Love Story sabotage, Daddy's shattered

By now the verdict at least in the reviews, is clear. Harry Baweja's ode to the future and to his unmistakably-gifted denbutant son has been savaged by critics.

"I can't understand the viciousness with which my film has been received," harassed Harry says two days after the release.

"I don't know why the negative backlash. Of course people are entitled to an opinion. Whether they find the film cool or not is up to audience. But I've succeeded in at least one-half of my motive for making Love Story 2050.

I didn't only want to make film that audiences will like, I also made it to launch my son. And everyone loves Harman. So at least I've succeeded there."

Harry feels there are factors working against the film. "I've never seen anything like this happen before in all my years as a producer-director. I've made unsuccessful films. But never one that has been so severely savaged.

If my film is so bad why did it get such a spectacular opening? Over the weekend we got Houseful in most places.

There's a wrong perception being created about my film. Why pick on me like this? I shattered right now. I can't think straight."

As far as the films inordinate length goes, Harry and his son Harman have taken a decision to reduce the film's length.

"Yes I agree with that. We've already taken care of that. We realized people were getting restless in the second-half. So we've cut about ten minutes of the film in Mumbai from Friday evening.

By Saturday morning we had made the cuts all over the country. The film has been released in 720 theatres. You can't handpick 20 theatres to prove your point. But I haven't lost the battle yet."

Saif's parents approve Kareena Kapoor

Saif's relationship with Kareena just went to another level.

Last week while she was visiting Saif and the unit of his first production in London Kareena bonded big-time with Saif's parents who were also there.

Says a member of Saif's sprawling production unit, "Kareena looked after Saif's parents as she would her own parents. And it wasn't put-on or done to impress them, or Saif. When she feels affectionate towards people she gives unconditionally."

And Kareena is unarguably the first of Saif's lady-loves whom his parents have taken to so wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Says a source from London, "Kareena has always been an extremely affectionate and warm girl. It wasn't the least hard for her to bond with Saif's parents who immediately took to her in a way they've never done with any of his earlier companions."

Says Saif from London, "It's true. My parents met Kareena here in London and they really got along well. My parents completely adore her, and not because they respect the space she occupies! Oh no! If they disapproved of her they'd certainly make their displeasure clear."

What Saif leaves unsaid is that his parents, one of them totally non-filmy, have disapproved of his earlier relationships.

"But they adore Kareena, " he says a tad wistfully from London since his ladylove left London for Los Angeles some hours earlier. "My dad think she's lovely. That makes two of us."

With Saif's parents thoroughly approving of their future daughter-in-law, one of the major hurdles in the way of the marriage has been solved.

Now all Saif has to do is win over Kareena's parents. A process that he has already started.

Salman to arrange surprise birthday party for love Katrina Kaif in Ooty

Few days back there were lot of rumours about the break-up between Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan. But Salman didn’t bother on these rumours and now the breaking news is that Salman Khan will be arranging a surprise birthday party for his love Katrina Kaif which will be celebrated in Ooty on July 16.

Salman Khan will be celebrated Katrina’s birthday in Ooty, at that place Katrina is shooting for her forthcoming movie Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, which is directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi. In this film Katrina is performing opposite to handsome Ranbir Kapoor. Katrina too is very much excited for her birthday.

Looking at two of them, everyone said that they are made for each other. Both of them spent good time with each other and recently they were seen together at Bombay, where there is an arrangement of music launch of Vipul Shah’s Singh Is Kinng. In this film Akshay Kumar is going to perform opposite to sexy Katrina Kaif. At the time of audio release of the film star Akshay Kumar was in he can not attend the event of audio release.

Katrina Kaif! Wish you a very happy birthday and this birthday brings lot of happiness in your life with boyfriend Salman Khan.

Vidya to play negative role in ISHQIYA

The bollywood actress Vidya Balan wants to change her image in the film industry after playing some important characters in the past movies.

While talking with media, the cute Vidya Balan discussed about her future plans. She said, “My next project is with Vishal Bhardwaj’s production ISHQIYA and this film will be directed by Abhishek Choubey. In this film, I will be playing a negative role.” Vidya who is always seen in positive role in the films but for this film she is ready to play the negative role.

In this film she will work with great stars Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. She is very excited and nervous to work with talented star Naseeruddin shah for the first time.

Currenly, Vidya is busy in her forthcoming movie Kismat Konnection’s promotions, which is going to release on 18 July. She is very excited to know the response of the film.

Himesh Reshammiya knows his Karzz toward his parents

When bollywood singer-cum-actor Himesh Reshammiya made his entry in film industry everyone liked his work as composer but then he become singer also and every said said he is a nasal singer. He made his debut as a actor with Aap Ka Suroor everyone written him off but he was not bothered about it and now he is coming with his forthcoming movie Karzz let’s see whether this time Himesh will be able to get good response from the public or not? But one thing which everyone liked in Himesh is his love and respect toward his parents.

Himesh’s father had already given music in some old movies. But now his father has made his plan to work with his successful son. This Jodi of father-son would be composing songs for the future projects.

Himesh is very much emotional and sensitive toward his mother. June 29 is very much special for him because this is the day of his mother’s birthday.

Last year Himesh’s debut film Aap ka suroor released on June 29 which was a birthday gift for his mother. This year also he gave the music for Karzzzzz to Bhushan Kumar on the same day. This shows the importance of his mother in Himesh’s life.

This love and respect toward his parents proved that he is a good son to his parents.

Jannat girl,Sonal Chauhan to step into Aishwarya Rai’s shoes!

After the Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai, now its turn of hot actress Sonal Chauhan to get offers from Hollywood.

Jannat has proved really a jannat for Sonal because with the success of Jannat this heroine is getting attention directors and producer of film industry. She is not only getting offers from the Bollywood industry but also getting attention from the international world.

According to the latest news, the Hollywood director and producer Jagmohan Mundra wants Sonal for the film.

Mudra had already worked with Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai in his last film ‘Provoked’. In this film he enjoyed a lot while working with Ash. So after Ash, director wants to work with Sonal for his film.

Sonal also want to work with director Mudra and perform some interesting roles that give more popularity in international world. But this doesn’t mean she is saying yes to every film. Like many actress, Sonal also accepts only choosy and interesting roles. After all she also wants to show her importance to the film industry.
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