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Kangana strips completely for Raaz - The Mystery Continues

The buzz is that Kangana Ranaut has stripped completely in her upcoming horror flick 'Raaz - The Mystery Continues'.

Well, this girl sure has played her cards right. She very well knows what the audience wants from her

The movie is now under the Censor scanner for a nude scene that has been filmed on her.

The scene shows Kangana in a bathtub. According to reports, Kangana had shot the scene with a skin coloured body suit. But then the audiences would still think that Kangana has bared it all for the scene.

It may now be completely chopped off.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt wants a U/A certificate but the Board is not complying.

Apparently after the screening of the film for the Censor Board, there was an argument between some members and Mukesh Bhatt regarding the certification as the producer wanted the 'U/A' certificate to have a large audience base for the flick.

The Censor Board on its part has confirmed that they have asked Vishesh Films to chop Kangana's nude scene. The movie would get an 'A' (Adults Only) certificate because of its spooky content as confirmed by a Board official.

The film starring Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan is set for release on January 23 but Mukesh Bhatt hasn't given up yet. Let's wait and watch to find out the fate of the movie and Kangana's striptease.

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Emraan, Kangna, Adhyayan together for an electrifying music video


Trust Bhatts to not just keep churning hit music but also attach innovative music videos to some of their best tracks. In case of RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES, they have done it twice in a matter of just around 10 days with first 'Maahi Ve' and now 'O Jaana'. While the original version of 'Maahi Ve' was the first to hit the screens a few weeks back, its video starring Emraan Hashmi in center stage came very recently. Hardly has the euphoria on the rock version of 'Maahi Ve' settled down and Bhatts are ready to unveil another music video for 'O Jaana'.

This writer had an exclusive dekko at the song and it has to be admitted that music video for the remix version of 'O Jaana' is the classiest ever to have been churned out of Vishesh Films. The track has a New Age look and feel to it with the principal cast of the film - Emraan Hashmi, Kangna Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman - being a part of it. Also, while Emraan Hashmi (obviously) holds the center stage, Adhyayan and Kangna aren't left behind either and have a definite role to play in the video.

Emraan Hashmi does what he is best at and has been doing forever in each of his chartbuster songs for years while Adhyayan Suman too looks far more confident in his entire cool avtar. However, the stunner of the show is Kangna Ranaut who gets to lip synch the English portion of the song and looks like a true import from the West, what with her costumes, make up and the body language showcasing a different facet of her persona. In fact the next time she mentions that she is just a small town girl from the North side of the country, she would certainly be questioned by many since she hardly looks like an Indian in the first place in the song.

With electrifying laser work, special effects and CG on display, the music video is the kind that should play on in up-market discs and pubs due to the immense dance appeal that it carries. Moreover, the cutting edge edit patter in 'O Jaana' makes it a track that you want to revisit multiple number of times. Have a look!

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Exclusive Raaz The Mystery Continues Wallpapers

Raaz The Mystery Continues Eclusive King size wallpapers

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Raaz - The Mystery Continues - Music Review

Rating: ***

Any follower of Bollywood, especially when it comes to good music, would certainly know by heart the entire catalogue that Vishesh Films has created in last two decades. And now when Bhatt brothers are ready to strike again with Raaz - The Mystery Continues (which is not a sequel to Raaz and mainly extends the horror-n-mystery genre forward), their music is in news once again.

Would it impress yet again, just like majority of films coming from the house of Bhatts do? Would it have soulful tunes which would make Raaz - TMC yet another addition to the enviable music catalogue of the Bhatts?

Would Emraan Hashmi's lucky charm rub over Raaz - TMC too when it comes to popularity of music? Would Raaz - TMC match up to Raaz that had some haunting melodies by Nadeem-Shravan and still registers sales at the music stands?

Raaz - TMC takes an excellent start with 'Mahi Ve' which can be comfortably placed as the flagship number of the album. Though in essence 'Mahi Ve' is a love song, it has an element of pain and a wait for togetherness attached to it that brings with it some trademark Bhatt element.

Also, this melodious track by Sharib-Toshi has a good fusion of Indian and Western instruments that come together to make it a piece which gets on you after the first listening itself. A chartbuster number that also appears in a 'Rock With Me' version, it is waiting to make waves in weeks to come.

If you liked 'Bheege Hoth Tere' (Murder), chances are high that you would fall for 'Soniyo' as well.

Picturised on Adhyayan Suman and Kangna, this Raju Singh composed has a serene feel to it and celebrates the coming together of two hearts who have perhaps found true love for the first time.

With a hint of Western touch to it, 'Soniyo' is a soft romantic number which has it's moments, especially in the 'antara' portions, where time tends to stand still!

However, not just time but your feet also start moving the moment the rhythm of Raju Singh composed 'O Jaana' begins.

A true follow up to 'Kaho Na Kaho' (Murder), 'O Jaana' is a dance floor number and more than anything else, one looks forward to seeing Kangna in a chilled out form for perhaps the first time ever in a Hindi film.

A track with just the right kind of punch required to attract youngsters, especially in the 'Dance With Me Mix' version by DJ Suketu, 'O Jaana' is all set to be a number that would rock the charts other than 'Mahi Ve'.

Pranay M. Rijia, a new composer, gets an entry into the world of Bhatts with the responsibility of creating the title song 'Kaisa Ye Raaz Hai'.

The track has a haunting-n-silent beginning to it and while the pace is quite slow here, it is just right for a number belonging to this genre. A situational song, it is expected to be placed at numerous junctures in the narrative.

'Bandaa Re' marks an end to this album which has a devotional feel to it. A number which gives the message of God being right in front of you rather than at pilgrimage spots, it brings with it a fusion of Indian classical and 'Sufi' flavor.

As has been the case in majority of his songs, Sayeed Quadri's lyrics succeed in telling the most complex tale in the simplest of manners. One hear of 'Mahi Ve' and you understand why association between Bhatts and Quadri is for the keeps.

However, beats hold center stage in 'O Jaana' due to which one doesn't delve deep into Quadri's lyrics. The tide reverses though for this third track in the album, 'Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai', where quite a few questions are raised and then left unanswered in a quest to be explored further in the film's narrative.

Kumaar, an emerging talent, proves his versatility once again by writing a mushy 'Soniyo' that is a far cry from the fun mood of his very own 'Maa Da Laadla' (Dostana). Surprisingly though, the lyricist of 'Bandaa Re' doesn't find his/her mention on the album's credit details!

Will Toshi be the next voice for Emraan Hashmi? By the look of things, it may well be the case after hearing him singing excellently for the young actor in 'Mahi Ve'.

If Himesh Reshammiya's voice has contributed in a major way to Emraan's popularity, Toshi too has it in him to have an extended association with Emraan.

Sonu Niigaam and Shreya Ghoshal are expectedly good in 'Soniyo' though both of them are best when it comes to the 'antara' part which musically too is far more impressive than the 'mukhda'.

Krishna sings the 'From The Heart' version which is almost unplugged and has a far more haunting appeal than the version heard first.

Listen to this solo track when you wish to just think about the one you love most with no interference whatsoever from the outside world. Later, he is also heard in 'Bandaa Re' where he makes the maximum impression during the 'Sufi' part of the song.

KK proves why he is the man of all seasons the moment his voice is heard in 'O Jaana' and 'Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai'. While he is all spirited in the former, he goes pensive in the latter, hence bringing variation in the diverse moods that the two songs are set in.

There were four questions raised at the beginning of this reviews for which the respective answers are: a) The music of Raaz - TMC indeed impresses, b) The soundtrack here is yet another good addition to the enviable music catalogue of the Bhatts and c) Emraan would certainly have some more chartbusters to add to his name.

As for the last question i.e. whether Raaz - TMC matches up to Nadeem-Shravan's Raaz, then well, let's put it this way that albums like Aashique, Raaz or a Saajan are made only once and there shouldn't even be a conscious effort to replicate or surpass them.

In this regard, the music of Raaz - TMC has its own place under the sun and what matters in the end is whether it works for the film or not. Well, the answer for this one is a firm Yes!

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