Red Hot Air Hostess Esha Deol

Esha Deol, like most people, always believed that being an air-hostess was an easy job. But that was only till she got to play an airhostess herself. And that experience changed Esha’s perception for good. It was during the shoot of Kunal Shivdasani’s film Hijack — an action-thriller that also stars Shiney Ahuja — in which the sexy actress plays an airhostess that Esha realised how tough their jobs can be.

‘Sen’sation Riya at Hawaiian Shack Princess event

‘Sen’sation Riya at Hawaiian Shack Princess event

Posted on 27 August 2008 Bollywood, Celebs(F), Riya Sen

‘Sen’sation Riya at Hawaiian Shack Princess event. Hawaiian Shack is Mumbai’s little secret. This cozy, unassuming shack-like bar is a refreshing place to be in. Wooden logs in place of cement and bare bamboo strips for the internal decor, it is a replica of the authentic shacks in Goa and Hawaii. Lit by florescent blue and green light, it plays trendy and popular music and gets really congested as the night goes on.

Shilpa Shetty is upset with me: Big B

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan says that Shilpa Shetty, who performed with him in the US for his Unforgettable concert, is upset with him for not wishing her on her birthday, especially because she believes she has a good year whenever the Big B says happy birthday to her.

“The show is now joined by Shilpa Shetty. She looked lovely as always and very trim. She displayed mock anger at meeting me because I missed wishing her on her birthday. Horrible me, ” Amitabh posted on his blog

Shilpa joined the Bachchans in London Saturday for the last leg of their Unforgettable tour.

Amitabh wrote that due to his “frequent travel and odd timings”, he forgot the actress's birthday, which was on June 8.

Amitabh also revealed that Shilpa believes that every year that he wishes her, “her year goes off successfully".

“I wish it goes off even better this year, though I must remember not to miss it again, ” he wrote.

The idea for Phoonk came from India TV

Director Ram Gopal Varma says the idea of making his recently released horror film "Phoonk" came from the news channel India TV.

"The idea to make a film on black magic came from India TV. The channel keeps on showing various programmes on black magic. I watched various programmes on black magic and super natural powers on the channel and approached Azam Khan with the concept. He liked it and the whole script was written," Varma told reporters here.

Azam Khan's One More Thought Entertainment has produced the film.

Critics have panned the film, but "Phoonk" reportedly saw a good opening with 70 percent collection. Thanks to pre-release publicity, it has been successful in drawing a considerable chunk of audience in the multiplexes.

Varma celebrated the success of the the film here Monday.

Commenting on the box office yardstick to measure a film's success, Varma said: "I don't know what makes a film hit otherwise I wouldn't have made flops."

"'Phoonk' doesn't have any big stars, still it is a hit. This shows that concept film is now being accepted in India," said Varma.

The director said idea or concept based film, which is prevalent in the West, is slowly making its way among the Indian audience and the scenario is soon going to change.

"People in India identify a film by the presence of stars. Star system rules here, but 'Phoonk' has proved that even content and idea can give a hit. Content is the king in 'Phoonk'. "

Now, with its initial success, the makers are even planning a sequel to "Phoonk" that starred Sudeep, Amrita Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Ashwini Kalsekar, Kenny Desai, Jyothi Subhash and Zakir Hussain.

"We are planning a sequel to the film which will have a link from the point where it ended. Varma will be directing it and almost the entire cast will be repeated in the sequel titled 'Phoonk 2'," said Azam Khan.

1920 Movie Trailer

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Sherlyn is promoting nudity on my name

It is a known fact that the slick 'n scandalous "Dard-e-Sherlyn" video is Sherlyn Chopra's 'tribute' to the original Dream Girl, Hema Malini's hit number "Dard" from 'Dus Numbri'.

But in a recent interview in Delhi, Hema Malini has hit at Sherlyn with stinging sarcasm and said that the newbie is trying to gain mileage on her name, attaching nudity to it.

She said, "It's (the video) very hot, haan? My God, I don't even know why she's (Sherlyn's) linking me with a hot-hot thing. She's trying to change her image maybe with my name.

If she's doing this, poor thing, I wish her success, for all those who see nudity will be happy. But my name is Hema Malini and that won't change for anything."

When quizzed, Sherlyn's publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, "I've known Hemaji as a wonderful person, and if she says Sherlyn is promoting nudity on her name, I dare not contest her opinion.

After all, the video did receive 19 cuts from the Censor Board. If Sherlyn has a diva-like image, she can't help it. You can't ask a Madonna to be like an Alka Yagnik, can you?"

He explains, "See, Sherlyn made this video as a 'tribute' to Hemaji's "Dard". Hemaji ki 'Dus Numbri' 1976 mein release hui thi. Unka dard uss zamaane ka tha. Sherlyn ka dard iss zamaane ka hai, jo ki har naujawan ko hota hai. Hum sab jaante hain ki yeh dard thoda sa emotional hota hai, aur thoda sa sexual bhi."

As of now, Sherlyn's "Dard" has emerged a big hit, but the influential Hema Malini sure seems to be furious and upset. God bless Sherlyn.
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