Unwanted visitors at Preity Zinta’s birthday party

Apart from Bollywood bigwigs, including Shahrukh Khan, Farah Khan, Chunky Pandey and others at her birthday bash at her flat in Quantum Park building in Bandra on Saturday, Preity Zinta also had some unwanted visitors in the party.

It was the Mumbai police patrol team who had to after slum-dwellers in the neighbourhood complained of loud music early Sunday morning. The police ordered them to turn down the volume of the loudspeakers and said that the actress will be penalised as per the provisions for flouting noise pollution rules.

A local resident, Irfan Shaikh, said that very loud music was played in the party which started late Saturday and continued till the early hours Sunday.

“Whenever there is music or programmes in the slum areas, these people in big buildings complain against us and we have to shell out large fines. We also get disturbed and so we complained to the police,” he told media persons here Sunday morning.

Well, this was an irresponsible act from Zinta who has always shown her social responsibility and did so yet again on her birthday when she adopted orphaned girls from Mother Miracle School in Hrishikesh. As their guardian, Preity will take care of finances for their basic needs like food, clothing and education.

Preity Zinta

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Bachchan family on the pink carpet

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s much awaited Hollywood movie, ‘Pink Panther 2’ premiered in the US on Tuesday and the Bachchan family was in full attendance to support their ‘Bahu’ as looking gorgeous in black, she walked the PINK carpet with husband Abhishek. Abhishek complemented his better half in a black suit and sporting a new lok for Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavan’. The couple in black surely made the heads turn.

Pink Panther 2 has Ash playing detective Sonia alongside Alfred Molina, while Steve Martin plays a bumbling French police detective Jacques Clouseau. French actor Jean Reno plays Ponton, Steve Martin’s partner in the movie. Actor, writer and producer Harald Zwart has directed Pink Panther 2.

Pink Panther 2 aishwarya rai

Pink Panther 2 aishwarya rai

Pink Panther 2 aishwarya raiPink Panther 2 aishwarya rai

Pink Panther 2 aishwarya rai

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Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra step into IPL cricket field

After achieving success as a big boss inmate, actor, producer, yoga guru, Shilpa Shetty has now stepped into the field of cricket with her beau Raj Kundra. The couple has picked up an 11.7 percent stake in Rajastahn Royals, the champions in the first IPL season last year, for $15.4 million (Rs. 75.5 crore).

The Royals are led by the legendary Australian spinner Shane Warne and comprises of other international stars like South African skipper Graeme Smith and Aussie all-rounder Shane Watson.

“I relate with them, they were the underdogs and they scored. I expect a re-run from them this year. Their story is exactly like mine- I have always been the underdog. I think when there is no expectation and you score, it really works,” said Shilpa.

“I will cheer for the team, dance for a music video- bring in greater glamour in whichever way I can,” promised the actress.
Shilpa shetty Rajastahn Royals

Shilpa shetty Rajastahn Royals

Shilpa shetty Rajastahn Royals

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Sunayana Hot Images 7

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Minissha replaces Katrina in Bollywood!

Has Kidnap girl Minissha Lamba replaced Katrina Kaif in Bollywood?


If rumours are to be believed Minissha has got some well wishers in Bollywood who are trying to help her to save her dying film career.

According to an industry insider Akki who used to recommend Katrina to the producers, is now recommending Minissha’s to his producers.

Interestingly both haven’t worked together in single film. Reportedly Minissha’s Kidnap co actor Imran Khan has also recommending her to some producers.

Though helping co actors to make their career is not new in Bollywood. Reportedly Salman and Akshay have done it before for their co actresses. We hope Akki and Imraan’s recommendations will save Minissha’s dying career.

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Wish Abhishek a Happy Birthday !!!

Actor Abhishek Bachchan popularly known as Junior B turns 33 today.The actor is currently in
New York with his better half Aishwarya for the premiere of 'Pink Panther.'As known they are also bringing up his birthday celebration there.

Abhishek Bachchan was born on 5th of February to actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. He started off with his career in Bollywood with J.P.Dutta's 'Refugee' in the year 2000. The film did moderately well on box-office but his co-actor Kareena Kapoor got more exposure in the public. However, Abhishek kept trying his luck and after strings of flops he got a hit like 'Dhoom' in his kitty. But, it was after 'Yuva' that he was critically acclaimed as an actor.

He got engaged with actress Karisma Kapoor in the October 2002. But, somehow the engagement was called off. Then after 5 years in January 2007, he got married to Former Miss Universe and Bollywood beauty Aishawarya Rai. The duo has done many films together before.

Out of his recent releases in the year 2008 'Dostana' was a hit at box-office. His forthcoming release 'Delhi 6' directed by Rakeysh Mehra is one of the most awaited film of the year. In the film he is paired up with actress Sonam Kapoor.

Other films in his kitty are Mani Ratnam's 'Raavana', Abhinay Deo's untitled film. Both the films also starAishwarya rai Bachan.

Well, lots of good performances are expected from this matured actor. But before that its time to wish him on this special occasion
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Don't cook up controversies about my past: Preity

Does Preity have a British ancestry? A story doing the rounds on websites that Preity Zinta is of British parentage has the actress who turns a year older on Jan 31, completely flummoxed.

But this isn't the first time that Preity's lineage is being questioned. "Some years ago there was this rumour that I was related to Dharmendra. I didn't mind that at all since he's so goodlooking."

The bit about the Brit has Preity less amused. "I don't know where that come. I'm a full-on pahadi girl. Both my parents are from Himachal Pradesh. I'm a complete Rajput girl. And yet I've been flooded with inquiries about my 'British blood'. Arrey yaar, who's spreading these strange rumours? And they erupted so suddenly. I wonder who's responsible."

A section of Preity's supporters see this as a ploy to discredit her lately-vocal tirade against the vote-politics of the nation.

Preity wants to stay away from politics of every kind. "For those who feel threatened because they feel I'm getting into politics let me assure them I've no intentions of getting into yet another alien territory. Movies are my life. And now there's cricket and the IPL. Politics is not my scene at all. There's no need to cook up controversies about my past."

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Me married to Salman? What rubbish: Katrina Kaif

A report in a Marathi paper that she's married has the actress incredulous with disbelief.

"It's complete rubbish and the paper is denying it. When I marry the world will know. Right now I've no such plans."

But she isn't denying that she's with Salman. In fact one of her abiding regrets is that she and Salman have not been able to form a saleable pair on screen. Katrina had hoped Yuvraaj would work, so that she and Salman would be a saleable pair and filmmakers would sign her with Salman as eagerly as they do with Akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor.

Apparently Subhash Ghai kept writing the script as the film progressed.

After a pause Katrina says, "I'd like to stick to a bound script from now on. The time has come for the entire film industry to get completely organized. A script helps both the director and the actor to connect wth each other and with the plot. I'm not going to be shy about insisting on a script.

Tell her she had very little space in Yuvraaj, and Katrina admits, "Yeah, that was something I grew gradually aware of. I didn't have that much to do. But that's okay."

Katrina's sister Isabel is not getting into Bollywood. Not right now.

Says Katrina, "That was something which was blown out of all proportions. At the moment she's too young to take up an acting career. In fact my sister is off to drama school. Something I never got to do, and I wish I had. Not being a trained actress bothers me me and I am happy that my sister is taking that route."

However, not attending school doesn't make Katrina feel inadequate as an actress. "I think I had to undertake my own journey and do things my own way. I learnt on the job. I think I've acquired knowledge of the camera on-camera.

So no regrets about not attending any acting school. If I had regrets about any aspect of my career I'd be the most ungrateful person on the planet. Look at the level of acceptance I've received in so little time. Some people don't get this kind of success after working all their lives."

Katrina is nonchalant about not being considered a lucky mascot any more after the failure of Yuvraaj. "I think that's just people talking a lot of nonsense. Actors far more intelligent and talented than me have had to deal with ups and downs. Sooner or later I'd have had to deal with failure. No point in brooding about it. I've learnt my lessons from the Yuvraaj experience."

Commenting on the constant speculation on their relationship Katrina says, "That's bound to happen. If you're a public figure and at the end of the day neither of the party is clarifying anything, there's bound to be a lot of speculation and unnecessary comment. But I'm not going to get provoked into giving explanations. Because once they start, they never end."

What about that damning picture of Katrina with her face covered as she entered her birthday party last year?

"That wasn't when I entered the party. The picture was atken was while we were leaving. I was tired….and yes, I was disappointed. I didn't want it to be turned into tamasha. It wasn't meant that to be.

I realize I can't be talked about only for my work. You can't have things exactly the way you want them to be. You can't have fans and now get blown away by the breeze once in a while."

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Even my Bikinis and zero figure make news: Kareena

Her confidence and attitude might reflect on her face but Kareena Kapoor seems to claim that she's not arrogant at all.

She's said, "The world is yet to understand what is it like being Kareena Kapoor. They are busy making speculations. Let them do so."

She makes it clear that she's not happy about the fact that her flop films make a lot of unnecessary news.

She's said, "When any of my film flops, every news channel would run it as a ticker. I guess the case is that I was never an underdog.

People and media like those who come from small towns and make it big. They don't like people who are something and manage to achieve bigger things in life. We have to keep innovating ourselves constantly but they enjoy running us down."

She's proud of 'Tashan' for which she flaunted her size zero look throughout 2008.

She says, "Irrespective of the fact that the movie worked or not; every single bachcha knows about the film — my bikini shot, orange juice diet and… zero figure. Even my daughter will know about the film."

Only talking about the love of her life Saif warms her up.

She says, "He is too relaxed. He is in his own industry. Saif will never sign a film until it interests him to the core. Not even, if it calls for sitting idle for a year. He only works in films he believes in. And one of them is the upcoming Saif's home production, directed by Sriram Raghvan where we'll act together."

Come what may and whatever the world says, this gal loves to pull a Kapoor and flaunt her attitude every single time. That's Kareena Kapoor for you.

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Dev D shows less sex than any normal Hindi film: Anurag Kashyap

Your film Dev D's promos have managed to create a lot of flutter. Could you tell us a little about the film besides the fact that it's a modern day interpretation of Devdas.
The film tries to explore 'Devdas'- the adjective which has become a part of our day-to-day lingo these days. It's a film about how today's youth look at love, relationships etc. Today everybody is looking for instant gratifications. It's the age of fast cars, fast money, and fast love. Dev D visualizes how Sarat Chandra would have written Devdas in today's times.

The posters of the film show Abhay Deol being credited for the Concept of the film. Could you tell us a little more on that?
Yes...Dev D is Abhay Deol's concept. Abhay was the trigger point to make me look at Devdas in another way. He told me a story about a guy who visits an LA strip club and at the end of the story said that "Guess what...that guy is Devdas".

That triggered off a lot of ideas in my mind. I have always been accused of not being able to make a love story. This time I decided to make a love story which is real and identifiable.

How did the title Dev D come about?
The title Dev D just happened like that. We were clear that we didn't want to use Devdas and at the same time we refer to some people with abbreviations such as Dev D and that's how we decided to stick to this title.

The earlier Devdas, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, released just 6 years back. Was there a need to remake a Devdas so early?
My film is not a remake of Devdas. There is just a minor similarity with Devdas It's a modern day story of today's youth and their take on love, relationships etc. One big flaw in the earlier Devdas which I noticed was that it was always about this one character Devdas.

My film explains the point of view of Dev, Paro and Chanda. And it's been told musically which is how the songs fit it into the narrative. The songs are the state of mind of the various characters.

Coming to the cast, how did you zero in on Abhay Deol, Mahi Gill and Kalki for the three protagonists?
As I told you the film is Abhay's concept, so he was part of the project right since the beginning. Even Mahi for that matter came on board really early.

We met her at a party and both Abhay and I decided that she is perfect for the role. As for the role of Chanda, we auditioned several girls for nearly 3 moths till we found Kalki. Chanda's is a very different and bold role.

Who plays the role of Chunni Babu?
Dibyendu Bhattacharya plays the role of Chunni. Chunni is the one who introduces Dev to Chanda. He is a pimp, a drug peddler, a notorious kind of a guy who hangs around in the dark alleys waiting for his latest prey.

The promos give a very eclectic feel...with the viewers not knowing what to expect....
That's a good thing (laughs). At least this time they are excited and don't know what to expect. With No Smoking, they were not excited and didn't know what to expect.

The music of the film has created a rage especially 'Emosanal Atyachar'. Even the other songs seem like tunes which one has never heard before...could you tell us about the brief given to newcomer Amit Trivedi?
That's the whole idea. I wanted to convey the sound that today's youth is listening to. I chose Amit on the basis of his talent and just told him to be himself. I did not give him any specific brief. My only contribution to the music is the 2 words- 'Emosanal Atyachar'

A section of the media feels that the film is high in sexual content...Is it true?
I don't think so. The film does deal with sexuality but it shows less sex than any normal Hindi film. You won't find those pelvic thrusts and other such sexual innuendos which we see in numerous films.

Have you taken references from the shocking DPS MMS scandal?
In the last few years there have been a lot of scandals and the DPS MMS is just one of them. The MMS scandal is just one aspect of the character's life.

I just wanted to show what happens to someone when his/ her privacy is affected by such cheap, hidden cameras. The person who is at fault is not one who is committing the act but the people who are watching it and downloading it.

The previous Devdas had a tragic end. Have you tweaked the ending this time around?
I have tweaked the whole film (laughs). Only the starting point is the same.

Many a times, during the release of a film, there are various stories doing the rounds of a possible affair between the lead pair. This time things seem to be different and everyone is talking about your and Kalki's relationship.
I am seeing Kalki and that's all I would like to say.

Ironical as it may sound, while making a film on Devdas, you seem to have found true love
(Laughs)...Yes...in a way.

Apart from Dev D, you also have Gulaal releasing soon. What's that film all about?
Gulaal is a film about student politics. It's about the kind of separatism that's going on in the country based on religion, language, caste etc. The film is a metaphor of what is happening in the whole country but it is set in a fictional town of Rajasthan.

It's a very angry and powerful film. We finished shooting last year but for a while the film couldn't find any takers. Now its finally releasing next month and you will see the promos of Gulaal with Dev D.

Post the debacle of No Smoking and Hanuman Returns, how important is the success of Dev D for you?
Very important

Finally, what else are you working on in terms of future projects?
After Dev D and Gulaal, I am working on Bombay Velvet, a thriller produced by Studio 18 and Doga with Sony Pictures. Doga stars Kunal Kapoor and is based on Raj Comics' popular Indian superhero- Doga.

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Kaminey will not have abusive language

"Just because the film's name is Kaminey, it doesn't mean that there would be 'gaali-galauj' in it. You can't help people from speculating though, can you?

I don't know where these reports started getting generated. It's all rubbish", reacts a prominent crew member of Kaminey after browsing through the reports floating around the abusive content of this Vishal Bhardwaj directed film.

It was recently reported that since the film's narration had quite a few expletives, UTV Motion Pictures, the producers of the film, were alarmed and hence urged Vishal to drop all the foul language.

"Let's look at this way; we are talking about two big brands here - UTV and Vishal. None of the two would either take a decision in isolation or bow down before something that they are not convinced about.

Let's talk about UTV first. It is a premier filmmaking house. Do you think it would have agreed to make the film in the first place if it wasn't convinced about the content and how it would eventually shape up", he questions.

He adds, "UTV is not new in the business. It knows how to package a film and present to the audience. It can differentiate between a mainstream film and the one for the niche audience and hence pitches it in the market accordingly. Kaminey couldn't have afforded to have 'gaalis' in the first place because it is as mainstream as it gets."

Talking in defense of Vishal Bhardwaj, he says, "Also, knowing Vishal Bhardwaj, we all know about the kind of conviction with which he makes his film.

Do you think he would be willing to knock off something just because of pressure from factors outside his control? When he made Omkara, he knew what language he was talking about. The same holds good for Kaminey.

First and foremost there was no foul language in Kaminey to begin with. And even if it had and Vishal would have shot the film in the way the script was written, he wouldn't have changed a frame until and unless he could convince himself that it wasn't required."

Says a source close to UTV, "Come on, we are talking about Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra here. We can't alienate our family audience and children if we have a colorful language in the narrative.

Making Kaminey has been an out and out exciting experience. Let's not spoil the fun by bringing in such stupid talks. Someone out there decides to speculate something and everyone out here has to start defending something in a manner as if we are standing in a witness box. Not happening!"

Featuring Shahid Kapoor in a double role with Amol Gupte playing the main baddie, Kaminey is expected to release on 5th June.

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Rani unlucky at home

On her astrologer's advise Rani Mukerji has reportedly decided to move out of her bungalow in Juhu and buy a flat somewhere in Versova, an area she lived in when he career was prospering.

Rani shifted to her Juhu bungalow last year but ever since then her career has only gone downhill. Her last couple of films have been miserable flops and she is now working in only one movie. This is in sharp contrast to the success she enjoyed just a few years ago.

Her astrologer has told her to shift out of her bungalow for sometime, as it could be the house that’s bringing her bad luck.

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I am a very sexless person: Kangana

In all her movies she has exposed and stripped with no inhibitions. From 'Gangster', 'Woh Lamhe', 'Metro', 'Fashion' to her latest 'Raaz', Kangana has effortlessly done that.

So it's but natural if people think that Kangana wishes to flaunt a blatant sexy image. But the dame begs to differ.

She's been saying, "Even though I have worn fewer clothes, I don't think I look vulgar. I am a very sexless person. I have never tried to create a sexy image of myself. From the very first day, I have been clear about my objectives. I am an actress and I am here to do my job."

So basically she means to say that though she sheds her clothes, she doesn't compromise with her acting.

That's not the only thing that Kangana denies. She says that there are no differences between her and her boyfriend Adhyayan's dad Shekhar Suman.

She's said, "Nothing serious happened on that particular day and the media has just spiced up the entire issue. The argument took place between Shekhar and Mohit and the media had unnecessarily drag her name to make the news spicier." Kangana sure knows how to be a part of controversies and spice up her life.

She's already done a good job of it. No wonder she's survived so well in B-Town.

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Size doesn't matter to me!!!

It would be a double celebration for Aishwarya and Abhishek in New York this week.

On 3 Feb it was the premiere of her latest international film Pink Panther 2 followed by Abhishek's birthday two days later. The couple plans to bring in his birthday in style.

In New York, Aishwarya is looking forward to the release of her film.

"They wanted me to be here for the film's promotion from earlier on. But I couldn't because of my prior commitments in India. We've a series of premieres lined up beginning with the one in New York on 3 Feb.

From there it's a crazy whirlwind trip that will take me to several countries and continents from Paris to Berlin to Moscow to Madrid. The final destination for my 15-day trip will take me to a screening of the film at the Berlin film festival. Then I'm back and I go straight to resume Mani Ratnam's film."

Aishwarya will be returning to India on Feb 14. "Abhishek is in New York with me. But he won't be able to accompany me for my other premieres because he has to be in India for the promotion of Delhi 6."

A part of the press has been writing about how minuscule Aishwarya's role is in Pink Panther.

Sighs the diva, "It's a bit silly and exhausting to even talk about the length of my role based on what's seen in the trailers. Did anyone question my role in Khakee when there was only one shot of me in the promo? Isn't that a very myopic view of contemporary acting? In my very first film Iruvar I thought I transcended this footage fetish, "

She makes it crystal clear thar footage is not a burning issue for her. "The choices I've made in my career aren't just about footage but an opportunity to work with actors directors and technicians who enrich my life.

Believe me working in Pink Panther was a joy. It was a wonderful experience working with a stalwart like Steve Martin and the rest of the cast and crew.

Why spoil it by questioning how much footage I have? So many Indian actors have worked in international ensemble casts."

Getting somewhat indignant Aishwarya Rai, "I didn't work in Pink Panther 2 because it was an international project. I got the script. I chose to be happily be part of the film. They shot exactly what I was offered.

I don't need to work with stardust in my eyes. Of course Pink Panther is a Steve Martin vehicle. Is that something to question?

All the rest of the wonderful cast including Jean Reno and Andy Garcia play supporting roles. I treasure the experience of working in Pink Panther 2."

Interestingly Aishwarya was offered the lead opposite Will Smith in 7 Pounds which opens in Mumbai this week.

"Will Smith and I will work together for sure, " laughs Aishwarya. "There have been a number of offers. Dates just don't work out. If he's keen to work with me, so am I."

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My kissing days are finally over: Emraan Hashmi

In his six year long career so far, Emraan Hashmi has given quite a few hits at the box office. Still with each release of his, he has been required to answer his critics and prove his detractors wrong.

In the meanwhile, he has continued to earn a loyal fan base for himself which started from B and C centers, reached the single screen audiences and has now finally seen even multiplex audience warming up to his popularity and screen presence, something that has been witnessed in Awarapan, Jannat and now Raaz - The Mystery Continues.

"You tell me, for how long do I have to continue to prove to the world about my presence in the industry", questions Emraan Hashmi who is experimenting with his roles and look in each of his films, "Between Gangster and Awarapan, there was a phase in my career when there wasn't much happening my career.

My films were not working and it was actually a harrowing phase. This is when I made a conscious call to reinvent myself."

And reinvent he did with Awarapan that brought him together with Mohit Suri, his friend and director with whom he had grown up since childhood and also worked with in Zeher and Kalyug.

"It was heartbreaking to see Awarapan not working. It may sound clich├ęd but I gave my heart, body and soul to the film. Those who saw the film loved it but then destiny had other plans.

It didn't work commercially at the box office but for my standing as an actor, it really benefited a lot. Finally, it seemed that the industry had started taking me seriously", remembers Emraan.

It was a one year long wait before Jannat released in 2007. The movie took a bumper opening at the box office and the floodgates opened for Emraan Hashmi who saw his biggest opening film till then.

"I have somehow stuck to my stand of doing only solo films, until and unless something exceptional comes up, and though it is big risk, it also translates into big benefits", says Emraan.

Though the success of Jannat was a huge shot in the arm for Emraan Hashmi, cynics were still not willing to give Emraan his due by calling the film's success a fluke.

"You can't help that, can you", asks Emraan Hashmi who is still doing majority of films with Bhatts, "I know for sure where my fan base resides and as long as they are happy, my producers are happy, I am getting my market price, heroines are willing to work with him and my wife isn't questioning me every morning if I would kiss for camera or not, I am happy", winks Emraan!

Nevertheless, his wife Parveen would certainly not have any questions for Emraan after the release of Raaz - The Mystery Continues and there are two reasons for that - a) The film has taken the biggest ever opening for an Emraan Hashmi starrer and b) It is Adhyayan Suman and not Emraan Hashmi who locks lips with Kangna.

Laughs Emraan, "Well, the film has worked even without a kiss from me so I guess the jinx is finally broken."

He adds on a serious note, "At least now do I have the right to feel successful? This is my second straight film that has taken a solid opening.

Even otherwise, I have constantly delivered successful films during last 6 years - Murder, Zeher, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Kalyug, Aksar, Gangster, Jannat and now Raaz - The Mystery Continues. Agar kuch logon ko yeh ek long successful winning streak nahi lagti toh I can't help it. And actually, I don't care."

Some distributors have even gone to the extent of billing him as mini-Akshay Kumar in the making; someone who can guarantee a solid opening with every release of his.

"Arrey yaar don't get me into that trap. I am not commenting anything on this. Akshay has been around for close to two decades and done a lot in his career. Still, you can't say much for the audience. We just saw what happened to Chandni Chowk To China", he says with caution.

"Yes, what I am confident though is that I would continue to choose the best of the scripts coming my way. I won't let down my audience; that's a promise.

After that it is all destiny and luck", he signs off as he continues to make rounds across the country promoting Raaz - The Mystery Continues which is now all set to surpass the business of his last success Jannat and hence turn out to be the biggest money spinner of his career.

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Luck By Chance - Movie Review

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Rishi Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Isha Sharwani, Dimple Kapadia, Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Kapoor, Aly Khan

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar

Music: Shankar, Eshaan & Loy

Producers: Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar

Director: Zoya Akhtar

Rating: ****

One has often heard, read and seen the positive and negative aspects of Bollywood. It would be erroneous to state that LUCK BY CHANCE does a pol-khol of the glamorous industry.

Let's put it this way: The film mirrors the behind-the-scenes drama and manoeuvring exactly the way it occurs in showbiz. Watching LUCK BY CHANCE is like experiencing it first-hand.

If you're associated with Bollywood, if you know how the machine works, you'd laud and applaud, laugh and smile, identify and understand and at times, empathize and sympathize with the characters in LUCK BY CHANCE. Zoya Akhtar's take on an industry that attracts millions of hopefuls year after year is bang on target.

Almost three decades ago, Hrishikesh Mukherjee's GUDDI depicted a star-struck teenager's [Jaya Bhaduri] obsession for a top star [Dharmendra].

Along with the core issue, the film highlighted the behind-the-scenes hard work and labour that went into making movie

LUCK BY CHANCE taps almost every important facet of Bollywood and presents assorted characters you've encountered some time in life: An over-ambitious aspirant who knows to make the right moves; an actress trying hard to get that big break, even if she has to compromise; an icon of the 1970s who desperately wants her daughter to be a star; a producer who looks at riding on big names, script be damned; a failed actor now looking at direction to redeem his career.

One of the prime reasons why LUCK BY CHANCE works is because the writing [Zoya Akhtar] is simply wonderful.

Right from the characters, to the individualistic scenes, to the way Zoya puts them in a sequence, LUCK BY CHANCE is easily one of the most cohesive scripts this side of the Atlantic.

The verdict? Leave aside everything and hitch this joyride called LUCK BY CHANCE. It would be sacrilege to miss this one!

Sona [Konkona Sen Sharma] arrives in Mumbai with dreams of becoming a film star. She does whatever it takes, to make it.

Vikram [Farhan Akhtar] has just moved to the city leaving the comforts of his Delhi home. He is used to getting what he wants and is smart enough to know when to demand it and when to manipulate it. Gradually, Sona and Vikram develop a romantic relationship.

Rolly [Rishi Kapoor] is a successful though superstitious producer who only works with the biggest stars.

He is making a potential blockbuster launching Niki [Isha Sharwani], the daughter of 1970s superstar Neena [Dimple Kapadia]. The hero of the film, Zaffar Khan [Hrithik Roshan], is the superstar.

Zaffar decides to opt out of Rolly's film and that creates havoc in Rolly's life. Rolly decides to cast newcomers and finally, Vikram is shortlisted for the main role...

LUCK BY CHANCE picks up characters straight out of life and that's the beauty of this script.

The interesting part is that each of these characters has a story running parallel to the main story. Although the writing is foolproof, this review would be incomplete if one failed to acknowledge a number of scenes that are the hallmark of this enterprise... *Note the sequence when Rishi Kapoor breaking down after Hrithik has walked out of his movie. It moves you!

*On the lighter side, Farhan strikes a conversation with Dimple at a movie premiere and extols lavish praises on her.

* Much later, an angry Dimple instructs Isha to patch up with Farhan, soon after Farhan and Isha's debut film has been declared a success. Watch the moments when Dimple recalls her early years.

The sequence featuring SRK.

If Zoya's writing is superb, her execution of the written material deserves distinction marks. This may be Zoya's directorial debut, but she treats the difficult subject like a veteran.

Javed Akhtar's dialogues are remarkable. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is a mixed bag; the score could've been better. However, the choreography of the circus song is remarkable. Carlos Catalan's cinematography captures the right moods.

Farhan Akhtar is evolving into one of the most dependable actors of his generation. He's very real, very believable. No wonder, this character stands out. Konkona Sen Sharma is exceptional.

The supremely talented actress delivers a sparkling performance yet again. Rishi Kapoor is incredible. A performance that merits the highest praise. Dimple Kapadia is in terrific form.

It easily ranks amongst her most accomplished works. Juhi Chawla is first-rate. Isha Sharwani does her part well. Sanjay Kapoor springs a surprise. He registers an impact. Aly Khan is perfect.

Hrithik Roshan is truly wonderful. Note the sequence when he strikes a conversation with Karan Johar, only to realize that he himself had paved the way for Farhan in the industry.

Only an accomplished actor could've handled this sequence with aplomb. Amongst the A-listers who make fleeting appearances in the film, the one who registers the maximum impact is Shah Rukh Khan.

On the whole, LUCK BY CHANCE is an outstanding film in all respects.

A magnificent outing from the producers of ROCK ON!!, LUCK BY CHANCE is sure to prove an extremely lucky and rewarding experience at the box-office. Strongly recommended!

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