they fit well. Karan and I sat down and discussed the exact trunk that I'd be wearing. We looked at some black-coloured ones but decided to go with the yellow one. The fact that we shot in Miami has something to do with the colour. It's a vibrant, fun place and my styling was done keeping that in mind.

Were you hesitant at all to strip?
There was no such hesitation at my end. For me, it was the brief that mattered. Karan told me exactly the way I was supposed to look in the film and that helped me work towards achieving the same. It was important for me to follow that vision and deliver.

How comfortable are you in your skin?
I am extremely comfortable. I think it's very important when it comes to playing a role like I did for Dostana. I think it also has something to do with my modelling background. I have always been very much at ease with the way I look and feel. For me, it's more the personality that matters than the looks.

Would you show it all if a role required it?
Yes, definitely. Why not? In fact, I have always chosen films and roles that have asked me to do something different. I am extremely comfortable getting into the skin of my character and bringing it alive on screen. However, it doesn't have to be perverse. Also different characters demand you to adapt to what the script demands. Maybe you are shown nude in a torture scene, it doesn't necessary have to be sexual.

Did you do extra workouts for the scene?
Yes, I had trainer Mike Ryan fly down from LA to Miami to work on my body. Back home, I worked with Aalimbhai at Gold's Gym. The point wasn't just to have abs, or a great chest or looked bulked up, I had to work on the entire look, especially my legs. I believe whatever is attainable is also desirable. I also had to keep in mind my diet and focus on eating the right stuff.

What have been the reactions to your Dostana look?
The reactions have been overwhelming and amusing. I am happy that people are looking at my body and appreciating the look. In fact, at times, I even feel like a meat shop!

You are now a gay icon. Comment.
I know a lot of my fans belong to the gay community. All power to them. I have always maintained that respect for this section of my fan base. I have friends who are gay. Tarun (Mansukhani) deserves a lot of credit for not making us look like caricatures and bringing so much life and fun to our roles.

How did you prepare for the part?
As far as preparations go, Karan told me, 'you've forgotten the sensuous side of you'. He told me that I appealed to both genders and that I shouldn't forget that. The preparation didn't just include getting a Baywatch body but went much beyond all that.

Any possibility of backlash from the gay community for the part?
I don't think there will be one. Both of us have taken extreme care to not come out as loud, or OTT anywhere. It's a very non-offensive, laid-back easy- going fun film. Something everyone will enjoy.

This is your second film with Abhishek after Dhoom 2...
I think after Dostana, everyone will call us the next Shah Rukh-Kajol. He isn't just a co-star or a friend but it goes much beyond that. He's a great human being and fun to work with. Of course, not to forget Priyanka who compliments us both.
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Preity's karmic connection with Punjab

Preity Zinta feels that she has some strange karmic connection with Punjab. "I must have been a Punjabi in one of my incarnations," she

Interestingly, out of the three forthcoming releases, “Heroes”, “Heaven On Earth” and “Har Pal”, the former two have Preity play a Punjabi woman.

"’Heroes’ has me as a bubbly and vibrant village girl from Punjab, while in ‘Heaven On Earth’ I play a battered Punjabi housewife living in Canada. Though both characters have me as a Punjabi women, they are as different as chalk and cheese."

Preity also says that speaking and acting like a Punjabi wasn't easy. "I didn't know how to go about enacting my character initially. Pum-Pum (as she lovingly calls Anupam Kher) helped me out. We conducted a three-day workshop where I learnt to act and speak like a Punjabi woman," Preity says.

Incidentally, all the three films begin with the letter H. Tell her about that and Preity laughs saying, "There's some strange karmic connection there too."
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Priyanka going blonde

After the disastrous performance of “Love Story 2050”, we all know red hair did not work for Priyanka Chopra.

Now Ashutosh Gowarikar wants Priyanka to colour her hair golden for his next film “What's Your Rashi”.

Do you think she agreed? No ways. She has put her foot down and said she will never colour her hair again, at least not for films!
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Aishwarya Rai, Rajnikanth complete second 'Endhiran' shooting schedule

'Endhiran - The Robot' stars Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikanth completed another week long shooting schedule on location in Goa on Sunday, October 12. A new schedule is expected to start soon.

The break in filming must have come as a welcome relief to a worried Aishwarya, whose father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan who was hospitalized on his 66th birthday on Saturday, October 11, for severe abdominal pain.

According to a family statement, Bachchan is currently in Lilavati Hospital and will stay there for the next two days to undergo tests.

It is being reported that he is suffering from incisional hernia, a condition that has dogged him since the near-fatal accident on the sets of Coolie in 1982.

The producers of the Sci-Fi film, Ayngaran, have released another promotional still that shows Rajnikanth, 58, sporting long hair and French beard, attired like a noble of the Mughal empire, amidst guards dressed like Roman soldiers! Bollywood at its best, you may say!

The FX heavy movie is being simultaneously produced in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other languages.
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