YRF's John-Katrina starrer titled NEW YORK?

If sources are to be believed, Yash Raj Films' next is titled NEW YORK. Directed by Kabir Khan of KABUL EXPRESS fame, the dramatic thriller stars John Abraham, Katrina Kaif and Neal Nitin Mukesh in the lead and would soon be seeing wrap up of its principal shooting.

Since there is always huge secrecy around projects by Yash Raj Films, there is always a fair amount of speculation around the subject line and title (if it hasn't been finalized) of their film. This was earlier the case in films like VEER ZAARA, CHAK DE INDIA as well as most recently BACHNA AE HASEENO.

When contacted, YRF's spokesperson Monica Bhattacharya neither confirmed nor denied the title being NEW YORK. She simply stated, ''No name has been fixed yet for the film.'' However, even though everyone from the cast and crew is tight lipped about the film being titled NEW YORK, trade is abuzz that this indeed is the final title of the film.
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I can't please everyone all the time: Katrina Kaif

Katrina is done with playing the giddyheaded Miss from wonderland. In Prakash Jha's Rajneeti she'll go from young student to a married woman, and beyond.

"I didn't think I was ready to do something like this. But then I heard the script and I couldn't resist it. Maybe because Prakashji is such a good narrator, I fell in love with my character.

That took care of my misgivings about playing a woman who goes through experiences I can't connect with. I'm doing enough hardcore commercial films.

At this juncture of my career I can afford to do something that challenges me. As long as the script is entertaining I'm all for it. Rajneeti is a very entertaining script. As for my character she's a light-hearted character to begin with.

Later she grows serious and ambitious. If it works it can do a lot for my career."

Katrina is currently touring Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Delhi for the promotion of Singh Is Kinng.

She lets out that she just follows Akshay into a film when he's in it. "He has a fantastic script sense. And you know when he's doing it, it will work. Not that I go blindly into films that feature him. But yes, he does have a fantastic knowledge of what works at the boxoffice. That explains our success ratio together."

Interestingly in Vipul Shah's Namaste London Katrina had the main role while Akshay Kumar played the supporting part. Now the tables have been turned in Singh Is Kinng.

But Katrina wasn't allowed to complain. "Every time I'd start whining and complaining about the size of my role Akshay would order me to go stand in a corner and repeat Namaste London five times and be quiet. He's right. He needn't have done Namaste London which was the girl's story. Akshay does have a stronger role in Singh Is Kinng."

So does Katrina have songs and two dances in Singh Is Kinng?

"Er….no that would be seven songs, and the movie will be too long. I like my character. I play a vivacious and spontaneous character with a hot temper. When it comes to losing her cool the girl is quite like me. I get mad really quickly and two minutes later I'm fine"

Katrina has super-busy days ahead. "Me and Akshay are promoting the film together in Mumbai and Delhi. The rest I'm doing on my own with Vipul Shah and Anees Bazmi. It's deja vu. Because the first time I ever promoted a film was again with Akshay for Namaste London.

Katrina has a cornocupia of releases lined up. "Is that a bad thing ? A lot of my films have run into one another, films that I had committed to way in advance. These are things I can't control. And I really want to do these films . Or I wouldn't be doing them in the first place."

However Katrina won't be taken for granted by people around her. "You've to stand your ground. I can't please everyone all the time. I've realized that."
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I am not like other girls who throw tantrums for kissing or bikinis: Rituparna Sengupta

Rituparna is a well-known name in the Bengali film industry but she has been fighting for long to make her presence felt in the Bollywood.

Launched in Bollywood with an emotional comedy, Main Meri Patni Aur Woh, Rituparna is now waiting for her forthcoming features. She shares few of her valuable moment with Rajnee Gupta telling how she is expectant with each of her upcoming projects.

Q. Do you still take yourself as an intruder in this industry?
A. No. It’s how I used to feel previously but now the time is quite changed and I am also quite easy with the industry. Previously I had problems understanding the differences between Kolkata and Mumbai industries. Now I know that if I wish to be a part of any film in this industry then I would have to understand the industry first.

So, I have set my mind in that way only. But don’t take it otherwise. I have not forgotten my Kolkata which is still my home. I am a brand name over there and I want the same status here also.

Q. That means you want to be a brand name in Mumbai, too.
A. Absolutely. People in Kolkata know me well for both commercial and arty films. I want to attain the same status here also. I think I can get it by a combination of my approach towards both commercial films as well as art films. I am trying my best.

Q. You did your first film in Hindi Main Meri Patni Aur Woh almost four years back and still you are struggling for your recognition. What do you think is the reason?
A. I have chosen the right film. But it’s not my fault that it didn’t work at the box office. Take for example, Gauri The Unborn which is based on the contemporary topic of abortion.

It’s by R Mohan who made a hit like Chandni Bar. But Gauri didn’t appeal the audience. Besides a good production value the film had a star like Atul Kulkarni but it failed miserably.

You can also remember Sirf which is a multistarrer with names like Manisha Koirala, Kay Kay Menon, Nauhid Cyrusi, Ranvir Shorey, Sonali Kulkarni and Parvin Dabas. Again I think that I chose a right film but it didn’t work. I think I have to be doubly cautious in choosing films.

Q. Don’t you ever think that despite being a National Award winner, you are wasting your energy in striving for a good role in Bollywood!
A. No. I don’t think that I am wasting my energy but I surely feel bad about that. Again, such thoughts stay for very short span of time.

I must be happy that despite belonging to some other place, I am offered with so many films in this industry. I understand that success is the aftermath of struggle and it becomes ephemeral for people who get it easily.

Q. Most of your films show the problems with women. Is it merely a co-incident?
A. Even I don’t know it. Maybe my directors feel that I can portray such characters better. And not even in Mumbai, the Bengali movie, Trishna that I am doing now in Kolkata, is also showing me portraying several shades. It’s a bit like the John-Bipasha starrer Jism. My character in this film is named as Piyasha. Director thinks that only I can play that character.

Q. How did you react on getting the film Trishna?
A. I have already worked with this director but that character was not such a bold one. My character in this film demands both skin-show and acting ability. I am actually little grey shaded in this film.

Q. Item songs are quite an easy way to get a place in Bollywood. Why didn’t you try for any such number yet?
A. Because no one has yet offered me with it. If offered, I’ll definitely do item songs. I don’t think there is anything wrong in doing item songs.

Q. Have you marked any limit beyond which you won’t go for any character?
A. Yeah. I have drawn my own lines. I accept only those characters that appeal me the most and can satisfy the actor in me. I am not like other heroines who create tantrums with things like on screen kissing or appearing in bikinis.

I think of honor in association with glamour. Dimple Kapadia has gone through most skin-showy characters but people still honor her.

Q. It’s very natural phenomena that audiences take actresses like goddesses. Don’t you think that showing skin can hurt their feelings?
A. I don’t think so. But I am open to any kind of criticism if they feel like. I think criticism is good because it helps finding the faults in me.

Q. Which will be the recent release among your films?
A. It’s Warner Brothers’ SRK which is directed by Ajay Verma. It’s an emotional comedy. I am playing my best ever character in this film. My character in this film is named as Vidya who has to face few incidents for which she has never been prepared.

The film starts with comedy and after a phase it turns into a serious film and again it touches the comic mode. I am working with Vinay Pathak in this film. Illaya Raja has given the music for this film while Gulzar has written the songs.

Q. What’s the expansion of SRK?
A. That is a secret. I cannot tell you about that. Only the film will reveal the secret.

Q. Tell us about your forthcoming films.
A. Karan Rajdan’s ‘Mittal Versus Mittal’, Anjan Dutta’s political thriller ‘BBD’, Shrinivas’ ‘Love Khichdi’, ‘Main Osama’, ‘Saab Chai Pani’, ‘Paroksh’ and ‘Dard-E-Disco’ are my forthcoming films.

‘Mittal Versus Mittal’ is based on marital rape. ‘Love Khichdi’ and ‘Dard-E-Dosco’ are out and out comedies. I am working as an airhostess in ‘Main Osama’ and in ‘Paroksh’ I am playing the character of an ambitious corporate woman.

Divya Dutta is also working in ‘Paroksh’. Besides them I am also working in some Bengali films. Suman Mukherjee’s ‘Chaturango’ is one of them. It’s based on a novel by Rabindranath Tagore.
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There is so much I learnt from Kareena Kapoor: Celina

In your film career so far, you've been a part of seven comic capers. What made you sign your eight - Golmaal Returns?
I did Golmaal Returns because I loved the prequel Golmaal and somehow I wanted to do a movie which would have the capability to become as big as a No Entry.

The role I portray in Golmaal Returns was offered to me only because my director Rohit Shetty was confident that I could play a de-glam girl in the film compared to all other heroines who are present.

I play a South Indian woman who is called Mira Nair. She comes from a very strict Brahmin family. I was looking forward for a role like that because I am fed up of doing glamorous roles. There is much more to me than just being a barbie on screen.

But in a highly male dominated film, do you think you will be noticed?
Yes, Golmaal Returns is a male dominated film but it's also a story. As an actor, I believe that all actors make up a story. Even with one of the character's missing, the story can take a bad turn.

So, I always see to it that a particular role suits my image. Here I was going to be seen in a new avatar. Secondly, this is a role which the children are going to love and thirdly I wanted to work with Rohit Shetty. Then it was my first time with Ajay Devgan.

It was an amazing experience. It was also my second time with Shreyas Talpade who plays my co-star in Golmaal Returns.

Then I worked with Kareena Kapoor for the first time and it is always nice to be working with someone who is your senior and who knows much more about the film industry. After all, she comes from a practically a historical film family. It was a great experience for me overall and there was so much I learnt from it.

Did the entire cast and crew miss the presence of Sharman Joshi who was in the prequel Golmaal?
With Shreyas Talpade coming in the picture, no body is going to remember Sharman Joshi. Shreyas is a brilliant actor and I don't need to prove that. We all know him for Iqbal, Dor and Om Shanti Om. He is very versatile and he can play any given role with a lot of belief.

Did you have to go through any South Indian tuitions or training classes for your role?
(laughs) Golmaal Returns cinematographer was fondly called Nutty, short for Natarajan. Me and Shreyas used to go to him and ask him, "Agar Bachao bolna hai to kaise bolna hai?" (laughs).

So I was the one who was using the maximum South Indian words. Even though I was a girl born and brought up in Mumbai, you still have a tendency to use your Bengali, South Indian or a Gujarati language at home.

Credit should go to Nutty Sir for bearing me throughout Golmaal Returns.

So how is the de-glam Celina attired in the film?
Very simple, with kurta's, jeans and jholas and of course, the South Indian saree and the ghaghra - choli which many wear down south. I am also wearing black contact lenses which were ordered for me especially from London.

Practically no make up for me except the kaajal. My character took a real turn when I and Shreyas were filming this engagement scene in the hotel where I was wearing the lehenga with gajra and a choti.

A typical South Indian look. We had some aunts and uncles too in the scene. But some of the people from the hotel misunderstood us as the South Indian family. It was hilarious.

With you being paired opposite Shreyas, are we going to see you with any of the other co-actor in the film?
Yes. For a change, Golmaal Returns is not cliched. I've got many scenes with Ajay Devgan in the film. It was interesting working with him because I've been a big fan of his since I saw Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. He is a very intense actor. He is my favourite romantic hero too.

Tell us a bit about the unexplored side of the funny bunch of actors in the film.
Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade are the most fun co-stars I've worked with till date. Three of us get along like a house on fire. We'd start laughing in the morning and after pack up we stop. We keep on sending messages to each other talking nonsense all day long. It is fun.

Why would people return to watch Golmaal Returns this time around?
Honestly, leave your mind at home, brains at home. Come with an open heart with full entertainment. Laugh a lot and go back home and then again if you feel watching it twice, come back or should I say - Return?

You will see the lightest side of the most complex situations that people are put into in Golmaal Returns. It's not slapstick, it's situational.

This time around, are we going to see the scene continue from where it was left in Golmaal one where Ajay and Arshad do a spoof on the film Black?
(laughs) How did you come to know about this? But yes, the most famous 'Black' scene is there in part two too and I am somewhere there in it.

We started shooting that scene on the same day of the Press conference we had for unveiling the first look of Golmaal Returns. That same day at 11pm, we started and finished it at 7am the next day. In fact, you will see Black and Red too (laughs). Don't worry, Red is just me being silly.

Do you think that Golmaal Returns is the apt title for the second part?
Yes, because the first part Golmaal was a hit. Everybody knew Golmaal and the title track of the film. So when you're trying to create the same magic for the similar star cast with the same kind of story continuing, I think nothing could be better than adding 'returns' to the first name.

Tell us about one of the famous Mithun Chakraborty song you sang and fell down laughing.
(laughs) We were singing 'Zoobie Zoobie Zoobie' from the film Dance Dance. And Shreyas and Tusshar also joined in the act. It's one of our all time favourite songs. We sang the song all the way to Thailand and back. Imagine us three dancing to the song (laughs).

Are you aware of the fact that the media counts you as one of the most intelligent actresses around after Lara Dutta?
Me and Lara are best of friends. So it's good to know that. I don't know what makes me intelligent. I just speak my mind and if you think that's intelligent then be it.

Me and Lara come from a very strong third and fourth generation
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Ajay Devgan to direct a wacky comedy!

Ever since Ajay's directorial debut venture, U ME AUR HUM failed to make much of an impact at the box–office or even garner critical acclaim, not much has been heard about the actor–director, save for a few shooting details about his next film, the animated TOONPOOR KA SUPERHERO and Rajkumar Santoshi's LONDON DREAMS. His fans heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him in peak form once again in Rohit Shetty's destined to succeed, GOLMAAL RETURNS.

However, there is more good news in store for his fans who are more than willing to give Devgan a second chance at direction. He confirms that he is producing two films under his banner, Devgan Entertainment Software Ltd. One of the films will be directed by an outside director, Chandan Arora of MAIN MADHURI DIXIT BANNA CHAHTI HOON and MAIN MERI PATNI AUR WOH. For the next project, Devgan himself will take up the responsibilities of direction. The film will be whacky comedy, a fun film but with sensibilities attached to it.

So, with Prakash Jha's RAJNEETI, Rajkumar Santoshi's LONDON DREAMS and a few more projects in the pipeline the super–actor seems set for another big innings, even though he has been going through a rough patch off late
All the best, Ajay.
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Ramu impressed with Mallika's HISSSS!!

Ram Gopal Verma drops in on the sets of HISSSS ... And gets blown away by what he saw!

It was the first time RGV visited the sets of someone else's film and is all praises about it. The director dropped in on the sets of Mallika's HISSSS and was very impressed with what he saw.

Apparently RGV heard about the film from Mallika and immediately expressed his desire to visit the sets to see how Robert worked on creating the much–hyped 'naagin' of the film.

Mallika then invited RGV to the sets and the director was so impressed with Robert's work and the treatment of the film that he went on to say that HISSSS has the potential to become one of the greatest films made in India.

In fact, the director also expressed desire to work with Robert for one of his films in the near future.
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