Sexy hansika Motwani Bikini

Hey guys watch sexy Hansika Motwani in Bikini
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Katrina And Salman Marry Secretly

Shocking news world Sexy Katrina Kaif and Bollywood Hunk Salman Khan are finally made but secretly.....Phht bt the question is why secretly? May be because of the media hyip and all stuff they decided to marry finally..Anyways Bollywood Paradize wishes them a happy married life
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Shama Sikander On Beach

Star of TV serial Ye Meri Life Hai, Shama Sikander, in film Pardesi Re (2002) starring Ashutosh Rana.

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Hot Shama Sikander Wallpapers

Hey guys check out these hot and sexy Shama Sikander wallpapers
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Akshay Kumar to take on 'Superman'

Sajid Nadiadwala is known to be among the most lavish producers in Bollywood, who doesn't believe in compromising on the quality of his films. For his forthcoming Akshay Kumar- Kareena Kapoor starrer Kambakth Ishq, Sajid has managed to rope in some really big names from Hollywood.

While its common knowledge that action superstar Sylvester Stallone and hottie Denise Richards would be seen in Kambakth Ishq, Sajid has gone ahead and even got Brandon Routh to play a role in his film.

For the uninitiated, Brandon rose to popularity after he played the role of Superman in the latest 'Superman' film Superman Returns. In fact, Brandon just finished shooting an extensive action sequence for Kambakth Ishq, with none other than Akshay Kumar - the Khiladi of Bollywood.

A source present on the sets reveals, "Akshay and Brandon had to perform a stunt scene together. The shot involved them to jump from a height of a tall building... It was the most crucial scene of the film and probably the most dangerous one too."

Akshay did not allow Sajid to use a duplicate. Brandon was impressed with Akshay after watching him perform such a dangerous feat and he too insisted on doing the scene himself.

Bollywood's own Khiladi and the Superman Returns star even exchanged tips on fitness, action, and martial arts. What's more, even debutante director Sabir Khan received some encouraging words of praise from Brandon Routh.

If Kambakth Ishq turns out to be a huge success, we are sure to see many Hollywood stars make an appearance in Hindi films in the days to come.
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Sohail is the wittiest of the three Khans: Katrina

'Goddess of Luck', 'Woman with a golden touch', 'Lucky Charm' - Quite a few titles have been bestowed upon Katrina Kaif ever since she has delivered a string of successful films. A true 'superstar' today, it was imperative that she appears on 'Sajid Superstars'. Here is what she had to share on the show:

- The world waits with a bated breath to know whether she is single or indeed seeing someone (read Salman Khan). She was asked the obvious question on the show and she confessed - (hold your breath) - that she is still single. Well, before jumping from your seats, there is more to come. She tactically replied that as per her, a person is bound to be single until he/she is unmarried! Got the logic!

- In her career so far, she has delivered maximum number of hits with Akshay Kumar. As a 'jodi' they have been terrific and come with almost cent percent success rate. Katrina speaks about Akshay, his professionalism and his dedication in front of the camera. She also speaks about Vipul Shah, the man who gave her a challenging role in Namastey London and the biggest success of her career - Singh Is Kinng.

- No wonder, her scene from Namastey London (where she meets Riteish Deshmukh) is the chosen one for her best scene ever. The worst came from Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. Any guesses for the chosen one here.

- Her Hindi has always been under the scanner ever since she set her sight on Bollywood. Malaika Arora asked her in Hindi that when she would begin conversing with people in Hindi. Katrina's reply to that? - "I talk in Hindi only with my staff; however I didn't know even you could talk in Hindi"! Ahem ahem!

- Sajid Khan didn't stop though from smiling away in a corner. He gifted Katrina a book on rapid course for Hindi speaking!

- When Katrina is around, a question around Salman is inevitable. This time around three Khans came into picture - Sohail, Arbaaz and of course Salman.

On being asked about the wittiest of the three Khans, Sohail stood at the top of the heap. Reason? As per Katrina, Sohail is genuinely funny and has everyone around him in splits. Arbaaz came second due to his dry sense of humor. As for Salman, well, find it out on the show!

- Getting nostalgic about her initial years in the world of cinema, Katrina spoke about her film down south, 'Malliswari', the film she had done post the debacle of Boom and before the success of Sarkar. She talks about her good working experience with Venkatesh in the film and how she wasn't really worried about the film's language (Telugu) and mainly wanted to gain from the experience!

- She did confess though that Race continues to have a special place in her heart since it made a difference to her career. The twists and turns in the narrative made it an exciting ride for her.

- Getting naughty, Arjun Rampal asked Katrina about the writer (s) of Trishul, Deewar and Sholay. We all know that Salim-Javed have written these films. But did Katrina know this?
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Salman-Katrina return after 3 years

It was 3 years ago when Salman Khan resurrected Katrina Kaif's career after a disastrous BOOM. Though Ram Gopal Varma's SARKAR did feature her in a miniscule role and released before MPKK, it was her 'jodi' with Salman which fetched her far more eyeballs and brought her back in the reckoning.

Post this on-screen association, there were quite a few makers lined up to sign the two together but they didn't bite the bait.

They chose to work with other actors even as they were getting closer in real life. PARTNER followed after a couple of years but the film saw Katrina in love with Govinda instead. Coming Friday would see the two sharing screen space again in HELLO but yet again, it doesn't allow them to be romantically involved.

However, all of this would change with Yuvraaj where Salman and Katrina return as a couple. Though Anil Kapoor and Zayeed Khan are also a part of this Subhash Ghai project, Yuvraaj is expected to be a Salman-Katrina show all the way, what with Katrina's market value increasing exponentially over the least 3 years.

Says an industry insider, "With the kind of great run that Katrina has been enjoying with 6 successful films in a row, no film maker would want to use her just as a prop; especially not someone like Subhash Ghai who has a keen eye for presenting his ladies on screen. Salman and Katrina are looking great together and teasers so far are just the beginning."

Talking about the role of Katrina in the film, a source attached to the film says, "Katrina is one of the three key protagonists in the film and plays a pivotal character.

There is much more than just Salman- Katrina chemistry that we are looking at in Yuvraaj. Subhash Ghai has gone all out in making this as a mega project and extracted classy performances from each of his actors."

With music by A.R. Rahman and lyrics by Gulzar, Yuvraaj is all set for 21st November release.
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Now I hate people smoking around me: Saif Ali Khan

Saif on the ban on public smoking...

When did you start smoking?
When I was 16 in London. I started smoking because I thought it was really cool to smoke. I'd look into mirror and blow smoke rings into the air.

It eventually became a habit. I'd smoke all the time. It kept my brain functioning when I was shooting long hours. Then I read Ayn Rand. She said it's apt for a man to smoke because it means his brain is also ignited.

I don't know many lives that kind of philosophy has messed up.One should be careful about such 'cool' habits being propagated in literature.

When did you quit smoking and why?
Right after my heart scare when I went into hospital for a heart condition. When doctors said it was smoking that brought it on I quit completely.

How do you avoid the temptation?
It's highly addictive, that's for sure. And anyone who gives it up after 15 years like I did has an uphill task staying clean. But then you've your work and other diversions to keep your mind off the cancer stick.It's a terrible habit and I'm happy about the public ban on smoking.

But isn't it a curb in personal freedom?
Then why not let people smoke marijuana and coke? Why act moral about those poisonous drugs and not nicotine which is just as powerful and lethal? Nicotine kills more people than any other drug.

So you're happy about the ban?
I think it's extremely unfair for non-smokers to be inflicted with smoking. Now that I'm on the other end I hate people smoking around me. But I'm big on freedom. I think smoking should be completely banned in confined places.

What about banning smoking in movies?
I don't agree with that at all. It does character to parts. You can't censor a character in movies for smoking. If I portray a drug addict I'd have to show me taking it. It doesn't mean I'll be glorifying it. Sometimes to condemn an evil practice in movies you've to show it. Smoking should be given Adults certificate in movies.

Final thoughts?
Smoking should not be treated as a trivial vice. It's a Class A drug. It kills you. It nearly killed me. Nobody should smoke, I feel bad for smokers who have to quit. I know how tough it is to quit. I miss it sometimes, eventhough it almost killed me.

Do you want a total ban on smoking?
I repeat, I am big on personal freedom. I don't want to smoke and I don't want anyone I love to smoke. I certainly don't want my children to smoke. When I was 25 I smoked in front of my mother. I wonder how I got away with it. To damage your own system in front of a parent is a rude thing to do. If my son smoked I won't stand for it.
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Payal is Undisputed Queen of C-grade films: Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth, The drama for the ‘Drama Queen’, Sambhavna Seth has finally come to an end.

She now breathes fresh air (which she couldn’t in Bigg Boss house) and finally gets to see different people around her. Gone are the days of her ‘amusement and abusement’ in the Bigg Boss house. We get into a serious chat with her where she recalls her ‘melodrama’ in the Bigg Boss house.

She starts by saying that she lived each and every moment in that house. She did have some bad encounters though. She said she enjoyed doing the tasks which were assigned to her. She also had fun when it came the topic was entirely became ‘gossip section’

We decided to jump into she rivals in that house. To start with the lot-

Her Biggest Rival: Payal Rohatgi
“Payal is a sympathy gainer. She is no less than a beggar. The difference is that the beggar goes to various people and collect money and in her case its sympathy which she dies for. Payal said that she is well educated and an engineer and stuffs. Will a well educated person behave in this manner”? question Sambhavna.

She continues with a furious face, “Payal told me that I am a down market, low class girl. She even told me a ‘Baazaru Aurat’.

The fact is that all these terms were given by her but it suited her the best. It can be recalled that Payal was the one who had done C-grade films like ‘Tauba Tauba’ and many others. She says she wants an image change.

She wanted to show that she can do all the household work and even clean dishes and stuffs. She was dying to be termed as ‘A Decent Girl’.

“She used to wear a two-piece bikini and attract all guys and have fun with them in the pool. She was always interested in showing off her curves to people. She even got massaged by Rahul. She is the ‘Undisputed Queen of C-grade films’”, says Sambhavna with a happy and satisfied face then.

Rahul Mahajan:
“I don’t know if Rahul is really that famous as he pretends to be. He says he’s a big personality. But I personally think Rahul can win the Bigg Boss also. The best part that many don’t know is that he too says that he will win. Rahul said that he had already set the nomination and has a ‘kind of setting’ with the channel”.

Sambhavna recalls her first day in Bigg Boss house where Rahul came to her and said, “How many days do you want to stay, 3-4 weeks? Will your purpose be fulfilled within that period. He said that then only accordingly he will think and plan out other things.”

Sambhavna says, “That act of his was very annoying and then we decided to nominate him. He thinks too much of himself. Who the hell is he?”

“Raja and I shared a love and hate relationship. He was good to me as well as bad for me. I was the one who took the initiative to let everyone know that Raja was not a bad person by heart.

He, instead of thanking me started back stabbing me which annoyed me to the core. It was then I started my game plotting against him. But in the end I would still say that Raja is still not that bad person and is good by heart”.

Sambhavna says that Zulfi, the most silent one is still very dangerous and extremely cunning.

“Zulfi and Payal are worst of the lot. Zulfi pretends a lot. He is not what he is showing. He is very very cunning. I think he knows black magic and stuffs also. He used to sit down with candles and agarbattis late in the night which was scary”, says a scared Sambhavna.

Sambhavna says she speaks her heart which many don’t like because the truth is always bitter and never better. She does confess that she had played many games in order to survive. She recollects and says that if she wont have started the ‘groupism thingy’, then she would have been voted out before Rakhi and Monica.

When asked about a sudden change in her behavior towards Raja and Ashu, Sambhavna says, “I did everything for Ehsaan ji because he was very close to me and if I would have left the house he would be in a no man’s land. It was for him I decided to bend down”.

Sambhavna is happy to see people which she couldn’t past so many days, but says if given a chance (through a wild card entry) would still go back to finish some unfinished business and “kick some ass”
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Ameesha wants to make most of her new sexy look

A lot of things have changed in Ameesha Patel's life since she made her debut as the cute girl next door opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hsai, 8 years ago.

To start off, with the actress no longer lives with her family and has even dropped her surname. Secondly, she has gone in for a spell change and now wants to be called Ameesha (note the new spelling) However, the things that interest us most is the make-over which the actress has gone through and suddenly from the cute and chirpy Ameesha Patel you have the sizzling hot Ameesha.

Ameesha sure wants to make most of her new sexy look.

After a super-successful start to her career with back to back smash hits like Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, everyone thought Ameesha would be the next big thing in Bollywood.

However, some wrong choice of films and problems galore on the personal front resulted in Ameesha's career going off-track. But now, this Gujju babe has decided its time to move on and has indeed worked hard to get into shape and the results are there for all to see.

Ameesha's sizzling bikini act in the Lazy Lamhe song from the Yash Raj flick Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic sure had the male folk asking for more.

Ameesha may not have the longest legs in tinsel-town but she doesn't mind flaunting those legs now that she is in shape. In this issue of Man's World, Ameesha confesses that she simply loves good food and can never starve.

That means that this stunning beauty surely must have gone through quite a grueling work-out schedule to lose some of the flab and look her curvaceous best

Ameesha has always been open about the men in her life. She is currently on a high both professionally as well as personally as she has found the love of her life in hotelier-businessman Kanav Puri. As she herself says, "I hate any man who tries too hard to impress."

Well, Kanav surely seems to have got it right in wooing Madame Ameesha. Here, Ameesha is seen sizzling in a Grecian cut pleated Black silk dress with some really beautiful diamonds and a designer purse to go with. Way to go babe!!!
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