India's Sexiest Dad Arjun Rampal

2008 has been a great year for Arjun Rampal. He's had two hits this year and he will be rubbing shoulders with Holly-wood stars, Robert Di Niro, Charlize Theron, Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey at the launch party of the Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai on November 20. The cherry on the cake? He has snapped up the title of India's Sexiest Dad by Ok! magazine, from right under the nose of Hrithik Roshan. Over to the sexy daddy…

How does it feel to win the title of India's Sexiest Dad?
It feels great! If people think I am that, then I would like to thank them.

Do you feel old?
I am still young (laughs) so I don't feel old on being called India's Sexiest Dad. It makes it more special. My daughters are too young to understand what sexy means. When my wife showed the Ok! magazine to Mahikaa, her hands went up to her mouth and she looked at me strangely. She associated it with sex! I cracked up laughing because at that point you realise that sexy is a much-exploited term.

Do you think you deserve this title?
Of course, I deserve this title!

Who do you feel is the sexiest dad in the world?
Well, I don't look at men (laughs again) so I would have to choose a sexy mom. The world's sexiest mom according to me is my wife, Mehr.

A basic requisite of being a good dad.
Giving unconditional love. I always make it a point to take out time for our daughters, Mahikaa and Myra. Every summer, I take two months off so I can travel with them. I don't take on work at the time.

Are you an indulgent or strict dad?
I spoil them and indulge their every whim. Mehr is not strict but she's the disciplinary factor in their lives. She sets the routine, which is very important. Yet we both are friends with them. We want our children to be open and not hide anything from us.

What's your first, most special memory of Mahikaa?

Mahikaa must have been the youngest baby to travel and get double passports. She was three months old when I was traveling for my world tour with Hrithik. Mahikaa was this fat pumpkin when we were in Orlando in the middle of a hailstorm. Hrithik, Sussanne and I were running to protect Mehr and Mahikaa from the hail and had wrap-ped a big sheet around them. When we reached the hotel, we thought Mahikaa would be very nervous but in all that chaos, she fell fast asleep!

One value that you have instilled in your children.
To be real and honest. I don't want them to be pretentious.

Their favourite star?
I am their favourite star. They watch all my films, love them and know all my songs.
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Live in Style- Celina Jaitely

Celina Jaitley is very particular about the things she wears and likes to be a picture of elegance wherever she goes. Whether it is the handbag she carries or the watch she wears she loves to make a style statement.

She loves to talk about her jewellery, her clothes or her wide range of stylish footwear. She informed us that she almost has a thousand pairs of shoes, boots and slippers and that she is obsessed with them.

She says she likes to dress up according to the occasion and loves to be in style but ultimately everything depends on her state of mind.

She said that even though she loves to follow fashion trends but she always sees to it that whatever she wears suits her.

When she is at home she wears jeans and T-shirts she also wears sneakers and jeans. Most of the time she likes to experiment with her looks.

According to her the Indian saree is the most sexiest outfit, and she also has a stunning collection of French Chantilly lace sarees and chiffon sarees.

She thanks her profession coz it has given her the opportunity to travel across the world and therefore she is updated on the latest trends of fashion. She regrets not being able to wear boots and jackets during winter so to wear them she makes it sure that she goes to a hill station or her home.

Goa being one of her favorite locations it is said that the actress has bought herself a cozy house there. Whenever she wants to be away from the hustle bustle of the city she goes there an relaxes.

She loves to have Goan and Thai cuisine. whenever she goes to Goa she calls her friends over to her place so that they can have barbeques in the garden.

Not many know that Celina is a complete foodie and loves to try out the local spicy food of Goa.

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Salman's loss is Bipasha's gain... in crores

News everywhere was that Salman would be performing on the 31st night at Sahara star.

It is said that Sahara had approached Salman to perform for the New Year's Eve and Salman agreed on a price of Rs.3 crores. Arbaaz, Sohail and Malaika would also be performing with him.

According to sources the latest that is heard that Salman is out of this and Bipasha has been asked to perform in his place for the New Years Eve. It is said that the sponsors could not afford Salman's price.

Inspite of having several discussions with Salman for the last ten days over the price Salman did not agree to compromise on his price.

Actually it is said that the sponsors had made a deal of Rs. 3.5 crores with the organisers, therefore they had agreed to pay Salman the said amount but after lots of talks they finally agreed to pay Salman the price of Rs 2 crores on which Salman refused flatly.

Whether brothers Arbaaz, Sohail and Malaika would still perform or not is unknown.

In all is it is said that Bipasha has been convinced to perform with a price of 1 crore, whereas last year she had performed at J.W.Mariott for just Rs. 90 lakhs for a 30 minute performance.

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Mallika joins ranks with Hayek

She may keep a low profile here, but Mallika Sherawat is creating waves

The diva is a recipient of the US-based Multicultural Motion Picture Association’s Diversity Awards and is flying to attend a star-studded gala dinner this Sunday in California.

Mallika, who will be presented the 2008 Renaissance Artist Award — given to artists of diverse creative talents worldwide, will join other international celebs from the film and television industry at the Universal Studios’ Global Theatre for the presentation ceremony.
The citation behind the award states it is bestowed for the recipients’ “distinctive on-screen persona that is uniquely their own and allows their character depictions to bring audiences from laughter to tears”.

A surprised Mallika told BT, “I thought it was a hoax! But then I said stranger things than an Indian actress getting an award in Hollywood have happened... like a handsome black man in the White House!”

Past recipients of the award include top Hollywood actresses like Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, and Monica Belluci. Mallika said modestly, “I’m certainly not in their league yet, but hopefully in ten years — when I’ve worked as long as they have, I’ll have a body of work that’s as good.”

Meanwhile, after The Myth with Jackie Chan, the actress is doing Hiss for Hollywood with Jennifer Lynch and Robert Kurtzman. “It’s going to shock the hell out of you, but you will be entertained,” Mallika promised.
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I was betrayed: Eesha Koppikhar

Eesha Koppikhar is a firm believer in destiny and can be found muttering "Karmanyeva adhikarasya Ma faleshu Kadaachana" when questioned about the lack of successful films in the recent past.

"I love working in front of the camera and am passionate about the art. I don't think too much about what would happen next; least of all box office collections.

Recently when 'Hello' became a success and people started rattling down it's collections, I excused myself. I don't understand the business aspect of thinks and have no inclination to do so in future too.

I want my films to do well but can't have my life being dominated by them", says Eesha Koppikhar who just saw the release of 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi'.

Such statements coming from her are surprising though, especially when she showed a lot of promise in last couple of years when she was seen in biggies like 'Don - The Chase Begins Again', 'Salaam E Ishq' and '36 China Town'.

"Honestly, there is nothing that I can rave about in the films you mention", Eesha says in a matter of fact tone, "Quite frankly they didn't help me much.

I guess things seemed to be finally picking up for better after 'Kya Kool Hai Hum', which was a mega success and brought me some good reviews as well. However, the person looking after my work wasn't aggressive enough to help me capitalize on the film's success. But as I said, it's destiny."

Solo lead in 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi', a change in image and some good reviews coming her way would have come as an icing on the cake, isn't it?

"Of course yes", says Eesha without blinking an eyelid, "To be honest I was expecting good reviews from 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' since Barjatyas have their own loyal set of audience.

This is the set of audience which always have a certain expectation from a Rajshri heroine and I had to be conscious about the fact that I do not disappoint them as well as the makers of the film. Now with good reviews coming the film's way, I am relieved.

I am sure the film, though released at a select number of prints, would continue to find an audience over a period of time."

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Hrithik Roshan's emotional outburst

It was a hugely emotional experience for Hrithik Roshan on Sunday evening (November 16) when he inaugurated the Audio and Speech therapy wing at the Nanavati Hospital.

There Hrithik met his old doctor, Ramesh Ojha who treated Hrithik for his speech impairment.

In a rare recollection of his traumatic childhood Hrithik says, " All the memory of my past difficulties came spilling out at Nanavati. When I met my doctor who treated me at age 14 for stammering I could barely control my emotions.

It's not easy to be a special child. You may be called 'special' to make you feel less troubled about your disability. But only a child who goes through the physical or psychological disability knows the trauma he goes through."

Sharing his own trauma at Nanavati was a cathartic experience. "As someone who has a certain standing I feel it's my duty to tell kids with disabilities to chill. 'It's okay, guys. I got over it. So will you.' I think it's very important for me to convey this message far and wide and I want to do it more often."

"When I stood there at Nanavati thinking of all those kids who would benefit by the facilities provided by my money I felt very good about myself. It's all very well to look after your own immediate family and care for friends.

But I believe money should also be used for the larger good. That's what I realized on Sunday evening. I feel charity is a very selfish thing. I feel so good after doing it.

I'm sure those who will benefit from my donation wouldn't feel as good about life as I do, " laughed Hrithik pleasurably on the morning after the Nanavati wing for audio and speech disorders was incepted.

Hrithik donated Rs 20 lakhs for the wing for special children. The wing has been named after his grandmother Ira Roshan, the late composer Roshan's wife, and Rajesh and Rajesh Roshan's mom.

Says Hrithik emotionally, "I shared some great times with my Daadi during my childhood and growing years. Today seeing my name and hers being associated with such a project, she must be smiling down."

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Bebo crashes!

An overworked Kareena finally laid lowKareena Kapoor might not make it for Golmaal Returns' success party tonight at Vie Lounge in Juhu. She's down with a raging fever and a throat infection.

On Sunday night, Kareena attended an event at Parel and collapsed after coming home. Says Bebo, "I am in awful shape right now. I am burning with a 101°C fever. I have a throat infection. After attending the event on Sunday, things became so bad that I collapsed after coming home. I was in such terrible shape that my mom had to call in the doctor. He's giving me injections so that I can at least stand on my feet."

Says Kareena. "I think my collapse has been caused by overwork and exhaustion. I have been working non-stop for the last 6 months round the clock. Even if I get half a day off, I am shooting for some ad or the other. I can't talk. I had to cancel Sajid Nadiadwala's (Kambakht Ishq) shoot yesterday. My body is acting up as I have constantly been working 20 hours a day. When mom heard I was going for the shoot yesterday, she forbade me from doing so. She's horrified and has been scream- ing at Zayed (Bebo's secretary) and me to stop over-stressing myself."

Will Kareena attend tonight's success party? "Not as of now. It all depends on my health. I am shooting for Kambakht Ishq at Afghan Church tomorrow but I haven't told mom as yet about it. If I tell her, she will scold me again. In fact we were to shoot an underwater sequ-ence at Film City, which will now have to shot later as I can't shoot underwater now."

Kareena says she's shooting so much that she doesn't have a break at all now. "I will have to go straight from my shoot to the airport for Karan's (Johar) film in USA on November 23. Saif is also there but I think we will take a break for a week in mid-December. I will come home for Christmas and New Year's Eve. I had been offered lots of money to perform for New Year's Eve but I have refused them as I think it's tacky."
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Sush will celebrate her birthday in Goa

Sushmita is turning 33 today. She talks about men, marriages and movies.

Actress Sushmita Sen, who will celebrate her 33rd birthday in Goa on Wednesday, says she isn’t looking for romance. Despite having a string of affairs behind her, she also says she doesn’t dump men.

“Let's just say I’m single and ready to mingle... does that sound too trite? I’m beyond that stage where I have to party and be with 500 people to feel special. Every moment is special and I need no endorsement for it from the outside. Just being with the people who really matter to me is celebration enough,” said Sushmita.

But why does she get tired of all her relationships? “You mean, do I dump the men? That’s not true. Initially, everything is hunky-dory in a relationship. Then there has to be some dori (thread) to hold the hunky guy in the relationship. If not, then move on.”
Talking about marriage, she says, “Marriage hasn't happened. It will happen when it happens. What guarantee is there that after getting into marriage and after 20 years of togetherness, I won’t discover it was the wrong move for me?”
Right now she is in Goa with her birthday entourage, which consists of 17 very close family members and friends, including, of course, daughter Renee who at the moment occupies centre stage in Sushmita's life.

Sushmita saw Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion and fell for it. “I’d say some of it is definitely authentic. I’ve been a part of that world. And I know it’s not easy to maintain your equilibrium. What really blew my mind were the performances of Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and the new girl (Mugdha Godse). This is one film I’d have liked to be part of.”

Talk veers towards Dev Anand, who turned 84 recently. “I’m inspired by his zest for life. And more than that, his dignity. He deserves all the adulation. He is extremely charming. I don’t know whether I’ll live that long. But if I do, I want to be as charming as Dev saab . But it’s
impossible for me to go on that long. I’m on fast-burn all the time. As long as I live my life to the hilt, I'm fine.” The actress is currently busy with Rani Laxmibai which is being produced by her production house Tantra Productions.
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See Kareena Kapoor in a bikini again!!

Kareena fans will get to see the zero size actress once again displaying her perfect 10 figure She will be seen wearing a bikini for an underwater scene in her next movie Kambhaqt Ishq.The schedule of the film is supposed to be held in Mumbai in January.

Designer Akki Narula is said to be designing the bikini Kareena will be wearing and says that he has always loved to work with Kareena. He has stated that her looks in this film are going to be memorable as in Tashan where in the only saving grace of that film was her size zero body.

Akshay Kumar is also said to be there in the film and all his outfits are designed by Sabina Khan.

He will be sporting a rough look in this film as he is playing the character of a stuntman he is also seen to be wearing shorts for a sequence. Kareena is playing an international model in the film and per the requirement of the script she wears a bikini in the film.

All the sets in the film are being designed to show its high end look, it is said that the bikini scene is meant to be shot in Venice where Akshay is supposed to be romancing Kareena. He will be romancing her there while a Venetian landscape will be given here to make it look authentic.

The entire shoot will last for a week and will finish with Hollywood's all time great actor Sylvester Stallone who will be making his first Bollywood appearance by doing a cameo role.

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Sorry Bhai! - Music Review

First things first, if Bas Ek Pal was the calling card of Mithoon who shot to limelight with 'Tere Bin' then watch out for Gaurav Dayal.

He may well see good things happening for him in months to come if Sorry Bhai is any indication. The songs bear a certain quality to them and bring with them the kind of sound that spells quality.

Let's play them on to see how Gaurav has come together with lyricist Amitabh Varma to promise another successful soundtrack.

K.K. spells quality and it is 100% guaranteed the moment he opens 'Mere Khuda' in a full throated manner. Soft rock has been the genre where K.K. has never failed in and 'Mere Khuda' is no exception.

A brilliant track that has some never-heard-before lyrics by Amitabh, 'Mere Khuda' is a number which could well be the 'Tere Bin' moment of Sorry Bhai.

Of course, in the recent past Pritam has come up with a dozen odd numbers belonging to this genre but play on 'Mere Khuda' once and rest assured you would be hooked for hours at stretch.

A number like this deserves to be heard in it's remix format and 'Mere Khuda' isn't any exception. Opening with the sound of guitar, it never once goes overboard and comes with just the right sound to be played in pubs and clubs. A chartbuster in the making.

A romantic ballad follows next in the form of 'Pal' which has an urban contemporary feel to it and belongs to the pop genre. Sung in a soft and cool mood by Sunidhi Chauhan and newcomer Chayan Adhikari (who is just 21), 'Pal' is the kind of number that you wish was played in the background as you had a candle light rendezvous with your loved one.

'Pal' may not be the kind of number that you may take to the streets but put it on in a repeat mode with the lights switched off and be rest assured that a feeling of romance would be rekindled.

Now this is hardly a number that you want to be re-orchestrated but that exactly happens once it also falls pray to the 'remix version'. It is not bad but one wishes that the album just saw the original version being retained!

Guest composer Vivek Phillip makes a contribution with the title song 'Sorry Bhai' for which he also writes the English lyrics.

Strangely, the first thing that comes to mind on hearing 'Sorry Bhai' is the presence of Sanjay Suri in the film. Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Jhankaar Beats, Bas Ek Pal - Somehow Sanjay's presence in each of these three films can be associated with the sound that the number 'Sorry Bhai' carries.

Another similarity is resemblance to the kind of sound that such soft compositions by Vishal-Shekhar carry. A promotional track which goes with the theme of the film and is sung by K.K., Sunidhi Chauhan and Abhishek Nailwal, 'Sorry Bhai' brings with it a feel good factor that should keep the smiles on.

After 'Mere Khuda', the number which impresses most is 'Jalte Hain'. In the process it also explains how same song could sound so different when sung by two different singers.

When the first version comes with Abhishek Nailwal (who was quite impressive in his rendition of 'Yaara Ve' - Naksha two years back), one isn't much impressed.

From his full throated rendition of 'Yaara Ve', Abhishek moves on to touch some softer notes in 'Jalte Hain', though without coming up with the desired results. Later in the album, his voice is also heard in the song's 'remix version'.

However, the moment K.K. comes on the scene with his own version of 'Jalte Hain', the song takes on a different meaning altogether.

Elevated to a different level by the singer who never fails to impress, 'Jalte Hain' has some poetic lyrics by Amitabh that make it extra special. Watch out for this love song in the film's narrative; it is certainly going to make a lasting impression.

Finally arrives the English track 'Some Times' which is rendered by prominent Jazz singer Nanette Natal. A kind of number which brings with it just the kind of sound that plays on in background as you have a quite-n-nice dinner with your beloved in an up-market hotel, 'Some Times' has an extremely classy feel to it and should manage to find an audience for itself in the long run, just like Rock On did once the film hit theaters.

After hearing the songs of Sorry Bhai, what can be said for sure is that filmmaker Onir knows a thing or two about music.

Case in point being My Brother Nikhil ('Le Chale') followed by Bas Ek Pal ('Tere Bin'). Now he manages to create a hat trick of soulful numbers with each and every track working for Sorry Bhai, and 'Mere Khuda' followed by 'Jalte Hain' standing tall. Go for it!

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