Things you never knew about Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu is one of the model turned actresses who has succeeded in a big way in the Hindi film industry. She is a huge sex symbol, knows it and has no qualms about it. She was even voted the sexiest Asian woman in a poll taken in 2007.

She was the winner of the Ford's Godrej Cinthol Supermodel contest for 1996 and is currently one of the mainstream actresses in Bollywood.

As an actress though, Bipasha still has to prove her self though admittedly she has shown the odd spark or two when given the chance in a film like Corporate (2006) whereas her other highly regarded performances like Jism (2003) and No Entry (2005) have worked more due to her being cast correctly rather than her acting talent.

Birthday: January 7th, 1979 in New Delhi.

Debut Film: Abbas-Mustan’s Ajnabee (2001).

Major Impact: Raaz (2002).

Successful Films: Jism (2003), No Entry (2005), Corporate (2006), Omkara (2006), Dhoom 2 (2006), Race (2008), Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008).

Awards: Winner of the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award for Ajnabee and nominated for the Filmfare Best Villain Award for Jism.

Forthcoming Films: Aa Dekhen Zara and Lamhaa.

Forthcomng International Film: Chaimera opposite Billy Zane.

Facts we didn’t know:

Actually wanted to be a doctor

Bipasha means deep dark desire.

Was one of the judges for the 2004 'Femina Miss India' pageant.

Once said that she wished she were a boy, then she would get those roles which bypass her due to her image.

Listed #2 by UK magazine Eastern Eye one of "Asia's Sexiest Women" (Sept/2006).

Bipasha was considered 'ugly' in her younger years due to her dark complexion.

Has two sisters named Bidisha and Bijoyeta.

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Why Khans are so fond of Esha Deol...

Esha Deol has always been a friend of the Khan family, Feroz Khan’s family that is. Fardeen calls her his best male buddy; given their rapport with each other while she was once upon a time romantically linked with cousin Zayed.

Feroz Khan himself is very fond of the girl and Esha would drop in at the FK house in Juhu even if the boys weren’t around to catch up with her Feroz Uncle.

So it wasn’t surprising to see Esha making regular rounds of the hospital when Feroz Khan was recently hospitalized.

But unlike other celebrities making a scene out of hospital visits, we are told Esha would be very subdued and would make a quiet entry into the hospital and spend time with Feroz Khan doing her best to avoid drawing attention to her in the hospital.

Knowing Feroz Khan being a scrabble fan, she would be playing word games with him to keep him in good spirits in his troubled times.

One evening she was even seen carrying a dabba of home made food for him and basically taking good care of his like his own kin. That’s quite touching, we think.

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Mugdha's first day in Jail goes horribly wrong

Madhur Bhandakar’s latest venture finally made a take off yesterday, 12th March, 2009, which unfortunately turned a bit unpleasant on day 1 of the shoot.

It so happened that Neil Nitin and Mugdha kicked off with the first day shoot for Jail in Bandra. The scene had to be an intimate one in a stationary car when the scene required Mugdha to put her head on Neil’s head. Since it was a long shot Madhur and his crew was quite far away from the car.

At that point of time, a group of youngsters saw Mugdha and started whistling and singing songs from Fashion and stuffs. They also passed a few comments on the actors.

Neil at the spur of the moment realized that the group was very coming quite close to the car and took his call that time. He drove the car off to Bandra Reclamation side which was much secluded and where they did not get much of public attention.

However they returned to the same spot and continued with their shoot, a little careful this time. They completed the shot successfully later on. Mugdha did say that she had not shot on the streets of Mumbai during Fashion, so she had no idea that even these things could happen. Madhur hopes he gets a peaceful day tomorrow.

With Jail kick starting with ‘not-so-pleasant-day’, we hope Madhur and his troop get better and ‘peaceful’ moments in the days to come and wish his Jail succeeds like all his other films.

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Payal Rohatgi shares her naughty side with ‘Maxim’

Payal Rohatgi who shot to fame coming out of blink and miss roles and B-grade films with ‘Big Boss 2’ has done her first ever photoshoot for leading Maxim Magazine in its latest issue. Payal is a computer engineer from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Payal studied in Udgam School., Payal Rohatgi won the title of Miss Tourism World in 2001, against candidates from 65 countries. She was also a finalist at the Femina Miss India contest in 2000.
Here is the exclusive interview of her with Maxim Magazine:

Maxim: You look smokin’ hot in your first shoot for MAXIM. So is what we see the real you?

Payal: Yes, this is definitely one of the many sides of who I am! Like the different roles that we play, this is one of those days when I decided to share my naughty side with the readers of MAXIM!

payal rohatgi pose for maxim

payal rohatgi pose for maxim

payal rohatgi pose for maxim

payal rohatgi pose for maxim

payal rohatgi pose for maxim

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Priyanka Chopra - Privileged at the Ferragamo Museum

Adding to yet another feather to her cap, Priyanka Chopra had her foot immortalized at the Ferragamo Museum in Florence! The Museum committed to renowned shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo - who is well thought-out to be the greatest shoe designers in the world, invited Priyanka to have her foot cast in the Museum!

Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar was the single other Indian lady to have her foot cast in this museum. At this prestigious museum, a few of Hollywood stars, like Drew Barrymore have also been requested to leave their foot impressions. Miss Chopra’s imprint will have the honor of company of the most celebrated Hollywood film stars- Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren! That’s sure some star power!

Priyanka was treated with special care on visiting the museum. It was a delightful experience for her that commemorated with a welcome lunch, hosted by the Ferragamo family. After which she headed to explore the Ferragamo Museum and soon it was time for the deal!

As a crucial element of the Ferragamo shoemaking procedure Priyanka’s feet were measured for wooden last. Subsequently, to customize to her taste she discussed with designers to develop a shoe. Lastly, the starlet was en suite for a choice of outfit for her snapshots in Ferragamo’s XV century land.

Priyanka felt truly privileged to be invited, and she expresses “I feel proud and honored to share space with this list of illustrious women. When Leonardo Ferragamo took me on a tour of the Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Museum, and through the display of the Shoe Lasts’ of these amazing women, it was a special moment for me. I’m touched that the Ferragamo family chose me, after the Maharani of Cooch Behar.”

priyanka chopra at ferragamo museum

priyanka chopra at ferragamo museum

priyanka chopra at ferragamo museum

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Freida Pinto at the Chanel Show in Paris

Unlike other Bollywood stars who aim and long for Hollywood projects, but keep Mumbai as their base clinging on to Bollywood films, The 24-year-old Slumdog Millionaire actress, Freida Pinto has moved to New York to concentrate on her Hollywood career. Not that her move has been too hasty or unplanned. The gorgeous actress has already been signed by Woody Allen for his next film where she will star alongside Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas.

And also, the gal is making her presence felt on the international front dazzling at major events. Recently, she was spotted at the Chanel show in Paris Fashion Week where she outdid her fellow front row occupants supermodels Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer. She was was the centre of attention in a white draped cocktail dress with a black layered chain detail and black stilettos.

The Mumbai native, had earlier confessed to getting star struck despite now being a celebrity in her own right, with the stupendous success of her debut film which went on to win eight Academy awards.

Freida pinto at chenel show in paris

Freida pinto at chenel show in paris

Freida pinto at chenel show in paris

Freida pinto at chenel show in paris

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‘Jade’ brings Hema, Esha and Ahana together

There is no denying the fact that Hema Malini and her two daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol, are perhaps the rarest combination of beauty and talents in any of the Bollywood families. However, the three rarely come together for any project despite the fact that all of them are related to the tinsel town.

Now, for the first time the Mother-daughters trio have come together for the cover sotry and page of the magazine ‘Jade’. The issue has Hema talk about issues like how did a South Indian coped in a North dominated film industry, to which Hema said that “There is no north-south divide at all in the film industry. It’s all in the minds of the public.” She also speaks about her first tele-serial called ‘Noopur’, which was launched in the early nineties. Hema also answers questions about ‘What’s missing from today’s actresses, How she would be remembered, What’s her take on today’s Bollywood…’to say the least.

Jade brings Hema, Esha and Ahana together

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Gulaal - Movie Review

Starring: Kay Kay Menon, introducing Raj Singh Chaudhary, Jesse Randhawa, Deepak Dobriyal, Aditya Srivastava, Ayesha Mohan, Piyush Mishra and Abhimanyu Singh
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Rating: ****

Set in the fictional Rajpur town of modern-day Rajasthan, Gulaal is entangled with stories of student politics, a covertly taking shape local rebellion for an independent Rajputana stare and love taking it forward.

The meek, Dileep Singh (Raj Singh Chaudhary), is an idealistic man who gets caught in the whirlpool of student politics and much more, as he gets sucked into the world of Rananjay (Abhimanyu Singh), Dukkey Bana (Kay Kay), an autocratic local Rajput leader who is leading a planned armed movement to reclaim Rajputana for Rajputs, a brother-sister couple (Aditya and Ayesha), the illegitimate children of an erstwhile Rajput king who are seething at their bastard status (Aditya Srivastava, Ayesha Mohan) and Anuja (Jesse), a young teacher who becomes a social misfit in college after a particular incident inflicted upon her by college hooligans.

Dilip gets used as a pawn by people who matter to him and ends up being an unwilling player in a sinister plot. What it all leads to forms the rest of the film.

Bollywood gets yet another talented actor in Raj Singh Chaudhari who is also the co-writer of the film. In a film packed with great acting talents, Raj stands out with his convincing act. Kay Kay Menon as always is simply superb.

Another show stealer is Deepak Dobriyal who plays his loyal assistant in the film. He speaks volumes just with his expressions without speaking much.

Mahie Gill as the mujra girl cum beauty parlour owner is stunning and has tremendous screen presence. Aditya Srivastava and Ayesha Mohan are good as well. Piyush Mishra is terrific as Kay Kay’s brother and has the film’s best lines.

Gulaal was claimed as Anurag Kashyap’s angriest film and it indeed is. It explores the dynamics of royalty vis-à-vis the democratic system.

Sectionalism today has set everywhere in a big way and the film is the true reflection of where our nation stands today.

Though been in the making for more than four years now, never once the film gives a dated feeling. The credit for which also goes to cinematographer Rajeev Ravi.

Kashyap’s dialogues that are replete with sarcastic one-liners, beautiful poetries and philosophies and also the referential meanings are amongst the finest seen on screen for a long long time in Bollywood.

Piyush Mishra apart from acting superbly also scores full marks for his hard hitting lyrics and beautiful music that is mix of many interesting things such as sarcasm, peppiness, and sensibility. It is the film’s lyrics and music that make the film a completely an extraordinary experience.

Gulaal is something that is extremely relatable, especially for today’s youth. Though at a running time of over two and a half hours, there are times when the film tends to appear dragging, it is worth a watch.

The film though has Anurag’s now trademark abstractness at times, it is not as incomprehensible as it was in No Smoking or in Dev.D. Go watch Gulaal.

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Am I crazy to get married now: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena has received as many as four awards in the last one month.

And she loves it “Who doesn’t like attention, recognition and awards? I’ve got four awards in a month beginning with the environment award I got from Erin Brockovich, then two youth icon awards from Rotary International and Stardust. And now on Tuesday I was honoured by FICCI which Mr Yash Chopra gave to me.”

Kareena is running out space to keep the trophies. “ My mother gets exasperated each time I bring home another trophy. Saif wants to know where I’m going to keep all of them. I’ve set aside a whole enclave for trophies and awards. I love looking at them. One day my children are going to look at them and be proud of me.”

For children to happen Kareena first needs to get married. “It won’t happen for the next two years for sure. Am I crazy to get married now when so many wonderful things are happening to my career?

Saif himself is ultra-busy trying to set up his production house. Marriage can wait. I’m just happy to have him by my side. I’ve got the best guy any girl can ever have. Right now I’m so busy I don’t have time to sleep properly. I haven’t even had time to move into my new house.”

After a long time Kareena will be in Mumbai for a some time now. “I’ve a month-long schedule of Rensil’s film coming up in Mumbai.”

It’s hard for Kareena to keep up with the surge crowds and awards in her life.

In Delhi last week, Saif and Kareena returned home this week to Mumbai without much shooting done for Rensil d’Silva’s film.

“We never expected such crowds. They were everywhere. And it was impossible to shoot, ” she says sounding not the least put off. “Those people who love me out there keep me going. I love my fans and awards.”

And now Delhi will have to be fudged in the Mumbai schedule of d’Silva’s film.

The extent of the surging crowds in Delhi in the key shooting spots like Jama Masjid and Janpath for Rensel D’Silva’s untitled film was so huge and unmanageable that the unit has returned without shooting the required sequences.

Back in Mumbai after a week of futile shooting Kareena says, “ Everywhere we went there were these huge number of people who had come to see Saif and me. They were very sweet very well-behaved. But unfortunately the number of people in key places like Jama Masjid and Janpath was always too high to shoot properly.”

Resultantly there was almost no shooting.

Says Kareena, “We did can some shots. But it was impossible to shoot with wide-angle lenses because the crowds were everywhere. We’ll now have to recreate some of the Delhi sequences in Mumbai.”

Kareena is certainly not unhappy about the attention she got in Delhi. “The people in Delhi were so warm. It just made me realize how much of a responsibility I have towards my audience. At this stage of my career I’d rather take another holiday than do a bad film.”

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Aamir gets to see Big B's secret new look but Ranbir gets turned away

The Big B had a surprise visitor at Film City on Saturday when Aamir Khan dropped in to meet him while he was shooting for Balki's Pa with Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

Visitors are strictly not allowed on the sets of Paa. But who says no to Aamir?

Some awkward moments ensued when Aamir showed up. But he was soon escorted to Mr Bachchan's van where the makeup man (none other than Stephan Dupuis who did Robin Williams' makeup in Mrs Doubtfire) was at it for a good four hours.

And then Aamir certifiably became the first person outside the cast and crew of Pa to see the Big B in his startling prosthetic-induced new look.

However there was a price. Aamir was sworn to secrecy literally, that he wouldn't reveal the details of Mr Bachchan's look in Pa to the outside world.

The film's director Balki is paranoid about his leading man's looks leaking out. "We don't allow a single visitor, not even close relatives or friends of crew members on the set. Phones of course are a complete no-no.

The next thing you know the look will be splashed on the net. Aamir of course couldn't be turned down. But yes, we did swear him to complete secrecy almost like a boy scout's cross-your-heart kind of pledge.

We can't afford to take any risks. If Mr Bachchan's look leaks out the plot is out. In any case Aamir is a man who understands the exigencies of cinema. He will hardly be expected to leak out the look."

While Aamir was lucky enough to get a dekko at the Big B's unique never-before look, Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir Kapoor who dropped in on Sunday were not that lucky.

While Dutt met up with the Big B when the senior actor was not in his makeup and costumes, Ranbir had to be turned away after being appeased by looking at a photograph of the Big B's look!

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Preity is nominated for Best Actress with Susan Sarandon: Deepa Mehta

Under what name is your film releasing across the globe besides India?
Across India, the film will be released with the name Videsh and in the rest of the world as Heaven On Earth.

With a story so strong and its message out loud and clear, do you think a change in the name of a film really matters when it's speaking of a universal subject?
I am not the distributor of the film, I am a filmmaker. If the distributor knows that the change in the name is helping the Indian audiences, I will listen to them because that's not my expertise.

Jag Mundhra had shown some startling issues surrounding a Punjabi woman's plight in his film Provoked. Are we going to see your woman, Preity Zinta, going through the same torment in Videsh?
I must say that Heaven on Earth or Videsh is very different from Provoked. It's like what Shakespeare said - There are three stories in the world and its how you tell them that makes one different from the other.

Yes, this story is partly about domestic abuse, but for me, the film is about the power of imagination. When reality becomes so grim, how can you use your imagination to liberate yourself? That is what the film is about.

The milieu is of course the isolation of the first generation working class immigrant, whether they are in the U.S, the U.K, Australia or in this case Canada because it's the first generation that suffers the most.

Films are tagged as commercial, art house and world cinema. What tag fits the kind of films you make or have made over the years?
This is so bizarre (laughs). I don't think I fit any of them. I just write and tell stories. Only when a film is very particular, that's the very minute it starts becoming universal. I hope my films are universal.

Let's talk about your new find - Vansh Bhardwaj. Tell us a bit more about this talent.
He is amazing. It's his first film. He was a lead in the play I saw, a play by Neelam Maan Singh Chowdhary. He did Girish Karnad's Naag Mandala. I was so blown away by the play that I used it in the film too with Girish's blessings.

I think the theatre actors have a lot of depth and discipline. I asked Vansh if he wanted to be a part of my film and he readily agreed, and you put him with a star like Preity Zinta, nothing beats it. I must say, Preity was very generous to Vansh.

The Best Actress at the Chicago Film Festival 2008 - Preity Zinta! Will she be able to surpass the best?
(Laughs) I think it'll be really immodest if I said that this isn't her best performance to date and the other directors won't like me too much. But I think she is superb in the film and personally, it's a world class performance.

Preity is also nominated under the Best Actress at the Genie Awards 2009 along with top international celebs, right?
Yes, you're right. She is nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role along with Susan Sarandon. The awards are to take place next month in April.

Do you agree that it rightly takes a director to suck out the best of the hidden talent from an actor in order for them to win an award on a global platform? And why can't other directors do the same?
I think it's the work. It's not necessary that a director is very important. I can never forget Cher in the lovely movie Moonstruck. What a wonderful performance. Everybody was shocked that she could act like that.

She also won an Academy Award for the Best Actress for Moonstruck and she went up on the stage and said, "I would like to thank my hair dresser". She didn't thank the director.

It was a bit weird but what I'm trying to say is that, generally, good directors really take out wonderful performances. But for a film to do well, it isn't the director alone. It has to start from the script.

What other films are you working on?
I'm working on two films currently. One is a film called Exclusion with Akshay Kumar and the other is based on Sulman Rushdie's book called The Midnights Children.

Any filmmaker likes commercial and critical acclaim. Are you content or hungry for more?
The day I get content, I will stop making films. Contentment makes you lazy and gives you a false sense of security. If you want to make films, you need to be hungry for more.

In your future projects, would you like to work with actors of your past films like Aamir, John, etc?
I can't think of any right now. But I am really looking forward to be working with Akshay Kumar in my next film. I hope one day comes when I work with Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukerjee.

You're a Canadian citizen. Don't you get impressed with stories from the West as well?
Yeah, some of them. I just feel that I can deal with the authenticity of India and the Indians far better. It's not that I haven't done anything in the West. I have. I think to get into the western mind sets is difficult for me, not impossible, but it's not entirely satisfactory.

What is it that you're trying to say with Heaven On Earth?
That you can't be simplistic about it. It's out dated now that the West has a lot to offer than India. So if anybody would be able to revisit the fact that perhaps, they should not be so ready to leave home. As the character says in the film - Sometimes it's better to live in Hell than in Heaven where there is more self dignity.

How did you celebrate Holi?
I've got a lot of purple colour on my face from which I can't get out. It's scary because I have to attend the Press conference for the film too. I had great fun with friends and we celebrated the festival of colours with a lot of rang.

You've worked with the music director A.R. Rahman before. But how about working with the Oscar winner now?
(Laughs) Yes, A.R did the music for Fire, Earth and Water. I'd love to work with the Oscar winner now, you're right (laughs). He definitely deserved an Oscar.

But we should never ever forget that he has always been a brilliant music director and just because the West has recognised him doesn't mean that he is more recognised now

Sum up your film Videsh in one word please.
Videsh is a celebration of the imagination.

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Blue - Movie Preview

It takes a maverick director to propose the most expensive film in Bollywood ever and its takes a gutsy producer to agree. But to actually get the biggest cast together, combined with the finest international crew, a prodigy music composer, and an international music sensation ....Now that's either sheer madness or sheer genius!

In case you are wondering what we are talking about its none other than one of 2009's biggest and most anticipated films Blue.

We brings you some never before seen stills from Blue. So get set to dive deep into the ocean and start an adventurous expedition to uncover the treasures hidden under the sea.

Blue has a starcast that would put any big multi-starrer to shame. Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif form the principal cast who are out to find the deepest and darkest secrets hidden 250 feet below the ocean.

The film has been directed by Anthony D'Souza who makes his debut with this flick and the producers are none other than Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. (makers of hits such as Jab We Met & Golmaal Returns). The film has been shot at some of the most exotic locations such as the Bahamas and its India's first ever underwater film.

Blue has music by double Oscar winner and pride of the nation A.R.Rahman. What's more, Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue has been roped in to render two tracks for this high octane flick. You surely won't be able to get this music out of your head for a long, long time.

Among the international crew, Pete Zuccarini (who has shot some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters like Pirates of the Carribean, Deja vu etc.) is the man who has given a true international look to the film while action director James Bomalick (the man behind Indiana Jones series) is at the helm of coordinating the dare-devil action sequences.

In addition, the crew also has George Peters, the Ultimate Arm Operator, who has added adrenaline to Hollywood hits like The Dark Knight, Polar Express, Superman Returns & Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Last but not the least, Resul Pookutty, Oscar winner who impressed one and all with his sound mixing in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire is the man who will be exploring the unique sound of bubbles, lashing waves and the pure blue surf in this action adventure.

With such an ensemble cast and crew, one can't wait to check out this magnum-opus.

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Daredevil Zinta's back in business!

“Sometimes in life, you have small mountains to climb and small fears to conquer,” states actress-cum-entrepreneur Preity Zinta. No, she didn’t

expound these words of wisdom at a philosophical meet; on the contrary, the bubbly Preity was talking about her first-time experience at bungee-jumping and sky-diving! The always-full-of-life actress was in New Zealand last week for the India-New Zealand cricket matches, and she’s come back super excited. No, not just because India won but because of the mind-blowing adventure sports she did there, courtesy, she says, New Zealand Tourism.

“This has been a complete action-packed, adrenaline-pumping trip,” says an excited Preity, as she talks of her sporting encounters in the adventure capital of the world. For not only did she take the gigantic leap from the 47 metre-high Waikato River Valley, but she also indulged in sky-diving and the heart-pounding Huka Jet Boat ride. “I have always wanted to do bungee-jumping, but somehow never got the chance before. So it was literally a dream come true for me,” says Preity. Her only thoughts as she was being strapped on, she says, were of all the Indian Gods! “There are certain moments in your life when you think of your whole life in two seconds... this was one of those moments. My heart was pumping so fast with excitement, and then suddenly I went blank. I had no thoughts. I just knew I had to jump!”

Although the daredevil Preity isn’t scared of heights, she admits she is, er was, scared of water. But after taking the Jet Boat ride, that too is a thing of the past. “After doing the bungee-jump, the Jet Boat was a piece of cake,” she laughs. Ask her to sum up her free fall experience and she tells us that “it’s an inexplicable high. Bungee-jumping goes well with my theory on life, that when you’re down, the only place you can go is up!”

What also made the entire experience more special was the place — besides the fact that both the bungee-jump and the Jet Boat were invented in New Zealand, Preity shares a special connection with the country. “My first major commercial hit, Soldier, was shot there as well as many of my other hits. Besides, it’s a lovely country with amazing scenic beauty.” So she would do it all again, huh? “Absolutely! I’d do it anytime I get the opportunity!” says the self-proclaimed adventure junkie.

Veer towards cricket and the upcoming IPL and Preity beams again. “But before the IPL, I’ve got Deepa Mehta’s Videsh – Heaven on Earth releasing. And I’m shooting for other films too. People say Preity Zinta’s gone, but I’m back in business!” she signs off, the excitement still ringing through her voice.
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Now, Kangana to play Madhubala

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai could possibly be Kangana Ranaut’s magnum opus as she is slated to star as the veteran actress Madhubala who was also

Haji Mastan’s love interest. The film deals with the real story of the underworld don of the 1960’s, Haji Mastan.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai will be produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji films and directed by Milan Luthria. Before zeroing in on Kangana, Luthria had also considered Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra for the role. Our source said, “Kangana’s selection is a good thing as although Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi were on board, the producers couldn’t shoot for a long time because Luthria was unable to select an actress. Only recently did Luthria and Ekta settle on Kangana.” Now, with cast in place, the film is scheduled to go on floors in April and will be shot across Mumbai.

Although Bollywood has made films on Haji Mastan before, like Deewar, this film will concentrate on the romantic angle between Haji Mastan and Madhubala. Ajay Devgan will play Haji Mastan and Emraan Hashmi will play the young Dawood.
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The Curious Case of Bipasha Basu

Age is just a number, alright.

More for our celestial beauties. Who cares about lines and creases, lovelies... Botox hai na? Lol! But we tell ya...the Bollywood women are only getting sexier with age. And hear this one....the hottest of ‘em all, yeah Bipasha Base, of course, wants to regress in numbers. Recently while talking to ZoOm she expressed that she had no qualms about arriving at the cool number 30.

She proudly added, “I look my age, perfect. I had said that after I reach this age, I’ll start going backwards. Now that I am here, you can guess, what I will do. It’s time to go back now. Ha, ha, ha.” Regression, huh? “No, not now. From next year onwards, I will regress 100 per cent. By 2010 I’ll have a different age.” Aha! Maybe our lovely Bips is too inspired by Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We don’t blame her, but we’re curious to know if she wants to go to Hollywood, too. Out there the age really doesn’t matter, Bips. And if you ask us... we don’t want baby Bips, we just want the babe!
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Something about Ash’s Sita avatar

The ideal Bollywood bahu Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always been praised for her heavenly beauty.

And now, to have her play Sita in Mani Ratnam’s modern version of Ramayana is hardly ironic! Mani sir, as he is hailed on the sets, is too secretive about his projects. And, while most things have been kept under wraps, we have managed to stumble on some interesting piece of news. First, Ash will be seen in a de-glam avatar in some portions of the film — sans makeup and all. And the second, her clothes are being designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Let’s hope this is no myth!
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'I don't consider anyone my competition'

Former Miss India Neha Dhupia, who has as many as five films lined up this year, says that winning a beauty pageant is no guarantee for striking gold in Bollywood and that it's only hard work that finally counts.

"It's not easy to create a place for yourself in Bollywood even if you have a pageant behind you.

No one in the industry was laying out special carpets for me because I had won the Miss India contest.

You have to work hard if you want to prove something. It's taken me a long time to carve a niche for myself, but I'm glad that finally I have done it," Neha said on phone from Goa.

Neha’s releases for 2009 include Paying Guest with Mukta Arts, Pappu Can't Dance Saala and Raat Gayi Baat Gayi by actor-director Saurabh Shukla, Raftaar co-starring Emraan Hashmi and Priyadarshan's De Dhana Dan.

In Pappu Can't Dance Saala, her first release this year, Neha is acting along with funny man Vinay Pathak.

"In this comedy I'm doing with Vinay Pathak, I play the role of a Maharashtrian back-up dancer.

It was something very different for me because I'm not a Maharashtrian.

I had to learn the mannerisms of the character, who is a complete brat and a bully, but Saurabh (Shukla) helped me a lot," she explained.

Neha maintains that she has become more careful while choosing projects as she doesn't want to get typecast in a certain role.

"I'm holding myself back now and doing only interesting projects."

After winning the Miss India crown in 2002, Neha stepped into Bollywood in 2003 with Qayamat: City Under Threat, which starred Ajay Devgan.

She got noticed when she acted in Julie in 2004.

She went on to do films like Kyaa Kool Hai Hum and Shootout At Lokhandwala and tried to break her glam image with Chup Chup Ke, Mithya, Maharathi and Dasvidaniya.

"I feel in our industry you get typecast instantly.

When I started off I was offered other roles as well, but I chose the ones I did and got stuck with one image, which was hard to break.

That was a mistake and I've learnt from that. There was no guiding force for me when I entered Bollywood," Neha said.

Like many others in Bollywood, Neha too admits she would love to work with Shah Rukh Khan and Mani Ratnam, but adds that she doesn't consider anyone her competition in the industry.

"I don't consider anyone my competition.

Everyone is great and so talented. Why compete? I would rather be a collective part of the industry," the actress said
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Priyanka Chopra's two-in-one mantra – shoot and meet family

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who recently shot for Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Raashee, said she did more masti than work on the sets of the film in Chicago as many of her family living in the US came to meet her and hang out with her.

"It was more masti than work. We chose this time to shoot in Chicago because the script needed snow. And we got it in plenty.

I love the snow. And since I've a lot of family in America I called them over to Chicago. It was more fun than work really."

"I love going to America. I've my family there. Earlier during Dostana in Philadelphia I had a ball.

Now in Chicago many people, including my naani, my aunts and cousins would be on the sets to visit me. And luckily there was very little work for me. It was Harman's character which is from Chicago."

Priyanka was glad to have this chance to unwind.

"I let Harman do all the slogging... but What's Your Raashee is a very taxing film for me. This kind of role has never been done. For the first time in my career I plan to take a two-week holiday after a movie."
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Salman Khan’s Veer in trouble again

An FIR has been lodged against the Veer crew for cutting down trees in Bikaner without permission. To add to their woes, the trees belong to the Khejri species which is the state tree of Rajasthan and is worshiped by the Bishnoi tribe.

The Gajner Police station in Bikaner confirmed the FIR and said, "Yes, there is an FIR lodged under section 41 and 42 of the Rajasthan Forest Act under which transporting Khejri tree is an offence."

On the other hand Vijay Galani, producer of the film, denied any wrong doing. He said, "At the moment I am near Jodhpur and I am shooting for my film Veer. To my knowledge, neither have we cut down any tress illegally nor is there any FIR lodged anywhere in the state. People are saying all these things without any basis. Till now, we haven't received any communication from any police station about the FIR or any complain against the film crew."

Just a few days ago, Veer was mired in controversy when the Rajasthan High Court stayed the shooting in Amber Fort because of an accident which injured around 15 people. Later, the court allowed the shooting on the condition that the producer will pay a compensation of Rs20 lakhs to the state government for the damage to the historic structure and as compensation to the onlookers injured.
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DDLJ crosses the 700-week mark, creates new record

Fourteen years after it was first released "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" continued its successful run at the box office crossing the 700-week mark. The Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol starrer, which had previously broken the record of "Sholay", to become the longest running film in 2007, has been playing continuously for 700 weeks at Mumbai's Maratha Mandir theatre, creating a record of its own.

The film, directed by Aditya Chopra, starred Shah Rukh and Kajol in a story that featured Indians living outside the country for the first time in a mainstream Bollywood film.

The film a romantic drama, included typical Bollywood elements, but owed its stupendous success to the fresh twist it brought to the boy-meets-girl story. Filmed in London and Punjab, the film is considered one of the best romantic films of Bollywood.

The music of the film composed by Jatin Lalit topped every charts and the movie won 10 Filmfare awards, including best actor and best actress for Shah Rukh and Kajol.
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Ranbir - Konkona starrer Wake Up Sid to release on Oct 2

Konkona Sen Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and UTV Motion Pictures today announced that they are all set to release its film Wake Up Sid on Oct 2, 2009. Wake Up Sid is produced by Karan Johar and distributed worldwide by UTV Motion Pictures.

The film is being directed by debutant Ayaan Mukerji and stars Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma. The music of the film has been composed by the celebrated trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

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What's happening in Bollywood

Check out Jackky and Vaishali at the music launch of Kal Kissne Dekha, Eesha Koppikhar without make up and how being Bebo's BFF has helped Amrita Arora professionally.

Vaishali Desai, Zayed Khan, Vashu and Jackky Bhagnani, Abbas Mustan and Sameer launched the music of Kal Kissne Dekha last evening.

Future Stars?
Jackky Bhagnani keeps it simple in black and denims. Vaishali has a pretty face and hot body but the hot pink is a tad too much to handle. Both of them will evolve, hopefully.

Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mugdha Godse and Madhur Bhandarkar at the mahurat shot of Jail, held yesterday in Bandra, suburban Mumbai.

Desi for Videsh
Preity Zinta looks pretty in a black kurta with denims and blue sandals at the launch of Videsh: Heaven on Earth.

Secret Notes
Director Deepa Mehta exchanges notes with cinematographer Giles Nuttgens. All of them, from Preity to Deepa to Giles and Ravi Chopra, were exchanging notes during the press conference.

Kaun Hai Woh?
Can you recognize Sushma Reddy and Eesha Koppikhar (with beau Timmy Narang) without make up? Looking at her hands, Sushma sure had a blast on Holi. Eesha, on the other hand, looks fat in her all-velvet track suit which isn’t nice at all.

Cover Up
Sangeeta Bijlani looks lovely for her age but she should avoid wearing knee length dresses because her legs aren’t the slimmest!

Useful Friend
Being Bebo’s best friend has really helped Amrita Arora. Bebo helped her bag supporting roles in Golmaal Returns and Kambakkht Ishq, lose weight with the help of her Yoga trainer Payal Gidwani and becaus of her friendship with Bebo, her wedding was made a big deal of. Now she is seen in an Airtel commercial alongside Kareena, Saif and A R Rahman. We wonder what Amu’s achievements are that she deserves to be on the same platform as Rahman, Saif and Kareena.

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Leave me alone: AR Rahman

Post-Oscars it's not been an easy time for A R Rahman.

He returned home to a kind of hysterical fanfare that exhausted and alarmed him. Rahman has been beleaguered by a blitzkrieg of attention. He is finding it tough to cope with all the adulation. Suffering from serious fatigue the maestro has decided to go completely underground for a while.

After cancelling his work-related trip to London, Rahman has now disappeared from his home in Chennai to destinations unknown. Presumably he has surfaced in Bengaluru . But none of his close family and friends are telling his fans, admirers and the media about his whereabouts. A close friend, on condition of anonymity, spilled the beans. “All the international and national attention finally got to Rahman. He is essentially a very very shy artiste. All he cares about is God and his music, in that order. He doesn't talk about anything else. Going on stage and being the cynosure of thousands of eyes is death for him. He went into hiding with only his God and music for company.”

Inaccessible at the moment to all but his closest family members, Rahman reluctantly replied to persistent queries about his health. He said, “I am just recovering from all the exhaustion.”

The question is, how will this media-shy genius cope with all the demands on his time and attention that are bound to be
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The other side of the gate: John

Be it Om Shanti Om, or the recent Luck By Chance, the lives of those involved in Bollywood continue to fascinate the audience.

But more than the audience, it’s the bunch of people living outside the studio gates that gets to see the real Bollywood. And John Abraham is one actor who the bunch will definitely get to see. For John plays himself in UTV’s Film City. The film, to be directed by UTV biggie Deven Khote, will see a host of newcomers too.

Says Deven, “Film City is about the lives of those people who stay outside the film studios and how their lives are influenced by people from inside the industry. It will be a fun film; one of the protagonists plays a spot boy while the other plays a camera assistant. Film City is my experiences in the film industry for the last two decades.”

Won’t this be similar to Luck by Chance, we ask Deven. He is quick to say, “See, John does play himself, but we have deliberately refrained from roping in other actors, like in Luck by Chance. We didn’t see the need to do that, and so, we have fresh faces in Film City.”

Says John, “I think Film City’s a small film with big emotions. Only ideas work today.”

Reveals our source, “Deven was earlier planning a film titled Dhin Chak with Salman Khan, but the film never got made because Salman insisted on changes. It was then that Deven moved on to Film City and roped in John.”

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Knight rider: Neil Nitin Mukesh

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mugdha Godse were in for an unpleasant experience on the first day when they were shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar's Jail.

Yesterday, Neil and Mugdha were harassed and chased by a group of youngsters while they were shooting for an intimate scene at Bandra East. Consequently, the shooting was stalled for nearly one-and-half hour.

An eyewitness said, “Mugdha and Neil were shooting an intimate scene while sitting in a stationary car. Since it was a long shot, Madhur and other unit members were standing quite far away from the car in which Neil and Mugdha were sitting. For the scene, Mugdha had put her head on Neil's chest. When the youngsters saw this, they surrounded the car and started whistling and singing songs of Fashion. Mugdha was petrified.”

Before Madhur Bhandarkar's crew could rescue Neil and Mugdha, Neil had to take immediate action. “Neil drove away when he saw the youngsters coming too close to the car,” the witness added.

To get things under control, Neil drove away all the way from the shooting site at Bandra East to Bandra Reclamation to ward-off any unpleasant incident.

After they managed to get rid of the pesky youngsters, Neil and Mugdha returned to the shooting site. Both of them were a quite shaken up after the incident and Madhur too thought it was prudent to wait for some time before resuming the shoot.

Madhur Bhandarkar confirmed the news and said, “We had a tough time. It was quite unexpected. But everything is okay now. Hopefully, we'll have a peaceful day tomorrow.”

Mugdha put up a brave front and said, “I didn't get scared. It was funny. In Fashion, I hadn't shot on the roads of Mumbai. I didn't know I'll have such an experience on the first day of shooting for Jail. Anyway, all's well that ends well.”

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