Deepika Padukone in Love

Deepika Padukone in LoveDeepika is not denying love for Siddharth Mallaya. But she isn't admitting it either. Tell her about the rumours and she laughs, “We all know how true such rumours are. I'm very uncomfortable about talking it. Let the press write and say what it has to. I'm not saying anything. ”

So did Siddharth lose weight on svelte Deepika's say-so?

Speaking of Sid's size Deepika sighs, “Let me put it this way. If someone decides to lose that much weight the willpower has to come from within, and not from someone else. Beyond that I wouldn't know why he lost so much weight. I never had to lose so much weight. ”

She opens up when talking about her career. At the moment it's all very hush-hush. But here's the inside information. A very sensitive and passionate filmmaker known for his epic vision and grand spectacles is planning to remake Shakti Samanta's 1971 classic Amar Prem. The director will cast Deepika Padukone in Sharmila Tagore role.

And Deepika is all for it. “I think it's a great compliment. I'd love to do a film like Amar Prem. I want to do a classic Hindi-film heroine's part. That's my true calling. I'm really looking forward to it. ”

There is a special bonding burgeoning between Deeepika and Sharmila Tagore who plays her mother in new-director Danish Aslam's film Break Ke Baad. The screen mother-daughter spend hours together.

Deepika can't keep the admiration out of her voice while speaking of the senior actress. “We had our dimples in common, and that broke the ice. She's one of the most eleganty ladies I've come across. ”


Robot is comparable to Sholay: Rajnikant

Robot is comparable to Sholay: RajnikantSouthern superstar Rajnikant, who leaves audiences in awe with his implausible stunts and unique styles, says his forthcoming sci-fi movie "Robot" is the first Indian film of its type and that every aspect of it is comparable to cult Hindi movie "Sholay".

"Around Rs.160 crore has been invested to make the film. It's fantastic; technical excellence is there. 'Sholay' made history not because of the money or budget involved, not because it was a multi-starrer, not because of the technicalities, but because of its subject. The way Salim-Javed had written it, the way Ramesh Sippy directed the film, the way human emotions were created, the character Veeru, Jay, Basanti...

"Like 'Sholay', in 'Robot' too there is an excellent storyline, excellent character sketches. This is the first Indian story of its type. It's science fiction and excellently made, " Rajnikanth told reporters at the music release of "Robot" at JW Marriot Saturday.

Director Shankar has made the movie bilingual as "Robot" in Hindi and "Endhiran" in Tamil. Aishwarya Rai plays the female lead opposite Rajnikant in both the versions.

The actor says he accepted such a tough and challenging role only because of his trust in director Shankar, with whom he gave the blockbuster "Sivaji".

"Shankar is an excellent technician and one of the best directors of India who can mix the class and commercial elements very well. I did 'Sivaji' with him and I trust him completely, so I agreed to do the film - else I would have not done the film as it is a very tough and challenging role, " said Rajnikant.

First Kamal Haasan was supposed to do the role and even Shah Rukh Khan was approached.

When asked about that, Rajni enthralled the press with his witty reply: "'Daane daane pe likha hai khane wale ka Naam'."

The music was launched by Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and his entire family was present on the occasion.

"Thank you so much for inviting me and giving me the honour and privilege of releasing the audio of this much talked about film. I am very privileged because I have a long association with Rajni.

There is no doubt in my mind that he is indeed son of the soil and he is the person who is greatly, greatly loved and admired by every Indians, " said Big B at the launch.

Rajnikant, too, remembered his long association with Big B and said: "Amitji is my inspiration and I can't forget the films I did with him - 'Andhaa Kaanoon', 'Giraftar' and 'Hum'. I can't forget the love, affection, care he showed towards me at that time. Thank you very much the evergreen Amitji."


Prachi Desai gambling at casinos in Oz

Prachi Desai gambling at casinos in OzPrachi Desai took her first-ever trip to Australia two weeks ago.

Though she was there for an event in Sydney, she made the most of it by meeting her sister Esha, who studies in Melbourne and catching up with her best friend Manpi, who lives in Perth.

The actress had planned to be there on her birthday this year, but couldn't due to work commitments.

Overdue holiday

Prachi admits that she stayed on for pleasure, although she was there for work, "This time I worked it around so I had some free time and could spend it with my sister and my best friend, who flew to Melbourne to meet me.

It was a long-overdue holiday. Even after Once Upon A Time In Mumbai released, I didn't have a week off to holiday."

She gushes about the local transit system, "It was so much fun going around in the trams and trains in a group. Everything here shuts down around 6 pm, except places like casinos and pubs.

I am not great at gambling so I asked our friends to play with my money, and we won a bit."

Desai says she's awestruck by the Eureka Sky Deck experience, "It's a place from where you can see all of Melbourne... it is breathtakingly beautiful.

You get into this glass box like an elevator. It slides out and you are almost suspended mid-air and can see the entire city on all four sides.

I really wish I could study there too... I miss growing up with friends, " she trails off.


I'm not dieting: Katrina Kaif

I`m not dieting: Katrina KaifBinges on Punjabi dhaba food en route to Chandigarh

Katrina Kaif, who has been religiously dieting and working out (the cinnabons she ate on Farah Khan's sets being the sole exception) to maintain her slim and svelte look, gave in to temptation yesterday when she and her co-stars stopped at a roadside dhaba to feast on Punjabi khaana.

Deserted dhaba

Says a source close to the actress, "Imran and Kat suddenly decided to stop at a roadside dhaba to sample the food there. Ali and the crew of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan were also with them. The unit had wound up the shoot at Mussourie and were on their way to Chandigarh.

The dhaba was one of those quaint, rustic ones you see on highways. It was completely deserted. Katrina, Imran and Ali thoroughly enjoyed eating there without the restriction of people staring at them."

Guilty pleasure

The actors decided to take a break after a six-hour long drive. "Kat took one look at the rich, spicy Punjabi food and decided break her diet and have some too.

She enjoyed herself thoroughly, ordering daal, rotis, chicken and mutton. She normally avoids too much oily and spicy food but just couldn't resist the food when she saw it.

Now, she will have some rigorous dieting and workouts to do when she reaches Chandigarh." Says Katrina, "I am not dieting. I am feasting on some delicious tadka daal and mutton."


First Look: Salman goes under knife to look younger

First Look: Salman goes under knife to look youngerSalman Khan has got the bags under his eyes 'fixed'. And we have the exclusive photographs

Over the weekend, Salman Khan sported dark glasses on Bigg Boss throughout the one-hour duration of the show (on Friday and Saturday).

There were murmurs about the actor getting surgery to fix the bags under his eyes.

We decided to play the wait-and-watch game and see if he'd sport dark sunglasses when he walked the ramp the following day for his Being Human show. It paid off. Sallu came with a chashma on.

He'd flown to Dubai last week, where he had the procedure done. A doctor from Singapore flew in especially for the Khan.

After the show, our photographer Satyajit Desai (see box) clicked pictures of the actor without his shades. We'll let the pictures talk for themselves.

What's that?

As we grow older, a common, noticeable effect manifests itself through what we simply calls bags under our eyes.

This happens because the protective coating of fat bordering our eyes begins to sag (blame gravity and our skin becoming less supple over the years).

This makes us look older and also gives one a ceaselessly worn-out look.

Wanna look younger? Through eye-bag elimination treatment, one can. Sagging upper eyelids can be corrected through cosmetic eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty.

This involves removing excess skin and pockets of fat from the upper and lower eyelids. This treatment takes around one to three hours. It is often performed under local anesthetic as a day procedure.

Most people return to work after a week or so, depending on the type of work they do. Side-effects include bruising and swelling around the eyes and can last up to three weeks.

Gerard did it, too

In 2009, actor Gerard Butler made news for reportedly going under the knife for an under-eye surgery. He was spotted leaving an eye clinic wearing dark shades, sparking off speculation.

Even though the actor's publicist refused to comment, sources confirmed that Gerard had gone for a quick touch-up to remove the baggy skin under his eyes.

Aankhon dekha haal

"Last night, when Salman walked the ramp with his glares on, there was a buzz that he had injured his eyes while shooting.

Speculation was rife as he'd been seen with covered eyes for three days. Some felt that one of his dogs scratched his eye while playing. Another group was convinced that smoke from firecrackers hurt his eyes.

I wanted to find out the truth so I started following Salman the moment the show got over. I found him sitting near his vanity van lying in a chair with ice on his eyes. His security asked me to stay away because Salman could get angry if I tried to take pictures but I just had to know why he was wearing glares.

While some of the actresses like Rani, Sangeeta Bijlani, Priyanka, Bipasha, Katrina came to meet him, I took some pictures but it was when he was getting into his car that he took off his glares and I got these pictures."


Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in "Tees Maar Khan" - Photos

Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in a Qawaali song in upcoming new movie "Tees Maar Khan"
Tees Maar Khan
Tees Maar Khan movie still
Tees Maar Khan movie wallpapers


Mugdha Godse on Maxim India Magazine - Photos

Mugdha Godse has appeared in indian celebrities hot magazine Maxim in September issue 2010.
Mugdha Godse on Maxim

Shah Rukh Khan meets cast of comedy Hindi movie Khichdi - Photos, Video

SRK meets Khichdi Starcast
Shah Rukh Khan met the cast and crew of 'Khichdi - The Movie', and apologised for not turning up earlier when they unveiled the film's poster outside his house Mannat in Bandra, Mumbai.
He has promised that he will watch the comedy film, which is a big screen adaptation of the popular small screen show 'Khichdi'.
"If I get late, I will call for a copy and watch it, after all ghar ki khichdi hai (afterall, it's within the family)," said Shah Rukh, who is an inspiration for the 'Khichdi' team for making a successful transition from being a TV actor to one of India's most sought after superstars. He has even urged the public to support the film.
"Please go out and watch this film if you feel like laughing with your family, I can assure you it will be a fun-filled evening," he added.
The actors - Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, Rajeev Mehta and Nimisha Vakharia - too hope that the film is as successful as the series were and treads the same path as Shah Rukh, who created a niche for himself with serials like 'Fauji' and 'Circus' and went on to make it big in Bollywood.
"SRK taught us humility and that is why he is truly our inspiration, and we thank him for coming here personally and giving his best wishes to all of us. He told us - 'All the best, god bless'," said producer-actor J.D. Mathejia of Hats Off Productions.
SRK meets Khichdi Starcast



AISHWARYA RAI new photos


Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukerji at HDIL Couture Week 2010 - Photos

Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukerji at HDIL Couture Week 2010
Rani Mukerji at at HDIL Couture Week
Rani Mukerhji at at HDIL Couture Week
Rani Mukerjee at at HDIL Couture Week
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