I am in really disturbed: Chhavi Mittal Hussein

Chhavi Mittal Hussein is facing some serious trouble in her kitchen these days. The actress is busy shooting for Swastik pictures “Saas vs Bahu” and is completely tied up with rehearsals, shoots, costume trials

Its been quiet busy for her and at the same time time she is facing problem with her Gas back home. She is been writing to authorities following up with them for past one month she says she had foreseen this trouble but didn’t know it would come at the point when she is busiest the most. “I am like ordering food from out my lunch to dinner to even breakfast and sometimes for tea and coffee too. You can’t just be on microwave always. I am in really disturbed coz of this and I hope I get the gas soon, so at least I don’t have to house from a new menu always. I am going to be on home food forever seems these days once my problem is resolved.” Chhavi tells us.

Chhavi will be seen dancing with Jayati Bhatia as her screen saas from Virasat. Chhavi says, “I am passionate about both dancing and singing so I am enjoying what I am doing but just been out of practice so when I pack up like I am drop dead tired.”

She started out as a singer who had been performing on stage since she was 7 years old and has done her Masters in Indian Classical Music. She got her initial inspiration from her mother. She earlier started singing on Doordarshan and her producers told her that she has a photogenic face and during the same time she started with her modelling. She went on to anchoring, a show for Sahara called Bollywood Aur Kya.

She is a delhite who is fond of food ,traveling and says chhavi I like exploring new thing sin life currently chhavi is doing a Rajshree film “ek vivah aisa bhi “she is playing Natasha in the film the character has three different phases she plays a contemprory girl in the film ,the film is scheduled to be released this year end

Dard-e-Bigg Boss for Sherlyn Chopra!

Actress and singer Sherlyn Chopra will no longer join the Housemates in ‘Bigg Boss’ as she has been shown the door. Sherlyn, who was in discussion to be cast on the show, could not close the deal as her two conditions could not be met on time.

Apparently, the newbie asked for a sum of Rs 3 crore for her 3-month appearance in the ‘Bigg Boss’ House. Since, after her first music album ‘Outrageous’, her second album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn’ has also become a runaway success, she felt that only a decent price could keep her inside the House for a whole three months.

It is also learnt that Sherlyn suggested that the makers install cameras even in bathrooms of the House, so that she could flaunt her vast collection of colourful bikinis and inner wear while bathing. It seems she was keen to generate loads of teenage interest in the show from both sexes.

It can be recalled that the practice of cameras in the bathrooms of such a reality show existed in UK’s ‘Big Brother’ earlier, until Shilpa Shetty got the practice discontinued two years ago, with a clause in her contract stating it went against her ethics and culture. It is obvious, Sherlyn thinks otherwise.

But since ‘Bigg Boss’ found her demands outrageous, she was out. “Right from the beginning of her career, Sherlyn has a very bold, outspoken, daring and sensational diva-like image. One can’t really blame her for thinking of her colourful bikinis,” quipped her publicist.

“Nowadays, everyone from Kareena Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra is being talked about for wearing bikinis in their movies. So why should we have double standards for reality shows? After all, they are just another medium of expression,” added the spokesman.

Sherlyn is a typical bindaas new-age babe. Everyone knows that if she would have been on the show, the TRP’s would have sky-rocketed simply with her boldness and flamboyance. It’s hardly ‘her’ loss.

Dostana Trailer 2008

Check out this bikini walk of priyanka chopra in the trailer of dostana

John and Abhishek play a gay couple in Dostana?

Finally, the first promo of Dostana produced under Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions and directed by Tarun Mansukhani was unveiled along with the prints of Bachna Ae Haseeno. Dostana starring Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra and Bobby Deol in the lead is all set for a November 14th release. The film also has a song featuring Shilpa Shetty dancing along John and Abhishek on the Miami beaches.

What makes the promo interesting is the only dialogue said in it by John standing next to Abhishek - ‘Hum Gay Hain!…Yeh Mera Boyfriend Hai’ (pointing to Abhishek). Karan Johar had promised in his earlier interviews that his Dostana will feature a never before heard of a love triangle. Now we have understood what he really meant! The slick promo also features a lot of skin display what with Priyanka Chopra in a swimsuit walking on the Miami beaches and and John Abraham too ala Baywatch! Interestingly, there were a lot ooh aahs by the female audience in the cinema halls when John the camera was shown caressing a bare bodied John Abraham.

According to sources the plot of Dostana is - “John and Abhishek play best friends who are willing to do anything for one another. Abhishek falls in love with Priyanka Chopra but Priyanka falls for John. When John knows this, he pretends to be gay so that Priyanka opts for Abhishek. But matters complicate further on arrival of Bobby Deol who plays a real gay, as he ends up falling for John!”

Adnan Sami hospitalized

Renowned singer cum composer Adnan Sami has been hospitalized. Sources close to Adnan said that his hospitalization was due to a bad case of food poisoning
which he suffered a couple of days back. That also explains the reason why Adnan was missing from the grand music launch of Vikram Bhatt’s film 1920

Genelia actress and footballer

Hot Bollywood star Genelia D'Souza's favourite sport is soccer and never imagined she would be an actress, "Honestly, I didn't ever dream of acting in my life. I'm a sportsperson and have been a national level football player." David Beckham is her favourite player, "I admire his looks and his stylish way of playing game," she says.

Genelia, who has a degree in Management Studies, is still reeling from the mega-hit success of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na opposite Imraan Khan, which is now clocking in at about 60 crores. She is currently filming the Hindi remake of her monster Tollywood hit Bommarillu - the new version is called It's My Life and will also star Harman Baweja. She won the Filmfare South Award for the original and she has already remade it once - for Kollywood under the title Santosh Subramaniam - this has to be something of a record. Santosh.... has been running for over 100 days continuously in the South.

What type of roles in the future is Genelia looking for? "I am looking at roles that would challenge me as an actor. I do not wish to do roles for the sake of doing films. I am looking out for some really different and interesting script," she explains.

It's Sherlyn versus Rakhi Now

There was a recent buzz that Sherlyn Chopra will be part of Big Boss 2 but the babe has denied her participation, putting rest to all the speculations about her being part of the reality show.

However, Sherlyn was approached to do the show by the sponsors. Perhaps they wanted someone to match up with the high sexy rate factor and spice which Rakhi Sawant had provided in the first season of the show. There is no denial to the fact that Rakhi Sawant benefited to a great extent from the show.

When mentioned the show proved good for Rakhi Sawant and increased her popularity, Sherlyn laughed and said, is that what you call success!

On her comparison with item girl Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn said, how can people even compare a Mercedes Benz with a Nano?

Sherlyn made extremely strong comments saying that Rakhi can’t speak English like her; and can speak Hindi only. She added that Rakhi can't wear clothes like her.

The extremely bold and super hot actress further said that she is much hotter and has a lot sex appeal as compared to Rakhi and she possess a style and personality of her own. Rakhi is a different sample altogether.

Sheryln has off recent taken Bollywood for a ride with her all time sexy avatar and has gained immense popularity among the mass.

No doubt she is a big threat to Rakhi Sawant. We hope Rakhi is not listening.

Let the battle of the sexiest and the boldest begin.
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