I am game for Bipasha going gay on screen: John Abraham

While Priyanka Chopra has been practically enjoying one film release a month and Abhishek Bachchan saw the release of Drona and Sarkar Raj this year, for John Abraham it has been quite some wait.

Last November, his Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal released while this year in the same month, he sees his Dostana arriving at theaters. Practically living out of suitcases while shooting non-stop for his next with Yash Raj Films (tentatively titled New York) and making intermittent visits to Mumbai for shooting and promotion of Dostana, he talks to Joginder Tuteja as his romcom hits the screens.

Everyone is going ga-ga about the fun fest that Dostana is. How much of fun was it on paper? .
Believe me, when Dostana was narrated to me by Tarun (Mansukhani), I burst out laughing. I was in splits throughout.

I said to myself, 'If I am enjoying it so much, my audience too would certainly enjoy it'. Eventually we have managed to achieve what we had set out for.

That's because we wanted to make a fun film with the foremost consideration that we were not there to make fun of any particular community. The characters were never allowed to look or behave caricaturish. 

So it was all fun and frolic the moment you guys started working on the film? .
Absolutely, there is nothing so serious in the storytelling of Dostana. It is a sweet funny film and the movie has stuck on this very brief which was given to all of us.

Of course there are 3-4 absolutely beautiful moments where you don't quite start laughing uproariously. These are some very sweet and emotional moments. I can distinctly remember one which is between Priyanka and me and also another one between Abhishek and Priyanka. 

A Dharma Production at it's best?.
Of course, there are bound to be some beautiful heartwarming moments due to this very fact. But yes, in essence it stays on to be a fun film all the way. 

The film is just a little over 2 hours and looking at the standards set by Karan Johar films, it is quite short in length (laughs). Dostana is short, absolutely fast moving with not a single moment where it slows down. 

So who amongst you and Abhishek agreed to be 'the girl' when paired opposite each other in Dostana? .
(Laughs) Well, we take turns. That's the argument we have in the movie throughout when it comes to being a girlfriend! 

How about your own girlfriend Bipasha? How did she react to Dostana once you broke the news about the film and the character you play? .
She couldn't stop laughing after visualizing Abhi and me as a couple. Imagine two 6 feet plus guys faking a romantic relation with each other; it has to be the funniest thing in the world. 

Bipasha has seen the film and believes that it has to be a super success in the making. She has been very right in her assessment of movies till date. 

She always tells me then and there if my movie will be successful or not and in case of Dostana, she knows that it would work. 

Didn't she warn you about No Smoking in that case? .
She did actually wonder as to why was the film getting such a massive theatrical release. She confided in me that it was a festival film to begin with and should not have come with a commercial tag. Of course, she enjoyed the film and felt that it was a path breaking. 

Coming back to Bipasha and her liking for Dostana. What if she comes to you tomorrow and says that she is working in a film where she is paired opposite other woman.
I will be game for it. 

Which of the Bollywood heroines would you see her to be paired with? 
Errr, that's a tough one. 

Just try
(Blushes) I can't actually think of any women. But yes, I am sure whatever Bipasha would do, she would do it convincingly. 

Just the way you and Abhishek have done in Dostana?
(Laughs) Yes, you can say that. And now as the film is out, I hear people are saying just the same. We are the newest romantic 'jodi' in town!
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May God punish Abhishek for ditching me: Rakhi Sawant

A bitter and tearful Rakhi Sawant opened her heart and bared her soul to Sam Kumar Shukla about her relationship with Abhishek Awasthi and the recent break up. In between angry and indignant sobs, she expressed the pain that she was going through. She even prayed that God may teach him a lesson. But she didn’t seek revenge. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, they say. But Rakhi has left revenge to her God.

While blaming Abhishek for causing her so much pain, she also spoke well about the alleged new woman in his life – the gorgeous, sexy and glamourous Shradha Sharma. She empathized with Shradha and wished her well. She called her “hot, sexy, ambitious and smart” – not many women would speak well about their ex’s new girl friend. But Rakhi Sawant is Rakhi Sawant and Bollywood will never have another Rakhi Sawant.

Was the sorrow and concern genuine or the expert manifestation and manipulation of the Drama Queen that she is known to be. Only time will tell.

Tell us about your Yash Raj movie? What is the kind of role that you play?
I am really sorry, but my contract forbids me from speaking anything at all about the movie. They have given me a water-tight contract; I can’t breathe a word about it. But I was busy shooting for the last two months for the movie. I shot for almost 40-45 days. I have a substantial role in the movie with Shahid and Rani.

Your bete noire Sherlyn Chopra is also in the film?
I think she is doing an item song in that film. I am not sure. I also heard that she has been dropped. I am not sure at all. You must ask Yash Raj about it. I am not her spokesperson or PRO.

Tell us about your Reality Shows?
I am doing Yeh hein Jalwa. The first one I won, this is the second season. I am busy shooting for that. I am doing that show with Mika.

Since you are shooting with Mika you must have a lot of bodyguards around you?
Yes we both have bodyguards. He has five and I have ten. Because each of his bodyguards equals two of mine in size.

Tell us something about your break up with Abhishek?
Yes I have broken off with him. I am now single. And I think I am better off being single.

So do you have a new man in your life?
No, No, I don’t want any man in my life unless of course he is ready to marry me. In case I have any one in my life, the first thing I am going to do is ask him if he is ready to marry me immediately. I don’t want to have any more relationships unless it’s for ever and ends in marriage.

And do you know anything about Abhishek’s new girl friend?
I do not know much, but I read somewhere that he is having an affair with Shradha Sharma. I knew that they were good friends. Both of them were part of Mika’s dance group. In fact they were even together in Delhi when Shradha was a side dancer. I am surprised that Abhishek is seeing her because I know she cannot be serious about him.

What do you mean?
Shradha is a sexy, good-looking girl and Abhishek is not her type. She will use Abhishek and then dump him in the same fashion that Abhishek dumped me. In fact, I wish him all the best if he is dating Shradha. He will get tit-for-tat. He will get from Shradha what he did to me. He ditched me. When I asked him for marriage, he refused to marry me.

But why are you insisting on marriage with Abhishek? You could have been together for some more time, maybe a few more years?
Well, we have been together for almost four years now and I felt it was time to get married. I wanted to get serious with him. But he was not willing to marry me.

So you think Abhishek’s relationship with Shradha will not last?
Firstly, I am not sure if there is any relationship at all. Shradha is a very ambitious girl. She is also good looking and hot. I don’t think even if they are having an affair it will last very long. Abhishek will be dumped by her very soon. I am surprised to know that they are having an affair. Because I know that Shradha was earlier dating a television actor from the Ekta Kapoor stable. She had a long relationship with him.

Why do you think your relationship with Abhishek didn’t work out?
I gave Abhishek my mind, body, soul, money, contacts everything. I bought him a bike as a gift. Helped him financially whenever he needed help. Went out of my way to help him get work and publicity. He would answer all my calls. My personal phone and all my financial details were with him. Yes he was initially very devoted to me, but now he has completely changed. Money and fame have changed him. He was nobody when he came to me. No one knew him. Had you heard his name then? Today every journalist knows Abhishek because of me. Today I have had to block my personal phone number which I was using for the last five years. I don’t want him answering my calls anymore.

So are you gunning for revenge?
No. I will not do anything. But I pray that God will teach him a lesson. For me, my revenge will be taken by my God. I hope that Shradha uses him and dumps him. In fact, I will advise her to use him and then dump him. He deserves that. He deserves to be taught a good lesson.

But Shradha’s Media Manager Flynn Remedios has denied that there is any relationship. He also issued a press statement. What is the truth?
I do not know about that. But even on 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day, I think Abhishek was meeting some other woman. Knowing Shradha, I don’t think she will fall for Abhishek, but even if there is something going on between them, I pray that Abhishek gets tit-for-tat.

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Star Diets Revealed: Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty: "I don't avoid any food. My calorie intake is about 2000 per day. I don't need that much carbs because I don't do manuel work .Because I work out, I don't cut down on my carbs. So the scale tilts towards high protein.

I'm a non-vegetarian on every day of the week except Thursdays. My breakfast every day is a bowl of porridge and normal tea. My morning chai is a must. Then I work-out (3-4 times a week). After I return I've a protein shake, two dates and eight black raisins. 

My lunch at 2.30 pm comprises one roti made of five different kinds of grains that I learnt about at the Oneness camp. Very high-fibre and protein-friendly. And I must have ghee on my roti, can't do without ghee on my roti, vegetables done in refined oil, chicken and daal. 

Then if I've craving for something sweet I have a kulfi or a chocolate. I've green tea late afternoon and I've lots of hot water throughout the day. I've been addicted to hot water for five years. Evening, I've a flavoured soya milk. 

Then a chai….no food until dinner, unless I feel hungry then maybe an omelette sandwich. Dinner it at 9.30—lettice salad with promegrenate or apple ..a clear soup. And I avoid roti in the night. I'm a late sleeper. 

I'm a tv addict. I watch tv till I go into meditation before sleep. Do I feel like a pioneer in physical fitness? I've always been an athlete, my father was national-level sportsperson. My sister Shamita is more into physical fitness."

Dino Morea: "I go up to 10000 calories a day. I eat a lot. Five meals a day. I am just careful about where and what I eat. That's all. If I'm cutting down on my weight I avoid sugar and excessive carbs and increase the protein intake.

If I need to bulk up I increase the carb intake. Fruits and vegetables are a must anytime. I don't drink much. Don't smoke at all. Otherwise I just eat what makes me happy.

Himesh Reshammiya: "I'm following the 1400 calorie diet a day. I've stopped chawal, rotis, breads and sweets completely. I do eat nachni rotis which are very low on calorie When I'm not dieting I eat everything, no restrictions on quantity or intake.

Neil Nitin Mukesh: "My calorie count would be about 2500 a day. Then I burn out approximately 1, 000 to 11, 00 per day. These days I'm eating steamed fish for both lunch and dinner. 

I take in approximately 140 grams of proteine. Besides that I avoid carbohydrates and fatty foods as much as possible because there's a tendency to put in weight in my family.

Manisha Koirala: "I follow a less-carb diet. I take a lot of salads, vegetables and soupls. Plenty of water and no fried food."

Tusshar Kapoor: "Protein shake with muesli in the morning after work-out . For lunch I take roti, tandoori chicken with vegetables. In the evening I have egg whites. For dinner I follow the same diet as lunch without the roti.

Sonu Sood:"I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water and some papaya. Then I head to the gym. After that I have an eggwhite omelette with fresh juice. I make sure to have light meals every three hours. 

I have carbs only in the afternoon. In the evening I take fruits and sprouts. No carbs in the night. Only salads and soups and boiled eggs. But before 8 pm. Calorie count varies. But I keep a serious check on junk food and oily stuff.

Celina Jaitley: "I eat seven mini meals every day after every two-and-a-half hours.Breakfast is a must. I've lots of fruits and nuts. I also drink 7-8 cups of green tea a day. But no calorie- count because my intake depends on the amount of body-stress per day. 

My first meal is at 8.30 am. It's two eggwhites boiled, whole wheat toast. Second meal is at 11 am. It's a bowl of whole-wheat museli with milk. The third meal at 1 pm is one chapaati, sabzi and daal.Around 3.30 pm I've coconut water with dry fruits and green tea. 

At 5.30 pm I've tea, fruits and a smoothie. At around 8 I've my last meal for the day which is steamed fish, soup and salad. In between meals I've one green tea and one full glass of water. I don't drink or smoke.

Amrita Arora: "I try and eat at least 1800 calories a day. Skimmed milk, fruit, dal, roti, sabzi and fish for lunch. Poha for nashta. Yoghurt at 7 pm. And then dinner –paalak soup, steamed fish, salad.

Bipasha Basu: "I follow no diet regime at all. I just work out like crazy in the gym and keep on my toes the whole day."

Aryan Vaid: "I eat healthy. And I don't count calories For breakfast I have protein shake and yoghurt. For lunch I have ten boiled eggwhites, two pieces of bread and some chicken. Plus a small dessert or mithai.

In the evening I've six eggwhites and a protein shake. Dinner is ten boiled eggwhites chicken and salad. No bread for dinner. Before sleeping I've a protein shake again with yoghurt . This should add up to about 2000 calories. But I don't monitor my calories. I just eat healthy.

Sophie Chowdhary: "Never counted the calories. I'm a foodie. I just try to eat healthy.. I start the day with ginseng tea, a few soaked almonds, small bowl of papaya and an eggwhite omelette.

Post-gym I either have a half a protein shake or an apple depending on the time. For lunch I have chicken, daal, sabzi and maximum one roti. At 5 pm I've chai and a handful of nuts or frozen yoghurt or an organic food bar.

For dinner it's souped and steamed fish or grilled chicken. Lots of green tea throughout the day. And yes I do cheat on my diet twice a week. But don't tell my trainer. Ha ha.

Riya Sen: "I can't diet! As soon as I think of dieting I start thinking of chocolates. But I'm into controlled eating.

Every time I'm hungry during the day I eat . But I control the quantity. I'm not over-ambitious about my workouts.

I've never had a really major weight problem. I hate the over-worked-out look in women. I believe Indian woman look best when they're slightly voluptuous.I love to swim, do light-weights, attend dance classes and I do spinning.

Tanushree Dutta: "I don't count my calories. But I eat healthy. And my diet keeps changing according to my level of fitness. 

Nowadays I start my day with cereals with milk and eggs. Then I've 5 small meals throughout the day comprising chicken fish and vegetables. 

Right now I'm completely off sweets and junk food."
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Billo Barber

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Jason Mehta
Directed by: Priyadarshan

Billo (Irrfan Khan) is the stubborn village barber who refuses to adapt to new fashions in the hair dressing world.

One day a film crew, including its superstar Sahil Khan, visits Billo's village to shoot a movie. When the villagers learn that Sahil was Billo's school friend, they give the barber the respect he craves.

But Billo is also unsure on meeting Sahil. Due to his superstar status he fears the star may not recognise him. After many unsuccessful attempts of getting in touch with Sahil, Billo gives up. He is branded a liar by the villagers and his family.

But all ends well when Sahil is invited to the village school function. He reveals his past to all present about a close friend he had at school who always stood by him in his hour of need.

Whether Sahil manages to meet Billo forms the climax of this comedy drama produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

Billo Barber is a remake of the Malayalam film Kadha Parayumbol and Tamil film, Kuselan. Irrfan Khan plays the lead role, while Shah Rukh Khan only has a minor part.

Directed by Priyadarshan, the film also features Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Asrani in supporting roles. Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are also said to appear in song and dance numbers with Shah Rukh Khan.
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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Have you ever stopped to think if the most ordinary, uninteresting, unobtrusive man you might see on the road or around you might have a love story to tell?

Maybe not! How can an ordinary man have a breathtaking, goose flesh igniting, awe inspiring love story of all things to tell?

But guess what - love does not differentiate between the ordinary and exceptional, the uninteresting and interesting, the unattractive and attractive. Because love knows no distinction.

It can happen to anyone and once it does it engulfs us into it completely and gives us those miraculous experiences that only love can yield.

This is what happened to Surinder Sahni (Shah Rukh Khan) - a simple, clean hearted, honest man working for Punjab Power, leading a humdrum life, when he meets his total opposite and finds love in the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious - Taani (Anushka Sharma) for whom the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together.

What follows is a journey filled with laughter, tears, joy, pain, music, dance and a lot of love. A journey that makes us believe that there is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi.
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Dostana - Movie Review

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, Kirron Kher, Boman Irani
Written & Directed by Tarun Mansukhani
Rating: ***

Get this straight. Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham are not gay. They are just happy pretending to be bed partners. In the endeavour they pull put all stops and get into the gay zone with a gusto that stumps all the moralists.

There are butt-and-bum jokes galore some even pointed at the leading lady. But hold that frown.

Auntyji, chill. It's all for fun. Wanna join in?

The theme of heterosexual characters pretending to be gay to get a precious abode in the bustle of the metropolis is pretty cool.

Bachchan and Abraham, both in full form, get into the gay groove without going over the top. They come out with flying colours through most of the material that's provided to them to sink their teeth into.

While John combines terrific body language with some great comic timing (he's come a long way from his thanda GaramMasala days) Abhishek's expressions are a scream in their pitch-perfection.

One of the most brilliantly-written sequences orchestrates all the characters of this gay-play in the same room.

There're the play-acting gay protagonists, a gay magazine editor (a flawlessly wimpy Boman Irani), a gay marriage-bureau official (who just decides to drop in for a quick –check) and of course Abhishek's homophobic mother (Kirron Kher) who screams and rants and then accepts her son's apparent sexual preference.

You could simply marvel at the two principal actors giving so much of heart and others parts to their parts.

After a point you're tempted to stop counting the number of times the word 'gay' gets in the way of the narrative. From 'Mera beta gay hai' (courtesy Abhishek's mom Kirron Kher) to a 'Han main gay hoon' …. Dostana wins the how-to-say-gay-in-every-which-way award of the year.

Sandwiched between the two brilliantly-poised heroes is Priyanka Chopra, glowing like a 1000-watt bulb in her immaculate wardrobe (and out of it…she too gets into beachwear, what did you think?).

So here's the bottom (oops!) line. Hindi cinema finally comes out of the closet. And going by how little John Abraham wears in most of the film. There's very little coming out of the closet.

But there you have it. Bollywood's first beach-bum-chum meri-dosti-mera-pyar dildo-dil-lo preparation done on that slow-burn state of leisurely cooking where the characters get an ample chance to extend the parameters of the conventional cinema without toppling into the abyss of overstatement.

First-time writer-director Tarun Mansukhani has the zing thing in his vision. Miami shot with fetching gusto by Aynanka Bose lifts the luscious locales to more than a touristic paradise. The desi characters seem to belong to this beachside paradise.

Well-toned bodies tanned to the extreme of selfglorification, sinewy movements on the beach and on the dancefloor, songs music and feverish fiesta of sexually- driven people who want it all.And fast. Dostana is the ultimate hedonists' dream.

The narrative pace slackens considerably in the second-half, what with the heroes expanding their homosexual hijinks into a triangle with Priyanka thrown in for good measure.

Then the triangle dilates into a quadrangle as Bobby Deol (looking dapper in his Armanis) makes a belated appearance as the boss who first intimidates and irritates the working girl into motion of anger and submission. And then sweeps her off her feet.

Is this to keep the heterosexuals happy ?

What keeps the narrative going is the sheer zest for life and the mood of wink-wink wackiness which Shilpa Shetty sets at the outset with her ooh-la-la item song.

The gags involve everyone from the caricatural and spinsterish landlady (Sushmita Mukherjee) to an incredibly clueless magazine editor (Bobby Deol) who agrees to behave like a moron on the our pseudo-gay heroes' say-so.

It's all in fun. Not to be taken seriously. Not even when Abhishek and John lip-lock in mock-ecstacy for a climatic farewell kiss that certainly leaves Priyanka breathless.

I'm still trying to figure out why Abhishek is inspired to act gay with John while holding a hotdog in his hand. Is there a hidden code there?

As for the audience, it's still counting the number of times the characters say 'gay'. Every which way.
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john and Katrina sharing cold vibes

John Abraham is in no hurry either. Several actors have gone ahead and signed multiple film deals with major corporate houses at astronomical prices, but John has decided to go slow. "I am not in a hurry really, " John tells me.

Seriously, doesn't he get insecure when he reads that an 'x' actor has signed a Rs. 60 crore deal or 'y' getting into a 3-film contract for a humungous figure? Doesn't he want to be a part of this rat race? "Believe me, I have never felt insecure. And I don't believe in signing 3 or 4-film deals, even if the money is lucrative. You need to draw a line somewhere, " John states.

While AASHAYEIN is already complete (slated for release early next year), followed by Yash Raj's NEW YORK (directed by Kabeer Khan), John will begin work on Abbas Tyrewala's film. "I want to take a break once I am through with Abbas' film. I've been living out of my suitcase for a while now. I need to relax, " he states.

The media was agog with rumours of John and Katrina sharing cold vibes while shooting for NEW YORK in America. If true, doesn't it hamper the quality of work? "Yes, it does! But Katrina and I are thorough professionals. It's completely false that we didn't get along, I don't know how this originated, " he clarifies.

What about Bipasha? Is there a possibility of the much-in-news couple featuring in a film together? "I'd love to work with Bipasha. 

I loved her performances in RACE as also BACHNA AE HASEENO. Bipasha was gracious enough to work with me when I was nobody (JISM). It would be an honour if I get an opportunity of working with her again, " he states.
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Katrina Kaif is currently shooting in New York with John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh for Kabir Khan's next venture, but she isn't too happy being away from home and family.

"My professional commitments keep me busy, but I'm feeling homesick. I miss my family a lot. I miss my home," said Katrina, who has been shooting for "New York" for over two months.

The actress is, however, keeping content with plans for a Christmas reunion with her family.

"I am trying my best to see if we can all be together. I hope no professional work comes up then. I am keeping my fingers crossed," she said.

Katrina was seen in this year's biggest hit "Singh Is Kinng".
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Bollywood star Salamn Khan seems to be quite impressed with his colleague Akshay Kumar's growth as an actor over the years.

On being asked who has impressed him by his acting skills in the recent past, Salman said: "Akshay has impressed me by his acting skills in the recent past. I think he (Akshay) is the only actor who has really grown as an actor."

Salman was speaking to reporters on Monday at the promotional event of his forthcoming release "Yuvvraaj", which also stars Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Zayed Khan.

About the film, he said: "It is about brothers played by Anil, Zayed and me. The film is about the manipulations of the brothers to get the ancestral property. I play the second brother Deven, who tries to get a part of his ancestral property to fulfil the conditions laid down by his to-be father-in-law to marry his daughter (Katrina Kaif)."

Salman has teamed up with director-producer Subhash Ghai for the first time for the film. He said that Ghai had approached him earlier too.

"Subhashji had approached me before, but I did not accept the offer because I thought I could not do justice to the roles. But, I accepted this film because it is the story of three brothers and I could relate to the emotions."
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Former supermodel Mugdha Godse, who debuted in Madhur Bhandarkar's "Fashion", has topped an online poll as the most popular actress in Bollywood now.

To everyone's surprise, Mugdha left behind leading actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor and topped the charts with a whopping 1,600 hits in the live poll conducted by Buzz18.com, the online entertainment wing of the Web18 network group.

The newcomer earned rave reviews for her performance as Janet Sequeira in "Fashion", which also featured Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Arbaaz Khan and Arjan Bajwa.
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Back with Kat, Sallu tells how SRK stabbed him in back

Rumour has it that director Subhash Ghai is planning to remake his 80s big hit 'Hero' and he wants none other than Salman Khan for the lead role.

A close source has said, "Yes, Subhash ji is planning to remake 'Hero' and has already thought about the actors. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are his first choice of lead role. 

Salman will play Jackie Shroff and Katrina the role of Meenakshi Sheshadri.The new 'Hero' will be different from the original and will be made for the audience now and will be an up-to-date version. 

Subhash ji is planning to shoot the film after 'Yuvvraaj' releases at an overseas location and hopes to complete it within 90 days, so that he can release it for end of 2009."

Salman Khan himself has also reportedly talked about it, "I had heard two three scripts before 'Yuvvraaj'. The scripts were good but I couldn't play those characters. I wanted him to make 'Hero' with me but Subhash ji said we would make it later. Then he came up with 'Yuvvraaj'."

On a similar note, Sallu displayed a different kind of heroism when he talked about his hurt over SRK's behaviour. 

He' said in a tell-all interview, "As soon as Shah Rukh left the party, he started calling up the media!

I didn't speak till one week after the fight because he was trying to put me in the middle of something which is not cool from any angle! That is the time I stood up and started speaking. There is no reason for disrespect.

Everybody messes up. I have messed up also not once but so many times, without any malice, any manipulation or agenda. If things go wrong between two buddies we say 'okay buddy let's hang out together and sort it out' but if you are going to mess up and disrespect me then forget it, " 

He's added, "The right side of my head is my heart. I will always do what is right. I am human man! I am trying to be human. 

I have lots of flaws but I am taking care of that. But there are some things I don't have jealousy, incompetence, insecurity and maliciousness. I don't have a temper either, though I may get angry. And if I am wrong, I have the courage to call up and apologise.

Say sorry and I am fine. What I say is what I do. I don't say something and do something else and think of something totally different."

Now after hearing his side of the story straight from the heart, one would in need have to say that this one's a real here, one of a kind in B-Town! -
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Pataudi gets to meet its Bahu, Kareena!!!

Kareena Kapoor is all set to take her relationship with Saif to another level. She'll be visiting his ancestral village Pataudi in Haryana. A privilege that none of Saif ladies from the past have been given.

Confesses Saif, "Yes, Kareena has been invited to Pataudi. It'd have been earlier. But it's too hot right now. Winter is when our family reunions happen every year. And Kareena is now part of the family. My parents are extremely fond of Kareena."

Sighs Saif, "This relationship is 'IT' for me. Today I feel very settled and very happy. Though a bit lonely. And when I've bad days I feel I'm being ungrateful. I'm now looking forward to settling down with Kareena.

Our marriage will happen very shortly as soon as we both have a little less work on hand and we can give the marriage quality time. Also, her family has to be ready for our marriage." 

Saif is very happy with Kareena's mom. "We're very close. She has been really gracious in inviting me into her family. 

She's made sure I'm part of her family. I've also met Daboo Uncle a few times, shared friendly drinks with her. As for Karisma, I think she's the sweetest girl ever in the world. I'm deeply fond of both Karisma and her husband Sanjay. They're truly wonderful people. Kareena's family has taken to me as warmly as my family has taken to her."

Saif has a lot to be thankful for. "My lifestyle has changed completely after the heart attack. Looking back it's hard to believe I went through such a health scare.

If it wasn't for that life-changing experience I wouldn't be in a relationship with Kareena right now. I hardly drink. Don't even look forward to drinking any more. I don't smoke or party."

All because of love.
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I wasn't competing with Shilpa: Priyanka

Shilpa Shetty is enjoying all the 'oohs' and 'aahs' from the audience with her sexy act in 'Shut Up and Bounce' number from Dostana. However, Priyanka Chopra is not loosing any sleep with the popularity of the song and the item girl in it, especially since she has her own 'Desi Girl' to cheer about.

"In any case, I wasn't competing with Shilpa Shetty in Dostana. Of course 'Desi Girl' is fantastic but so is 'Shut Up and Bounce'. I knew about the song placement from the very beginning", says Priyanka Chopra who is getting quite some accolades coming her way after Fashion and now Dostana.

But didn't she ever wish that she could have bagged 'Shut Up and Bounce' as well? 

"Well, I have the remaining five songs in the film to my name so no regrets with one song featuring someone else", smiles Priyanka, "Also, the song's placement was such that it required introducing the beach life of Miami to the audience at the very beginning of the film. Now since I make an appearance a little later, it wouldn't have made sense for the song to be picturised on me."

What does she feel about Shilpa Shetty fitting the bill eventually?

"Absolutely the right choice", Priyanka doesn't blink an eyelid here, "For a vibrant city like Miami, it was absolutely essential to have a female with a great body and who better than Shilpa to do the honors. 

This composition by Vishal and Shekhar absolutely rocks and the way Tarun Mansukhani, the film's director, has got it on screen is just perfect. I am very happy with the final result and glad that it is being noticed and becoming so popular with the audience. It only helps the film."
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Vivek is an idiot but who is SRK: Salman Khan

Salman Khan is in no mood to make peace with his enemies. 

Of late he's been giving a lot of honest answers. So honest, that it can very well become very hard for the rest to handle! 

A couple of years back when he was angry with John Abraham, he'd shockingly said, "Who's John Abraham?" 

Now he's busy making his displeasure evident about SRK. 

In a recent interview with a foreign magazine he's asked, "Who's SRK? I have never heard about him before." 

Well, his remarks on actor Vivek Oberoi were even harsher. 

He's said, "Vivek Oberoi is merely a guy who likes to stand next to celebrities for photographers to click at him. I would just call him an idiot"

Sallu is in no mood to forgive and forget. After all VO did offend him big time some five years ago because of a certain Miss Ash.

But then the guy still has nothing to say against ex love Ash or her family. 

He's said, "I am friendlier with the Bachchan family. I have paired up with Amitabh Bachchan for a couple of films and a flick with Abhishek Bachchan. They are good performers on the screen and it was nice working with them". 

This one sure seems to be a brutally honest guy!
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