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Check out Gul panag hot scene from the movie Hello
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Kareena Kapoor: People don’t go swimming in jeans!

Firebrand Kareena Kapoor looked gorgeous in a white outfit with splashes of colour at Kambakkht Ishq’s first promotional event. The superstar actor spoke to StarBoxOffice about working with Akshay Kumar, wearing a swimsuit again, her glamorous clothes and why Saif will always be on top.

Your character in the film is called Simrita Rai. Tell us more about her.
Simrita is a feminist. She doesn’t like love, she doesn’t like men and she doesn’t like relationships. The reasons for all this are established in the film. Actually, what happens to her and how and why she falls in love forms the story of Kambakkht Ishq.

This is the seventh time you are working with Akshay Kumar. How did it feel?
I love working with Akshay and feel very comfortable with him. I have known him since I was a kid. Akshay gave his first shot with Karisma in the film Deedar. I was in my school uniform when I saw him give the shot. Today, I am working with him. He is one of India’s biggest superstars. He feels like family to me. I am good friends with his wife Twinkle. It is great fun to work with him. He is my favourite co-star and one of the biggest superstars in India. He is India’s true action hero. I want him to be at the top. All my wishes and prayers are with him.

If you want Akshay to be at the top, what will happen to Saif?
Saif is at the top anyway!

How was it working with your best friend, Amrita Arora?
Working with Amrita is fun. I worked with her in Golmaal Returns and it did well, so I hope KI does well too.

Tell us about your look in the film.
Aki Narula has styled my look in the film. He bought the clothes, which are non-filmy, from Rome and Milan. There are no sequins and bling and stuff you normally see in Hindi films. The costumes are very chic, understated and classy, which you don’t normally see. I love shoes. Everyday, there were sixty pairs of shoes to choose from and I picked the best for the shot. I get lots of messages on my phone about the look. I am glad people like it.

How different is Kareena Kapoor from Simrita Rai?
Simrita Rai is a feminist, I am not. Simrita is a tough nut to crack, which I am not and she is very insensitive, which I am not. To play characters that are very different from our true selves-that is where the fun lies.

Weren’t you apprehensive about working with Sabbir Khan, who is a new director?
I have always worked with new directors. Even when I worked with Imtiaz (Ali), he was a new director as Jab We Met was his second film. My faith lies in the script more than anything else. Anybody can make a good film. Sabbir has done a great job.

The film has words like ‘Bitch’ and ‘Bastard’ which the Censor Board had a problem with. Do you think it’s justified in the film?
Definitely! It fits perfectly in the film. You will know when you see the film. We see English films all the time, and the language is foul, so why are we making such a big deal of the dialogues of KI.

How was it shooting in Hollywood with a Hollywood cast and crew?
I love Los Angeles and the weather was great. We had a Hollywood crew; they were very helpful. I just have one scene with Denise Richards and two with Sylvester Stallone. They are as normal as normal can get. It was amazing talking to Sylvester Stallone about movies and just sitting next to him was such an honour.

Tashan also starred you and Akshay and there was a lot of focus on your look in the film. So how was making KI different from making Tashan?
Tashan was tiring as I had to maintain a figure that sent the national economy in a tizzy. I challenged myself to do action and also changed my body type for it. Nobody expected that. KI is different. The girl needed to be more fashionable with a fuller and voluptuous figure. I wore a bikini in Tashan and have worn a swimsuit in KI. I don’t know why it is such a big deal because people don’t wear jeans when they go swimming. I will mould myself according to my roles.

We have heard the title song and it’s great. What is your favourite song in the film?
A song in the movie has my name, Bebo, in it. That is my favourite.

Bebo, Bebo, aye Bebo Bebo! Wasn’t there a song like this which was a bit hit in the discos? Here’s hoping Kareena has the same luck with her new film.
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Kangana Ranaut Launched her official website

She isn't moping or wallowing in self pity post her break up with Adhyayan Suman, her boyfriend of one year. Instead, Kangna Ranaut, whose career is her focus, has launched her official website. We tells you what the brilliant actress and style icon’s official portal is all about.

There is a welcome page, a biography, filmography, new, trivia, picture gallery including events and wallpapers, magazine covers and downloads. There is also a style mantra section, a fan club and a guest book section.

In her first ever blog entry, Kangna has written about her love for fashion and style, her joy at Fashion and Raaz TMC doing so well at the box office, the way people have appreciated her as an actress and her upcoming films. She will start shooting for Aneez Bazmee’s No Problem this month, her first comedy ever. Milan Luthria’s Once Upon a Time in Mumbai is a period film.

What StarBoxOffice found most interesting, however, was Kangna’s wall of photos from her childhood and before she made it big. It is a sneak peek into her world. There are photos of her family and friends.

There is no mention of Adhyayan Suman at all on her website. The news of their break up was reported in a daily this morning. Adhyayan, who initiated the split though he was until recently, declaring his love for his lady from the rooftops. In fact, his affair with Kangna got him noticed when he started out. The two have split up because they want to focus on their burgeoning careers and have no time from their shooting schedules. We think Kangna is a strong and pretty girl, a brilliant actress and deserves better than Adhyayan Suman. We wish her the best to move on and find a strong and loving guy.

Tell us what you think of the phenomenal actress' official website and her split with Adhyayan Suman.
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Shahid mum on Kareena

Here is the latest on Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor.

The two actors don’t talk to each other. However Shahid is a gentleman. He will not kiss-and-tell. So he never utters anything against his ex-lady love. As for Kareena, she too is not interested in commenting on her ex or any of his current flames.

So that chapter ends there. Incidentally, Shahid will be performing at a function overseas next week, and his PR person tells us that the awesome dancer will do Dhan Taanaa from Kaminey solo. He doesn’t have Kaminey co-star Priyanka Chopra for company. Whether PC will be in the audience to cheer him or with him in the green room, boosting his morale is a suspense that will later be revealed. Kareena was also asked to be present at the same show, but our lady says she will be in London shooting for a hair commercial. Will Saif Ali Khan be with her? Most probably he will...
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Shilpa’s busy 'doing nothing'

In an honest but startling disclosure on the eve of her birthday, Shilpa Shetty has admitted that Bollywood is not happening for her - notwithstanding her gorgeous face and ravishing figure which continue to set men’s pulses racing around the world.

She’s all but disappeared from the big screen. Last year, the beauty’s only appearance was in a song with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana, and this year doesn’t seem to be any different.

“I have ventured into a lot of things like cricket, yoga DVDs, spas, but films will be my first love. However, the fact remains that I haven’t been offered any interesting roles. The kind of work that I would like to do now or fit into is hard to come by. And the choices that are in front of me aren’t tempting enough,” admits Shilpa matter-of-factly.
Added to her woes is the arrival of a new crop of actresses who ensure that the senior lot find fewer roles coming their way. “I have done everything from comedy and action to serious films, but for how long can one keep doing the same thing? There’s something called screen-age! As a producer I understand why others choose the new crop,” she admits.

But it’s always been that for the Bollywood hottie and candidly she continues, “I could take up Big Brother, which proved to be a turning point in my life, only because I wasn’t busy with any other project. That’s the reason I never question anything. But look, I have yet carved a niche for myself without films.”

So, at the moment, Shilpa’s busy “doing nothing” in London. She’s waiting for the recession to end before she dons the producer’s hat in Bollywood. “I needed a break after the IPL,” she says, denying that she’s licking her wounds after her team’s dismal loss in the Twenty20 tournament. “Everyone wants to win, anyone who says they don’t — is lying,” says the actress. “Next season, I’ll pray harder.”
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