Salman says Shah Rukh is no longer a friend

Bollywood bad boy Salman Khan has finally spoken about his fight with fellow actor Shah Rukh Khan and has made it clear that he is no longer friends with him.

“Whatever happened is between me and Shah Rukh. It’s personal. I’m not going to deny that there are issues between us. I’m a primitive man born in today’s time. I can’t fake anything. If there is a problem then I’m not going to deny it. We’ve had problems before but this time I don’t think we can sort them out. We are two different people. Our values and way of thinking are different. I don’t think we can be friends. I think it’s better to declare that then put on a fake fa├žade of being friends and back-biting each other,” said a saddened Salman about his ‘former’ best friend Shah Rukh.

In the sensational no holds barred interview, given to an Indian newspaper, Salman expressed his disappointment at a friend (Shah Rukh) who doesn’t repay favours. “Shah Rukh used to come to my home to ask me to appear on Kaun Banega Crorepati and Om Shanti Om, I just mentioned it to him that it’ll be nice if he has the time to listen to the story,” said Salman in reference to his home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna; a film that Shah Rukh refused to guest star in.

Salman also brought attention towards Shah Rukh living at his home during the early 90s; a time when Salman was a superstar and Shah Rukh a mere struggling actor. “Yeah but I’ve only been to his house twice in my life. The first time I went on my own and the second time was when he came and took me to his house for a chat. It’s very simple. If you come to my house and you are being nice to me so why wouldn’t I be nice to you? I don’t fake anything. If I’m not in a good mood then that too shows on screen. But bad mood doesn’t mean that I’ve to behave badly. I try and be a good host.” he said.

During one part of the interview, Salman used actor Akshay Kumar as a prime example of a hardworking person who doesn’t use others to take himself up the Bollywood ladder. “He (Akshay) is very hard-working and keeps to himself and will work hard to bring himself up and not to bring someone else down,” said Salman about Akshay comparing him with Shah Rukh.

When asked as who he seeks advice from now that he has far less friends than before, Salman reveals his one true mate, “God. I talk to him all the time. I always get my answers from him. Sure, there have been instances when he doesn’t listen to me and doesn’t give me what I ask for but he does that only when I don’t deserve it. I’ve observed that whenever God hasn’t given me what I asked for, it’s for the best. No matter what happens I always thank God. Agar yeh nahi bologe toh aap nashukr ho (if you don’t say this then you’re thankless). God has given me so much and I just have to appreciate it.”

What do you make of this interview… is Salman right in saying that he can no longer be friends with Shah Rukh… and should Shah Rukh have accepted a guest role in one of Salman’s family productions… after all Salman has helped him out on many occasions… or is Salman just becoming bitter with age and is taking digs at everyone for no apparent reason… what about Salman using Akshay’s example of the honest hardworking actor to take a dig at Shah Rukh… is he true about that… does Shah Rukh use people and forget about them… we would love your views on this topic which has now come back in the news fold because of this sensational interview… please use the comments section below to send your thoughts to us and to fellow readers.

Naseeruddin Shah’s terror act in A Wednesday

Naseeruddin Shah is all set to play a cold and calculative terrorist who is not willing to stop at anything in his upcoming next, A Wednesday. The film has a terrorism backdrop and looks at it at a macro level.

Naseer’s one of most memorable role also happens to be that of a terrorist in disguise in the 1999 superhit starring Aamir Khan, Sarfarosh. After a real long time, Naseer is playing the bad guy yet again.

In A Wednesday, Naseer is shown representing the face of terrorism. He is playing the evil mastermind behind all the terrorist activities shown in the film. He will be shown operating on all the actions and keeping challenging the police on whatever he sets to do. His role is supposed to be very intense in the film and succeeds in representing the true scenario of terrorism in the country

Birds of the same feather Flock together

The old saying, “Birds of the same feather; flock together” went a step ahead at the album release of Ghoonghat with actors Deepshikha and Mink successfully providing a base to the old saying.

If you have been to China and know how Chinese people dress up, then (by default) all praises goes to Deepshikha, who looked no less than a Chinese doll, wearing an extremely shining blue, highly decorative costume filled with Chinese words and symbols. Mother of two, Deepshikha was indeed looking fabulous and caught eyes wherever she was going.

Now, we hop to the girl of the event, ‘Mink’ on whom the album is made. If Deepshikha cane be referred to a Chinese doll, then certainly Mink can be given the crown of a gorgeous looking Italian babe. Refining the essence of color ‘red’, Mink certainly was the show stopper that night. Her red hot lips reminded us of the beautiful Angelina’s lips. Along with her juicy red lips and wearing a beautiful red singlet was a dominating red ‘Jesus cross’ locket on her neck.

If Deepshikha turned the party ‘blue’ then contrary to her Mink reminded us of the famous ‘Eveready battery’ commercial saying “Give me RED”

Airtel ad films a boon in disguise for Madhavan

The on going Airtel cell phone ad films have turned out to be a major boon in disguise of actor Madhavan. His pairing with Vidya Balan in Guru was appreciated for the superb chemistry they shared between them and it has now only got better with the Airtel ads featuring the two together.

The popularity of Madhavan in the Airtel commercials has resulted in a huge turnout of offers from respected makers and top production houses. Madhavan’s career had never really picked up even after a super hit like Rang De Basanti. But now he has makers like Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots), Vashu Bhagnani, UTV, Reliance Big Entertainment and the makers of Teen Patti having signed him for their forthcoming projects. Reliance has even signed Madhavan for their Tamil projects.

The Madhavan - Vidya Balan jodi shall be coming back together with Raj Kaushal (Anthony Kaun Hai) directed romantic comedy. Kaushal who has earlier also made films like Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi and Shaadi Ka Ladoo admits that he was inspired by the Airtel commercials featuring Madhavan and Vidya which made him cast the two together.

There is a strong buzz in the trade circles that so busy is Madhavan that after signing all these films thanks to the Airtel ads popularity that he has no dates to spare for next two years

Bigg Boss 2 will be bigger and meaner: Shilpa Shetty

SHILPA SHETTY tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she will be able to empathize with all the 14 housemates of Bigg Boss Season 2.

Why did you say yes to the offer to be the host for Bigg Boss Season 2?
I said yes to the offer because it will be something new as far as I am concerned since I have never hosted any TV show earlier in my career though I had taken part in the reality dance show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Sony TV as one of the judges. I have always liked to explore newer avenues in life and add to my dimensions as a human being

To what extent you will be able to gel with the show?
I think I will take to the show like a fish to water for the simple reason that I am very familiar with the format of the show since I have been a part of the show Big brother earlier. I am confident that unlike Arshad Warsi who was the host the last time around of the show, I would be able to empathize more with the house mates since I have gone through the entire procedure as a housemate in Big Brother and I would be the only ‘outside’ human connection with them

How do you feel as the host of the show?
I have been through what all the 14 hand picked contestants will go through and therefore I am able to understand their needs and feelings. I remember what it was to live with strangers in a house cut off from the outside world with nobody to trust and vouch for. However I am sure about one thing. It will surely change the lives of the participants and give them memories to last a life time to emerge as stronger individuals.

How tough do you think is your task going to be as a hostess?
I van vouchsafe that it is not going to be a very easy task since you have got to deal with raw human emotions when you deal with the housemates in the show. I hope I will be able to garner better TRP ratings for the show Big Boss Season 2 by being able to strike the chords of not only the audience but also the housemates who are going to take part in the show.

How have you decided to conduct your task?
As I said earlier, I have been though the entire experience abroad in Big Brother and hence it will be easier for me to relate to the housemates of Bigg Boss Season 2 this time around. I will make it entertaining besides adding a human touch to my task as the host.

Besides Sambhavana Seth, Shakti Kapoor, Sherlyn Chopra and Jhanvi Kapoor, who do you think are the other housemates in the show this time?
To tell you the truth, I have no idea about who the housemates in the show are going to be in this season of the show. I guess the channel Colors does not want to divulge the names to the audience because in that case, the suspense cannot be built up and it wants to spring a surprise on not only the audience but also the housemates every week when a new housemate enters the show

Why do you think people take the risk of going to Bigg Boss Season 2?
People go for two reasons. Reason No 1 is that they have nothing to hide from the world and the reason No 2 is that they want to be more famous than what they are and also make more money.

Do you remember your tryst at the Big Brother?
I still remember how eagerly all of us housemates used to wait to hear Debina’s voice every week when she used to come to connect with us from the outside world. I remember her voice used to be very warm and friendly. It is an important role to play in the show as the hostess.

In what way is Bigg Boss Season 2 going to be different from Big Brother UK?
This year unlike the first season, the show which will premiere on August 17 on Colors will be on air every day of the week from Monday to Sunday at 10 pm. It will be a bigger, better, meaner and gruesome real time drama.

Is it true that there is going to be a half an hour LIVE, unedited slot every day?
Yes. Starting from the second week, every day at 12.30 am, there is going to be a half an hour LIVE unedited slot at midnight, though in keeping with the Indian sensibility, the show will be censored by the channel so that nothing objectionable is shown to the audience.

Is it true that celebrities will be replaced by newsmakers in this season?
Yes. Bigg Boss Season 2, the Indian version of Big Brother UK comes with its unique twists this year that make it bigger and better with newsmakers replacing the celebrities in the show.

If there is an opportunity, would you be game to enter the Big Brother UK for a second time, as a housemate?
No. I would not go to Big Brother UK for the second time because one time is more than enough to last me a LIFE TIME. When I went there for the first time, I did not know that it would be so difficult, because unlike in Bigg Boss Season 1, there was culture clash right from Day One and I found it difficult to cope with that initially. It is only after the first three days that it starts sinking in you that you are in an entirely different world where you have to fend for yourself.

Were you confident that you would be a winner in Big brother when you entered it?
Though frankly I did not think that I would last for even two weeks there, I lasted in Big Brother UK, because I went there with the mind- sight not to fear.

What did your stint at Big Brother UK teach you?
It taught me the highs and lows of life around. It is only when you spend time in a place like Big Brother that you will really come to know how a person really is, without the mask which conceals his or her face.

Would you advise your younger sister Shamita to go as a housemate in Bigg Boss season 2?
Forget about going to Bigg Boss Season 2, my sister Shamita will not even listen to any advice of mine, because she is a highly individualistic girl with her own mind

What is your advice to the housemates?
All that I can advise every housemate is to be true to him or herself, because who the audience find as endearing will not be decided if you are fake. People will be interested in seeing the other aside of you as a celebrity or a newsmaker and hence please do not do things only for the sake of entertainment. The housemates who are otherwise so dependent on external factors will start learning new things every day during their tenure at Bigg Boss Season 2.

Bipasha Basu cozyness became Deepika’s discomfort

The Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu seems to be quite a man’s lady. Even been with John Abraham, she had the famous controversial kiss with the football star, Christino Ronaldo. Now the Bengal beauty seems to be interested in Deepika Padukone’s boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor.

Early the Dusky babe had admitted that she was really fond of Ranbir.

What had put fire over it was that Bipasha insisted to the organizers that it should be her and not Deepika who will enter the stage with Ranbir first at a recent show.

Deepika didn’t like this and she made it sure that it will be her and not Bipasha to enter first.

Things went from bad to worse when Bipasha made a grand entry with Ranbir leaving Deepika into fumes.

Next we saw is a sultry and over angry Deepika not at all acknowledging or interacting with Ranbir. She was looking boiling hot.

We hope Ranbir calms down Deepika soon before things go hay-wire

Arshad Warsi’s touching gesture

Arshad Warsi, during the shooting of his film Kaun Bola? (earlier titled I Believe in Angels) In Newcastle, England took time out to pay a special visit to a young fan, battling a rare lung disease.

15 year old Ayesha Ahmed a resident of Fenham in Newcastle was the name of this young fan who suffers from Wegener’s disease, an immune system disorder which affects her lungs, making it hard to breathe and she is hooked up to an oxygen machine 24 hours a day. Due to her medical complications she has to spend a lot of time in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. Arshad Warsi surprised her by dropping in her ward for a chat with her.

It had so happened that, the girl’s uncle Ifty Khan had joined the production team of Warsi’s film in Newcastle and when Warsi came to know through him the plight of his fan he immediately took a break and went on to visit her. It is learnt that poor Ayesha was left speechless on Warsi’s arrival.

A close pal of Arshad Warsi told us, “Arshad heard Ifty speaking on phone with great concern to his sister for a long time. So he asked Ifty what was the matter that’s when Ifty told him about Ayesha and how resilient, intelligent and brave she was battling such a dreaded disorder. That’s when Arshad decided to pay her a visit to boost her confidence and to cheer her up. He had shot the whole of the night till almost 5 am in the morning but yet without taking his required sleep he went down to meet her in early noon.”

Akki considers Amitabh the real king of Bollywood By: Bollywood Mantra Staff on 07th August 2008 RSS | SMS | Bollywood Mantra on Twitter | Subscribe

In real life, Shahrukh Khan is called the king of Bollywood but in reel life action hero Akshay Kumar is named as the 'Kinng' of Bollywood as he is starring in a film titled Singh Is Kinng. Whoever thinks whatever, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi Akshay Kumar holds an altogether different attitude. He feels that the real king title only fits to that personality who has ruled Bollywood from decades and still ruling win the heart of the people through his versatile acting.

While speaking at an event to promote his new movie, Singh is Kinng, Akki said, "In my opinion, the real king of Bollywood is Amitabh Bachchan. He has been in the industry for the last 40 years while we have been here for 15 years only. To become a king, you don't need money and power. You must have positive energy and Mr. Bachchan has that."

Akki has performed with Mr Bachchan in Toronto and he is awestuck seeing his level of enery and enthusiasm. Akshay in all ways promoting his new flick Singh Is Kinng which is going to hit the threatres on August 7th.

Akki asks Sallu when he will marry Kat?

Akshay, Salman and Katrina always garner attention. For the first time, this interesting trio has been brought under the same frame at Dus Ka Dum. The show is roping more celebrities day by day to higher up the TRP. And Salman who is also now part of the TRP game did not hesitate to withstand his wildest enemy beside his beau and very calmly digested some tongue-in-cheeks jokes from Akki.

The episode is filled up with huge fireworks and ironic comments. While Salman and Akshay continuously passed sarcastic comments on one another, Katrina stood there with a confused face. She was not able to understand the head and tail of their discussion. Intentionally or unintentionally, Akki went up to ask some personal questions to Salman. He also raised up their marriage issue and ended up asking in a diplomatic way as when he will marry his beautiful girlfriend Katrina.

Salman who never discloses his personal affair in public seemed discontented with such question but helplessly tolerate Akki’s disgraceful move.

Bipasha hates Katrina

Sexy siren Bipasha Basu admits that she has problem with Katrina Kaif and she does not share a good rapport with her and they are in no talking terms. She further declares that earlier she had problem with Kareena too but now the problems have been sorted out and they do not have any ill feeling for one another but confirms her differences with Katrina.

Bipasha admits, "Yes there is a problem between Katrina and me. But there could be reasons for that. It could be because of our boyfriends (John Abraham and Salman Khan) but that never affected our work. We didn’t speak during Race but that never stopped us from shooting. I could walk up to Kareena and do that; but no, I can’t do that with Katrina. There is awkwardness between Katrina and me. We don’t talk to each other."

Bips brushes off the rumor that she had any problem with Deepika and feels that she is very expressive, talented and has got a very raw, on screen persona and is a great girl.

Ranbir feels Bipasha is hot

Guess whom the Bollywood’s new heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor feels hot and spicy. If Deepika Padukone’s name immediately strikes your mind then you are totally wrong. Though Deepika is absolutely stunning and beautiful, the gal who has impressed him a lot by her sexy avatar is none other than Bipasha Basu. She tops Ranbir's hotty rating list.

Ranbir came to this conclusion while shooting with her for Bachna Ae Haseeno. When Ranbir was asked whom he finds the most sexy? He was prompt to reply, it’s Bipasha Basu. He further said, "Bipasha Basu is a senior and she has got more experience. So I don’t think it’s fair to compare the three as actors”.

But Ranbir holds some different feeling for his ladylove. To him Deepika is beautiful, talented and hardworking and moreover gorgeous. While not getting the hottie compliment from Ranbir, Deepika is definitely not happy.

I can never be Rishi Kapoor, says Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor, who is all set for his second release 'Bachna Ae Haseeno', says constant comparisons with his father Rishi Kapoor are inevitable, but feels that he won't be able to match up to his father's on-screen charisma.

'I know the audience seeks another Rishi Kapoor in me. But I can never be like him. He is such a spontaneous actor,' Ranbir told IANS.

Interestingly, a hit song from his father's film 'Hum Kisise Kum Naheen' inspires the title of his second film 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'.

If given a chance to act in the remake of his father's super hit 'Bobby', Ranbir said he would love to romance Dimple Kapadia on screen.

'No one can play the role of Bobby like Dimple Kapadia did. She is still so beautiful and I would love to woo her on screen again if a remake is made,' said the actor.

Ranbir was in town to promote 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' that is releasing Friday. He will be seen romancing Minissha Lamba, Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu in the movie.

Talking about his role, Ranbir said it is not that of a Casanova as the title hints. 'I play a next-door boy and the film is about his love life at different phases of life.'

The actor says he wouldn't like to be confined in lover-boy image.

'In both 'Saawariya' and 'Bachna Ae Haseeno' I play a lover boy, but won't keep myself confined to that particular image. Give me two years and you will find me beating up goons and kicking in the air,' said Ranbir who is expecting his film to do well at the box office.

'My first film 'Saawariya' was not a commercially hit one, though it was the best possible launch that one can ever have. But this time I expect my film to be a commercially hit one.'

As for romancing his real-life love interest Deepika in the film, he said: 'Both of us have just started our career. We would appreciate if people talk about the film and our characters instead of linking our personal life with the romance on-screen.'

He also pointed out that Hindi film industry has grown highly competitive in the last couple of years and as a result all actors have to constantly reinvent themselves.

'Right from Amitabh Bachchan to Darsheel Safary - Bollywood has never been so competitive. Every day a new actor takes the reign. As a result we actors have to constantly groom ourselves,' said Ranbir.

His other films are Prakash Jha's 'Rajniti' and Rajkumar Santoshi's 'Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani'
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