I can even look good in a bikini: Gul Panag

Former Miss India Gul Panag, mostly seen in de-glamorised acting roles, recently caught public attention by posing in a black lingerie for the cover page of Maxim, a magazine for men. Gul said she did it to show off the "glamorous and real side" of her personality.

"It was not for a change in my image. I am very happy to have the image that I have. I am associated with a certain type of work and I don't want to change that ever. But what is important is that people should understand that what they see on screen and what I am are two different persons, " Gul told.

Gul has received critical acclaim for playing offbeat roles in films like "Dor" and "Manorama Six Feet Under", in which she was seen mostly in Indian attire.

"In reality, I am not that kind of person as shown in most of my films. I am not a village girl clad in 'saris' and 'salwar-kameez' in real life. I am a regular modern girl who is glamorous in real life and that's what I wanted to show. In fact, nobody has ever seen me in 'saris' and 'salwar-kameez' in real life, " said Gul who debuted with Parth Arora's "Dhoop" in 2003.

"I can look good in a bikini or any other sexy outfit or equally convincing in a nightie. That's the job of an actor, " she added.

Commenting upon her roles, she said: "I believe that I'm extremely versatile as I can do power packed performances as well as look good as and when required. I don't want the people to be confused that the role that I have been playing in my films is what I am in real life. It's just the man who is playing the villain in films is not bad in real life."

What made you say yes to Maxim?

"Why not? It's the highest selling men's magazine in the world, " she said.

Asked about her future plans, she said: "It's not that I'll be doing more glamorous or power packed roles. It's about the offers. Glamour cannot be substance to a role. However, in most of my forthcoming films, I have glamorous roles.

"In 'Hello' I am glamorous. I have two more films - 'Straight' and 'Hello Darling' - in which too I have glamorous roles."

The actress said she is playing a modern, urban young woman in "Hello".

"My character is neither black nor white. It has a huge amount of grey in her. In the story, she is stuck in a conflict in choosing between love and practicality."

Based on novelist Chetan Bhagat's "One Night At The Call Centre" also stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sohail Khan, Isha Koppikar, Sharman Joshi, Amrita Arora and Arbaaz Khan.

Gul said she liked the story and her role in particular. "I never sign a film unless and until I am convinced with the story. In this case, I knew the story beforehand because I had read the book earlier. It is an extremely interesting story and I hope people will like me in the role."

Gul said she enjoyed most working for "Manorama Six Feet Under".

"It is closest to my heart and I enjoyed working in it the most."

Among the newcomers, Gul finds Imran Khan as most dynamic and wants to work with him.

"I think Imran is extremely talented and the most promising among the newcomers. I came to meet Imran for a short while during an audition where we interacted and I found him a highly sensible and dynamic actor. If given a choice among the newcomers, I would definitely choose him, " she said.
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Sophie has body that is absolutely sexy'

Ask prominent lensman which actress is a perfect combo of sex appeal and innocence and most opine that it's Sophie Chaudary.

An ace photographer said, "Sophie has body that's absolutely sexy and the way she carries herself makes it even more sexier. At the same time her expressions and eyes exude innocence.

This kind of combination is very rare. Only a few, in fact only Sophie has it."

Sophie has just an exclusive photoshoot with her favorite Photographer Ram Bherwani.

The photographer said, "Sophie is looking fittest and best ever. Filmmakers have yet to capture her the way I have, Sophie sets my camera on fire.

The same will happen to the cinema screens if filmmakers can catch her soul through their character and story. Sophie is one actress to watch out for."
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I cannot stand good-looking men: Neha Dhupia

Your man will be from?
Definitely not from the (film) industry.

Very simple. I don’t have a liking for industry men much. Secondly, I would not like to discuss films after coming back home from work.

Would he be a metrosexual man?
No way! I detest metrosexual men right from my childhood.

Why so?
Because, I just cannot stand men who pedicure and manicure. I remember telling my father why do these men not leave pedicure and manicure to women.

Do you mean to say that men should leave their fingers and feet unclean?
No, not at all. I don’t mean them to remain dirty, but cleanliness not at the cost of being manly. They should not exhibit feminine qualities.

Would he be very good looking?
I cannot stand good-looking men.

He has to be someone who is robust and has a manly appearance.

A man with brain or brawn?
A man with brain would be my choice.

Would he need to be rich?
See, I prefer a man to excel in earning and leave the spending to me (laughs).
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I'm single, Riteish is just my friend: Genelia D'Souza

Imran Khan's petite and perky costar Genelia D'Souza in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na started her career with Mr Bachchan, no less.

"I did a Parker pen ad with him when I was still a kid. It seems I've been acting forever. Strangely acting was never an option. That ad was directed by Mansoor Khan. He kept me in mind for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and here I am."

She continues, "Actually this film was being produced by Jhamu Sugandh first. That's when I screen -tested for the role of Aditi. I met the director Abbas Tyrewalla and he almost finalized me.

But he needed bulk dates from me and I was busy down South. He wanted to shoot at stretch. I couldn't do. I got busy in the South. Then one day I got a call from Aamir Khan's office.

Abbas wanted a complete newcomer. But Aamir wanted a girl who suited the character. The next thing I knew, I was on board."

Genelia says she was never that keen on an acting career. "But when I saw how I was appreciated down South I fell in love with the industry.I've been lucky. I didn't plan anything. I've never contacted a single producer. So far it's been an awesome journey."

After Tamil and Telugu Genelia has just made her debut in Kannada film. "I'm sure I'll be able to dub in all the South Indian languages soon. I know I can do it. I just need to get the slangs and colloquialisms correct. Honestly I need to dub my own lines in the South to give complete performances."

In Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Genelia plays a girl quite like herself. "Except for one detail. Aditi picks fights with every damn person. I'm not like that.

I'd rather talk it out than fight. I had to really let go to be fighting on screen all the time.

The workhops really help. Both Imran and I are close to the characters. But we also discovered new facets of ourselves while playing the characters."

Like Asin, Genelia is now dividing her time between Bollywood and the South. "I'm getting a lot of calls in Mumbai. I want to balance it out. But the priority would be Hindi films right now because I've worked really long in the South.

But my South Indian films are also very important. I get very satisfying roles in Tamil and Telugu. And I can't let them go. Let's just say I'll do one film down South for every two films I do here.

In any case they wrap up their films super-fast down South."

The rumours about Genelia D'Souza and her first co-star Riteish Deshmukh have the child-woman flummoxed.

"I'm very much single. Riteish is a friend. But that's it. I've no idea where these rumours come from. We're both very busy. When we occasionally meet up we're normal with one another, not the least selfconscious about what's written about us.

I'm very new to all this. I've done the two films with Riteish Tujko Meri Kasam and Masti….I started young, yes. In 2003 I had three releases in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, " the Mumbai girl informs me.

"I got busy with the South that 's the only reason why it took me so long to get noticed in Bollywood.

There's a buzz about Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na because it is Imran's debut film. I'm definitely looking at it as a high-potential film.

I also had fun doing Priyadarshan's Mere Baap Pehle Aap. I enjoy doing films in all languages and genres."

She also has It's My Life with Harman Baweja coming up.

"I've done the original in Telugu down South. Then I also did the remake in Tamil. Now I'm doing it in Hindi. The Tamil and Telugu versions were similar. But the Hindi version is very different. Today both the South and Hindi are high-potential industries for me. I'm still a newcomer in Bollywood."
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