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Aarti Chabria Latest Hot Pics


Aarti Chabbria at Neil Nitin Mukesh’s home for Ganeshotsav

The hot bollywood girl Aarti Chabria who has won in Khatron Ke Khiladi this year.  Thanking lord Ganesha for her success in Cape Town and otherwise she has been visiting few of her friend’s houses for ganesh darshan. One such visit at a dear friend’s house during the festivity was actor Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Neil and Aarti have known each other since their college days at HR. “I visited Neil’s home for ganesh darshan and it was a divine experience. The idol was live size and beautifully decorated. I wish I had stayed longer for the aarti but I had to leave.”

Post Khatron Ke Khiladi, Aarti wants to do something that will really be exciting for her as an actor. She is reading a lot of scripts and will sign something only when it is worth her while. “This year I pray to lord Ganesha only for my family’s happiness & well being” signs off Aarti Chabria.

Aarti Chabaria showing sexy Bare back

Aarti Chabaria showing sexy Bare back

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Aarti Chabaria latest pics

Aarti ChabariaAarti ChabariaAarti ChabariaAarti ChabariaAarti ChabariaAarti ChabariaAarti Chabaria

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I love Shah Rukh Khan: Aarti Chabaria

Q. Your favourite perfume?
A. Monchino.

Q. Your favourite car?

Q. Your favourite holiday destination? A. New York.

Q. Your favourite eating joint?
A. I love the Chinese cuisine served at China Garden. I also like Pav Bhaaji which we get at the Juhu circle.

Q. Your favourite actor?
A. Shahrukh Khan.

Q. Your favourite film?
A. Dilwalle Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

Q. Your fitness regime?
A. I go to gym everyday. I do more of freehand exercises than using up weights. I am always on a nutritional diet.

Q. Would we see you in any of the music videos again?
A. Not at the moment. Maybe if something good comes up, I shall think.

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I don't dig for men: Aarti Chabaria

Q. What type of man do you dig for?
A. First of all, I don’t dig for man. I prefer a self-made man, who’s down to earth. One who’s loving and caring. Someone who understands me and pampers me a lot. He should have respect for my parents. He should also have a killer smile.

Q. Your favourite romantic getaway would be…
A. Gold coast. It’s a beautiful beach in Australia. In India, it would be Goa.

Q. Do you believe that men are from mars and women from Venus?
A. No. I don’t.

Q. Which man inspires you the most?
A. My dad for the person he is. He is head strong, focused in life, very intelligent and educated. He has taught me that money isn’t all that matters in life. He believes in good will. He has proved to be a great husband and the greatest father.

Q. If given a chance to date a historical character who would he be and why?
A. Hitler. Maybe I would have brought out the romantic angle in him and prevented Second World War from taking place.

Q. You believe in one night stand or commitment?
A. Definitely, commitment.

Q. Can a man and a woman have a platonic relationship?
A. People say that a man and a woman can’t be friends, but I believe that they can take care of each other without any sexual feelings attached to it.

Q. Your first crush?
A. There was a cute boy residing in my society. I used to go and stand for my school bus half an hour before to take a glimpse of this boy.

Q. Your take on institution of marriage from the point of view of you being a bachelor?
A. Indian culture and rashams are very rich and meaningful. Our traditions and culture should definitely be followed. I feel marriage is a very important part of anyone’s life.

Q. What would you do if your man is found to be a gay?
A. First of all, I can never fall for a guy who’s a gay. His body language and behaviour would easily suggest his state.

Q. Is the sense of humour most important to you?
A. It’s not the most important. The most important is that the guy should love me. There should be an argument between us on the fact that who loves whom the most.

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Actress Aarti Chhabria's Midnight snack!

Guilty pleasure: Having a dessert after every meal since I have a
major sweet tooth

- High spirits: I am not a regular drinker but I enjoy a Kahlua sometimes

- Juices: I love juices like carrot, apple, sweet lime and fresh orange juice in the morning

- Meats: Chicken dishes are my favourite. I also relish Goan fish curry and crab

- Kinky surprise: Is tomato sauce. I can have it with almost anything

- Midnight snack:

If I have to have something late at night, it has to be home-made pizza

- Sinful indulgence: Is a chocolate mousse cake and a plate of sizzling hot brownies

- Haven’t thrown away: I never throw away chocolates and cheese

- Can’t do without: Something to drink along with my food. It could be
nimbu pani, a khus sharbat or even a glass of lassi


Bollywoods Hot Actress Aarti Chabria's untold story chopped

In what could perhaps be the first time in the history of Hindi cinema, the protagonist of a film (which even borrows its title from her name), would not be seen in the film. To make matters more interesting, all of this happens when she has actually shot for the film in a major way, only to see a cool exit from the final cut of the film.

The actor in question? Aarti Chabria . The film? Anamika - The Unfold Story. Over to film's director Anath Mahadevan to give is spill the beans on the 'untold story'!

'This is purely an editorial decision which has made us do away with Aarti's part completely from the final cut of 'Anamika'', informs Ananth Mahadevan who had 'Victoria No. 203' and 'Aggar' releasing in 2007, 'In the film, 'Anamika' is the figment of Minissha Lamba's mind, who plays Dino Morea's wife. While Aarti and Dino are married earlier, after her death Dino doesn't want anything around him which would remind him of his wife.Disclosing more about the film's plot, Mahadevan adds, 'Due to this reason, he lets go of everything, whether it is her belongings or photographs. This leaves Minissha clueless about how Anamika would have looked like. Though we did shoot major portions with Aarti in the beginning, during editorial sitting it seemed to make sense if we don't project on screen what she looked like.

It only added on to the confusion of Minissha's character since just like audience, even she would not be in the know-how of 'Anamika' and could only speculate about her.'

So is it a complete exit for Aarti? Says Mahadevan in a regretful tone, 'Unfortunately yes, even though she did a good job in the film. She does appear here and there but you have to catch her since she is visible only in flashes. However, the decision had to be taken since the character of 'Anamika' only gains due to this and becomes bigger. For something which comes out of imagination, it would not have made sense to show it in flesh and blood.'

For an actor who has worked ####### a film, it may be quite a tough call to follow the director's vision. 'There is nothing controversial here and I am sure Aarti will understand the situation', says a hopeful Ananth.

An adaptation of Rebecca, Anamika - The Untold Story, which is produced by Bhanwar Lal Sharma, also stars Koena Mitra and Gulshan Grover apart from Dino, Minissha and a non-existant Aarti. With music by Anu Malik, the film is releasing this Friday.

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