Whatever Aamir wants, Aamir gets

Aamir Khan’s Ghajini was slated for a Diwali release this year, but it had to be postponed because Aamir suffered a ligament injury. Not satisfied by this decision, Aamir wanted to create some kind of buzz for the film. Now he is releasing the promos of the film today.

Our source close to Aamir Khan said, “Originally, even when Aamir was making Taare Zameen Par, he had planned a Diwali release for Ghajini. But because of his ligament injury he had to take a break for two months as he couldn’t shoot for the stunts. So the release had to be postponed. But Aamir was hell-bent on having a Diwali release, even if it was only the promos. He decided to release at least the first moving visuals on Diwali.”

Since the past fifteen days, Aamir has been slogging to complete the promos on time. Our source continued, “Aamir has been working non-stop in order to meet the deadline. He requested A R Rahman to put aside his other commitments and come to Mumbai to work on the background score of the promos. Rahman, who generally doesn’t work outside Chennai, gave in to this last minute request and came to Mumbai. He has been working in a Mumbai lab for the past four days, only on Aamir’s insistence. Being such a perfectionist, he didn’t want to compromise on anything at all.”

Producer, Madhu Varma confirmed the report and said, “When we had started the project, it was supposed to be a Diwali 2008 release. Unfortunately, Aamir injured himself on the sets during one of the action scenes and we were not able to release the film on Diwali. Now we are releasing the first visuals of the film today.”

We couldn’t talk to Aamir for confirmation as he was tied up with the last minute colour correction of the prints.
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Lara Dutta does the hot thing!

Lara Dutta seems to have got completely carried away by the new found hot image and the comparisons with 'the sexiest women in the world' Megan Fox, on the sets of 'Blue'.

The buzz is that she has got a rose tattoo done while shooting for the underwater adventure co-starring Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar in Thailand.

Well, the word is that Kinng Akki plans to promote her too. So doing the hot thing has been of use, it seems!

Lara stumbled upon a tattoo design of a rose with a Maori symbol and decided to get it inked on her right ankle.

She says, "As soon as I saw this one, I completely fell in love with it and knew that this was going to be it. The pain was worth it because the tattoo artist did a magnificent job."

Hot girls have tattoos. After all, Megan has lots of them too. Should we take it like that, Lara?

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Priyanka makes fun of Katrina's success

Priyanka Chopra doesn't like her position in Bollywood to be challenged.

And especially if it's done by a wooden actress like Katrina Kaif!

Priyanka Chopra has fearlessly stated, "I love to do films that have me in important roles and not where I am used just as a prop.

I don't see any reason to do films where I have 4-5 songs and 15-20 scenes just because they are touted to be commercial successes. What is the point of acting in such films and giving seven back-to-back hits? That doesn't make you grow as an actress!"

That's not all. She's also reportedly added, "I may have delivered a few flops but even those had me playing important roles. I have not and will never act in films where my role is inconsequential and that my only job in those films is to look pretty."

Now that's really a blatant attack on Katrina who has delivered 7 back-to-back hits where the hero had everything to do and her presence was unimportant.

Wonder what woody Katrina's reaction to this will be! Or will she run to good old Sallu bhai for help and ask him to verbally bash up Priyanka on her behalf!

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Katrina Kaif's night out for Rs 1 crore

Katrina Kaif is surely riding high these days. After delivering hits like Namastey London, Welcome, Race and latest being Singh Is Kinng, Katrina has indeed moved to the A-league.

Now the actress is cashing in on this very popularity of hers by agreeing to perform at a grand show in Mumbai on New Year's Eve.

Katrina would be performing at Mumbai's plush J.W. Marriott hotel on 31st Dec 08. The actress, needless to say has been paid a huge sum of money, for this performance.

While Rocky S will design a sexy outfit for Katrina, Bosco-Caesar will choreograph the show. A source close to Katrina said, “Yes, Katrina is getting Rs 1 crore and she will dance to some very racy numbers. Top Bollywood actresses dancing on New Year's Eve is very exciting.”

Katrina, however, refused to confirm the amount but said, “Yes, I am performing at the Marriott on December 31. We have finalised the deal.”

Noted designer Rocky S would be in charge of her costumes while Bosco-Caesar will be choreographing her act.

It may be recalled that last New Year's Eve saw Bipasha Basu performing at the same hotel while the year before that saw Mallika Sherawat move her body.

This year however, all eyes will be on Katrina, as she brings in the New Year performing to some of her biggest hits. So all you die-hard Katrina Kaif fans, you know where to go this New Year's eve.

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Priyanka and her Hottttt love-making scenes in Fashion

They only kept talking about a kiss in Love Story 2050. Harman Baweja didn't even get a peck from his real- life girlfriend Priyanka Chopra.

But newcomer Arjan Bajwa already has a full-fledged love- making scene with Priyanka Chopra in Fashion—her boldest to date, far more so than what she did with Akshay Kumar in Andaaz and Aitraaz.

Priyanka laughs off the suggestion of boldness in the love-making scene. "Please! You make it sound so HOTTTTTT! It is NOT! What's all this about explicit love scene?

Please, I'm too much of a girl nextdoor to do any of that. We don't kiss. But yes, Arjan and I do share a lovers' relationship. So yes, we do have a love scene. But it's nothing to get all hot and bothered about, not in today's day and age."

Interestingly Arjan isn't the first newcomer to do a love scene with a screen diva. Irrfan Khan had a torrid love sequence with the gorgeous Dimple Kapadia in his debut film Drishti and Shekhar Suman in his very film Utsav poured milk all over a semi-clad Rekha.

Laughs Arjan, "Was I nervous? You bet I was. Although I've done six Telugu films before Fashion I hadn't really done a love scene like this before, and that too with someone of Priyanka's stature.

To her credit Priyanka put all my nervousness to rest. If it wasn't for her I'd have died of anxiety. For a newcomer the co-star is decisive point in his confidence level for all times to come."

Laughs Priyanka, "Arjan was far more petrified than I imagined. I had to forget all my own nervousness."

Adds Madhur, "This isn't the first time that I've done intimate scenes with my lead pair. There was an even more sensitive scene between Tabu and Atul Kulkarni in Chandni Bar.

Page 3 had some really hardhitting moments of sexual content. Fortunately for me the actors trust me and my judgement. Priyanka surrendered completely to my vision. When you see her love scene with Arjan you'll realize there's absolutely nothing there that's meant to titillate."

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Sexy Miss India 2000 Pooja Gupta Unseen Bikini Pictures

Sexy Miss India 2000Pooja Gupta Unseen Bikini Pictures

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Aishwarya Rai Hot Exposing

Hot Aishwarya Rai Bachan in a sexy outfit exposing her cool assests and looking geourgeous as always.

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