Bollywood bug bites Camilla Belle

Bollywood bug bites Camilla Belle Hollywood actress Camilla Belle might be just one film old in Bollywood, but she is madly in love with the industry and is keen to do typical song-dance masala Hindi movies.

The 24-year-old, who featured in Hollywood movies "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", "When a Stranger Calls" and "10, 000 BC", made her Indian debut with Akshay Kumar's co-production "Speedy Singhs".

"If I am offered a film here, I would grab the opportunity. I am completely open to it, I don't limit myself. I don't close my mind to anything. I love the way films are made here. I am so fond of song-dance sequences. There (west) it is not so colourful and rich like here in India, " Camilla told in an interview while promoting the film in the capital.

"I got an opportunity to try 'jhatka-matka' of Bollywood and I must say it was so much fun. I took Bollywood dance class in Los Angeles, it has become very popular there. I haven't danced in my whole life because we don't have these song and dance sequences there. But honestly, one can say I am infected by this Bollywood fever now, it's all over my mind, " she added.

Though she is fascinated with Bollywood, she knows little about it.

"I want to see more of Bollywood films now. I want to learn the format that is followed here that is why I am taking back a lot of DVDs of various Hindi films, " said the Los Angeles-based actress

Talking about her favourites in Bollywood, she said: "I know Aishwarya as I met her at the Cannes and she has been there (LA) quite a few times. I have also seen a couple of her films. I think she is very beautiful and charming.

"Some time back I saw 'Dhoom 2' and I just loved it. I love Hrithik (Roshan). He is an amazing actor. I have shown his videos to all my friends and I have fallen in love with him, " she added.

Camilla, who visited India for the first time to promote "Speedy Singhs", also wants to learn about Indian culture.

"It's been a real learning experience specially because Indian culture is something I have not been exposed to before. But being in India and working with an Indian cast has made me feel closer to the country, " she said.

The actress, who has just wrapped up filming "Open Road", a Brazilian-American co-production, feels "the entertainment industry has become very global. You see something like 'Slumdog Millionaire' winning an Oscar. The give and take of actors, producers, has made the whole scenario very global".

"Anybody from any country can make it big in any of the two industries (Bollywood and Hollywood) now. This is a very beautiful change where the difference are being dissolved so maturely, " she added.

Katrina finally agreed to bein a bikini

Revealed: How Katrina finally agreed to be the girl-in-a-bikini
Many names, including top international ones, were considered for the coveted role of the screen queen opposite bad-boy Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3.

Finally it’s Katrina Kaif, after all, who has bagged the prized part.

Katrina, it must be remembered, was Yashraj, Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya’s first choice for the part.

But the actress, hellbent on building on her wholesome image, had major misgivings about some of the things that the role required from her. There was the mandatory girl-in-a-bikini Dhoom shot.

With her new policy of no kissing and no exposure Katrina begged off the role.

Says a very reliable source, “Katrina very clearly told her dear friend Aditya Chopra that she would not be comfortable doing some of the scenes.

Aditya told her she was crazy to turn down the chance of playing the Dhoom girl, and that too opposite Aamir Khan but Katrina is very clear about what she wants and doesn’t want to do on screen.

And nothing could make her change her that. She suggested they look for someone else. ”

The hunt for Aamir’s Dhoom girl even went international with hot global faces being considered.

Incidentally a couple of A-list actresses got their publicity machinery to plant stories of being chosen for Dhoom 3.

Says a source, “But the first choice, namely Katrina kept coming back to haunt the banner’s casting aspirations.

They needed a girl who not only looked hot but also could look extremely homely and wholesome. A combination of Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman, that was the brief. ”

Two factors made Katrina change her mind. The first was Aamir Khan. Having bagged a role with Shah Rukh Khan in Yash Chopra’s next she was keen to be paired with Aamir. And so, we believe, was Aamir.

Finally there was a long and intense meeting between Katrina and Aditya Chopra just before she left for the shooting of Ek Tha Tiger in Dublin that clinched the matter.

Both Katrina and Adi were in high spirits after the success of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Says a source, “Someone said Katrina was Yashraj’s lucky mascot. To this she quipped, ‘I really don’t like being called a lucky mascot. It makes me sound like a ghodi at the derby. ’Everyone including Katrina was in the mood to see Katrina say yes to Dhoom 3. ”

Apparently in the meeting Aditya convinced Katrina as to why doing Dhoom 3 at this stage of her career would take her to another level.

They spoke about the packaging and the projection. And they also spoke about the scenes that bothered Katrina.

Apparently the kissing and bikini scenes have been taken care of.

Says a source, “The scenes that scared Katrina have not been done away with entirely. But Adi and Katrina met on a middlepath. The scenes have been now modified to the advantage of both the parties. ”

With Dhoom 3 Katrina Kaif becomes the only heroine in the history of Indian cinema to do 4 back-to-back films with the Yashraj banner.

Katrina remained unavailable for comment. Apparently she is using the off-shooting hours in Dublin to get fighting-fit for Dhoom 3. Martial arts and samurai sword-fighting are part of the training for the part.

Go ahead Katrina. Dhoom machale.

Where has Ranbir's new girl Nargis Fakhri vanished?

Where has Ranbir`s new girl Nargis Fakhri vanished?Nargis Fakhri is almost put under 'house arrest' by 'Rockstar' director Imtiaz Ali apparently to retain the mystery surrounding her. Mauli Singh reports on the 'surprise element' strategy and if it really works in favour of films

She has not yet proved herself onscreen, but Nargis Fakhri seems to have already caught the imagination of Bollywood followers thanks to her mentor Imtiaz Ali.

The filmmaker is pulling out all the stops to maintain the mystery surrounding his American find before their Rockstar hits theatres this year. Not surprisingly, she'll be kept out of all the promotional events, too.

Confirms a source, "Nargis will not interact much with the media till the film's release. Ranbir Kapoor (the film's main protagonist) will mostly promote the movie. This is all part of the promotional strategy."

Apparently, this is also the reason why the half-Pak, half-Czech hottie was missing from the music launch event held in Delhi recently. "The makers want people to see her work and then introduce her to the media.

They don't want her to get over exposed before the release of the film, and lose her charm. They want to retain the mysterious air around the supermodel, " the source adds.

Avoiding the paparazzi

Even during the making of the movie, Imtiaz did everything possible to keep Nargis under wraps. She wasn't even allowed to go to public places and get photographed by the paparazzi.

The only gossip we did get to hear about her included romantic link ups with co-star Ranbir and later model/actor Shayan Munshi.

Since the film's publicity has started, the actress was expected to finally surface.

But Imtiaz seems to be very protective about her, like he has been with all his girls (Giselli Monteiro was introduced to the media only post Love Aaj Kal release). But it's not just the Rockstar director.

Of late, several producers have been adopting this strategy of introducing (and fiercely guarding) surprise elements, be it a debut actor, a new look, special effects or a special appearance by a well-known superstar in a film

Due to the media boom it has become all the more difficult for filmmakers to keep their reel secrets under wraps.

To ensure that the story or the 'surprise' doesn't leak out, production houses have started signing non-disclosure contracts with their actors and directorial crew.

It doesn't stop there. Besides the lead cast, no other actor is given the full script.

A character artiste confirms, "We don't get to read the whole script of the film. We are given a gist of our roles and we get the script scene-wise only a night before our shoot. It's done to ensure that story doesn't leak out."

An assistant director of another hyped upcoming film adds, "We are starting the shoot of our film in a few days and we still haven't been told who the lead actor is as the makers don't want to disclose it."

All the big film studios have become extra cautious about guarding their films that are under production.

In fact, only recently Karan Johar spruced up the security of his forthcoming Agneepath after Mid-day leaked Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra's look.

Hit or miss?

But do such strategies work? Does it really make sense for Nargis Fakhri to be kept away from the media, especially when Ranbir is the main protagonist of the film?

Film historian Dinesh Raheja says, "If the heroine is in the titular role (Heena, Julie, Bobby) keeping her under wraps makes sense because there is so much curiosity about her, but not if it's a second fiddle or an arm candy. Actresses take a huge risk by agreeing to remain low profile.

If you keep a heroine under wraps and the film fails, she stands to lose the most. No one will be interested in talking to the actor of a failed film. Between Anushka Sharma (who was also kept under wraps for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) and Giselli, the former benefited more since her films were bigger hits."

Giselli says, "Yes, every film has a pre-decided publicity plan, which is in the best interest of the project."

No wonder then Imtiaz seems to be backing off his stance a bit.

The spokesperson of Rockstar informs, "We are going to reveal Nargis at a dandiya night in Ahmedabad on October 2. She is also walking the ramp for Manish Malhotra next month.

She will also have media interactions before the release of the film, but we still have to work out the details." Let's just hope Nargis is worth the wait and not a disappointment like many other 'surprises' sprung on us by filmmakers!

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Kareena Kapoor Filmfare Magazine Cover Scans

Kareena Kapoor Filmfare Magazine Cover Scans August 2011 Edition

Kareena Kapoor Filmfare Magazine Cover Scans August 2011 Edition

kareena kapoor
filmfare magazine cover

Sameera reddy hot Galatta magazine cover scan


Anushka shetty Galatta magazine cover scan


OOPS! Katrina has wardrobe malfunction

Katrina Kaif recently had a wardrobe malfunction on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger. Katrina Kaif, clad in a short white dress, exposed a little too much while trying to get on a bicycle.

Her little white outfit slid upwards and she revealed much more that what she intended to. Katrina reportedly fell off the bike too but 'Bodyguard' Salman immediately came to her rescue.

Ex-flames Katrina, Salman have been shooting for Ek Tha Tiger in Dublin.

Earlier this year as well, Katrina had a near-wardrobe disaster. She wore a red hot top while performing at a music award function and got quite uncomfortable when her top kept slipping off her shoulder. But the lass managed it quite nicely and didn't let it hamper her performance
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