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Kangana Ranaut sweating it out at the gym

Though Kangana Ranaut is still far behind in the race for top Bollywood heroines, there is no denying the fact that Kangana has managed to make her presence felt in this competitive world of Bollywood. She will soon be seen in her sexiest best in ‘Kites’ with Hrithik Roshan.

But the envious figure that Kangana prides at does not come easy. The girl keeps fit by hitting it hard at Leena Mogre’s gym. Here are some pictures of Kangana sweating it out at celebrity fitness trainer Leena Mogre’s gym, Bandra.

Kangana Ranaut at the gym

Kangana Ranaut at the gym

Kangana Ranaut at the gym

Kangana Ranaut at the gym

Kangana Ranaut at the gym

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Akshay bashing was bound to happen: Sajid Nadiadwala

What are your thoughts about Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar triumph considering your next film Kambakth Ishq has a lot of Hollywood stars and technicians including Sylvester Stallone?
Well I am very excited, very happy. Any event which reaches its peak like the world cup win in 83, though people who were not associated with cricket still enjoyed and were happy. It's a world victory. Oscar is a major thing.

We are growing in all departments whether its sports, culture, economics… everywhere we are making a mark and the world is looking up to us. We were surprised to see so many awards bestowed on the same person - Rahman.

I think in the years to come, we will be shocked if we don't get an award like that. I remember we were shooting there about six months back and I was sitting in the front row at Kodak theatre while sharing a cup of coffee with Sylvester.

I was just telling him that the way the Indian films are being made and the way the Indian actors are performing today, the day is not far that we will be here.

Mr. Mukesh Bhatt while talking to us immediately after the Oscars had a few reservations about the film. He said we already have 11000 Gods and now the latest one is Oscar bhagwaan and it's shameful the way everyone is going overboard in celebrating this win.
I have not heard about it actually. Besides I don't want to react on somebody else's comments. But I do know that I have celebrated. I have celebrated on every event where an Indian is associated.

We are always underdogs and whenever the underdogs win there will always be celebrations all over the world. When the world is looking up to us, I don't know why we should look down upon ourselves.

Alright, we know that Kambakht Ishq has some really big Hollywood names like Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh. We have grown up watching Stallone and trying to emulate him. How did you get the idea to approaching Sylvester?
See what happens is that the story (Kambakth Ishq) has Hollywood as its backdrop, Akshay Kumar plays a stunt man. So when you place your film in Hollywood, you need Hollywood actors. There's a love triangle with Denise Richards, there is an action sequence by Sylvester Stallone.

When you want to cast a big star it is necessary to see who you want and whether they are available. I would like to have the moon but I have to see whether it is available or not. We have grown up on Sylvester and he was our first choice. It was just a shot in the dark to begin with.

When we were writing the script we would easily take his name and talk like ‘then this happens and Sylvester comes…then he does this and then there is action and Sylvester does that' we used to laugh at it.

When we are writing it, we used to think ‘Is it possible to actually meet him, forget signing him?' But we kept on giving names. Denise Richards was there because we wanted a James Bond girl. We started mailing people, we started writing. We have some common friends, we started mailing them.

There were some friends who introduced us with an agent, then the script process happened, writing happened and eventually after four months before they said ‘Yes', we were almost there.

Then the day came when I actually had to meet him (Sylvester). We have been his fans, with the Rocky and Rambo series. So 4-5 days before I had to meet him I had goose flesh.

I did not know how to react. I had to discuss the agreement with him and I am about to meet him face to face. When I went to his office the first time I did not know whether to sign the agreement or to get his autograph first.

Whatever message we sent in the universe came back. Whatever we wanted we got it. They were expensive. They were cheap according to their standards but they were expensive according to our standards.

How was the experience of bringing Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor together?
Both are very professional. When we shot in Hollywood everything was on paper. They have this clause called pay and play, so we had to be very careful.

They have to be booked three months in advance so once you booked those dates and if your actors for some reason don't attend the shoot then all your money is gone. We are talking about big money, so we needed somebody.

Let's talk about Sylvester Stallone. I think he is one of the USPs of Kambakth Ishq. There's a lot of curiosity as to what his role in the film is and what's the duration of his role?
He is playing himself in the film. I wouldn't like to kill the curiosity of the audience by telling any definite time duration that they will see him in the film. But he certainly will not have just a walk on role.

We have taken him for what his strength is - action. So there is a major action scene in the film of which he is a part. The first charisma for me was when I chatted with him on mail, then the first experience of sitting face to face and having a cup of coffee. We met o twice, went to his house and he gave me his Rocky gloves. It was beautiful.

Then he started coming on the set in his Ferrari and he used to drive himself. I thought the excitement was over till the time I saw him and Akshay in the same frame and interacting with each other. That was very different.

Again it's a big excitement seeing that and later we shot with him and Bebo. There's an action scene where he saves Kareena, again at this point we felt excited. He has also spoken Hindi in some parts of the film, so it's very exciting for the audience.

Talking about Akshay... his last film Chandni Chowk To China didn't work at the Box Office. Till a few days back people were calling him a super star, but now questions are being raised about films involving him…
It was bound to happen. Anyone who has a success record like his is bound to be pulled down if and when he gives a flop. Australia had five back to back disasters when they lost in cricket, they were pulled down because earlier they were winning left right and centre, so it's overdue.

When I had six back to back hits it was overdue for Jaan-e-Mann. What Akshay has done in the last two years is just unbelievable. Where do you see this!

In my 20-25 year career I have seen this happen just once or twice and the moment they give you one flop, they are pulled down so badly and you have to accept that. It is part of your profession. You have to be ready for it.

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I'm dying to work with Aamir: Vidya Balan

The graceful Vidya Balan who turned a year older on January 1, has turned a new leaf.

After her abortive attempts to revamp her wardrobe in Heyy Baby and Kismat Connection Vidya has decided to go easy on the glam ramp.

"It's not as though I'm disowning my efforts to do glamorous roles. I'm proud of Heyy Baby and Kismat Connection. But this year I'm doing films that don't need me to stretch my personality. I'm very happy doing roles that come naturally to me. That's what I decided about my career this year."

Vidya has just given the nod to Nikhil (Chandni Chowk To China) Advani's next film which would surprise many.

Advani's Chand Bhai is a raw realistic songless film on juvenile delinquency.

Says Vidya, "It's nothing like the high-flying glam-wham stuff that one expects from Nikhil after Chandni Chowk. Chand Bhai is a stark very real kind of drama. And I get to co-star with a very talented actor Akshaye Khanna with whom I was in Nikhil's Salaam-e-Ishq though we had just one passing shot together."

Vidya gladly admits Chand Bhai doesn't feature her in the central role.

"The film revolves around the delinquent boy's character. But I'm very happy to be part of a film that addresses itself an important social issue. This year I think I'm done with searching for various bylanes to my screen identity.

All my forthcoming films have a sharp sense of social purpose, and that definitely includes Vibhu Puri's Chenab Gandhi which I'm enormously excited about because it's produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali."

Vidya has been attending costume and reading sessions for Chenab Gandhi and is spellbound by the script. "But I haven't really interacted that much with my co-star Hurman as yet. With Mr Bachchan who plays the title role, I share a lifelong bonding.

Right from Eklavya we've been paired in so many films right up to Chenab Gandhi and now Balki's Pa. If I did all the films last year that I was offered with Mr Bachchan I wouldn't be working with anyone else, " says Vidya, adding she's excited to work with Abhishek Bachchan for the first time in Pa.

"We've never been paired together.It would be interesting to have another interesting co-star to work with, " says Vidya who went to Panchgani for her birthday this year, with her parents, sister and brother-in-law.

"It's very rare for all five of us in the family to be together. My birthday falls on a very unforgettable day, the New Year. It's preceded by Christmas, so we all take time off to be together.

Another advantage of being born on the first day of the year is, no one can claim to forget your birthday, " she says with loud laughter.

Vidya recently saw Ghajini and was bowled over by Aamir Khan. "I'm dying to work with Aamir. And Shah Rukh of course is my favourite. I said on Sajid Khan's chat show I want to kill Shah Rukh's wife. No one took me seriously. There was no enhancement in the security around her. Sad."

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My dream has come true and I have become an actor: Kunal Khemu

You started your acting career as a child artist and today you are the leading man in films... what was this journey like?
Yes, I did get into films as a child artist, and have in a way grown up here. To me this is like a blessing, its like living a dream, some thing that I always wanted to do. And now my dream has come true and I have become an actor in lead roles. So the entire journey for me has been a real lifelong experience quite literally.

When you were a kid what was it like acting in films? Is there difference in the work pattern now?
No, I don't think that I feel the same. The reason for this being that along with the actors and forms of acting, the entire method of filmmaking and audience mind set has changed.

Today we have various filmmakers trying to tell stories in unthought-of and unconventional ways and the audience has matured so much. Besides the entire multiplex scene that has developed has actually given the art films so much more.

Like some time back the so called art films were limited to TV releases, while now they can have a theatrical release just like any mainstream film and yet have audience flowing in to watch it.

Last year you had just a single release, how come?
The thing with film is that they are uncertain. Besides this, each film has its pre-production, then the production itself, followed by the post- production. To add to this are the numerous delays and problems that keep popping up every now and then. So last year was like that for me with films.

Tell us about Dhoondte Reh Jaoge.
Well Dhoondte Reh Jaoge is basically a story of two very different people, who come from absolutely contrasting backgrounds as well. Paresh plays this producer while I am this middle class guy.

The story is about how thanks to destiny and circumstances, we are forced to become partners and work together to make a film. So the bottom line is how these two varied individuals get together during a crisis situation to devise a solution.

As the release date draws closer, what goes through your mind as an actor about the audience's reaction to the film?
I don't think there is anyone who hasn't felt the same. It's like the same feeling you get when giving an exam and then waiting for the results. It's all the same, those butterflies in your stomach and the entire anxious feeling. The only difference is that here the audience is examiner and critics are the moderators.

What about the rest of the cast... how was it working with Paresh Rawal, Soha Ali Khan and of course Johnny Lever?
Pareshji and I have worked earlier when I was doing theatre. So it was really great working with him again. Then we have Johnny Lever and Asrani, they are like legends when it comes to comedy.

So yes it was really great working with them, and thanks to the interaction level on the sets I learnt a lot too. Besides they are all such fabulous actors.

What is the character you play in the film?
Well my character is this lower middle class guy who is honest to the core. It is this same honesty that has already cost him five different jobs and now due to the mounting pressure, he is forced to find a way to pay the rent for the chawl room where is he living.

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge is a comic film, what was the funniest thing that happened while shooting for it?
Actually since we were making a comedy, there was always something happening on the sets, it was never a dull day. However, the funniest has to be the time when I just finished a shoot for which I had to be on a jet ski.

After the shoot was done every one wanted a ride so I was the one who was taking them out for a spin. But when it was the director's turn, I thought of having a bit of fun and pushed him off. However, he actually was holding on so tight that he dragged me off too.

The funny part was that he didn't know swimming and since the key was in the ignition, the Jet Ski just kept going. Thankfully we were in the shallow area and could easily walk back.

Though at times comic films can be tough, what was the hardest shoot that you had to go through?
Yes that is true, though I cannot say if this was tough or scary. Basically, it is an action sequence that comes towards the end of the film, in which I am supposed to jump off a 5 storey building... and that's where the problem was.

We were shooting in a chawl so there were no cable rigs, we had to do it with the camera crane itself.

So I was tied to the crane and was hanging there giving take after take and the worst part was that there wasn't even crash mat down. Hence, I cannot term this as hard or scary.

What about the audience... how open are they today to watch cinema that actually makes you think?
The audiences, as I said are the actual examiners in this exam that we actors give when our film comes up for release.

However, the audiences have matured by leaps and bounds. Some time ago, we would think twice about making an arty film. But now the audience is so open to any type of film... this can be seen with the way filmmakers are experimenting with different genres and story lines.

Kunal Khemu After this film there is Jai Veeru and 99. Tell us a bit about these films.
Jai Veeru is not an out and out comic caper, yet comedy plays an integral part in the film and the story as well, though the film is actually an action film.

Jai Veeru is basically a film about two friends played by Fardeen and myself and it's more like a joy ride kind of movie, an adventure sort of outing with us on the run. But it does have those funny moments in the film.

While 99, is almost complete, only a few scenes are actually left to be shot. The film is actually a genre bender and again this time comedy has an important role in the film, but with a different flavor.

Besides the directors of this film are both Indians based in New York and this will be their first venture with a feature film though they have made documentaries and short films earlier. As far as the cast is concerned, it's a really good lot and an absolute ensemble troop.

Any other film that you've signed up?
Right now I am looking at a couple of scripts and I am also in talks for film deals, but I really can't say anything yet about them. I shall only reveal things when I have actually signed on for a film and have started shooting for it as well.

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Sanju-Arshad come back but not in Munnabhai 3

Sanjay Dutt-Arshad Warsi are coming together again. The sparkling chemistry between Munnabhai and his bum-chum Circuit will be seen again, though this time in a non-Munnabhai film entitled Johnny Johnny Yes Papa.

But it would be a comedy on the same lines as the much-beloved Munnabhai series which has come to standstill as the film’s director Raj Kumar Hirani got busy with his screen adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s 5 Point Someone…What Not To Do At IIT.

Says a source close to Dutt, “Having resolved to give up playing the gangster ad nauseum Sanju Baba wants to explore the goofy tragic-comic aspect of his personality that Munnabhai tapped so effectively.

In fact Saurav Kabra’s EMI carries the same image forward but into a different territory. Producer Suniel Shetty and Ekta Kapoor are huge Sanju fans. They designed the character of Sattarbhai in EMI as a homage to Sanju’s Munnabhai.”

And now it’s Johnny Johnny Yes Papa where Sanjay Dutt and Arashad Warsi will reprise their Munnabhai-Circuit camaraderie.

Interestingly Johnny Johnny will be directed by Rohit Shetty who has done the two Gol Maal films and Sunday with Ajay Devgan and has now shifted the hero-giri’s gear to Sanjay Dutt.But Shetty’s comic bent is far from spent.

Dutt’s company’s CEO Dharam Oberoi says, “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa is a funny idea.The idea of bringing Baba and Arshad together is definitely a dhamaka. As for the next Munnabhai film (Munnabhai Chale Amrika) it’s been shifted to the end of 2008 because Raju Hirani is busy with Idiots”

Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maanyata joins him in New Zealand this week.

Incidentally Sanjay Dutt had done a film with the name Johnny in it 30 years ago. It was called Johnny I Love You and it featured him opposite Rati Agnihotri. The two were linked together.

Dutt will have no leading lady in Johnny Johhny Yes Papa.

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I’m amazed to see how natural Kangana is...

After two back-to-back sober-and-thoughtful roles as a wannabe singer and wannabe actor Farhan will for the first time try his hand at comedy in Kartik Calling Kartik.

“Not that Kartik is a full-fledged comedy. It’s a thriller. But it has a lot of light funny moments,something that I missed out on in my first two, actually three (the unreleased acting debut in The Fakir Of Venice) starrers on doing any of the light-hearted stuff,” explains Farhan.

Strange, considering Farhan is well- known for his sense of humour in real life. “I don’t know why I’ve been cast in such serious parts so far.”

Besides Deepika Padukone who plays the female lead Kartik Calling Kartik also stars Shefali Shah and Boman Irani.

“We start shooting in April,” informs Farhan who also plans to cut a music album. “But for that I need to take out a chunk of time and devote my full attention to it. Singing is not just a hobby. It never was. I need to pursue it seriously. And not only because of Rock On. I can’t just have someone else composing the songs while I go in the studio and record.”

Farhan has just completed his innings as a chat-show anchor on Oye It’s Friday. In the last episode we saw him with cricketer Saurav Ganguly and Kangana Ranaut. “I don’t think I’ve had so much fun before. I’m a huge cricket addict and Saurav was a delight. And I’m amazed by how relaxed and natural Kangana is.”

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Revealed: Amrita Arora's Wedding schedule

Like sister Malaika, Amrita, a Christian, has chosen a Muslim husband. And just like Malaika, Amrita will have two ceremonies -- a church wedding and a nikaah.

On March 1, there is a huge party for family and friends of the bride and groom at a posh suburban nightclub. The church wedding is on March 4 at Bandra Church. On March 5, Salman Khan’s sister Alvira Agnihotri will host the musical bash that Farah Khan is choreographing.

March 6, the final day of the celebrations, will see a nikaah ceremony at Taj Lands End in the afternoon followed by a reception in the evening.

Ayesha Takia too is getting married and her wedding is supposedly a simple affair taking place on 1st March by Muslim rituals followed by a reception party on 2nd March in Colaba Mumbai.

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Sushmita-Randeep kiss creates a furore

Sushmita Sen is not at all happy these days. It is because of her new movie ‘Karma aur Holi’ in whichshe is playing the lead along with Randeep Hooda.

The issue is that Sushmita is not happy with a kissing scene with her one time boyfriend Randeep and is cribbing that the producers are using this footage to gain in more publicity.

As reported by a leading tabloid, Sushmita said, “My problem is that the makers of Karma aur Holi are promoting the film by sending out sleazy stories. This is not done. This is not the way to promote a film. These obnoxious strategies of promoting a film are simply unethical”.

We tried getting in touch with Sushmita but she remained unavailable for any comments. We did get in touch with Randeep Hooda who had once got the opportunity to date the beauty queen.

He stormed in saying, “I think one should just do their job. Everyone was doing their job. There are a lot of actors involved, a lot of technicians, production people, directors, producers involved in the film. By just going to the press and lashing out statements is a very unethical thing on Sushmita’s part”.

When asked about the fuss she is making to remove the much-hyped kissing scene between her and Randeep, he said, “I don’t know anything about it so I think it is logical for me not to even comment on it”.

Seems like Sushmita is having a hard way in this matter, with lashing out everything openly to the press, we wonder what she really wants. We just hope she gets justice to it.

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After bikinis and minis Priyanka sheds make-up

She donned trendy mini skirts and a bikini in "Dostana" and was an absolute stunner on the ramp in "Fashion", but Priyanka Chopra is going the de-glam way for Vishal Bharadwaj's "Kaminay".

"In terms of look, it's definitely not glamorous. In fact, you don't really see me wearing too much make up in the film," Priyanka told.

"Kaminay" will be her first release of 2009 as a leading lady after a hectic 2008, which saw her featuring in six back-to-back releases - "Love Story 2050", "God Tussi Great Ho", "Chamku", "Drona", "Fashion" and "Dostana".

What makes "Kaminay" special is that she has got to work with Bharadwaj, a master story teller known for giving his leading ladies a very 'real' lived-in look.

Speaking about her character in the film, Priyanka says: "Sweety is a very real character. She is a college-going girl in her early 20s and we have tried to keep her extremely believable."

"We tried to ensure that the look fits the characterisation," she adds.

Since she was seen in a glam avatar in both "Fashion" and "Dostana", did she have any apprehensions about donning an entirely distinct look in "Kaminay"?

"Not at all. It was a conscious decision. I have always striven to do different things in each and every film of mine, be it with the character or the look. That's visible in films like 'Don', 'Love Story 2050', 'Fashion' and 'Dostana'.

"In continuation of that, 'Kaminay' and 'What's Your Rashee' (by Ashutosh Gowariker) will see me essaying different characters, far removed from what I have ever played. I am very excited about both!"

Priyanka stars opposite Shahid Kapur in "Kaminay" and the actor too is said to have a distinct look. Shahid, known for his chocolate boy image, plays a double role, and one of the characters played by him not just stammers but also keeps an unkempt look.

But audiences will have to wait to see their makeovers until June 5, when "Kaminay" is set to release.

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Freida rises and Aishwarya gets the flak

She's been catapulted straight to Hollywood. Freida Pinto, the poised, smiling beauty that Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire" has thrown up on the global stage, has done what few Indian actors have managed to do before her.

From Om Puri to Naseeruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan to Ayesha Dharkar - everyone has worked in Hollywood films but none has tasted instant, mainstream fame like Freida.

Even the glamorous Aishwarya Rai, 35, who has been adjudged India's most bankable star in Hollywood by Forbes, has taken her time to journey there. But not Freida, 24.

The younger model-turned-actress from Mumbai has already walked the Oscar red carpet, shone in the multiple Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" and is set to sizzle on popular magazine covers, with just one film to her name.

"Freida's was a fresh face that was exposed in an international project. That worked to her advantage since she did not have any baggage attached with her. She is this fresh girl, good with English who can carry herself and that's why (she is) liked by many," film critic Omar Quereshi told.

"Most Indian actresses first concentrate on Bollywood films and then are picked up by Hollywood directors for international projects. So their prime focus has always been Bollywood," he said.

Freida is one of the luckiest Bollywood actresses, having been to the Academy Awards, that too, right at the beginning of her career. Even the Bachchan daughter-in-law, Aishwarya, who is a regular at the Cannes Film Festival, hasn't walked the Oscar red carpet yet.

Thanks to British filmmaker Danny Boyle's film, Freida has been exposed to instant international acclaim that any actress would die for. She has already bagged Hollywood director Woody Allen's next project. She will share screen space with the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts and Josh Brolin in the movie.

"With Aishwarya the scene was that she got projects since she was Miss World and had also done Bollywood films. That's why Freida's success looks more prominent since she emerged from nowhere and has done a good job," said Quereshi.

Among Indian actresses, Shabana starred in Hollywood productions like "Madame Sousatzka" (1988) followed by "City of Joy" (1992), Ayesha was seen in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" and "The Mistress of Spices" as well as the television series "Arabian Nights" and the West End and Broadway musical "Bombay Dreams".

Aishwarya can boast of four international projects - "Bride & Prejudice", "Mistress Of Spices", "The Last Legion" and "The Pink Panther 2", which is currently being shown in India.

But none of these has set the box office on fire like "Slumdog Millionaire". Danny Boyle's film not only got critical acclaim but it also won all the top global awards - four Golden Globes, seven British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards and eight Oscars.

While Freida has been hailed by the international media for her performance, Aishwarya has been panned by critics abroad who feel she is wooden in "The Pink Panther 2".

Freida has bagged the Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. The latter took home the best actress prize at the Elle Style Awards too.

Freida's fashion quotient has always been on an upswing. Freida even topped the list of Vogue Magazine's 10 best-dressed people. She is also set to sizzle on the covers of popular magazines like Maxim and Vogue India.

"Sometimes because of our features and our body type, certain things don't suit us, that's the case with Aishwarya. She has mostly gone wrong with the choice of colours and styles while appearing in international events. Whereas Freida can carry most Western styles and has chosen the right designs for herself," designer Atsu Sekhose told.

"She is the new flavour of the season. Whatever she has worn at these events prove that she can carry off any dress with style and confidence," he added.

Said designer Alpana of the label Azara: "Freida has a great body with an attractive face. She pulls off everything very well. She carries herself with poise and knows what to wear and when."

The stars are certainly shining for India's newest export to the world, Freida.

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Freida Pinto features in the March issue of Vogue

Align Center

At first we thought that this beautiful lady some supermodel on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue. It's only after we saw her glacier like eyes, tresses that will give Rapunzel a huge complex, eye brows that takes you through a virtual tour of the most luscious desert, lips such that even Gods must have repented after having sent her to Earth... .that we realised that she was none other than Freida Pinto, World's envy, India's pride!

This issue is going to be a sure-shot sellout considering the fact everyone now wants to know about this new actress and Vogue provides its readers just that. Talking about this gorgeous girl, Danny Boyle says, "I met many breathtakingly beautiful and talented actresses in Mumbai, but in addition to being beautiful, there was a grace to Freida, an ease that transcended her physical beauty. She is truly unique."

We simply couldn't argue on that, neither could the Oscar's jury. Way to go, Freida!
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Kareena Kapoor shines on the inaugural issue of Harper's Bazaar

The aforementioned words aptly and also literally describe the lissome lass of Bollywood as she is the 'Inaugural cover-girl' of the mega launch issue of the world-famous fashion and lifestyle magazine Harpers' Bazaar.

As we had (exclusively) carried the news earlier this week, the issue does contain some of beautiful pictures of Kareena and Saif on the beaches of Mauritius. After seeing this couple romancing along the coastline, one wonders if this romance is enhancing the scenic beauty of the to-die-for beaches or is it the other way round! Get this issue to see for yourself some of the most precious verbal gems that Saifeena have belted out in this issue, with Bebo saying, "I think I am just perfect, because on screen, being my size looks great".

All in all, a must buy-issue for the Bollywood buffs! BTW, when we said that 'Kareena shines on the inaugural issue of Harper's Bazaar', we really meant our words as this issue comes with 'diamonds' attached on its cover! Go and check for yourself!
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What's happening in tinseltown

Hotties at a promotional event for Aa Dekhen Zara, a special screening of Slumdog Millionaire and a look at Karisma Kapoor's daughter Samaira.

Beauty and the Hunk: At an event for Aa Dekhen Zara, Sexy Bips looked fab in her green dress which she jazzed up with shiny bangles and shoes. Neil kept it casual but the shiny print on his tee jazzed up his outfit. Thank God the velvet isn’t too shiny

Hottie Sophie: She knows how to work her curvaceous bod which this figure hugging dress shows off perfectly. Like Bips, she used the gold accessories well. However, the make up on her legs is patchy.

Young and Old: Resul Pookutty, minus his Oscar with child actor Tanay Chheda at a special screening of Slumdog Millionaire for NGO kids at PVR, Juhu

Friends: After creating a hue and cry over not being invited to the Oscars, Sukhwinder Singh bonds with Resul Pookutty. We don’t like his flashy red shirt and mushroom hair-cut. He isn’t a teenager anymore

Mommie Dearest: Sachin Tendulkar’s wife Anjali with her mother.

Scooty Boy: Unlike most B-towners who prefer chauffer driven cars, director Anurag Basu keeps it simple and humble as he drives off on his scooty

Yummy Mummy: Karisma Kapoor attended Kangaroo Kids’s annual function in Bandra. She looks great even without make up. In her fitting jeans and shirt, she is the envy of other mothers.

Daddy’s Girl: Karisma’s husband Sanjay Kapur with their daughter Samaira who looks just like him.
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Stars that shined at the Filmfare Awards

The Filmfare Awards night is the biggest, most glamorous night in B-Town where stars turn up looking their sparkling best in sarees or gowns or suits. We take a look at the stars that rocked the red carpet.

Dazzling Beauty and her Beau: Kareena looks absolutely stunning in this white Manish Malhotra saree with gold and silver embellishments. Her accessories are perfect, her hair and make up flawless. Saif looks absolutely dapper in his navy blue suit with his shiny tie adding a dash of colour. The French beard makes him look even more handsome.

Indian Beauty: It has been a while since we saw Ash go all Indian. We like the bindi, middle-parting hair-do and the bright lipstick. The shimmering gold saree is apt for the dazzling night.

Black Beauty and Beau: Kangana carries off this edgy-Gothic-Diva look brilliantly. The chains lend a unique touch and the gown flatters her figure. Her make-up with smoky eyes and pale lips is apt for her Gothic avatar. Adhyayan plays safe in an all black suit.

Purpleicious: We love her shiny silver accessories add dazzle to the flowing deep purple gown. With twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks and coloured lips, she looks like an adorable movie-star.

Elegance Personified: There is something very simple and elegant about this gown. We love the layers and textures it has. With minimal make-up and accessories, and her red lipstick adding a tinge of colour, Anushka carries off this gown beautifully.

Indian Bombshell: No one can look sexier than Bipasha Basu in a saree. We love her wavy hair and emerald jhumkas. The black saree with heavy copper embellishments is absolutely gorgeous and the red bikini blouse is sensual. The colourful bangles complete the look.

Well-Dressed Trio: Arjun looks smashing as usual in a black suit, Mehr sparkles in her green Godess gown and Arjun's mother glows in a saree on her son's big night
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Amrita Arora’s sangeet

Amrita Arora and Shakeel Ladak held their sangeet ceremony on Sunday night in Bandra Mumbai. It was a very small and intimate family affair. Sister Malaika Arora Khan was glowing as much as the bride while Amrita looked stunning in her lehenga.

Shakeel and Amrita get set for a long night ahead.

Amrita does look a bit nervous and anxious though.

Mom Joyce and designer Vikram Phadnis make their way to the venue.

Sister Malaika Arora Khan and brother in law Arbaaz Khan wrap up the family presence at the party.

Malaika looks as beautiful in an Indian outfit as she does in her stunning western wear.
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