Hollywood inspired by Rock On!

Rock On!! is a one-of-its-kind movie as this is the first Bollywood film, which has used rock music as its premise. But this trend is not new in Hollywood. However, they are using the title ‘Rock On’ for the first time in one of their flicks. Speculations are also rife that the film is inspired by Farhan Akhtar’s debut film Rock On!!

A musical-comedy-romance film, the film was earlier titled Will and there have been murmurs that Bandslam was the latest title in discussions. Starring Gaelan Connell, Lisa Kudrow, Alyson Michalka and Vanessa Hudgens, the film (just like the Bollywood version starring Farhan Akhtar, Prachi Desai, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Luke Kenny, Shahana Goswami and Koel Puri) tells the story about a group of friends coming together and forming a rock band.

This seems to be the correct example of West meeting East and we hope such things happen quite often as its always the other way round

Prachi Desai enters Bhatts Camp

Prachi Desai, the young actress who began her acting career with Ekta Kapoor’s serials, made an impressive film debut with Rock On, which released over the weekend. The actress is believed to have been signed up by the Bhatts for heir next film opposite Adhyayan Suman.
The actress, who is quite a favourite with her mentor Ekta, delivered a mature performance, playing Farhan’s wife in the Ahishek Kapoor-directed movie. The actress has already been signed by Abbas Mustan and Suniel Shetty for their future productions. And now the Bhatts have signed her on for their next, called Jashan opposite Shekhar Suman’s son. The film is reportedly a musical, which as is usual for Vishesh Films, will feature a couple of singers from across the border.

The film will be directed by duo Hasnain and Raksha. The film’s story is about an ordinary individual who has dreams of becoming someone but lacks the self belief required for it. The director do feel that Prachi suits the role to a T. With so many films on hand, this young actress seems to have made quite a successful transition from TV to films.

Ru Ba Ru

First thing that strikes about the soundtrack of Ru Ba Ru is that it comprises of as many as 12 songs and that too all being originals with not a single remix version. Phew!

Now that's something new in the current times when even a hardcore musical like Karzzzz is coming with only 9 songs (though there are 10 remix versions to boast). This makes one wonder about what exactly does the music of Ru Ba Ru have to offer?

With 'Speed Of Sound', Satyadev Burman and Sameeruddin contributing to the music of Ru Ba Ru, one expects quite some variety in the offering.

It's a mighty impressive beginning to Ru Ba Ru the moment Jaspinder Narula flexes her vocals chords for the title song 'Ru Ba Ru'.

A number which brings everything from 'sufi' to rock to conventional Bollywood melody to 'rap' to 'bhangra' under one roof, 'Ru Ba Ru' is a highly catchy composition by 'Speed Of Sound' that comes naturally to you within first couple of hearing itself.

A love song written by Shuja Haider which reminds one of 'Mitwa' (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna), it sounds even better once Haider decides to come behind the mike himself. His is a fresh voice which ensures that 'Ru Ba Ru' is a number which has in it to do quite well for itself if promoted aggressively.

Lyricist Aditya Narayan, composer Sameeruddin and singer Vijay Prakash come together for an altogether different song, though with the same title, 'Ru Ba Ru'.

A track which befits a lounge setting, it is not something which a core Bollywood music buff is used to hearing. However, for those looking who like their music to be unconventional, modern and not so filmy, 'Ru Ba Ru' makes for a decent hearing.

An even better song arrives in the form of 'Tham Jaa Ruk Jaa' which has singer Ranjit Barot (yes, he sings here while leaving Satyadev Burman to take care of the composing part) having only a guitar as his partner.

Written by Soumik Sen, it is a soft rock track which comes with a punch though without making it all so obvious on ears. A number about expecting time to stand still, 'Tham Jaa' works yet again as a soft number.

Soumik Sen and Satyadev Burman come together again for 'Mitti Ki Khushboo' which could have turned out to be a conventional Indian melody had the arrangements not being as subtle as they are here. In fact the conversational duet between Sunidhi Chauhan and Kunal Ganjawala reminds one of 'Kuch To Hua Hai' (Kal Ho Na Ho) though the similarity just ends there as overall the composition stays on to be easy on ears but that's about it.

Director Arjun Bali gets his writing pad on for getting the lyrics of 'Na Dekho' in place which comes so close to the feel of numbers like 'Tum Ho To'/'Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein' (Rock On) that one senses if the compositions were almost created back to back.

Suzanne D'Mello sings this slow paced number in such a relaxed manner that one gets an impression as if she is totally oblivious to the surroundings around her and is just following the tune that Sameeruddin created.

The semi-rock mood continues pretty much into the remainder of the album as well with 'Tera Woh Pyar' which has Shreya Ghoshal going solo for a number written by Shuja Haider and composed by 'Speed Of Sound'.

A situational track with a sad undertone to it, 'Tera Woh Pyar' has a passionate feel to it and should look (and sound) further impressive in the film's narrative.

Written and sung by Akshay Verma, 'Ye Jo Pal' isn't really arresting in nature even as it is seeded into the film's genre of prominently rock music. With Sameeruddin responsible for composition, 'Yeh Jo Pal' is about a man living every moment of his life and appreciating everything brought by things around him.

Surprisingly, the song which follows next, 'Tere Bina Hori' doesn't quite get a 'wow' response as well even though it isn't bad.

Yet another situational track which has Satyadev Burman fusing Indian classical with Western feel, 'Tere Bina Hori' by Sunidhi Chauhan along with the kids Sneha Suresh and Shravan Suresh comes and goes without making any impression.

Ditto for 'Manchali' by the same team (minus the kids) which again stays on to be hardcore Indian in feel with a slight classical touch to it. However, the peppy feel still remains which keeps the listener's attention on.

A better song, though yet again unconventional again in the Bollywood scheme of things, is heard next with the arrival of 'Jogi'.

Written by Arjun Bali, 'Jogi' is a Punjabi number and sees Sameeruddin rope in Krishna to come up with some intense rendering. However, unlike a 'Jee Karda' or a 'Bhootnike' from Singh Is Kinng, this one is mellower and doesn't take a frivolous approach.

A bona fide English number brings Ru Ba Ru to a close with Chester Misquitta singing 'Beautiful Day' for Sameeruddin.

So authentic is the number to a Western sound, be it lyrics, music or singing, that if only this song wouldn't have placed in a Hindi movie, it could well have passed off as a number belonging to a Western album. It's a pity that it lasts only 2 minutes though.

Ru Ba Ru starts off exceedingly well with its title song creating an instant impression. A couple of other songs which follow continue to enhance the momentum though after a while, things become stable.

Towards the end there is a slight dip as well though overall Ru Ba Ru still manages to keep its head high. This one is those for those who want music in Hindi movies to be served differently with a touch of Western influence

Saas Bahu aur Sensex Music Review

The first official film to be distributed by Warner Bros. India , Saas Bahu aur Sensex , is all set to release and the music of the film is out now . The film itself has no major stars in it so no hype is surrounding the film . The only big name that surrounds the film is that of Warner Bros. The Soundtrack of the album also features some not so known names and overall is a completely new type of album .

The first song on the soundtrack is "Abhi Abhi Jo Tu Aayi Hai" which is composed by Randolph Correa and has been sung by Jaaved Ali . Remember Jaaved Ali who sang the superhit song "Ek Din Teri Bahon Mein" from Naqaab . He is back with this quite unique sounding song . The music and tone of this song is quite western and a little inspired from English songs that are featured in various Hollywood Movies in background . This song because of its different music and voice of Jaaved Ali sounds quite fresh and new . The lyrics by Raqeeb Alam are also good and have been used in a good way by the music composer . The Music composer has given it a very new and different feel and even though the lyrics are quite romantic sorts , he has put in a lot sound effects in the song which are present in usually faster tracks .

The next song on the soundtrack is the title track "Whats up India" and is a wannabe rap song . The track has been sung by Blaaze , the guy who sung the Bunty and Babli rap song . Personally I feel that Blaaze sings rap songs quite well but he doesn't write them quite well . This song having the lyrics and music both by him lacks that finish and is completely avoidable . Most probably it would be used in background and may be it might look good in the background .

The third song on the soundtrack is "Mujh Mein Nigaah Daal De" which again is composed by Randolph Correa and hence has a feel that is completely western . The music sounds like a bad mixture of music from various artists from the west . The song has been sung by Monica and her voice has been distorted by the music director completely so I don't know how does she sing . She might have sounded better without the distortion .It is a fast track and has a hip hop disco kinda feeling to it . The whole song again might be used in background .Overall the song is average in its music and singing . The lyrics are also average and have nothing to offer .

The next track on the album is a Punjabi track "Mithri Mithri" . Maybe one Punjabi track is made mandatory by the music companies . This one is a usual Punjabi track with dhol beats . The track has lyrics by Raqeeb Alam and Shona Urvashi and music is by Bipin Panchal . All three of them have done nothing new and out of the way . A very basic and old sounding Punjabi track .The track is also not full on Dance track so in general will not get any audience .

The next track is an English version of Nigaah Daal De which has been sung again by Monica . She sounds better in English and her accent suits more for English songs . The original itself wasn't that good how would this one sound good .This song is a wannabe Britney Spears track and goes nowhere .

The last track is again a remix of Whats up India and sounds only a little better than the original . The remix also has very less to offer and would be probably used in the ending credits of the film .

Overall apart from the first track 'Abhi Abhi' nothing is worth a listen and the album on whole can be avoided . They should have never released the album in the first place . The should have put it on the net to download for free . Then probably it might have drawn some attention and hype for the film .
Music Rating : One Star out of Five ; This is what Bad Music is all about , only one song is worth listening .

A Wednesday movie review

Now this is a complete surprise. And an extremely pleasant surprise, must add. Newer stories are slowly finding their way into plexes of India.

Two Fridays ago, Phoonk spoke about the power of Black Magic and last Friday, ROCK ON!! encouraged you to chase your dreams. Both Phoonk and ROCK ON!! didn't boast of A-list actors to lure the audiences in hordes, but the films let the powerful content do the talking.

It's a hat-trick now. The third Friday in succession witnesses the release of A Wednesday. And marks my words, it's the most powerful film to come out of Bollywood in 2008.

Most promos mislead the viewer no end. They promise the moon, the viewer is hooked and very often, they fail to meet the expectations. In this case, the promos are just the tip of the iceberg. This movie has so much to offer than a few vital glimpses highlighted in the promos.

Here's another point that needs to be clarified. A Wednesday is not about the train blasts, nor is it similar to MUMBAI MERI JAAN. Sure, terrorism is the wallpaper here, but A Wednesday talks about the plight and power of the common man, the aam aadmi.

The year has witnessed some supremely talented storytellers make their debut, like Rajkumar Gupta (AAMIR), Kunal Deshmukh (JANNAT) and Abbas Tyrewala (JAANE TU… YA JAANE NA). Now Neeraj Pandey joins the ranks of directors who, one is confident, will be one of those calling the shots in the future.

A Wednesday works like magic because of its gripping plotline. The journey, right from start to end on a fateful Wednesday, keeps you on tenterhooks. And the culmination to this complex tale is what takes this film to dizzy heights.

In short, A Wednesday is amongst the finest -- and bravest -- films to come out in 2008. Just one word to describe it: Remarkable!

A Wednesday tells the story of certain events that unfold between 2 and 6 p.m. on A Wednesday in Mumbai. Events that do not exist in any record.

Flashback: Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), Commissioner of Police, Mumbai gets a call demanding the release of four militants in lieu of information on bombs that the man has planted in various parts of Mumbai.

At first, Prakash suspects it to be a crank call, but his doubts are dispelled once he actually finds a bomb planted in the police station right opposite his Police Headquarters.

Prakash Rathod is not the type to give up easily. He gets a team of his best men together and taps all his resources. He even hires a young hacker to help his team trace the calls and also the location of the anonymous caller.

Time passes by, but no concrete results are evident. Eventually, Prakash Rathod decides to hand over the militants to the anonymous caller. It is then that events take a bizarre turn.

Expect the unexpected in A Wednesday. From the writing point of view to the execution of the written material, writer-director Neeraj Pandey never takes the been-there-seen-that route even once.

It does take time to settle down (the multiple stories at the start are not too interesting), but once you do get the hang of things, A Wednesday offers you twist after twist, throws challenge after challenge in those 1.30 hours (yes, it's a short film).

No sub-plots, no songs, no unwanted masala, no unnecessary tracks -- A Wednesday has a story to tell and it tells most effectively.

On the execution front, the camera movement (Jimmy Jib), during Naseer's portions specifically, demands your attention. Cinematographer Fuwad Khan's output is top class even when he captures a chase (Jimmy Sheirgill) on a busy Mumbai street.

The editor (Shree Narayan Singh) deserves lavish praises for giving shape to this thriller. During the finale specifically -- Anupam is driving towards the location, while Naseer is packing his stuff -- the parallel scenes are juxtaposed brilliantly. The background score (Sanjay Chowdhury) is stirring.

When your film has two of the finest talents sharing screen space, it only heightens the curiosity.

Naseeruddin Shah has delivered several remarkable performances over the decades and the one in A Wednesday easily makes its way into his Top 5 works when you recall his body of work.

His outburst in the end -- when he talks about the plight of the common man -- is astounding. The entire audi, one is confident, would break into a deafening applause at this master sequence.

Anupam Kher is equally dynamic. Watch the cold look or catch him face-to-face with Naseer in the finale, if there's one actor who could stand up to a giant of an actor, it's Kher. An outstanding performance indeed!

Every performance in A Wednesday is charged. Jimmy Sheirgill is first-rate as a volatile cop. Of late, the actor has been wasted in insipid roles and it's about time film-makers take a note of this talented actor.

Aamir Bashir is superb. Again, this actor has never got his due in feature films. It's our loss, not his! Deepal Shaw plays her part confidently.

Chetan Pandit, as the Chief Minister, is effective. Ditto for the actor who plays the main terrorist - Kali Prasad Mukherjee.

On the whole, A Wednesday is cinema at its best. It may not be a Kinng-sized entertainer to lure the audiences in hordes and set the box-office afire, but A Wednesday does pack in king-sized punch. Do yourself a favour: Watch A Wednesday.

Soha and Siddarth split up?

According to industry buzz, Siddarth and girl friend Soha Ali Khan have again had a major fight with Sid walking out of Soha's apartment.

Common friends reveal that the actor had moved in with Soha after buying her new pad in Bandra. In fact, whenever he's in town, he stays at Soha's place. According to sources it all began with a small argument.

Soha felt that Siddarth wasn't giving her enough time and attention. Since Siddarth refused to go public about their relationship, Soha is feeling stifled.

Siddarth is extremely moody and they often have fights. Soha loves to party and is an extrovert while Siddarth is a loner.

So this time, the fight got out of hand and Siddarth decided to move out. Siddarth shifted out a day before Saif's birthday party at Four Seasons.

Though both Siddarth and Soha came to the party together, he was very uncomfortable about getting his pictures clicked together with Soha and hid his face when the photogs tried to click them together.

Soha and Siddarth have had lot of fights in the past, but they haven't yet called it quits!

I hate being called Yashraj girl: Rani Mukherji

The insinuation that Rani is a resident Yashraj heroine has the talented actress fuming.

A source close to Rani says it takes the actress all her willpower to stop herself from bursting a blood vessel when she's referred to as the ghar ki heroine at Yashraj.

"What exactly do people mean by this?" says a source very close to Rani. "Agreed Rani has done comparatively more films with the Yashraj banner.

But that's because any heroine in Bollywood would be foolish to turn down an author-backed heroine-centric part like Laga Chunri Mein Daag. And so what if the film didn't work? She's very proud of the film and rates it among her best films."

Continues the source, "In fact Rani makes it a point to remind people that lately she did Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna, Ravi Chopra's Baghban and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya. None of these is a Yashraj film."

In fact if rumours are to be believed, Rani is on the verge of signing a couple of films that are far removed from the Yashraj banner.

"One of course is Sanjay Leela Bhansali's historical Bajirao Mastani which is far from shelved. Sanjay plans to make the film in the near future. And while the rest of the cast may change Rani as Bajirao's wife remains in place. There are other films that Rani is seriously considering, " says the source.

Says the source, "Some time ago Rani said no to Mira Nair's Namesake for emotional reasons. The excuse was dates. But Rani had her own reasons for foregoing a role that has changed Tabu's career internationally.

Today Rani is in a space were she realizes being hard-headed and business-like is what Bollywood is all about. She certainly doesn't want to be branded a Yashraj heroine."

Whispers that she acts like a hostess at Yashraj Studios are strongly denied by people close to the organization. "This is all in people's minds. Rani is at home in every production house.

Have you seen her with Karan Johar or Sanjay Bhansali? She's totally relaxed in their homes, has long chats with their mom and even goes into their kitchen at will."

At the moment Rani is in intense preparation for her cricket film with new director Anurag Singh.

Says the source, "It's being said she's agreed to work with a new director because of the banner. But hello? Rani has worked with Kunal Kohli and Shaad Ali.

Even Karan Johar was a debutant when Rani did Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.As for working with only Yashraj Kunal Kohli's Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is entirely Kunal's production. Yashraj have only lent their name."

I have no marraige plans with John: Bipasha Basu

When I meet her for this interview at Yashraj Studios, Bipasha Basu tells me that she is more than happy with the fact that since the time that she had made her debut in Bollywood with Abbas-Mustan's Ajnabee, she has made rapid strides as an actress in the last eight years and carved for herself a niche in the industry.

"It has been a learning process for me from Ajnabee till my latest release- Bachna Ae Haseena. I have learnt everything on the job slowly and steadily unlike then new comers today who come prepared even with their first film."

Bipasha confesses that she has matured with time and become more responsible, as an actress. "I am glad I could live to see a film of mine celebrating its golden jubilee like my second film after Ajnabee- Raaz did.

I am not bragging about it but genuinely I feel sad that today it is not possible for any actor, including John Abraham to celebrate the jubilee of his or her film, since a stage has come when a film has got to recover its cost in the first three days of its release with films having become a big business with the mushrooming of the multiplexes."

Bipasha admits that she enjoyed working with Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseena.

"I had a fabulous time playing the character of the Shiamak Davar dancer Radhika in Bachna Ae Haseena" Bipasha recalls the fact that while doing a dance number for the film, she even had a tear in her meniscus but continued to perform after a physiotherapist was brought to the sets and kept on stand by to attend to her.

According to her, the choreographer Ahmed Khan manipulated the steps in such a way that the weight was there only on the left leg and the best thing was that when she saw the film, it looked like she was not at all in pain when executing her steps.

Bipasha is angry when you ask her how comfortable is it to be pitted with a young guys like Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae Haseena and Neil Mukesh in Freeze, who are younger than her.

"Why is an actress who has not even touched 30 labelled as a senior actress just because she is cast opposite new actors like Ranbir and Neil, who are younger to me just by two to three years?

Aishwarya Rai has married Abhishek Bachchan who is three years younger to her but has it in any way changed their relationship"?

Bipasha feels that it is unfair that there is an anti lobby for a woman when she is cast opposite a younger actor even though she does not sport wrinkles.

"Why is it that no one has any objection when an actor like Nana Patekar or for that matter Anil Kapoor is cast opposite actresses who are half their age? There was no hue and cry raised when Akshay Khanna was teamed in Dil Chahta Hai opposite Dimple who is senior to him by 25 years

. It is indeed high time that women are given a break."

Bipasha feels that she has not been given her due as an actor though she had given an award winning performance in Corporate because of limitations.

"There are many reasons why I am not offered good films. I do not belong to any particular camp like some other actresses. It is well known fact that I have a boy friend who I do not hide in my closet.

All said and done, we should not forget the fact that it is a hero oriented film industry and I cannot ask for more than what I being offered."

Bipasha is now getting opportunities to prove her mettle as an actress. Among the films that she has up her sleeves are Freeze directed by Jehangir Surti and Pankh directed by Sudipto Gupta.

While Freeze in which she has been teamed opposite Neil Mukesh is a romantic thriller, Pankh is a psychological thriller which deals with the psyche of a young boy who has to play a girl child because of his mum's pressure.

I play this interesting imaginary character of a woman who guides him through his turmoil."

Bipasha is frank enough to admit that she could identify a lot with the character of Radhika which she had essayed in Bachna Ae Haseena, because Radhika is a contemporary young independent young woman like Bipasha is.

"Your first love can end in marriage if you are lucky. Also you can fall in love any number of times till you end up meeting your ideal soul mate. It is all a question of your luck."

Bipasha does not mind admitting that love is her top priority in life even though she is a career woman. "What would you do in life if you are busy 24/7 with only your work and have no one to share your life?

However, in case you want to know when I am planning top plunge into marriage with John, let me confess that as of now there are no marriage plans for us though we do not hide the fact that we are seeing each other and are in love.

What I like the best about John and myself is that both of us do not carry the baggage of being stars. We are like-minded soul mates who do not like to hide behind sunglasses."
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