Emraan Hashmi loves horror flicks more than romantic films

Emraan HashmiKnown as serial kisser in Bollywood Emraan Hashmi has enjoyed his playboy image in most of his films. Except his last film Awarpan where he tried to be different but failed to attract his fans. Apparently the actor himself feels that his naughty streak was missing in the film. Now he promises to continue his much popular playboy image.

Emraan is looking forward to work on Mohit Suri’s Raaz 2. This sequel of Raaz will once again have Emraan and Kangana Ranaut together in main lead. This will be their second movie after Gangster.

Apprently Emraan who has tried different genres, reveals that he loves the Horror genre. Also feels that the horror genre has never been explored properly in Bollywood.

According to him Raaz 2 will be unlike other Bollywood horror flicks. “Bollywood’s scary movies have been all about loud sounds and hideous makeup but Raaz 2 is going to change the definition of horror films. The scenes in the film are scary as we are actually shooting in the creepiest of places.”

Being thrilled of shooting at such creepy places, Emraan reminisces “We have shot in a place called Panghar in Rajathan. We were told not to shoot there after sunset by the villagers. We were amazed to see that there was not a single government office in the area because it is said to be a haunted place. We have shot at such places to make the film authentic.”

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Big B finally shoots for Aladdin

Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladdin was supposed to release last month, but was postponed because Amitabh Bachchan, who plays Genie, could not find the time to shoot a few of his scenes. Now, after a three-month delay, the production house has announced that shooting will begin today.

“Yes, Mr. Bachchan has finally given us time. We were worried about the Bachchan dates. Because of his health and his other commitments, the film was pushed back.”

Amitabh was admitted to hospital on his birthday (11th October) and after a month’s rest, he started shooting first for Teen Patti.

Director Sujoy Ghosh said, “I was not at all worried about the completion of the film. Amitji is a very professional actor and I knew he’d keep his promise. Last October, things didn’t work out because of his health problem. It’s really great to see a senior actor get back to shape so quickly.

“We wanted to release the film during the Christmas season. But now we are planning on releasing it during the summer vacation (April-May, 09).”

Big B has also confirmed the shoot. In his blog, he writes, “The shooting of Aladdin beckons tomorrow (2nd Jan, 09). A song and the last days of the film. Shiamak Davar and his crew. Disciplined and worthy.”
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Sonya Jehan in My Name is Khan

Sonya Jehan (pictured left), grand daughter of singer-actress the late Noor Jehan, will be seen in Karan Johar's forthcoming movie “My Name is Khan”.

The actress, who debuted with Akbar Khan's “Taj Mahal” three years ago and was also seen in the movie “Khoya Khoya Chaand”, is highly excited about working under a big banner.

She will be playing the second lead with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol playing the main lead. SRK is shown as an autistic and will be seen sporting a complete new look with cropped hairstyle. The film is being shot in Los Angeles.
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What I want this New Year…

The New Year resolutions of Bollywood celebrities and the gifts they want in the year ahead were rather different from previous times as many were impacted by the 26/11 terror strikes. Tolerance among communities, spending more time with the family and becoming better human beings topped their wish list.

Mugdha Godse (pictured right): My resolution is to voice my opinion and to vote to be a better citizen. And I want to entertain audiences in good films. A great gift for all of us this New Year would be a good leader who can make Mumbai a better city.

Celina Jaitley: My New Year resolution is to work on my shortcomings as a human being. And the one gift that I'd want from my countrymen is not to forget 26/11.

Raveena Tandon: My resolution is not to get complacent but to work towards making a difference to our lives. The gift I want is from everyone to work as one community.

Dia Mirza: I don't save resolutions for the New Year. I believe if there's a need to do something, it should be done immediately. My wish for the New Year is to be part of an informed and motivated government that will ensure our security, peace, health and progress.

Paresh Rawal:
This New Year I want to start yoga and get the great Gujarati writer Madhu Rai to write an exciting play for me.

Boman Irani: I've never made New Year resolutions. Resolutions are surrounded by guilt. I don't need that for the New Year.

Nandana Sen: New Year resolution? To spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. And my gift? Tolerance among people, communities and countries.

Sonu Sood:
My New Year resolution is to start a trust or organisation in my mother's memory to help poor children study as my mother was a professor. And I'd like to get an award for one of my performances in 2008 as my New Year gift.

Aftab Shivdasani:
I don't want to make a New Year resolution and I don't expect any gifts.

Amrita Arora:
My resolution is to be a better person, tolerant and patient. And my gift? Happiness in abundance for me and my loved ones.

Himesh Reshammiya:
My New Year resolution is to deliver the biggest hit of 2009. And the gift I want from god is to be super-creative in whatever I do.

Payal Rohatgi:
My resolution is to be more caring towards my family, as the whole "Bigg Boss" experience and 26/11 attacks made me value them and realise that one can only trust one's family. My one gift? A film with Shah Rukh Khan. Hope god is listening.

Mona Singh:
No particular resolution. Just a list of things that I want to keep doing. As for gifts, unexpected gifts are the sweetest.

Rajeev Khandelwal: My resolution? To be a better citizen and to spread awareness among the youth to make our country the best.
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Katrina not satisfied with what she’s done so far

She may have starred in hit comic capers like "Namastey London", "Partner", "Welcome" and "Singh Is Kinng", but actress Katrina Kaif says she is yet to do an "out and out comic role".

"I think I have yet to do a great comic role. I have done a lot of comedy films but I don't think I have done an out and out comic role," she told IANS.

According to Katrina, her character in "Namastey London" was kind of funny but not a real comic role. "I still haven't really done a comedy yet," she said.
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Chinese astrology warns Kareena

Chinese Astrology is based on 12 original animals. All of us represent an animal and the animal is believed to be the guiding factor in each person's life, which gives them their traits, success, and happiness in their lifetime.

Kareena Kapoor, who was bron in 1980 and is a Monkey by Chinese calendar, will have ups and downs in 2009 as predicted by Chinese astrology.

Although her career will be rocking and will have ample opportunities, she should not get married in 2009. She has to keep her anger in control else things can go for the worse. She will be in an indecisive frame of mind, which will get her in trouble.

So not a very good year for Kareena… says Chinese astrology!
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"As a kid I used to dance on SRK's song from Baazigar" - Anushka Sharma

The best compliment Anushka Sharma received for her performance in Rab Ne Bana De Jodi came from Yash Chopra. "He came up to me and said mine was one of the best performances he had seen by a debutant. He placed his hand on my head while saying this. So he was blessing me."

She was also not presented with the poise finesse and sophistication associated with the typical Yash Raj heroine. Anushka defends the banner stoutly. "You're right. Even when girls are presented as seedhi-saadhi in a Yash Raj film she's glamorous. And coming from a glam background I wouldn't have minded being glossy in my first film. But you know what? This was such a huge opportunity. I couldn't have asked for more. I fell in love with my character and the film. It's a dream role for any debutante. I can always get into chiffon saris in the next Yash Raj film. Or the one after that..."

It's interesting how Anushka got Rab Ne Bana De Jodi. "I was auditioned and short-listed. Then Adi auditioned me personally and I was on."

Ask her how she managed to be so natural in her first film and Anushka laughs, "All the while I was modeling in Bangalore. Maybe there was an actor lurking within me. I'm crazy about my modeling work. I love the ramp and the backstage banter. I moved to Mumbai a year ago. Movies were not a priority. I don't come from a film background, don't know how the industry works. I didn't know anyone here."

But Anushka was always a huge Shah Rukh fan. "My dad is in the army and when they would've these functions in the mess, I'd dance to Shah Rukh's 'Kitabe Bahut Si Padhi Hogi' from Baazigar. I must've been 3 at that time. I wasn't just Shah Rukh's fan. I'm his trueblue admirer. I always loved the way he conducted himself. Now after having worked with him I love him even more. Rab Ne...was like my school where Shah Rukh and Adi were my teachers."

However Anushka wasn't over-instructed. "Adi never told me what to do beyond a point. In fact he gave me the liberty to interpret my character how I wanted after making me read the lines. Imagine a newcomer getting so much freedom in her first film! I must have given my DOP Mr Ravi Chandran so much grief. I knew nothing about camera angles. I didn't even understand focus marks. Shah Rukh was doing that for me. Adi and Shah Rukh made things so comfortable for me. These things matter a lot when you're starting out."

Anushka didn't have to make a strenuous effort to act. "Even modeling is a kind of performance. On the ramp you are representing a concept. In a film you're projecting an individual. But the transition wasn't hard for me. Because in real life I'm as simple as the girl I play in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Yes, I do like to dress up and walk the ramp. But that isn't the real me."

Anushka was lucky to be brought up in Bangalore. "Otherwise army officers who give their lives for the country (and I'm proud to be born to a soldier's daughter) could be posted anywhere in the back of the beyond. That gets really tough on their kids. Me and My brother (who used to be a state-level cricketer) got the best of education in Bangalore."

Mumbai is now Anushka's home. "I kept coming to Mumbai for modeling assignments. I decided to move into Mumbai a year ago with my mom, since my dad is posted out. I haven't bought my place. Right now I'm very comfortable in the army quarters. I don't feel the need to move from where I am."

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I'm desperately looking for a young, chocolate boy: Prachi Desai

All of a sudden, Prachi Desai is a star, 'kasam se'! Not that she wasn't. She was considered one while on the small screen, but the big screen is a different ball game altogether. And not just a star - she's spoken of in informed circles as the newest version of India's Sweetheart, like Karisma Kapoor decades before.

The film that made her one was Abhishek Kapoor's Rock On, where her sweet rasp and expressive features saw her as a perfect romantic foil for Farhan Akhtar's panicked banker role and a morally tested rockstar.

We spoke with the petite actress on a Sunday morning, almost brunch time though, to talk about her on going rocking life. She cheerfully replied, "It's a different feeling now and definitely a change for the better.

Rock On will always be special for me. But I have to move on and can't stick to the films success always". Listening to Prachi's comment, we move on to Life Partner, her second offering which also happens to be Abbas Mustan's first production directed by Rumi Jaffery. Miss Desai takes me back on how the film landed up at her doorstep.

"When I was shooting for Rock On, I got a call from Rumi Jaffery, who wanted to meet me regarding a film he was making. Because it was my first meeting with him, he did not narrate the entire script to me.

Rumi had one thing very clear that he wanted me to be a part of Life Partner. But I got the film because it was a romantic comedy and I'm sure he must've seen me on the small screen before signing me", said Prachi.

She also isn't in a hasty mood to sign anything. "I have been warned right from the beginning that I cannot afford to be making wrong and hasty decisions just because I'm new", comments the actress.

So is moving on from the small screen to the big screen a hasty or a wrong decision? Answers Prachi, "I think that was a smart move because the daily soap I was doing was about to take a twenty year leap which I wasn't ready for. I didn't want to play a mother of a twenty one year old."

Friendship is where the story of Life Partner picks up from. The said film, as described by Prachi Desai, is about relationships before marriage and how tough it gets after tying the knot. But how tough was it for the actress to be working with a director who made a flop like God Tussi Great Ho was something which she had to answer.

"That's very true. I began shooting for Life Partner immediately after Rock On. After I finished my first schedule of filming for Life Partner, I saw the promos of God Tussi...and then came to know that the film did not perform well at the box office.

More sad to know is the fact that the film got released after three to four years in the making. But that was past and its over. After Life Partner releases, I will surely say - 'God Tussi Great Ho'", replied Prachi.

The actress reveals that she has signed yet another film after Life Partner, but does not want to mention the name of the film nor the director.

All she comes out open with is, "The only thing I can tell you is that I will start shooting for my third film from March' 09 onwards. It's a big production house film. Give me a month's time and I will be out in the open with the name of the film".

To be working with Abbas Mustan is nothing short of an achievement. You have to be lucky and lucky she is. "The first thing I noticed about Life Partner was that Abbas Mustan were producing it.

I would love to work with them under their direction too, as I've grown up watching their films like Baazigar, Ajnabee and Soldier", said the chirpy actress. With so much said and done, I quizzed Prachi on whether she is looking forward to win many awards for her stunning debut performance come Jan and Feb '09.

And to my surprise, in a relaxed tone, she said, "I've already won a debut award in Kolkata where Rock On also won the Best Film. I've also won an award just a couple of day back as a 'Sabse Favourite Heroine' which was showcased on Star Gold. Now I am looking forward for more. I am really happy that I've received these two awards."

Ga-ga over awards, she also cannot stop showering praise on her competitive colleagues.

"I'd heard so much about Mugdha's performance in Fashion that I had to watch the film. I saw it and can now believe what everyone was talking about. Mugdha's role wasn't the typical, sweet heroine types. She was amazing in Fashion.

I haven't seen Adah Sharma's 1920 but have seen Sonal Chauhan in Jannat. She was good too. But the one who is likely to win is Anushka Sharma from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. She was brilliant. It's a tough competition this time."

With New Year just a couple of days away, Prachi tells us on how she wishes to celebrate the end of 2008 and look forward to a bright and successful 2009.

"I won't be in town. All my television friends will be going out of Mumbai to celebrate our New Year. It won't be as great as my last two because 26/11 has changed all of that. I am not in a mood to celebrate and will keep it low profile", said Prachi.

Well, there was just about time to ask Prachi Desai couple of last questions - one on a bad habit she would like to leave behind in 2008. She said, "I am fed up with my lazy life right now. While doing television, we used to work for 24/7.

With films it's an easy and a lazy life but a bigger and a better life too". And what about that special someone in her life? Will 2009 bring the real 'Life Partner' for this cutie pie? "I am desperately looking for young, chocolate boy; one to suit my type kind of a guy. I don't mind attending college to find my 'Life Partner'."

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I use to curse them it was so painful: Deepika Padokone

Q.Your first thought when you were offered CC2C
. The first thought was oh! My god an action film with Akshay Kumar, he is the king of action. But I have managed to pull it off. I never thought that so early I would get chance to work with Akshay Kumar. This is his come back in action films after a long time and I was thrilled about it. It was nice to work with Nikhil Advani and entire team of CC2C.

Q. What preparations have you done for the film as you also have some action scenes in the film?
Well a lot, I started training actually six months before I started shooting. I trained in India in jujitsu before I had trainers from hong-kong who were to train me in specific act that we were going to shoot for the film.

It was torturous because been on the cable were painful, I have never done that before and my body would ach at the end of the day and get a massage. But next day back on the cables. But I think its all paid off.

Q. How was the experience shooting in Delhi to great wall of china.
I always thought that I would go the great wall of china as a tourist and not for the shoot, but I'm proud of the fact that an Indian film and me a part of the film, we have managed to work this out to shoot at great wall of china, I don’t think its possible quiet often.

And definitely its an accomplishments as an actor that certain things we would like to shoot at one of the big locales. Although it was extremely cold when we were shooting there and I give the credit to the entire unit member, it is very difficult to carry the equipment up and down they have worked hard to it and it all pays off once you see the result.

Q. Has Akshay seen any of your action scenes, has he commented anything?
While training he was not around and thank god because I would have been a nervous wreck but what he actually helped was when we had a fight sequence together, I was sweating and completely tensed and he said this is not the way you do action, you have to be calm, act it like a dance and completely graceful while doing this scenes.

Being a dancer grace comes naturally to me, but being calm with sword in your hand where Akshay Kumar is in front of you is not possible, but we rehearsed a lot and I'm looking forward to that scene.

Q. International crew.
International crew that we have worked is Warner Bros. And the major part was from India we had a Hong Kong crew also there were crew from India. It's nice to see how people have different creative minds, we have learnt a lot from them they have got lot to learn from us. I would also like to mention Gordon liu… we are absolutely previledge that he agreed to be a part of our film.

Q.Dee dee Ku - International action choreographer
Th was wonderful working with mr. Dee dee Ku, but during the action sequence I use to curse them it was so painful and difficult and next day I use to wonder how will I do that. But he would come on the set with a silky hair and a smile on his face like all will be ok.

Q. Gordon Liu of 36th Cahmbers of shaolin and roger Yuan the master of kungfu.
Fortunately, I don’t have any action sequence with Gordon Liu and the best part is I play his bodyguard in the film, he is like my father figure in the film.

He is a sweet person, we didn't communicate much because language was the barrier but without saying much we would understand what we were saying and I'm really happy that after dubbing for the film he really appreciated the action that I have done in the film.

He came to me and congratulated me, he shook my hand and said that he has never seen a girl doing that kind of action, for me that is some sort of satisfaction because he is the kung fu master himself and I've just attempted some thing new for which I have been appreciated. It was wonderful feeling.

Q. Memorable experiences
The entire film, we have been shooting for almost a year now. Its unforgettable experience working for this film, it’s a huge platform for me.

Q. Song
There is theis beautiful slow song where I and Akshay jumps of from the building. The entire song is CG, and it’s a different experience, as its slow romantic song and most women tend to be dancing but I was tied to the cable and was having umbrella in my hand and holding Akshay with one hand because it’s the whole thing where I'm rescuing him and this umbrella helps rescue both of us. Thought romantic being on cables this was the most painful song.

Q. Favourite scene from film
The action scenes that I have done because that was lot more challenging to me as compared to other things I have done in the film.

Other thing is since I have double role in the film there is this scene where one of me is locked in the cupboard and other is outside the cupboard it was great shooting for that, for this scene we have used this technique called stopblock where you shoot then you have to lock your camera then I go and change for my another look and go into other bit very interesting and one of my favourite scenes.

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Rimi Sen first time in a dual role

Rimi Sen, who has been away from the Bollywood scene for quite some time will now be seen in a double role for the first time in Abdul Samee Siddiqui's film Horn Ok Pleassss….It is learnt that Rimi shall be playing two diversely opposite characters in the comic caper.

The actress who was known as the lucky mascot of bollywood was last seen in De Taali. When quizzed about the role the actress said "when I heard the story and my character, I found it very challenging.

Both my characters are smart and intelligent still they are poles apart in their approach. I am playing Nana Patekar's s wife Ria who is a truck driver and in the other I am the love interest of Muzammil.

Director Rakesh Sarang is an intelligent Filmmaker. It's been fun doing this film. I enjoyed flitting from serious to fun mould of two diverse characters during the shoot."

Produced by Abdul Samee Siddiqui under the banner of Sunrise Pictures Pvt Ltd & Sarang films, Horn Ok pleasss stars Nana Patekar, Muzamil Ibrahim and Shaurya Chouhan and is all set for January 9th release date.

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Even I am very sexy, cute and funny

Singer-actress Sophie Chaudhary is working with Suniel Shetty in Inder Kumar's comic caper "Daddy Cool" and says her co-star feels she is like Oscar award-winning actress Goldie Hawn.

"Suniel calls me the Goldie Hawn of India. He says, like her, even I am very sexy, cute and funny, " Sophie told in an interview.

Sophie, who was recently in the capital to perform at a New Year's Eve function, started her career as a pop singer with the girl band "Sansara", but gained popularity as an MTV VJ.

After her stint on television, Sophie moved to the big screen and featured in films like "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" and "Aggar".

"Singing is my biggest passion, but being a VJ gave me a big name in India when I shifted base to Mumbai from London. Being a VJ is great fun. It's a wonderful job for youngsters. It gives you exposure - when you travel, you gain confidence and you also earn a fan following. But it's not a career you can have for life, " said Sophie.

"I enjoy singing and acting, so I took it up. As a singer I enjoy my stage shows, acting is a new challenge for me. It's exciting, great fun and you wake up as a different person every day, " she added.

Sophie, who is trying to get a foothold in the film industry, was recently seen in an item number in Sanjay Dutt starrer "Kidnap". But she is not afraid of being typecast as an item girl.

"The song I did in 'Kidnap' was my first item number, so I've no fear of being typecast. I did that because I can't say no to either Sanjay Dutt or Sanjay Gadhvi (director of 'Kidnap'). I guess my biggest gain from the song was a compliment from Farah Khan. She doesn't compliment anyone, but she came up to me and said that I look insanely hot in the film, " said Sophie.

Speaking on the year gone by, Sophie says the highlight was her shoot with her idol, Rishi Kapoor.

"I got an opportunity to do a song and a few scenes with him in a Bobby Bedi film, which is slated to release in 2009. The whole experience was wonderful, " said a delighted Sophie.

The singer-VJ-actress is looking forward to a brighter New Year with her upcoming projects that include "Daddy Cool", "Aa Dekhein Zara" with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu and Sanjay Gupta's multi-starrer "Alibaug".

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When SRK rescued Shahid and Priyanka

After Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur have decided to talk about how the terror attacks of 26/11 were hard on them too.

The buzz is that the cast and crew of their new movie with Vishal Bharadwaj- 'Kaminay' were shooting outdoors at Marine Drive on that fateful November day, when terrorists attacked several hotspots of the city. The unit had no choice but to pack up hastily and leave for home.

But apparently on their way home they learnt of another terror attack in Juhu, where they were headed.

With little choice left, the duo reportedly called Shahrukh whose bungalow Mannat was nearby.

SRK warmly invited them home and did not let them leave the place until morning till things looked safer and the Juhu attack turned out to be a rumour.

Gauri was reportedly very hospitable too.

Well, nothing surprising since SRK's known for things like that. But we wonder why the stars are coming up with their horror stories from 26/11 now, after more than a month. That still remains one big mystery.

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Kajol puts an end to her binging to look sexy

Kajol is on a weight losing spree, Reason? Her latest project with Karan Johar! The lady who will be starring in My Name Is Khan is doing all things possible to fit the bill and some super sexy dresses.

"She couldn't say no as she plays an NRI woman in the film and as per the look of her character she has to look thin. Hence she had to forego her binging habit and start with a special diet. She is currently in Los Angeles shooting for the film with her two good friends, Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan, " says a unit hand.

Her instructor is taking care that Kajol includes lots of nuts, especially almonds in her diet. Apart from keeping a tab on the calorie intake, Kajol is sweating it out at the gym too to cut that extra flab.

Interestingly, SRK had stopped working out as his six pack abs look was not required in Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

As far as his look in My Name Is Khan is concerned, he plays an NRI Muslim man here and is required to look lean. We hope that the all new lean looking Kajol and Khan create the same on screen magic like their previous films.

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I want my songs back from Ranbir-Katrina flm

Whatever the detractors and jealous colleagues may have to say about the prolific Pritam Chakbraborty's once-derivative output the man has his fundas fully in place.

No two ways about it.

In what could be deemed a revolutionary move to bridge the gap between creativity and individual satisfaction, Pritam has asked the producer Ramesh Taurani to stop two compositions from being filmed Raj Kumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Reveals Pritam, "One is an item song for Ranbir the other a romantic song featuring Ranbir and Katrina Kaif. I've requested Tauraniji to not film those songs. He has agreed as long as I deliver the substitutes immediately. I'm now working on the alternative tunes literally overnight."

This isn't the first time that Pritam has changed his mind about his songs. "In Jab We Met I sent Imtiaz Ali a substitute tune for the hit Yeh ishq haye at the last minute. And I never liked Nagara in the same film.

I tried to stop it. But everyone was adamant. Later it turned out to be the biggest hit of the Jab We Met soundtrack. So I may be wrong about changing my mind.

But in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani I don't want to take a chance. I'll scrap the two songs and give new tunes. I hope the director Raj Santoshi doesn't mind."

It is reliably learnt that the filming of the two bothersome melodies has been stopped in Ooty until Pritam delivers the fresh tracks. That would be any time this week.

With a whopping string of chartbusters behind him Pritam is now determined to eradicate the reputation of being a derivative creator, or to use a less kind term, a copycat.

Even the slightest whiff of apery drives Pritam into a revisional frenzy.

And so it happened with his music for Raj Kumar Santsohi's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahni, one more posh project for Pritam after chartbusters like Jab We Met, Bhool Bulaiya, Kismat Konnection and Singh Is Kinng.

Says Pritam "This is a time when my success is being questioned constantly by the purists.

I'm going blue in the face saying my songs from Jab We Met onwards are all original. Even for Priyadrashan's Bhool Bhulaiya I saw and heard the Malalayam and Tamil originals but refused to use any of their music.

Even the classical song in Bhool Bhulaiya was entirely my own composition. And when Priyan Sir wanted Bengali lyrics in the title song my wife and I sat overnight writing them ourselves."

Not only is Pritam particular about his compositions he's also very touchy about how his tunes are filmed.

"For Priyan Sir's Billoo Barber you've to see what a beautiful job Farah Khan has done of choreographing the Shah Rukh-Deepika Song. Now I've composed two different versions of a romantic song that will be filmed on Shah Rukh-Priyanka and Irrfan-Lara Dutta."

As for voluntarily withdrawing his two songs this has to be an unprecedent self-revision by a creative artiste.

"I know it's generally producers who ask music director for new tunes. But I believe Burman Dada (S D Burman) used to change his mind about his tunes all the time. We're living in mediocre sab-chalta-hai times.

I want to get out of the rat race. And make a name beyond the charts. My music in Imtiaz Ali's second film is very different from Jab We Met. There are no romantic songs in the film.

The chemistry shared between Saif and Deepika Padukone is very different from what Shahid and Kareena shared in Jab We Met. Imtiaz and I are ready for people to be confused by my music. I'd rather have them confused than finally disappointed."

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Katrina is not going the rave party way

The buzz is that Bollywood's hot property Katrina Kaif has reportedly refused to play murdered teenager Scarlett Keeling in Prabhakar Shukla's film 'Rave Party'.

So reports that Katrina was shifting dates to play Scarlett as her dates are booked till 2009-end are false.

Apparently Kat was keen in the beginning, but keeping the controversial subject in mind, decided to opt out as she found the subject too controversial. Reportedly Kat has stated that she doesn't want to do films around a subject that has 'no clarity' and many unanswered questions.

The Internet Movie Database website also shows Katrina's name in the starcast of the film with its status 'in production'.

Shukla is looking for someone else from UK to play Scarlett, who was murdered on Goa's beach early last year.

The director is also awaiting the green signal from Scarlett's mother Fiona Mckeown as he has sent her the film's script for approval.

The buzz is that South Indian director Venkat Prabhu is making 'Goa' which is also based on Scarlett's murder and is produced by Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya's Ocher Studios.

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Rani's new found kick-ass figure

After being criticized for her out of shape self, Rani has finally managed to achieve a leaner frame and all this with the help of good old friend Aamir.

Just when Rani Mukherjee was struggling badly to lose weight, good friend Aamir came to her rescue.

Rani has always been struggling to look slim, from strict diets to regular working out regimes; Rani has tried all she could to fight flab but all her attempts failed. And that's when Aamir suggested his personal trainer Stayajit Chaurasia's name to Rani.

Satyajit Chaurasia played a major part in helping Aamir achieve the eight-pack abs look for Ghajini.

Being impressed by his work Aamir suggested Rani to hire Satya as her personal trainer. And as they say, hard work pays, after working out an hour every day for two months, Rani has been able to lose oodles of weight and look the way she has always wished for.

The all new Rani did a cameo in Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne…in a song with Shah Rukh Khan. Her new slim look had the audience in awe and reminded one of her Ghulam and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days.

The bong babe will next be seen playing cricket in Yash Raj's forthcoming untitled film and we are sure her new found kick-ass figure will play Thoda Magic once again on her fans.

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Stars who desperately need a good 2009

2008 is gone forever and 2009 has crept in with many promising films in store. Hope 2009 fights the global recession raining gold at the box-office. But stars who really need to prove themselves this year before it's too late are:-

Preity Zinta- Preity had done two films last year Heroes and The Last Lear where in spite of being noticed she dint seem to make any buzz in Bollywood.

Her viewers want to see her original self in roles that she has done in the past in films like Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam Namaste but unfortunately this year she has only been seen more on the cricket fields than on the silver screen.

All her wellwishers wish her Mohali team wins the IPL and her forthcoming film Har Pal does wonders in the BO and she manages to get offers from Dharma and Yash Raj productions.

Shahid Kapoor- Has lots in store this year to prove himself as last year where his only hit was Jab We Met which was completely dominated by Kareena and she stole all the limelight. His film with Vidya Balan, Kismat Konnection too dint make in waves in the BO maybe because the viewers did not approve their pair.

His love life was also in a mess in spite of being in news for seeing Sania Mirza and Vidya Balan. Nothing seemed to work for him. This year he has YRF's Cricket with Rani Mukerji, Ken Ghosh's musical extravaganza Yahoo with Jiah Khan and Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminay with Priyanka Chopra. So that means lots to prove himself.

In the personal front too he is said to be dating some Mubina Rattonsey, so we all hope that even in that front things work out well for him.

This year he will be seen in the film Blue where his scuba diving skills and his physique will make the people forget his no acting ability. The other films which he has to hold on to are dad Sanjay Khan's The Legend of Lord Rama and Apoorva Lakhia's.

Fardeen Khan- Has not had a single release last year and he just seems to have disappeared somewhere. The actor was last seen in Ram Gopal's disaster, Darling. He will be seen in the film Dulha mil Gaya in 2009. He also has Sanjay Gupta's much hyped film Acid Factory in his sleeve.

As this film sounds pretty promising hope Fardeen is able to come back with a bang. Apart from this he will also be seen in Abbas Mustan's multi-starrer comic caper Life Partner.

Vivek Oberoi- Over confidence and arrogance are the two words which have become the reason for the failure of this actor even though he can act well. His character of Maya Dola's in Shoot out in Lokhandwala was highly appreciated and he was remembered for it but his film, Mission Istanbul was a dud in the BO.

His upcoming films like a Tips action film called Prince of Thieves, Dharma Productions' film on terrorism alongside Saif and Kareena where he plays a terrorist and a role in Prakash Jha's multi-starrer political thriller Rajneeti sound promising and the characters he s playing seem to have lots of potential so we hope these help him in proving his worth.

Zayed Khan- The only good thing that happened to this star last year was that he became a father. His much hyped films Mission Istanbul and Yuvvraaj were a major disaster and were a complete hint that this star if not anything else definitely needs to attend some acting classes.

Salman Khan- Last but not the least we all hope that 2009 brings in lots of luck for Sallu bhai. His 2008 was really bad where his much hyped film Yuvvraaj was unable to create magic in the box office. This year he has Veer where Salman can once again prove himself and come back in the race.

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