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I was betrayed: Eesha Koppikhar

Eesha Koppikhar is a firm believer in destiny and can be found muttering "Karmanyeva adhikarasya Ma faleshu Kadaachana" when questioned about the lack of successful films in the recent past.

"I love working in front of the camera and am passionate about the art. I don't think too much about what would happen next; least of all box office collections.

Recently when 'Hello' became a success and people started rattling down it's collections, I excused myself. I don't understand the business aspect of thinks and have no inclination to do so in future too.

I want my films to do well but can't have my life being dominated by them", says Eesha Koppikhar who just saw the release of 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi'.

Such statements coming from her are surprising though, especially when she showed a lot of promise in last couple of years when she was seen in biggies like 'Don - The Chase Begins Again', 'Salaam E Ishq' and '36 China Town'.

"Honestly, there is nothing that I can rave about in the films you mention", Eesha says in a matter of fact tone, "Quite frankly they didn't help me much.

I guess things seemed to be finally picking up for better after 'Kya Kool Hai Hum', which was a mega success and brought me some good reviews as well. However, the person looking after my work wasn't aggressive enough to help me capitalize on the film's success. But as I said, it's destiny."

Solo lead in 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi', a change in image and some good reviews coming her way would have come as an icing on the cake, isn't it?

"Of course yes", says Eesha without blinking an eyelid, "To be honest I was expecting good reviews from 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' since Barjatyas have their own loyal set of audience.

This is the set of audience which always have a certain expectation from a Rajshri heroine and I had to be conscious about the fact that I do not disappoint them as well as the makers of the film. Now with good reviews coming the film's way, I am relieved.

I am sure the film, though released at a select number of prints, would continue to find an audience over a period of time."

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Eesha Koppikhar learns taekwondo

With a red belt in taekwondo, Eesha Koppikhar is now keen on doing an action film, in contrast to her demure and simple look in the forthcoming film "Ek Vivaah...Aisa Bhi".

"I love action and I really want to do an action film. Maybe something like 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith', 'Charlie's Angels' or a 'Million Dollar Baby', " Eesha told over phone from Mumbai.

The actress, whose claim to fame are item numbers "Khallas" and "Ishq Samundar", reveals that she has been learning taekwondo for the past six years.

"Taekwondo requires your entire body to work at the same time and it helps the mind also. I feel while practising taekwondo, one becomes more focussed, " Eesha said.

Apart from taekwondo, the actress regularly practises yoga and heads to the gym.

For now, however, Eesha is busy with the promotion of "Ek Vivaah..." in which she plays a small town girl Chandni, who dons the mantle of being the bread-winner of her family from being a naive bride-to-be after the death of her father.

A typical Sooraj Barjatya family film, "Ek Vivaah..." is set for a Nov 7 release and stars Sonu Sood opposite Eesha.

"I started my Bollywood career with a glamorous image and the songs became a rage; so I never got an opportunity to do something like 'Ek Vivaah...'.

"But this film has given me a chance to explore my personality as an actress, " Eesha said. Eesha had for some time been looking to play a typical Indian girl.

"I was looking for a role of an Indian girl, who is loving, a perfectionist, believes in commitment and has strong values. This film offered me that and it is a complete family movie, " she said.

The actress is upbeat about her traditional look in the film.

"I wear very simple and ethnic clothes in the film. I don't wear too much make-up and the entire look is very serene. I liked doing it, " she said.

In her Bollywood career spanning eight years, Eesha has been associated with films like "Company", "Don: The Chase Begins", "Darna Mana Hai", "Salaam-e-Ishq" and more recently "Hello" - most of which had an ensemble cast.

Besides these, she made special appearances in a number of films including "Kaante", "Hum Tum" and "36 China Town".

Eesha says she is now "happy to have moved on from friendly and special appearances to better and full-fledged roles". After "Ek Vivaah...", Eesha will be seen in "Har Pall", "Hello Darling" and a lead role in Ram Gopal Varma's "Shabri".

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Sonu-Eesha wait 12 years for their marriage

Rajshri's latest release Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi arrives with an interesting plot. The film features Sonu Sood and Eesha Koppikar as two lovers who are just about to get married.

However, destiny has different plans for them as changed circumstances in their lives force them to wait for as many as 12 years before they can tie the knot. And all of this happens even as they stay in touch with each other!

Confirms Sonu Sood who is mighty excited about the project which features him in a solo lead, "That's the reason why the film is titled Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.

The film shows how two individuals decide to make sacrifices in their life in order to be with each other, even if it requires them to wait for more than 12 years before they get married."

"Frankly, if one looks at today's time, how many of us would be willing to wait for so long even though we may proclaim true love for someone? However, that's the beauty of Sooraj Barjatya's cinema.

It teaches, challenges and inspires the youngsters of today that something like that is possible if one comes with a clean resolve. One of the partners may be going through a bad phase while another may achieve a lot. However, that doesn't mean that one distances apart", Sonu gets emotional here.

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi features both Sonu Sood and Eesha Koppikar as musicians. While Sonu Sood is fond of playing a guitar, Eesha's pet musical instrument is harmonium.

Eesha Koppikhar adds, "In the film, the characters played by Sonu and me take this long journey together to achieve something in life.

Yes, their dreams and commitments may have gone for a toss even as they move ahead in this journey but together, they are ready to wait. Time flies by and one of us grows up in the career while another is left behind. However, it is true love which is the eventual winner."

Concludes Sonu Sood, "First time director Kaushik Ghatak has made such a sensitive film which is bound to make you emotional.

Those who have seen the film have loved it. For them, it has been a pleasant surprise to see me in an altogether different mode. I am sure once the film releases this November, audience would have the same to say as well."

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Timmy keeps asking me to marry him: Eesha Kopikar

In spite of playing a plain Jane in couple of her films glamour girl Eesha still holds a place for herself in the list of glamorous heroines. But very soon she will be getting rid of this tag coz recently she has accepted the role of Chandni in Rajshri films Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi.This role will help her get rid of her glamorous image.

Q-The title of the film is Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi, What does that mean?
A-The story of this film Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi is about such a marriage which is very different from the regular customs of marriage, very sacred.

As its easy to get into relationships but very difficult to maintain them in the long run, but when two people without getting married are so committed to each other that they try their best to maintain the pureness of the relationship that in true sense is a sacred relationship.

Q- How would you define your character in this film?
A-The character of Chandni is very similar to me in real life. Just like me she comes from a family who value their customs and systems a lot. Just like me she believes in love.

Along with this just like me she also believes in the fact that before getting into a relationship with anyone we need to think twice. One should never think of breaking a relationship just to get into another one. Just like me Chandni is very attached to her dad.

The only difference we have is that Chandni comes from a small town where as I'm a city girl a simple heart but with the nature of a tom boy.Chandni is shown as a very soft spoken girl not as loud as I am.

Q-How did you prepare yourself for this role?
A-I dint have to do much as the director of the film Kaushik Dada kept reminding me that Chandni has a style which is different than Esha's.

Q-It's a dream of every girl to work with Rajshri Productions, how did you feel when you got a call from their end?
A-I felt great when my manager told me that they had called me. I heard the story last year on my birthday 19th Sept, So I felt that this film s a gift from God on my birthday. Its like a dream come true to work with such a great banner.

Q-You have never actually played such a character before, was there any kind of fear while accepting this role?
A-Have you ever seen me act in similar kind of roles ever? I myself make it a point to try out different roles every time and the two prime reasons for it are, first that I easily get bored of the same stuff again and again and second that I know for sure that im a very talented actress and I can do a lot better., its only that not many directors have got to utilize my talent properly.

Q-What do you think about your co star Sonu Sood?
A-He is a very well grounded person. Just like the actor of the film he also comes from a small village named Moga.he is as hardworking as I am. Eight years ago we worked together in a south film named Nijin Ille at that time we had never thought that we would be working together again in Rajshri films

Q-How was the whole experience of working in this film?
A-I've never had such a great experience in my entire career till date. Not once did I feel the need to complaint about anything.

All through the shoot I always felt that Raj babu is like myg randfather, Sooraj Barjatya like my father and Kaushik dada like my elder brother must be the first film of my life where I just dint want the shooting to end. One hundred and twenty days for the shoot just flew away.

I still remember the last day of our film which was 6th of June. I had cried a lot that day and surprisingly it was raining heavily that day, which made me feel that as if the rains were crying with me.

Q-Do you regret the fact that Sooraj Barjatya isn ot directing this film?
A-Before the narration I had some doubts about the same but after the narration when I saw my directors vision I was convinced that the film would be superb. The time when Kaushikwas narrating the film I could actually picturise every seen in front of my eyes and tears were rolling down them.

Q-A twelve year long wait for your beloved is what is shown in this film, do you think this funda works these days?
A- I in my personal life waited for ten years to keep my relationship going, but I guess destiny had something else in store for me. If the love and the feelings are true and genuine then why only twelve years you could spend your whole life waiting for that person.

Q-What are your views about marriage?
A-I strongly believe in the institution of marriage. Its a beautiful feeling, here two different people with different thought process, different outlook and different cultures meet and bind into one relationship.

Q- When do you plan to get married?
A-Its just been six months since I've met Timmy, but he too keeps asking me the same question always. But honestly speaking after a real long time my career graph has shown a rise so I would want to concentrate on that first. I will definitely get married as I don't want to continue working for my whole life. Like every girl I too dream of getting married and having kids.

Q-Your seen in films like Ek Vivah Aisa bhi and Shabri and at the same time in films like Haseena, Hello Darling and Rite Ya Wrong what is the kind of image you actually want to have?
A-First of all you cannot compare Haseena with Hello Darling and Rite Ya wrong, Haseena is the biggest mistake of my life and I do not want to discuss about that film at all. Hello darling is a comedy flick while Rite ya Wrong is a suspense thriller. As far as my image is concerned ive already said that I want to be versatile.

Q- Most of the time s you are seen in multistarrerfilms, why haven't you tried doing solo films?
A-Coz no one casted me in a solo film. I haven't intentionally signed mutistarrer films it just happened coincidently. As it is I do not have a filmy background nor am I seeing any of the top directors, whatever I have achieved till date is all by my own hard work.

Q-So do you feel any kind of pressure?
A-I love to give pressure than to feel it.

Q—Are you happy with your career graph?
A-Its all in the mind, some people are not happy in spite of winning an Oscar while some are happy without it. What makes you feel that im unhappy, im very happy?

Q- Tell us about your new release?
My forthcoming films are Shabri, hello Darling, Rite ya Wrong, Har Pal and Gehra

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Isha Koppikar dating Timmy Narang

Actress Isha Koppikar has found love again, thanks to her good friend Preity Zinta.

It’s time to strike off one more name from the list of Bollywood’s single babes. Isha Koppikar has found her man in restaurateur Timmy Narang. And it was the chirpy and friendly Preity Zinta who played cupid and helped Isha find love.

Preity and Isha have been friends since the shooting of the movie Har Pall .

The buzz about Isha going around with Timmy is not new. Both have been spotted together at many places. Isha met Timmy about a year back and the two got along well because they share many common interests. For a long time, neither of them was sure where their friendship was headed. But then Preity stepped in and played the cupid.

According to Isha, Preity’s intervention made it easy for Timmy and her (Isha) to realize that their relationship had taken a serious turn.
Today things have come to such a point that Isha is seriously thinking of getting married to Timmy. However, the Khallas girl says it won’t happen anytime soon.

As of now, Isha is busy with four movies. Her much awaited film is by Sooraj Barjatya Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi which is almost complete. And her Hello released yesterday.

Her other movies include Shabri , ‘Har Pall’ and Right Yaaa Wrong . ‘Shabri’ will see her as a slum girl who later becomes a gangster. And ‘Har Pall’ is from the talented director Jahnu Barua , where she plays an air-hostess.
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Isha Koppikar into the depth of her character

Things at Bollywood have not been just too encouraging for the ‘Khallas’ girl Isha Koppikar, but that doesn’t stop the girl from working hard enough to get to her goals.

So, involved and determined is Isha to get the realistic touch for her upcoming RGV’s ‘Shabri’ that she is leaving no stones unturned in getting into the skin of the character.

To look like a slum girl, Isha didn’t wax her body, didn’t pluck eyebrows, didn’t use any beauty products and, in fact, did not even comb her hair. But this is not all. During one shoot in a slum area of Mumbai, while the evening snacks were served, Isha, unmindfully, instead of going to her make-up van to eat, sat near a dustbin to eat like a street beggars. It was only when her make-up boy came and said ‘Didi, aap yaahan kyun baithi hain? Make up van mein chaliye,’ that she realized where she was sitting.

‘I was so engrossed in my character that I didn’t even realize what I was doing. If my make-up boy hadn’t made me realize that I was sitting beside a dustbin I would have had my snacks there,’ says Isha.

Isha has changed her walking style and has lost weight too. What we wonder is how long will she take to get to normal life once she is out of the character?
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