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Acid test for Ajay, Kareena, Priyanka

All eyes are on the two films slated for release this Diwali -- GOLMAAL RETURNS and FASHION. And those associated with the two films would be hoping that the festival of lights spreads light in their lives.

GOLMAAL RETURNS is crucial for Ajay Devgan. The talented actor has had a spate of flops [CASH, RAMGOPAL VARMA KI AAG, HALLA BOL, MEHBOOBA; SUNDAY was ordinary in some circuits, while U ME AUR HUM did well at big city plexes] and GOLMAAL RETURNS could prove to be the turning point in his career.

Kareena Kapoor too is hoping to cement her status with GOLMAAL RETURNS. Her sole release this year [TASHAN] sank at the box-office and though she's riding high on popularity charts, she needs a solid Hit to stay put on the throne. Her rival and contender to the throne, Katrina Kaif, has already had a great innings.

The worst affected is Priyanka Chopra. The industry labels anyone a jinxed actor/actress if you have a spate of flops to your credit. And Priyanka has had flops, flops and more flops than any actress this year. In 2006 it was AAP KI KHATIR, in 2007 SALAAM-E-ISHQ and BIG BROTHER and in 2008, as many as four flops in a row -- LOVE STORY 2050, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO, CHAMKU and DRONA. Will FASHION change her fortunes? Or will Kangana Ranaut walk away with accolades? We will know on October 29. Till then Ms. Chopra can chew her nails in anxiety!
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Ajay, Arshad, Tusshar and Shreyas turn cross-dressers in Golmaal Returns

Govinda started it; Aamir Khan and Riteish Deshmukh followed it and now its latest 'followers' are Shreyas, Tusshar, Ajay and Arshad! Before you start 'cult'ivating any sorts of ideas, let us clarify that we are indeed not talking of any cult, but the trend of 'cross dressing'.

The four leading actors of the Golmaal Returns will now bee seen cross dressing as women folks! The reason? Well, there's a scene in the film that required these guys to dress up like women only in order to gain an entry in an 'only women' mall, since the eve was Women's Day! Recalling this scene, Rohit Shetty said, "I was quite taken aback when Ajay Devgan agreed to this scene in particular. He was very gung-ho to go ahead with the scene!! In fact, none of the guys had any reservations, which made it one of the best scenes in the film."

As such, Golmaal Returns is carrying positive pre-release reports. If that was not enough, director Rohit Shetty is 'releasing' his trump cards one after the other, which only makes us further more curious to see the film. Way to go, Rohit
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Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt are 'Mareez-E-Mohabbat'

More over 'Dard-E-Disco', it's going to be time for some 'Mareez-E-Mohabbat' in around a couple of months from now. And while Shah Rukh Khan had shown his six-pack abs in the Om Shanti Om song, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt have decided to take a 'shortcut' by being fully covered in the number 'Mareez-E-Mohabbat' which would be on air soon. The song has been picturised for Anil Kapoor's home production Shortcut - The Con Is On and features the 'jhakaas' actor with 'munnabhai' Sanju baba.

Confirms a source attached to the film which should find a way in theaters early 2009, ''Shortcut - The Con Is On has Akshaye Khanna, Arshad Warsi and Amrita Rao as the three leads. However, Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor would be seen in a guest appearance. The number is called 'Mareez-E-Mohabbat' and who else but Javed (Akhtar) saab could have come up with such lyrics?''

The number features Amrita Rao as well and has been choreographed by Bosco and Ceaser.

''Shooting for the song is through and it has turned out quite well. Sanju baba and Anil Kapoor had a blast dancing to this number, courtesy a catchy tune by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy who have composed for the film. They have done a great job in creating an earthy tune'', says a crew member.

Incidentally, Anil Kapoor's last outing as a producer was Gandhi My Father which had received immense critical acclaim in 2007. However, Shortcut is a full on commercial venture and features three more songs in addition to 'Mareez-E-Mohabbat'. While the title track 'Shortcut' is quite peppy, 'Koi Ye Na Jaane' is a fun romantic number while 'Kal Nau Baje' is a poetic love song.

''Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have come together with Javed saab to make a good album with lot of variety'', adds the source.

Shortcut - The Con Is On is directed by Neeraj Vora and also stars Simi Garewal along with Chunkey Pandey. Anees Bazmee, who has given three back to back hits in the form of Singh Is Kinng, Welcome and No Entry, has written the screenplay of the film

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I would give Himesh a 10 on 10 for acting: Satish Kaushik

Satishji, for starters, with Karzzzz being just released, are you nervous or super excited?
I am very much excited because Karzzzz is one film that reminds me of my young days, when I used to be a 'dreamer'. Those were the days when I was just dreaming of turning into a filmmaker.

In other words, I would like to say that Karzzzz is my tribute to 'that' era of films. For me, this film is more like representing the eighties era and bringing it to the era of the 2000's!

What made you choose on the remake of the original Karz?
The concept of remake was something that had already been decided by Bhushan Kumar and Himesh.

I was contacted later. When they told me the story, I became too excited. I was also very much aware of the fact that it is going to be a 'big' film, for the very reason that it was coming from the stable of Bhushan Kumar and T-Series!

Also that, Himesh hummed some tunes to me from the film, which got me further more excited. With all of this going, how could I say no to the remake of the original Karz!

What's your opinion about Himesh's acting skills? Have you seen him in his debut film Aap Kaa Surroor?
Of course, I have seen Aap Kaa Surroor and I simply loved him in the film. I have also seen him perform on stage and one needs to give it to him for such a massive fan following! The kind of music that he had given in Aap Kaa Surroor was simply phenomenal.

After I saw the film, I was totally floored by his screen presence. He has got very dreamy and lost eyes complemented with a very sweet smile. Overall, he is a very wonderful person. As far as his acting skills are concerned, I would give him a 10 on 10. For Himesh is one person, who is passionate about whatever he does.

Since I have dealt in theatre before, I was tad sure that I will be able to extract nothing but the best out of this man! Now that Karzzzz is complete, I can very confidently say that the whole 'confusion' about Himesh being an actor or a non-actor will be laid to rest! His performance in Karzzzz is totally FANTASTIC!

In one of his recent interviews, Himesh admitted that Ranbir Kapoor would have been a better choice for Monty's role and also that he would have ensured the film's Box Office success? Do you agree with him?
I always believe that any actor can do any role. Having said that, I would also like to add that the Himesh's 'version' of Monty would shock the audience for sure.

The general mentality is that when you expect certain things out of a certain actor, and when that actor delivers something that was not expected of him, it is translated into a certain amount of shock value. Himesh, in the role of Monty is one such shock value experience.

As far as his statement about Ranbir is concerned, all I can say is that it's indeed very sweet on behalf of Himesh to have said that. But, as far as I am concerned, I will still stick on to Himesh as my choice for the role of Monty.

It's a universal fact that Himesh is a very religious and superstitious man. Were there any clashes of interest due to that in that terrain?
Not at all. Himesh and I were always on the same wavelength. And I have known him for quite a long time. By now, we know each other's working pattern.

How was the overall 'Himesh Reshammiya' experience?
Hailing from a theatre background, the 'actor' in me was taught (during my struggling days) that, for an actor, 'listening power' should be more important than the 'verbal power'.

According to me, a good actor is someone who listens more than he speaks. And I found this quality in Himesh. He was totally open to my way of direction. He is someone whom I would call as a 'Directors actor'.

Also it's a sheer delight to even listen to him. He knows all the ups, lows, pauses, modulations and the stresses of every sentence. The overall 'Himesh Reshammiya' was simply fabulous!

What made you cast Urmila opposite him?
Urmila was always my first choice. She has time and again proved herself as a path-breaking actress in every film. I know her since her Masoom days, wherein she played the lead. I just couldn't think of anyone besides Urmila for the role of 'Kamini'. And trust me; Urmila as 'Kamini' is simply outstanding in the film.

Satishji, having introduced actors like Tabu, Tusshar Kapoor, Bhumika Chawla, and now Shweta Kumar. What do you have to say about Shweta? Do you feel that she has the potential to make it big?
I take it as my responsibility when any newcomer comes to me. And I feel really nice connecting with them. I always treat my seasoned actors on a huge platform.

And as far as the newcomers are concerned, I have the added advantage of training and moulding them in the best of their capacity and not by thrusting myself and my style on them!

As far as Shweta is concerned, I think that she has a huge potential to make it big as an actress. She is very cool, casual and tad comfortable in front of the camera.

Apparently, Simi Garewal, who played 'Kamini' in the original Karz, had commented that Sushmita Sen, not Urmila, was more suited for the remake. What's your comment on the same?
As I always said, any actor can play any role. If she (Simi) had said so, I respect her statement. But I will still stick on to Urmila as she is someone who matches the persona of Himesh to the 'T'!

Has the 'original' Monty, Rishi Kapoor, seen Karzzzz? What were his comments on the same?
I still have to show it to him. But he is a very dear friend and moreover a fantastic person. When we started the film, it was really sweet and endearing on the part of Subhashji and Rishiji to wish us good luck. Rishiji also attested the music of Himesh in Karzzzz and also told him that he deserved a pat on his back for making such a wonderful score.

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Timmy keeps asking me to marry him: Eesha Kopikar

In spite of playing a plain Jane in couple of her films glamour girl Eesha still holds a place for herself in the list of glamorous heroines. But very soon she will be getting rid of this tag coz recently she has accepted the role of Chandni in Rajshri films Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.This role will help her get rid of her glamorous image.

Q-The title of the film is Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, What does that mean?
A-The story of this film Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi is about such a marriage which is very different from the regular customs of marriage, very sacred.

As its easy to get into relationships but very difficult to maintain them in the long run, but when two people without getting married are so committed to each other that they try their best to maintain the pureness of the relationship that in true sense is a sacred relationship.

Q- How would you define your character in this film?
A-The character of Chandni is very similar to me in real life. Just like me she comes from a family who value their customs and systems a lot. Just like me she believes in love.

Along with this just like me she also believes in the fact that before getting into a relationship with anyone we need to think twice. One should never think of breaking a relationship just to get into another one. Just like me Chandni is very attached to her dad.

The only difference we have is that Chandni comes from a small town where as I'm a city girl a simple heart but with the nature of a tom boy.Chandni is shown as a very soft spoken girl not as loud as I am.

Q-How did you prepare yourself for this role?
A-I dint have to do much as the director of the film Kaushik Dada kept reminding me that Chandni has a style which is different than Esha's.

Q-It's a dream of every girl to work with Rajshri Productions, how did you feel when you got a call from their end?
A-I felt great when my manager told me that they had called me. I heard the story last year on my birthday 19th Sept, So I felt that this film s a gift from God on my birthday. Its like a dream come true to work with such a great banner.

Q-You have never actually played such a character before, was there any kind of fear while accepting this role?
A-Have you ever seen me act in similar kind of roles ever? I myself make it a point to try out different roles every time and the two prime reasons for it are, first that I easily get bored of the same stuff again and again and second that I know for sure that im a very talented actress and I can do a lot better., its only that not many directors have got to utilize my talent properly.

Q-What do you think about your co star Sonu Sood?
A-He is a very well grounded person. Just like the actor of the film he also comes from a small village named Moga.he is as hardworking as I am. Eight years ago we worked together in a south film named Nijin Ille at that time we had never thought that we would be working together again in Rajshri films

Q-How was the whole experience of working in this film?
A-I've never had such a great experience in my entire career till date. Not once did I feel the need to complaint about anything.

All through the shoot I always felt that Raj babu is like myg randfather, Sooraj Barjatya like my father and Kaushik dada like my elder brother must be the first film of my life where I just dint want the shooting to end. One hundred and twenty days for the shoot just flew away.

I still remember the last day of our film which was 6th of June. I had cried a lot that day and surprisingly it was raining heavily that day, which made me feel that as if the rains were crying with me.

Q-Do you regret the fact that Sooraj Barjatya isn ot directing this film?
A-Before the narration I had some doubts about the same but after the narration when I saw my directors vision I was convinced that the film would be superb. The time when Kaushikwas narrating the film I could actually picturise every seen in front of my eyes and tears were rolling down them.

Q-A twelve year long wait for your beloved is what is shown in this film, do you think this funda works these days?
A- I in my personal life waited for ten years to keep my relationship going, but I guess destiny had something else in store for me. If the love and the feelings are true and genuine then why only twelve years you could spend your whole life waiting for that person.

Q-What are your views about marriage?
A-I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. Its a beautiful feeling, here two different people with different thought process, different outlook and different cultures meet and bind into one relationship.

Q- When do you plan to get married?
A-Its just been six months since I've met Timmy, but he too keeps asking me the same question always. But honestly speaking after a real long time my career graph has shown a rise so I would want to concentrate on that first. I will definitely get married as I don't want to continue working for my whole life. Like every girl I too dream of getting married and having kids.

Q-Your seen in films like Ek Vivah Aisa bhi and Shabri and at the same time in films like Haseena, Hello Darling and Rite Ya Wrong what is the kind of image you actually want to have?
A-First of all you cannot compare Haseena with Hello Darling and Rite Ya wrong, Haseena is the biggest mistake of my life and I do not want to discuss about that film at all. Hello darling is a comedy flick while Rite ya Wrong is a suspense thriller. As far as my image is concerned ive already said that I want to be versatile.

Q- Most of the time s you are seen in multistarrerfilms, why haven't you tried doing solo films?
A-Coz no one casted me in a solo film. I haven't intentionally signed mutistarrer films it just happened coincidently. As it is I do not have a filmy background nor am I seeing any of the top directors, whatever I have achieved till date is all by my own hard work.

Q-So do you feel any kind of pressure?
A-I love to give pressure than to feel it.

Q—Are you happy with your career graph?
A-Its all in the mind, some people are not happy in spite of winning an Oscar while some are happy without it. What makes you feel that im unhappy, im very happy?

Q- Tell us about your new release?
My forthcoming films are Shabri, hello Darling, Rite ya Wrong, Har Pal and Gehra

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Salman has a better body than Sunny Deol: Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan has been entertaining the viewers with each and every film of his. Once again he is back with his new style of entertainment in Sameer Karniks film Heroes. Lets ask him other than acting what else he has in store in the direction and production front.

Q- After Hello, Heroes is arriving so are you nervous or excited?
A- Actually I am very restless as I was waiting for the release of this film. The plus point of this film is that every character of this film is justified in their respective roles. I personally feel its one the biggest film in my career.

Q- Tell a little about your character in Heroes?
A-My name is Sameer in this film but everyone calls me a bull coz I'm thick headed, like I go around doing a lot of foolish stuff. I don't have any aim in life. My only dream in life is to fly to America but I dont want to work hard for it.

I and Vatsal are actually media students who have to make a film which is a part of the project given in college. We succeed in our task when we complete our film on our heroes who in spite of not being a part of the army willingly help others.

Q- What would you like to say about all your other co stars?
A-I had a wonderful experience with all of them. Amrita Arora is casted opposite me ,as she is a part of our family there is a different kind of comfort level that we share, but above all I was really impressed with Preity.

This is my first film with her and I have already become her fan. Not only is she an excellent actress she is also an excellent human being. If she doesn't have an objection then I would love to work with her in future again.

I liked Sunny Deol too, he is so professional that he is only focused to his work. He never looks or wants to know what's happening around him.

Q- Which was the most memorable moment of this entire film?
A- I have almost seen the entire world and then finally drawn this conclusion that our India is the best amongst all. For no reason we go to other places in abroad for our shoots. I feel I have discovered the real India during the making of this film.

Q- In a particular scene in this film you are seen without a shirt, what did big bro Salman have to say?
A-Yes he saw me and immediately commented as to why am I looking so fat? I told him that I'm playing the character of a bull on hearing that he bursted out laughing. I agree that im really looking fat in this film coz they wanted me to look fat and lazy and bigger than Vatsal in size.

When I was shooting for this scene I was sure that the viewers would compare me to Salman so I thought why the hell I even am trying or why have I even agreed to do this scene. But as it was the requirement of the film I had to go ahead with it.

Q- Sameer Karnik's previous film Nanhe Jaisalmer did not do well, how did you feel working with him?
A-After working with him I realized that Sameer is an excellent director. The reason behind his previous film not doing well was his story which was technically very strong.

This time he has selected the right story, not only am I convinced but Preity, Salman, Mithun Da and Sunny Deol too feel the same. They all believed in the story and agreed to act for it and finally it's made beautifully.

Q- As you are a director yourself have you ever ended up suggesting your views while working with another director?
A-Whatever discussions we have are only when we are listening to the story. Once we have entered the sets we do not discuss anything until and unless there are any changes in the story.

In case the director makes certain changes in the script then he has to give a clarification to the actor as to why did he do it. If the actor agrees with him then they go ahead with the changes if no then the plans are cancelled. But I personally never do anything like this.

Q- Then should we say that in spite of being a director yourself you are a director's actor?
A- Being a director myself I respect all directors.

Q—Define each of your co stars in a single word
A-Sunny Deol- strong, Bobby Deol- determined, Salman Khan- excellent, Dino Morea-friendly, Preity Zinta-professional

Q- According to you which of them look better in the costume of a sardar, Salman or Sunny?
A-I guess Sunny looks perfect in the costume of a sardar but Salman's physique is better.

Q- You've been working with Salman continuously in your last three films, how do you feel working with him?
A-Very easy and good. We understand each other so well and that shows in our work.Salman himself agrees that to make a successful film there is a lot of team work required. Not only Salman if each and every actor in the film compliments each other and work then the film is bound to do well.

Q- You share a wonderful onscreen chemistry with Salman which the viewers appreciate would you continue doing so in your forthcoming films?
A-All the three films that we are coming together are different.Mr and Mrs. Khanna, Veer and Heroes are the three films from which MrAnd Mrs. Khanna is a romantic film made on a light note and I think the viewers are going to enjoy watching it.

Q- Producing, directing or acting, amongst the three which one do you really enjoy?
A- Production is what I simply enjoy doing, accumulating all the talent in front of the camera is what excites me. also when your are the producer of the film you are connected to each and every thing that's happening in this way you get to learn a lot.

Q- Currently what's the status of Amar Akbar Anthony?
A-As I finish Parter 2 by next Sept or October we start with this film.

Q- Would you like to play any specific character out of the any book?
A- This is a difficult question to ask as I do not read books I only watch films.

Q- It's in news that Salman Khan, David Dhawan Govinda and you are all planning to make Tom and Jerry?
A-I haven't thought much except that I have registered the title Tom and Jerry. We are planning to make a comedy flick on two actors. Actually a lot of people thought that it's Parter 2 with that name but that's not true. I would like to say that the name Partner has become a brand and I would always maintain its purity.

Q- What are your forthcoming films?
A- Veer, Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and Kisaan are the major ones.

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The gay angle in Fashion is very evident: Madhur Bhandarkar

First things first! Will Fashion be your fourth National Award winning film?
What a way to start this interview (laughs). I am really keeping my fingers crossed because some of the people who've seen the movie have told me that Fashion is my best work till now.

I believe in making the film and leaving it to the audiences and the critics to decide whether it'll work or not. I have done a good job and am waiting for 29th October, the Diwali day which is an auspicious day to release any film. Hope it works.

Mr. Ram Gopal Varma said that the only film he is looking forward to after string of flops is Fashion. He also went on to say that the content of Fashion will be pretty interesting. Any comments?
It's really great, in fact, I just spoke to him this afternoon and he was really looking forward to Fashion. He can't wait to see the film. He sent me an sms saying that the promos are also looking stunning.

For me personally, it's really nice because I've worked with Mr Varma for couple of years and I've learnt a lot from him as far as filmmaking is concerned. He has this gut feeling about movies and when he says that the film will work, it does work.

Did you meet any of the Fashion worlds top models and designers for their advice?
Absolutely yes. I've interacted with almost everybody from the Fashion world. From the top of the designers to the top super models, the sponsors, the choreographers, etc.

It was six to seven months of research which took me to make such kind of a movie and a lot of people from the Fashion industry are connected to the film also. Like there are real models and designers you'll see in Fashion.

There are other Fashion icons like Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza, Sushmita Sen, etc. What made you cast Priyanka Chopra?
Priyanka Chopra and I always wanted to work together. I remember that she was a great fan of my movies and once we met at one of the film festivals. At that time she had loved my film Corporate.

That's when she was really interested in working with me. So I told her that if something comes along, I'll definitely let her know. Once I told her that I'm making this film on the Fashion world, she said to come and narrate the film to her.

She liked the narration and the character of Meghna Mathur who comes from Chandigarh to Mumbai to make it as a super model.

And why Mugdha Godse?
That's interesting too. When I was researching for Fashion and went to the Delhi Fashion Week, where I saw this girl walking on the ramp. I was introduced to her previously by a friend of mine.

When I saw the confidence in her walk and her eyes, I knew she was my Janet of Fashion. I met her and straight away told her if she was interested to do a movie with me. The rest is history now.

In fact, she has surprised everybody by her performance in Fashion. From Priyanka to Kangana, everybody appreciated her work. People say that models can't act. I can say that Mugdha, the newest model turned actress will prove them wrong.

Konkana Sen Sharma and Atul Kulkarni, your two lucky mascots. You can't leave them behind can you?
(laughs) Yes, I can't. They are the best I've worked with. I did approach Atul Kulkarni to play a cameo in Fashion but he couldn't make it for some reason.

The good thing is that Konkana is there. She plays herself, Konkana Sen Sharma - the actress. Her boyfriend Ranvir Shorey is also there and both of them play a couple in the film.

This is your first film which will appeal to the overseas audiences as well, seeing the subject you've approached this time - Fashion. Any comments?
You're right. For me it's a big leap in terms of the film, the concept and the budget because I've never made a movie of 18 to 20 crores. I've always made it between 3 to 4 crores.

I always say that I am an experimental filmmaker but my films do get a commercial acceptance. So for me, I'm excited by the kind of feedback, messages and calls I'm getting from the U.K and the U.S. I hope that it gets appreciated there.

What about the homosexuality element in the Fashion world which prevails? Have you shown that aspect too?
Definitely yes. The gay angle in Fashion is very evident.

Is it wise to go on a Fashion show to promote your film rather than go to any reality shows?
Reality show or Fashion week or any kind of publicity for any film is a must. If we have to do both, we have to do it. There is no way out and there is nothing wrong in it.

I think every filmmaker and the films cast want their film to reach the widest of its audiences. Even the kind of investment put into promotion now-a-days is huge. So it definitely is a platform to promote your film.

Have you met any model who has given up more than just their morals in the Fashion world?
(laughs) I know what your question is targeting to. Fashion is much beyond the casting couch story. There are many things that a model has to sacrifice or eradicate like his or hers position, principals, ethics, etc. to reach the top.

This film is exactly that. And yes, I have met models who've given up many things than just their morals to reach the standing in their career where they are right now.

You love women, don't you? All your films are more or less having a female protagonist.
Yes, I love my women. Except Traffic Signal, all my films have showcased women as the main lead. You see, even in Traffic Signal, Neetu Chandra and Konkana Sen Sharma's characters were very strong.

I really feel that there are certain issues in certain films where the female protagonist can say the narration in a much better way than the male hero.

I've been lucky in that way and my women too who've seen their film worked wonders for them. It's a proud moment.

Another feather in the cap for you Madhur. You and Aamir Khan are being felicitated at the 7th Third Eye Asian Film Festival. I wish I had a collection of such caps too.
(laughs) It's a great feeling for me and when I got the news a few weeks ago, I was over the moon. I know Aamir Khan, and we do interact with each other, not too frequently though.

But socially whenever we meet, we talk. I loved his film Taare Zameen Par. It's an unbelievable film and I am also proud of the fact that it's the official entry at the Oscars from India.

When do we then see a Madhur Bhandarkar film going to the Oscars?
I just keep making movies. But fingers crossed, hopefully very soon. I've already got my three Oscars from India which are the National Awards.

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Preity Zinta tells why she doesn't like Shiney

Shiney Ahuja can't get along with his female co-stars. Well it seems just so!

First Kangana Ranaut made it clear that she and Shiney aren't exactly on good terms. Then during the making of 'Metro', there was news about Shiney throwing tantrums and exhibiting childish behaviour when Shilpa Shetty happened to praise her other co –star Kay Kay Menon more than him!

Later Shiney dismissed it as a wrong piece of news but we aren't sure if we want to believe him.

Especially now since the well behaved and straightforward dame of B-Town Preity Zinta too has to say a few negative things about him!

They sure are not warm words and it seems things weren't exactly warm between the two actors on the sets of 'Har Pall'.

Preity has reportedly said, "Shiney and I aren't the best of friends! He's not exactly a Shah Rukh, Salman, Hrithik or Abhishek for me.

I've worked in so many films with these guys, and we share such camaraderie that it's not unusual that I drop into their homes, chat up with their wives... Well, I don't share that relationship with Shiney. That's all there is to it, really! He certainly won't be seen at a party thrown by me!"

Well there were talks about a spat between the two but after this seems like a surety! The vibes between the two have been ice cold.

Now Shiney boy is a plastic actor and hasn't really shone really bright in any flick or delivered a massive hit. So on what on earth makes him so arrogant and tactless ?

Having sour relations with people who matter will certainly not make things easy for him!

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Enough of Boy Toys for Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan might look really odd with young heroes like Shahid Kapur but she continues to bag biggie films with a period feel or where the heroine is supposed to look Indian. And yeah, what she's best suited to – matured heroes!

She's starring with Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan in Raj Kumar Santoshi's 'Jis Lahore Nahin Dekhya Woh Jamiya Nahin.'

Thankfully she'll be playing Sanjay Dutt's wife in the film and isn't the romantic interest of youngster Neil Nitin Mukesh who's the third lead!

The movie will be shot in India because according to director Santoshi shooting in Lahore is impractical as the crew mightn't get the architecture of the partition times any more.

So art designer, Nitish Roy is building Lahore in Hyderabad now. Every lane, by-line, the transportation; the electric wires will be recreated. Extensive research on Lahore during the Partition era is done so that every detail is replicated.

Santoshi calls it a challenge as it is his second pre-Independence film after 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh where he'll combine drama and fiction into history.

With films like this one and 'Chenab Gandhi', Vidya's days in Bollywood are still not numbered!

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Maria is upset but we're not splitting up: Arshad

Arshad Warsi has slowly and steadily craved a niche for himself as a strong supporting actor. Things have been good for him and he has turned producer too.

However recently came the news that his happy home is breaking down. There were talks about him and his wife of many years Maria Gorreti splitting up!

But now Arshad is strongly denying the same. He admits that Maria is upset and has every right to be.

Maria was apparently unhappy because Arshad wasn't giving the family enough time. Quite understandable since Arshad is always busy shooting and currently with his home production 'Kaun Bola' formerly titled 'I Believe In Angels'!

He's reportedly said, "She's right. But sometimes an actor's life is like that. I'm shooting for films; we're busy with our home production. But again that's no excuse. Maria has been an integral part of our first production venture, and has been the pillar of the family. I'd be stupid to lose her."

He's added, "Maria is my 'complete woman'. Her values, ethics, principles remain unmatched. Fights happen, every couple fights, but I'm waiting to get home and make things right. In 'Golmaal Returns', I have Saif's name tattooed on my chest, but if I were to get a real tattoo done, it would read Zeke and Zene (his children)!"

Arshad hopes to be a changed man now and also says that there isn't enough time for a private guy like him to nurture bonds and friendships on sets. Simply because actors like him find it difficult to do justice to their already existing family and friends that making new ones becomes a problem.

It seems this guy is pretty serious about the patch up idea! This could very well do the trick for him!

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Hot Celina becomes Bond's girl

Former Miss India and Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley couldn't have asked for more. First she landed a role in Hollywood film "Quest of Sheherzade" and now she will team up with Oscar winner Sean Connery in the international project based on "Arabian Nights".

"Quest of Sheherzade" is scheduled to go on floors in January and also stars Orlando Bloom of "Pirates Of The Caribbean" fame. It will be directed by Ken Khan, the technical director of fantasy adventure film "Lord of the Rings".

"Sean Connery is there in the film and recently Orlando Bloom was also signed. I am playing an important character of an Iranian princess, " Celina told.

"The story is based on Arabian Nights and they are planning to start the shooting from January next year. I am in a contract and can't talk much about the movie, " she said.

"Quest of Sheherzade" is not her first international project. Celina plays the lead in New Zealand-Australian venture "Love Has No Language" by the same director.

In "Love Has No Language", the former Miss India is cast as an Indian girl born and brought up in New Zealand. She is cast opposite Australian actor Ben Mitchell.

"It was very difficult to speak in Kiwi English as they speak in a completely difficult and weird accent. Neither do they speak like Australians nor like the British, " Celina said.

"It took me 10 days to sit constantly with my trainer to learn the correct accent. She sat with me day and night and spoke to me in her accent which made it possible for me to get it right, " Celina added.

Celina said though she is working in Hollywood films, her first love will always be the Hindi film industry.

"For me Bollywood is my priority. This is where I was born and I want to die. It gives me maximum pleasure dancing and singing. In fact, I was missing song sequences when I was shooting for 'Love has..', " said the actress, who debuted with "Janasheen" in 2003.

The film bombed at the box office but she kept getting offers and featured in films like "No Entry", "Zinda", "Tom, Dick and Harry" and "Apna Sapna Money Money".

She feels her performance in Vikram Bhatt's "Red" helped her bag the international projects as the makers of the movies signed her after seeing the film that also starred Aftab Shivdasani.

"I was very hurt when 'Red' did not work. I took it personally and thought I wasn't ready for serious films, " said Celina, who will also be seen in Rohit Shetty's comedy "Golmaal Returns".

Celina thinks comedy is her forte and does not want to experiment much with other genres.

"I am good at comedy and people have also liked me in comedy films. So why should I experiment with other things? I am satisfied and happy doing comedies; so are my fans.

" 'No Entry', 'Apna Sapna Money Money', 'Golmaal Returns' are my best films till date. In these three films, I loved my character. I feel the same for 'Golmaal Returns' too."

In "Golmaal Returns", Celina plays a de-glamourised South Indian girl, who is in love with a Marathi guy, played by Shreyas Talpade.

"I think people will definitely like and enjoy our love track as it is really funny, " she said.

The other projects Celina has signed on include Mukta Arts' "Paying Guest" and "Hello Darling", Aditya Datt's "Chaai Garam", Tigmanshu Dhulia's "Showman" and Ashtavinayak's "Run Bhola Run".

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London holds reception to celebrate Farah Khan's career

Farah Khan's body of work continues to find global followers. Come 22nd October and The Mayfair Media Club, London, would be hosting a reception to celebrate her award winning career as a Film Director and Choreographer. The event would be held at The May Fair Hotel, London.

Confirms Farah Khan who is getting ready for travel, "They are holding a reception for me and I would also be interviewed on my life and work. They wish to speak to me about my love for Hindi cinema and also about my inspirations, role modes, favorite actors and directors I have worked with."

As per insiders, the event would also feature a wide variety of footage from the films that Farah has been involved in and would showcase her work as a choreographer on some of the most memorable Bollywood films and international productions including Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding, Bombay Dreams and Shakira music video.

This won't be all as the exclusive event would also hold a Farah Khan Masterclass on 'A Unique & Detailed Insider's Perspective on Bollywood' on 24th October.

"Here, I am required to present an in-depth Masterclass on working within the Indian film industry. From script development, producing and directing through to distribution, casting and choreography, this is required to be a thorough, comprehensive insight into the specific dynamics of Bollywood", adds Farah Khan.

This Masterclass, which promises to be a mix of presentations, screenings, discussions and an interactive Q&A session, would see Farah sharing tips on 'Bollywood and the Wider Indian Film Industry: Structures and Hierarchy', 'Breaking into & Surviving in Bollywood', 'Raising Finance & Producing', 'Casting & Directing', 'Choreography: The relationship between Lyrics and Image', 'Female Directors in India & beyond' and 'The future of Indian Cinema' amongst other topics.

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The New Director of Bollywood

Rani Mukerji is currently working on a Yash Raj film with first-time director Anurag Singh. The yet untitled film is based around a cricket match and stars Shahid Kapoor. Recently, the cast and crew had a schedule in Amritsar where they shot major portions of the film.

Sources reveal that Rani is quite unhappy with the way the film is shaping. It is learnt that she's taken to directing major sequences herself. A source adds, "Anurag has been an assistant to Rakesh Roshan in the past on Koyla, Karan Arjun and other films. This is his first time directing big stars like Rani and Shahid."

Apparently, Rani isn't too happy with the way Anurag lights up the scenes and with his style of working.

Onlookers from the sets reveal she often walks to the monitor checking her scenes. If she isn't satisfied, then she directs the scene herself. "There have been a couple of instances when Anurag has okayed the take, but Rani has incorporated changes on her own. However, whenever she's happy with Anurag's takes, she goes and congratulates him."

It is clear that Rani doesn't want to take a risk with a newcomer and wants to make sure the project is a success for her.
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'Ash is just a pretty face'

Ash just has a pretty face… but can she act too?

These comments on Aishwarya Rai have reportedly come from Russel Peters, a leading Canada-born stand-up comedian of Indian origin.

Peters says he dislikes everything about Bollywood and will not watch a Hindi film ever. He feels there is nothing except singing and dancing in these movies. Story is absolutely missing.

Speaking on Aishwarya Rai he says she is the best example of bad acting. In fact, she is one person who has proved that bad acting can do wonders and she has become a big name in the industry just by having a pretty face, Russel has said.

Russel Peters will be in India shortly and is scheduled to perform in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi in the last week of October.
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Health trouble predicted for Shah Rukh

Renowned numerologist Sanjay B. Jumaani had predicted Amitabh Bachchan will have 'stomach trouble', and that too on his birthday.

Though unfortunate, Bachchan was hospitalised owing to stomach trouble on October 11, validating Sanjay's prediction which he had done two days prior.

After Big B, Sanjay has now predicted health trouble for Shah Rukh Khan.

"Shah Rukh is entering his 44th year and the addition of 4 + 4 amounts to number 8, which represents Saturn or Shani that can cause over anxiety, stress, blood pressure and diabetes.

“Again I am hoping I am wrong. I was, of course, very moved by Mr. Bachchan's plight and conveyed my concern to his family," says Sanjay Jumaani.

Well, only time will tell if SRK will go under the weather or sail through the not-so-favourable times ahead. We truly hope he does!
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Prying cameras upset Amitabh

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan says that prying cameras disturbed the Karva Chauth, a festival that celebrates wedded bliss, at his house.

"The prying electronic media positioned themselves at vantage points to invade private space inside our home. It is callous, abhorrent act. Our privacy was invaded without our consent," Amitabh told IANS.

Karva Chauth was on Friday and Amitabh was discharged from Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai the same day after being treated for six days for an abdominal condition. This was his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai's second Karva Chauth.

"Otherwise, the ladies of the house were happy and content. They involved themselves with all the rituals connected with the occasion and the evening went off delightfully well," he added.

On Aishwarya's first Karva Chauth too secret TV cameras planted behind bushes ruined the solemnity and sanctity of the occasion.
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