Yes, I have a man in my life

Shilpa Shetty is not averse to botox, but doesn't feel the need for it yet. She's a household name in Britain after her row with Jade Goody in the Big Boss show.

She told Daily Mail in an interview that she's aware she's aware she's ageing and is practical about it, "I'm aware I'm getting older, but I'll take it as it comes - I'm not averse to having botox, for example, but I just don't feel I need it yet. The way I see it, I spent a long time getting comfortable with who I am. I was an ugly duckling as a child, and it took a lot of hard work to get to where I am today, where I'm not so self-critical.

"I still don't think I'm as good-looking as my sister, Shamita, or even my mother, who is stunning, even now. But I've metamorphosed into the person I am today, and I'm pretty content."

Shilpa says she owes a lot to the controversial Big Boss show for opening avenues for her. I didn't have that international platform - and I'm not embarrassed to say that I have it now because of Big Brother. I'm very aware that the UK public stood up for me and for what was right, and I'm very grateful for that. Everyone in life makes mistakes - you learn from them and move on."

She has made peace with her former fellow contestant, Jade Goody, now diagnosed with cancer. "I spoke to her before she returned to the UK, but it was a very private conversation that I won't share. She knows we've buried the hatchet. Life's too short to bear any hatred. I can only pray that she makes a full recovery."

She is more open now about her relationship with London-based entrepreneur Raj Kundra. The long-distance relationship - she's in Mumbai - does not come easy, but at the same time it has made them value each other more, she confesses.

So, is she ready for marriage to Raj?

"Definitely, and I'm sure I will, God willing. I intend to try and do that as soon as my professional life has calmed down hopefully in the next couple of years. I don't want to make too many predictions as I don't believe in making too many plans, but, yes, I have a man in my life and, yes, I hope we will get married."
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Deepika and Ranbir make it Official !

They spoke to the 'People', and now they are making it Official, L'Officiel to be precise. We are indeed talking about Bollywood's latest 'it' couple, Ranbir and Deepika, who simply look 'elegance personified' on the cover of this month's L'Officiel. This issue is all about bridal wears et al.

After having tasted success with their latest blockbuster Bachna Ae Haseeno, the awesome twosome looks amazingly stunning on the cover.

Whether the love of this lovely couple will culminate in marriage is yet to be seen! For now, feast your eyes on the latest cover of L'Officiel, although we would have loved to read the 'Officiel' story about the two! Maybe 'L'Officiel' for this pair means Love - Officiel!

What say Ranbir and Deepika!
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I have always done things my own way - Gul Panag

Lo and behold - Gul Panag has gone chic and how! Though in real life she has been a bindaas woman all these years in spite of being a part of so-called serious films like Dhoop, Dor and Manorma- Six Feet Under, on print she has rarely gone the whole hog in projecting a sensual image.

However, she has gone ahead and done what is hardly-unthinkable for her by getting into a dare-bare shoot for Maxim.

"I have always done things my own way and it was irresistible when the magazine approached me to get down to my night suit. Did I feel awkward about doing so? Nope, not at all. What's there at all to feel awkward about?

I have never felt odd driving an Enfield or a F1 car for Renault or picking up the kind of projects I believe in. It was the same in case of this shoot as well.

I was promised a lot of fun and though some may be getting shocked with my dare-bare poses, my message to them is that 'Hey you there, I am like that only'", says Gul in a rapid tone while being mighty excited about the kind of response that her shoot is fetching for her.

Says Anup Kutty from Maxim, "A very simple reason for putting Gul on the cover is the fact that she's stunningly beautiful. Plus, she occupies a space in Indian cinema that not many share.

She has done some critically acclaimed roles and still can carry off a "sexy" look with complete ease. In short, she's a real woman of substance and probably the best thing that could happen to a man! The shoot in itself was a lot of fun."

How did the shoot go?

Reveals Anup, "We booked a suite at the Le Meridien and ordered a bottle of champagne to go with it. More than anything, it was just one big party!"

Gul agrees, "Yes, it was indeed one huge party out there. It was nice to be working with some real chilled out guys who belong to your own age group.

I got such a comfort feel while working on the assignment and the results are there to be seen. Believe me, I truly felt beautiful as the shutter bags went on."
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Farhan thrilled with 'Rock On', but doesn't want sequel

Mumbai, (IANS) Farhan Akhtar is still surprised by the overwhelming response to "Rock On" and says the movie has not only set a benchmark for other music films but also spurred an Indi-rock revival. But the actor-director-singer is not too keen on a sequel.

" 'Rock On' has created a certain parameter within which other films based on music will be gauged. People within the industry feel more adventurous and conscientious after 'Rock On'," Farhan, who made his acting debut with the film, told IANS in an interview.

He said that "Rock On" had gone much beyond films.

"Suddenly there's an upsurge of rock. We suddenly have an Indi-rock revival. Regional bands are again playing ... Newspaper articles are being written about desi rock. Suddenly I feel we've started something we can't control. It's all very encouraging.

"It's a great thing happening here. Credit must go to our director Abhishek Kapoor, who was very adamant on doing a film on a neglected cultural phenomenon," said Farhan, who has made films like "Dil Chahta Hain" and "Lakshya".

But he stressed that he wasn't too keen on a sequel and that he had had enough of the "Rock On" saga.

"The director Abhishek Kapoor should know about the sequel. As for me, I'm not for it. I feel 'Rock On' is a sequel to my own 'Dil Chahta Hai'. Both transported me to the same emotional space. So I've had enough of it. I think Abhishek has a lot more to do as a filmmaker than a sequel."

Farhan had a great time jamming with his "Rock On" co-stars - Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny and Purab - and wouldn't mind working together as a band too.

"A camaraderie has set in among the four of us. This bonding is very special. We want to carry our musical togetherness forward. What we saw at the Delhi concert was unbelievable. Before the film's release, we had performed in Mumbai and Pune. But the experience in Delhi post-release was something else. The audience knew us and the songs...They were screaming my character's name Adi," said a thrilled Farhan.

"Like I said, it's gone beyond our expectations."

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Sonam complete antithesis of 'Saawariya' character: Anil Kapoor

Mumbai, (IANS) Anil Kapoor, versatile actor and father of Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, says his daughter is the complete antithesis of the soft character she played in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Saawariya".

"Sonam is very spunky and sporty unlike the role she played in her debut movie. She also has a fantastic dress sense," a proud Anil beamed after watching Sonam walk the ramp with aplomb for designer Anamika Khanna at the HDIL India Couture Week here.

"I was excited to see her walk down the ramp. It was her first time and it was a completely new experience for me," Kapoor told IANS in an interview.

"Saawariya" (2007) was a stark love story based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's classic "White Nights" in which yesterday's superstar Rishi Kapoor's son Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam made their debut.

Sonam played the role of a shy, quiet girl named Sakina whose eyes were always filled with sadness - quite unlike the real Sonam who is bubbly, vivacious and energetic, as her father very aptly pointed out.

After his daughter set the runway on fire, Kapoor said: "I am amazed, she was looking so gorgeous and the best thing was that she was so comfortable on the ramp."

Asked about his personal style statement Kapoor replied: "I do not follow any trends, but my wife and my daughters are so fashion conscious that they make sure I dress up appropriately for the occasion."

"I believe in comfort. So, I have a black jeans that I find very comfortable, but I can't wear them everywhere," he said smilingly.

Kapoor, a multifaceted actor, has been in showbiz for almost 30 years and has proved his mettle in movies like "Tezaab" and "Beta" for which he got the Filmfare Best Actor award. He has also won a National Award for his performance in "Pukaar".

Apart from acting, Kapoor has also donned the producer's hat for movies like "Badhaai Ho Badhaai" (2002), "My wife's murder" (2005) and "Gandhi, My Father" (2007). Though all these movies bombed at the box office this hasn't dampened the actor's spirit.

"I believe in following my heart. Box-office success doesn't matter. Through my movies, I am not looking at commercial success. I want to improve the quality of Indian cinema," he explained.

Kapoor is currently producing "Shortcut - The Con Is On" that has Akshay Khanna and Arshad Warsi in the lead roles.

This apart, he will soon be seen in Subhash Ghai's "Yuvraaj" along with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in a movie that has music by maestro A.R. Rehman.
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Mausam Song - Kidnap

Check out this hot number mausam from Imran Khan and Minisha Lamba's forthcoming filem Kidnap. Just look at the way minisha lamba shakes her leg at the beach in a sexy bikini

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Blue Film - Bollywood girl Deepal Shaw ready for Blue Film

Item girl Deepal Shaw is living happily with her family, and finds her parents ever ready to help and encourage her in the filmi career. She doesn’t find anything vulgar in her videos, though they may be termed hot. She has already completed her other movie and hopes to resume shooting for ‘Blue Film’. She is 19, hence in no hurry to think of marriage. We had a chat with her recently.
What’s your view about hot albums?
I never dare hurt public feelings. I love dance though. So, I have worked in ‘Kabhi Aar, Kabhi Paar’ and ‘Rangeela Re’ videos. However, there is nothing vulgar in these videos.
What’s your plan for the silver screen?
I have almost completed the shooting of Hriday Shetty’s ‘Daag’ and shall begin shoot for Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Blue Film’ very soon.
What about your marriage?
I am 19 only. So, I need to plan my career first. Love can wait until then.
What’s your dream?
I wish to be famous as everyone likes to be. There is nothing wrong in becoming a star. However, I wish people to recognize me as a good human being.
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