It's stupid to talk about my Kiss with Sanjay Dutt: Vidya Malvade

From playing hockey in Chak De India to playing a mother in Kidnap. What a transition?
(Laughs) It was a real sweet thing what Mr. Sanjay Gadhavi did. He called me on my birthday to wish me and that is when I had just finished shooting Chak De.

He said, "Happy Birthday to you. There is a gift I'd like to give you if you'd like to take it. Why don't you come to the office and meet me. There is a film I am doing and it's the only love story in the film. Why don't you come down and read it with me. It's opposite Sanjay Dutt".

I said, "Ok. I'll come down and read my part". Gadhavi then adds, "It's a part of the mother". Initially I did question Sanjay Gadhavi whether my part was good or not but he assured me that it was a nice. I've known Gadhavi for a really long time.

I remember the first audition that I ever did in the industry was for his film Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai and we've been in touch ever since. It was obviously a pleasure working with him now in Kidnap.

Tell us about your rapport with your husband in the film Sanjay Dutt. I heard you guys don't get along well together.
Ha ha ha. Initially I was nervous. I've never met Sanjay Dutt before and he's like this 'deadly Dutt' a 'deadly giant'.

So rugged from the exterior but sweet and soft spoken from the inside. He made me really comfortable with everything. He told me to just chill around and do whatever I felt like doing on the sets. No need to get worried about anything.

Take us a bit into your flashback story.
There is some of my story in the flashback and also in the present. The flashback shows us as a couple and in the present, we are not a couple any more but due to some unfortunate circumstances we have to come together and how from hating each other we eventually come together. It's a small little flashback.

When I opened the papers this morning, I hear this story about your kissing scene with Sanjay Dutt. Why such a fuss Vidya?
I don't know. I can't understand what the controversy is all about. I can't really say anything. I haven't seen the film yet but the kissing scene is there.

It's a scene, which is really well shot, and you may miss it as it's just there for a split second. It's a miss kiss and it's barely there. It's stupid to talk about something like this. Secondly, it's about two people falling in love.

I mean, doesn't a kiss normally happen with two people who love each other so much or what? The Press needs to grow up a little bit and don't make like a big deal out of it. I keep telling Gadhavi that I'm dead sure that half the crowd is going to miss the scene anyway as it comes right after the intermission.

Did Sanjay Gadhavi call you after reading the news?
He was under the impression that I told the Press about the kissing scene. But I cleared the misunderstanding that it wasn't me. I don't think it's a big deal anyway.

But Kidnap isn't the only film which has kissing scenes. Gadhavi's Dhoom 2 also landed up in a big controversy.
Absolutely. As far as I can recall, there was a nice romantic scene in Siddharth Anand's Salaam Namaste and Bachna Ae Haseeno had Ranbir kissing all the beautiful ladies. So what's the big fuss really?

If your daughter in the film looks so sexy, I bet the mother will be worth a watch.
(Laughs) If you're talking about bikinis in Kidnap then 'No'. That's not happening. In terms of a glam mom, she is completely glamorous and sexy. My look is more from Chanel to Armani to Zara kind of a feel. So it's very rich.

I'm obviously playing a character much older than my age. So she can't be all over the place you know. She looks nice because she is a rich man's wife and a well kept woman of today. And I am not wearing a bikini (laughs).

Did you get a chance to share screen space with Imran Khan?
None at all with Imran and only one scene with Minissha.

Will you be seen throughout in the film or are there only bits and pieces of you?
Yes I am there throughout the film. Actually, I'm going to watch it in a day or two and then I'll be able to tell you better (laughs).

What are your expectations from Kidnap?
Very high. Right now I'm nervous. When Sanjay Gadhavi says that you have done a good job in the film means that he is happy with your performance. But I am very critical about myself that until I see it, I'll always find something wrong with me. I am restless right now too.

You've worked with SRK and now with Sanjay Dutt. Two of Hindi film's best actors around. Are you over the moon?
Of course. Sanjay Dutt has been an inspiration. SRK is so much of energy; so much of focus and just the aura around him is immaculate. You receive so much from him as an actor.

In terms of Sanjay Dutt, he was going through a very bad patch in time and there was a time when I didn't even know if the film would see the light of the day or not but Sanju baba never got any of his worries on the sets.

He was still the kind and a gentle person that he is. He would do his job and then go back home. I've never seen Sanjay Dutt scream or yell. He was very patient.

Do you think Kidnap should be dedicated to Sanjay Dutt?
I think the film belongs to him and every single person who has worked on the film. I don't think one person can make or break a film really. But a big part of Kidnap is Mr Sanjay Dutt. I respect him totally for what he has gone through and the way he has come out shining, Kidnap truly belongs to him if not dedicated.

Even though you haven't got a scene with Imran in Kidnap, how do you rate him after Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na and now Kidnap?
Imran Khan is a complete rockstar. You put him in anything and he'll do justice to his role. He is so much like his mamu Aamir Khan. He does a lot of homework, works on his look and body language. And he is so so good looking. I've seen girls going crazy about him.

Any clich├ęd message for your fans?
(Laughs) Please watch Kidnap. I loved the script and I'm sure you'll love the film. People keep on asking me, 'Comedy ka daur chal raha hai aur aap yeh kaunsi film kar rahe ho?' But I only reply back by saying, 'Good films are in whether it's a comedy or a thriller or whatever'. Kidnap is a good film and of course, do watch it because it's got hotties like the Dutt and the Khan and Minissha and
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Imran hardly meets his girlfriend Avantika now

If there's a contest for the most chilled-out star-in-the-making in Bollywood Imran Khan would probably win hands- down.

Nothing fazes Imran. Not even a road accident.

On Thursday afternoon as he was being driven to the venue of his rehearsals for Abhinay Deo's Delhi Belly, a speeding vehicle bumped hard into his vehicle from behind damaging Imran's car's bumper and scratching the posh paint.

"There was some damage to the car, yes," admitted Imran. "This happened right in front of Tulip Star hotel. Vehicles came to a standstill and we came down from our cars. I was in a hurry to reach my rehearsals. So we exchanged addresses and I'll be taking up the matter with him later."

So did the guy who caused the accident recognize the newest star on the block?

"Nah, he was in too much a hurry and too flustered by what had happened," says the star in a hurry.

Nowadays Imran's schedules are so choc-a-bloc he hardly gets time to meet his girlfriend Avantika. Or read scripts.

"I'm now reduced to doing interviews on cars, in the shower anywhere thanks to the promotion of Kidnap. I'm also being offered ridiculous sums of money to just attend functions, parties and events.

I'm really surprised by the lengths people are willing to go to to get stars into their orbit. I'm offered unheard-of money to simply attend parties have a drink hang around and leave in ten minutes."

But Imran's selfcensorship is acutely developed. That is why he hasn't signed on to endorse any product as yet.

"I just can't identify with any product that I'm asked to endorse. It's not about not doing cigarette and alcohol ads. That of course goes without saying. I won't even endorse clothes or drinks that I don't use.

I recently had a big Delhi garment industry offering me an endorsement. But I don't wear their clothes! How can I ask other people to wear them? I'll endorse the products that I use."

Selfrighteous and embarrassingly honest Imran doesn't deny his rumoured remuneration per film: a whopping Rs 12 crores.

"Like I said the money is not the criteria. It's what I'm comfortable doing. And after Kidnap and Luck, it's only Aamir's Delhi Belly I've said yes to."

Imran desperately needs a holiday. In fact his new best-buddy and mentor Sanjay Dutt invited Imran for a vacation. Imran refused.

"Sanju Dutt has gone on a safari into the jungles of Tanzania and the Congo in Africa. He asked me to come along. But here I am battling publicity interviews, rehearsals and a damaged car. Tough luck."
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Katrina is the hottest of all

This weekend on 'Sajid Superstars', Arjun Rampal and Dia Mirza are the guests for the evening. Read on to know what to expect from the show:

- First to arrive is Arjun Rampal who talks in length about his personal life. From the place of his birth to the college he studied in Delhi University to his initial days of struggle in the world of glamour, Arjun gives a detailed account.

- He shares an interesting incident about his courtship days with popular supermodel Meher Bhasin. Because he didn't have much money in hand during his earlier days, he and Meher couldn't afford to eat non-vegetarian food on a daily basis. So it used to be once a week for them!

- However, now with his financial status being up there, he frequents quite a few eateries with his wife and kids. No wonder, he gets a special gift from Sajid Khan that revolves around food. Check the special episode to know what does Arjun have in store for him!

- There is some shock in store for audiences as Arjun discloses the real status about rumors revolving around him being a bisexual.

Sajid probes him around the casting couch in the fashion industry and also nails him on the rumors which floated around his alleged affair with a popular male dress designer a few years back.

While Arjun does acknowledge that he didn't have disrespect for any individual regardless of his or her sexual orientation, he admits that his fans ranging from males, females to homosexuals. But how about his own orientation? Arjun tells it all!

- Last few months have been great for Arjun professionally with Don, Om Shanti Om and recently Rock On turning out to be huge box office winners.

Arjun confesses that Om Shanti Om is quite close to his heart since it changed his life. He appreciates Farah Khan for being the best director he has worked with since she could help him understand himself as an actor.

- No wonder, the best scene of his features from Om Shanti Om while the worst scene is from.....Any guesses?!?

- He openly reveals his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan and details how he has not just influenced his life but taught him a lot as a producer, actor and person.

- When asked whom did he find the hottest of all, Katrina featured on the top of the list for Arjun

- Arrival of Dia Mirza on the show makes things further interesting as she talks about what went wrong between Vashu Bhagnani (who launched her in Rehnna Hai Terre Dil Mein) and her. She was apparently the lead heroine in his Om Jai Jagdish as well but was later replaced by Tara Sharma.

- Dia Mirza gets sentimental talking about her love life. She says that her heart is pure when in love and she doesn't feel like hiding anything from anyone.

For her, it is the love that an individual carries for her which is more important that the riches he carries. No wonder, Sajid and Arjun were seen pulling her leg for this statement of hers!

- As many are aware, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra and Dia Mirza were #1, 2 and 3 in the Miss India contest a few years back. This prompted Ranbir to ask Dia a cheeky question that whether three of them continue to be enemies till date!

- On being asked that who is the better actor between the three of them, Dia boldly said that it is her. She also declared that even the combined talent of Lara and Priyanka wasn't on par with the talent that she came with.

- Wait, there is more to come. On quizzed about the woman who was prettier - whether Ash or herself - Dia cheekily answered that she knew the answer but since Ash is senior, she would say that it's her
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Shreyas to CLICK by the year end

Wise men say that 'talent run's in a man's blood and can't be taught', which is very true, especially in the case of our Marathi Manoos – Shreyas Talpade.

WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR has done great business at the box office, and trade is quite upbeat that it will be soon going to be followed by GOLMAAL RETURNS, but the biggest surprise that Shreya's audience will get is going to be towards the end of this year with the release of CLICK, a Sangeeth Sivan directorial venture, which is out 'n' out horror film.

On asking Sangeeth, how was it working with Shreyas, he said, ''Shreyas has done a brilliant job in the film and this is going to be the biggest surprise for the audiences. We have given him a new image and not something he has done before in any of his movies. He is more modern and hip in the film and it is a very unconventional role. Shreyas has definitely risen as an actor. He is par excellence.''

Hoping to see Shreyas light the screen soon and wish that the movie 'clicks' with the audiences' world over.
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Amidst much speculations, talks were rife of the possibility of Sanjay Gadhvi's Sanjay Dutt–Imran Khan starrer, KIDNAP, carrying in its prints the trailer of Aamir Khan's GHAJINI. But that was never the case, even though both the above mentioned movies are Studio 18/Indian Films releases.

In fact KIDNAP carries with it the trailers of Rohit Shetty's Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor and Arshad Warsi starrer, GOLMAAL RETURNS and a few other promos as well. So where does that leave Murugadoss's much awaited Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan and Mohit Ahlawat action extravaganza, GHAJINI?

Well, the first theatrical promo of the Christmas release, GHAJINI, is expected to be unleashed on the big screen on Diwali, included in the prints of GOLMAAL RETURNS, which will release worldwide on 29th October.
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Kim Sharma Sexy Pics

Watch this bollywood sexy hottie Kim Sharma high resolution and sexy pictures. She has given many flop films to Bollywood and not to forget the sexy cleavage show in the movie Tom Dicj And Harry For Gossips And Mirch Masala Log On To Bollywood Paradize

Khwab Dekhe (Sexy lady) - Race

Watch this sexy song from the movie race named sexy lady featuring katrina kaif and saif ali khan
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