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Jumbo - Movie Review

Rating: ***

You need to look at an animation film differently. Let the kid in you come to the forefront when you watch one. At the same time, it's pertinent that every film, live or animation, should possess that grip to keep the viewer hooked to the proceedings for the next 2 hours.

Percept's Jumbo may not be as entertaining as HANUMAN -- one film that opened the doors for animation films in India -- but it is shades better than most amateur attempts that followed the success of HANUMAN.

Jumbo, based on 'Chao Praya Prah Hongsawadee', a story by Ariya Jintapanichkarn, tells the adventures of Jaiveer aka Jumbo, a baby elephant. He dreams of following Yudhveer, his absent father, and becoming the royal elephant. Jumbo decides to go in search of his father.

During his search, Jumbo meets up with a kindly elephant trainer, a hyperactive messenger bird and a female elephant, who becomes his sweetheart later. Subsequently, Jumbo becomes a war elephant and defends his kingdom against the evil opponents.

Jumbo bears an uncanny resemblance to THE LION KING. You don't take to the film instantly, but it picks up towards the latter part when Jumbo is chosen by the king to fight the opponents.

The animation isn't at par with the best (SHREK, THE LION KING, FINDING NEMO, the recent hit MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA), but the quality is better than some of the stuff we've witnessed in India.

Jumbo has the trappings of a typical Hindi film. There's revenge, romance, emotions, action... plus, the voiceovers by several top names, besides a song (well choreographed by Ahmed Khan) and scenes featuring Akshay Kumar.

Also, the voiceovers are in sync with the lip moments. Akshay, Dimple Kapadia, Rajpal Yadav and Gulshan Grover infuse life in those characters.

On the whole, Jumbo is a sweet, sincere and simple film that works. Who knows, it may spring a surprise this Christmas. Recommended for kids from 6 to 60.

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"Let's not trivialize serious issues for commercial gains" - Akshay Kumar

While Akshay Kumar gets ready for an exciting four weeks ahead with the release of two of his films - Jumbo and Chandni Chowk To China - round the corner, he is keeping his promises intact when it comes to being associated with a cause. One such cause is the Special Olympics that offer children and adults with intellectual disabilities in a year-round training. This is then followed by competitions in 30 Olympic-type summer and winter sports.

Prior to the World Winter Games, a Global Law Enforcement Torch Run is organized and Delhi will be one of the host cities for the Torch Run. Incidentally, this time around, the run would begin from Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

"It's a pleasant coincidence to begin this drive from 'Chandni Chowk', the place which is closest to my heart. I have been associated with Special Olympics as their brand ambassador for quite some time now and am looking forward to the torch traveling across the globe", says Akshay while making plans for his visit to Delhi on 21st December when the torch would arrive in the city.

Tell him that the torch would travel from Delhi to even Shanghai, China, hence bringing real life close to reel life of Chandni Chowk To China and he protests, "Let's not mix up pleasure with a cause here. I will talk about the film when a platform is suited for its promotion. Here we are talking about people with intellectual disabilities so let's not trivialize it for commercial gains. We are dealing with sensitive issues here." While Akshay Kumar will be running along with the Torch, Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Shiela Dixit will be present at the ceremony to flag off the Torch Run. Akshay Kumar has been attached to this worldwide initiative that is considered to be quite prestigious across 180 odd countries where it has its presence. The Special Olympics currently serve 2.5 million people (with 500,000 people just in India) with intellectual disabilities in more than 200 Programs which are carried out across these 180 odd countries around the world.

Chosen as a brand ambassador in 2005, Akshay Kumar hopes to spread awareness about the cause by being associated with it. He concludes by stating, "I believe all these individuals with special needs certainly deserve the same respect that other athletes get. It is a matter of pride to see them participating with great vigor and unparalleled confidence at such a global platform."

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