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Abhishek Bachchan starrer the new Bollywood movie `DRONA` video movie trailer

The VISUAL EFFECTS ARE LOOKING GREAT and the music is JUST AMAZING abhishek bachchan drona priyanka chopra bollywood hindi movies goldie behl erosentertainment ...

Why Shilpa Shetty is so angry with Rakhi Sawant?

This week has been really tough on Shilpa.

First Jade Goodie's traumatic adieu. Then a member of her own film fraternity Rakhi Sawant was heard telling tv channels that a contestant on Big Boss must have been changed because of Shilpa.

When questioned about Rakhi's allegation Shilpa says she's appalled. "I don't even want to talk about her. But I was very hurt. I really like Rakhi. Why was she talking this way about me without knowing the facts?

How does she know the facts about how contestants were chosen? I don't think it's right for anyone to shoot off her mouth in this way.

You may have an outspoken image that you're always eager to uphold. But please don't flaunt that image at my cost."

Shilpa was also appalled by her effigies being burnt. Apparently a guy Ramdas Atahavle was approached to go into the house. He claims he was dropped because of Shilpa's manoeuvres.

The actress doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at this. "It's the channel's prerogative to select or reject a candidate. Until two days prior to the show I didn't even know who was going.

The format doesn't allow the host to know the contestants. Mr Athavle claims he was dropped on discriminatory grounds because he was a Dalit and Sanjay Nirupam was taken instead."

Shilpa is outraged. "Why was I being blamed if a candidate didn't make it into Big Boss? Why were they throwing stones at the channel Colors' office and burning my effigy?

They even held a dharna in Lonavla in front of the Big Boss house. Why me? Every time I'm associated with something people try to use my name for their own purposes. Please leave me alone."

Taking a deep breath Shilpa laughs. "I think I should take all this attention as a compliment. But somewhere it does take its toll on my mental equilibrium. We all need to be more responsible about our duties as a citizen.

My phone went ballistic on Tuesday. I'm in the midst of a dozen things and then to be badgered like this! I'm human and I don't like my name being constantly used. Don't hit where it hurts the most. I think they should start auctioning my effigies."

Laughs Shilpa, "But really, Rakhi Sawant takes the cake. What authority does she have to make such charges against me?

I'd have Rakhi know that it's the channel's prerogative to decide the participants. I'm hired by the channel to do a job. My jurisdiction is to go on stage and host the show."

Shilpa wants police action against the practice of burning effigies. "It's really very sad that known people are subjected to this. It's very degrading?"

Max Payne The Movie - trailer

Pierwszy zwiastun filmu Max Payne. --- Debut trailer of the Max Payne The Movie. ... max payne movie trailer ..

Road Side Romeo Trailer

Yash Raj Films & Walt Disney Pictures present a new movie starring saif and kareena as dogs...

‘Phoonk’: Fear becomes You!

If you want to watch Phoonk, a word of caution is that it is not for those having the power of understanding or those who want to be one.

Ramu said through the movie that it’s not only a horror genre story but also the title ‘Phoonk’ and it’s has chilling background score and intruding camera placements.

This time round Ramu has played with the camera angles than restrict actors into tight close-up shots.

Phoonk starts as a simple story of Rajiv (Sudeep) who is a construction engineer in Mumbai. Rajiv is a profit minded business man and a core atheist.

During his construction work a stone shaped Ganesha is found, but he refuses to oblige to build a temple over it at request of his own workers.

On the opposite way his wife, Arati (Amruta Khanvilkar) is a normal house wife, who believes in God and his unseen holy powers. There are a loving daughter Raksha (Ehsaas), younger son Rohan and their grandmother Amma in this family. Rajiv does not believe in the way his mother wants to educate his kids by telling stories of mythological characters and presence of evil to make one believe in God and his mythical powers.

There are also Vinay Dev (Ganesh Yadav), Rajiv’s lawyer-cum-legal advisor and a close friend, and a husband-wife duo of Anshuman (Kenny Desai) and Madhu (Ashwini Kalsekar) who are Rajiv’s close and trusted associates at his company.

After some time Rajiv bags a huge contract of constructing a mini-city project and gives a grand party at his house to celebrate this.

But after few days, his maid notices a few nail-pierced lemons and sprinkled vermillion with bones stewed in his compound. Everyone is scared of such unholy substances, but Rajiv believed to be items used for black magic outside his compound and reprimands everyone for believing in such illogical things.

But after the death of a guy who was to join Rajiv as Anshuman’s replacement at work in a construction site, and his daughter Raksha has periodic conflicts of change in behaviour, he forced to think. Rajiv makes him rush to doctors for his daughter’s condition, but Dr. Pandey (K.K Raina) brushes off the claims of any danger only as Raksha’s not being prepared for her exams and nothing else.

Amma believes her grand-daughter is suffering by an evil spirit and has no medical treatment will help.

The film thrills you in the form of how members of the family meet with unusual experiences and how insecure they feel about in their own house.

Meanwhile the sequences happen, and turns Rajiv into a believer of the supernatural while Arati turns to Science alone cured her daughter.

Over all the film ends with the audience thinking and wanting to know more of what will be the next.

Raksha’s performance is outstanding as an effective young actor in her part of being a kid possessed with evil forces. Kannada actor Sudeep makes a wonderful debut in ‘Phoonk’. Amruta and rest of the cast do their job well.

It is a one-time watchable for anyone who likes horror films.

Akshay charges a whopping Rs15 crore for unbuttoning his jeans!

The hottest Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar, is not just cashing upon his series of superhits these days, but has also become the hot favourite with the advertisers. So Akshay Kumar has clinched a brand endorsement that suits his dare devil tough personality the most.Thay has recently signed a whopping Rs 15 crore deal with Levi’s for an advertisement to promote the brand’s ‘501(R) Jean’.

Akki will soon be seen unbuttoning his jeans in a steamy Levi’s ad, also featuring US supermodel Saira.

Levi’s 501 is a direct descendant of the first pair of the brand’s jeans ever made. The message being ‘Live Unbuttoned’, really appealed to Akshay, and he has also liked all the international ads that they have previously shot for the 501 button fly.

Akshay said about this ad, “The word unbuttoned has a meaning for me. I am very selective in choosing the brands I endorse. The image and positioning of the brand is of utmost importance. Everything else is secondary.”

The concept of the campaign is about freedom as it talks about the pleasure that a woman gets by unbuttoning the jeans. Akki has even told the brand manager that not just the physical aspect of unbuttoning but the entire campaign could be woven around the watchword ‘Live life unbuttoned’ or liberate yourself.

The campaign is scheduled to be launched by the brand ambassador Akshay, in a mega event in Mumbai, on August 26.

Sherlyn Chopra Love her Crystal Bikini, so do we!

Sherlyn Chopra is exposing for the enjoyment of life in her ‘Dard E Sherlyn’ glory big time. She is never misses by media, but her hot looks never miss people’s eye. As you can see in pictures she is in complete love with her crystal bikini. She is looking rocking hot in her Crystal minimal dressing. Can you say something regarding Crystal show on offer!

Sonu Nigam launched his next album ‘Maha Ganesha’ in Siddhi Vinayak temple

The great singer Sonu Nigam has launched his new album just few days back. The title of his new album is ‘Maha Ganesha’. As he prefers 5 star hotels for the release of his albums, but this time the most talented singer selected Siddhi Vinayak temple in Mumbai for this album. With his unique voice, he won millions of hearts and this religious singer was always present for the aarti.

Sonu Nigam is very much spiritual human personality and with this great personality, he is the favorite of all. His new album ‘Maha Ganesha’ is a dedicated to the God who made him a person of great voice. With this album he wants to receive the blessings from God.

Priyanka Chopra to play 12 different characters in What’s Your Raashee?

Bollywood successful actress Priyanka Chopra has created a history as she is going to perform 12 different roles in just 1 film. The title of the film is What Your Rashee is and it is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar and in his film, Priyanka will play 12 different roles which depend on 12 different zodiac signs. According to the reports, the director hasn’t disclosed much about the film but the sources guesses that she will play 12 different roles based on 12 different zodiac signs. So according to the story, the title seems very reliable as her each character belongs to a particular raashee.

This ‘What’s Your Raashee’ is motivated from the novel titled Kimball Ravenswood and this novel is written by Gujrati writer Madhu Rye from US. In his novel he also tried to present number of characters and Gowarikar’s What’s Your Raashee also tried to do same with the help of Priyanka.

Let’s hope Priyanka plays 12 different characters in 1 film successfully and her acting will be appreciated by everyone.

Deadly couple Yuvraj Singh and hot Bipasha Basu for Reebok Campaign

Reebok has chosen a dashing couple for its latest campaign and it is none other than chosen dashing Yuvraj Singh and bollywood babe Bipasha Basu. Yuvraj Singh is an icon to sports fans and by bringing Bipasha Reebok is adding glamour to its product. To me it’s a deadly combination for the brand. You all can also decide by looking at the latest poses given by these two for the brand promotion.
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