Salman Khan is the only star who can come, fart on the screen

Sushant Singh tells Jyothi Venkatesh that Salman Khan is the only star who can come, fart on the screen and get away with it.

Q. How would you describe your role in Hulla?
A. My role as Raj Shiv Puri in Hulla is that of a very simple dal roti stock broker in a medium sized local dealing firm. Raj is aggressive, innovative and also pro active, while Kartikadevi Rane plays my good natured, even tempered wife, whom tolerates all my protestations and complaints about the seemingly trivial problem with a smile. I shared a good chemistry on screen with Kartika, who had earlier acted in the serial Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye with Ashish Chowdhary and Perizaad Zorabian.

Q. What is Hulla about?
A. Hulla is basically about Raj’s attempts to put an end to a simple problem at his residence- of the night watchman whistling in his building compound at night, leading to his not getting sleep at all. His cajoling, protestations and complaint even to the police lead to nothing and the flippant attitude of the people around him to his problem, coupled with his sleep- deprivation gradually unhinges him.

Q. What appealed to you about the film that you decided to take it up?
A. To tell the truth, considering the fact that real stories about real people rarely get told these days in Indian cinema in spite of the richness of diversity in India’s city life, I found that Hulla is an attempt to fill that gap and yet maintain a universal accessibility through concerns, characters and tone. As director Jaideep Varma said, the contemporary sensibility of the film should be relatable anywhere in the world, whether it is Mumbai or for that matter Manhattan.

Q. Isn’t the role quite in contrast to your role as a villain in Mukhbir?
A. Raj in Hulla is dynamically different from that of Pasha in Mukhbir. There was a kind of excitement in the character of the shooter Pasha, who had the backdrop of the underworld of Hyderabad. Mani Shankar had done the research on his subject for two years. More than my role, I liked the story of Mukhbir. Mani gave me the bound script. It took me one hour to listen to it. You start visualizing when you read an interesting script.

Q. How tough was it to play the complex character of Pasha in Mukhbir?
A. There was absolutely no reference point to my character in Mukhbir, which was much more mature than my character in Mani Shankar’s December 16. The tone of my character was set by showing me massaging the sexy widowed daughter of the mukhya.

Q. Which are your forthcoming films?
A. I have up my sleeves films like Sunando’s Idiot Box, Sanjay Chauhan’s Lahore, T.K. Rajeev Kumar’s Free Kick, Vincent Lewis’s Shout, Vinay Shukla’s Mirch and last but not the least Ramesh Katkar’s Toss.

Q. What is your role in Idiot Box?
A. In Idiot Box, I play the role of the creative head of a TV production house -Shubrojeet Chakraborty, who thinks that he is very smart but apni chaalakhi mein ulajh jaata hain. Hrishitaa Bhatt plays my wife who hates TV. Everything about TV is idiotic but still we sit and surf channels which have become part of our lives. It is an out and out hilarious film in which Jyoti Gaba plays the character of Anekta Kapoor which is a spoof on Ekta Kapoor.

Q. What is your role in Lahore?
A.I play the positive role of a kick boxer in Lahore. To get into the skin of my character in Lahore, I trained in kick boxing for three months. In Lahore, my co-actors are Vikas Khatkar, Shradha Nigam, Shradha Das, Mukesh Rishi and Farouque Shaikh.

Q. Are you playing the role of a kick boxer in Free Kick too?
A. Free Kick belongs to an entirely different genre and is about medicine mafia and how the common man is trapped in the vicious medicine system. Rajeev Kumar has also directed the Govinda starrer Chal Chala Chal produced by Jhamu Sugandh and Priyadarshan.

Q. Is Shout a horror film?
A. Shout directed by Vincent Lewis isn’t a horror film, but a supernatural thriller with Sayali Bhagat and I in the main lead and Ashish Vidyarthi and Seema Biswas as our co-stars.

Q. What is Mirch about?
A. All that I can say is that I have an interesting role in Mirch directed by Vinay Shukla, which is an ensemble film with Ranveer Sheorey and Konkana Sen Sharma.

Q. Are you playing a villain in Toss?
A. Toss is a pure thriller. What is interesting about Toss is that all the actors are playing negative roles in it though Mahesh Manjrekar and I play the main villains. The film has Ashmit Patel, Prashant Raj, VJ Ranvijay, Aarti Chhabria and two new actresses.

Q. What irks you about the film industry?
A.My grouse is that no producer approaches talented actors like me or Om Puri with a three film package deal for 40 crores and no one questions the stars who appear in a film like Tahan which flops at the box office. The tragedy today is that stardom does not require acting. Today no one goes to see Salman Khan thinking he would act fabulously. You only go to see his style or personality. Salman is the only one who can come on screen, fart and get away with it.

Q. Does it mean that you regret not being paid in crores like Salman Khan or SRK?
A. I know for fact that today I can demand only a certain price because the producers know that though I can invest a film with my talent, I cannot influence a distributor in any territory because of my popularity.

Q. How insecure are you as an actor in spite of being talented?
A. Insecurity is a part of any actor’s life. I try not to be insecure. After Satya, I do not have even a single super hit to my credit.

Q. How would you evaluate your growth as an actor?
A. I made my debut way back in 1996 with Dr Jabbar Patel’s Dr Ambedkar, in which I had two scenes as Ambedkar’s room-mate Asnodkar from London. I have to my credit 38 released films including Hulla. I am fortunate to have grown up slowly and steadily in the film industry. I am glad that my directors like Ram Gopal Varma, Rajkumar Santoshi, Mani Shankar etc have repeated me in their films. I have realized that if you are a good actor, no director would like to misuse your talent in the film industry.

Q. Why did you quit acting in TV after Viruddh?
A. After acting in two serials- Dhadkan and Viruddh, I quit TV because I realized that working hours burn you out on TV. You have to strike the right balance between what you get per day and what you have to do one day on TV. The plus point about TV is that today whether you are an actor or a technician, in one year you can buy a flat of one crore just by working in TV serials.

Q. Which according to you are your five memorable films?
A. I think I am fortunate that I can count films like Satya, Jungle, Bhagat Singh, 16 December and Sehar as my five best films till date as an actor. I was very disappointed when my films like Sehar and Bhagat Singh did not click at the box office, though my performance was appreciated by both the critics as well as the audience.

Munna Bhai Chale America -Trailer

Even though it has the jokes we already know(some jokes by sardar.) and stuff like that....i couldn't stop laughing.

I am eagerly waitng for the movie to get released.......So now enjoy the trailer

My Man should be: Meghna Naidu

Q. One quality which is a must for your man?
A. Respect for me, my work and of course my parents.

Q. What if he reacts sharply to your tag of being a ‘Sex Bomb’?
A. He can go to hell! (Laughs) See, my guy would know that whatever I am doing is just acting onscreen and nothing more. Hence he would trust me implicitly.

Q. What would you prefer ? brains or brawn?
A. He should be intelligent, but not a nerd, otherwise he would talk stuff like nuclear physics, which would go over my head.

Q. Is a sense of humour a must?
A. That goes without saying for, after a hard day’s work when I meet my guy, he should be able to ease my tensions with his jokes.

Q.Would you allow him to flirt?
A. As long as it’s harmless flirting, it’s okay. Even I would make a comment if I find a hot guy. So, it’s okay as long as it’s within a limit.

Q. How important would calls and SMSes be in your relationships?
A. As oxygen is to life. I would call him 10 times a day and would text him ‘’ number of times. This way he will know that I remember him.

Q. How long would you wait to take your relationship to a new level (read: jump into his bed)?
A. At least a month. For only then you come to know the person’s true nature, as initially everybody puts his best foot forward.

Q. Do you think that metrosexual men are sissy?
A. No, of late most men take special care of their looks and it’s good. Unfortunately, there are still some men who don’t even bother looking at the mirror before stepping out.

Q. Where would you want to go for a passionate romantic getaway?
A. A very private and romantic place, where it’s just him and me, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Sherlyn Chopra trusts Sardars more; refuses security in Chandigarh

After beginning her first promotional tour for her new album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn’ and charming fans at Kolkata and Hyderabad, the ‘outrageous’ singer and actress Sherlyn Chopra made an appearance at Club Voodoo in Chandigarh this week.

But what surprised everyone is that Sherlyn who had a tight security of eight bouncers besides the stage and four civil-dress security men in the audience in Kolkata as well as Hyderabad, refused any in Chandigarh.

“Sherlyn told me she refused security as she felt safe in the company of robust Sardars whom she considers very gentlemanly people,” informed her publicist Dale Bhagwagar. “She also admires Sardars as she believes they have the best physiques in our country,” he added.

It can be recalled that Sherlyn’s show organisers had panicked earlier about the bold and flamboyant girl wearing her bikini top along with her golden hot pants that she has famously worn in the new superhit video of her remix album. Apart from expecting trouble from unruly crowds due to the skimpy attire, the organisers had felt it was very risky for her to wear the bikini top as it is actually studded with a couple of real diamonds on the sides.

When asked about Sherlyn’s fixation with bikinis, Bhagwagar retorted, “If Sherlyn had her way, she would even die wearing a bikini”.

Following Calcutta, Hyderabad and Chandigarh, Sherlyn will continue her tour with appearances at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Vizag.

After the runaway success of her first album ‘Outrageous’ on T-Series, Sherlyn emerged a diva, out to make men go weak in their knees. The second album ‘Dard-e-Sherlyn’ is her tribute to the original dreamgirl Hema Malini and takes off from her 1976 hit song “Mujhe dard rehta hai, dil mein dard rehta hai…” from the film ‘Dus Numbri’. But the “Dard-e-Sherlyn” video has already attracted 19 cuts from the Censor Board and also invited the ire of Hema Malini. The new remix video is set to hit our TV screens next week.

The firebrand is heavily promoting her two remixes of the “Dard-e-Sherlyn” title track by DJs Akbar Sami and Pramz, while donning her controversial trademark diamond-studded bikini top for all her appearances.

You don’t ask questions when Rajkumar Santoshi calls: Upen Patel

Upen Patel has just returned from a mini schedule of AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI from Ooty. Directed by Rajkumar Santoshi and produced by Ramesh Taurani of TIPS, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead along with Katrina Kaif. However, the surprise package is touted to be Upen Patel who has a special appearance in the film.

“So what if it is a special appearance”, says Upen who continues to have big film makers back him ever since Abbas Mustan launched him in 36 CHINA TOWN, “When someone of the stature of Rajkumar Santoshi calls, you neither ask question nor carry any doubts. You just report to work. This is what happened when he said that he wanted me to be cast in the film.”

Though he refuses to divulge about his role in the film, Upen admits that Santoshi’s knack of extracting powerhouse performances from his actors is what prompted him to go for the role. “I could rattle down the list of each of his films so far and how every film has at least one actor stand out due to a great performance. But then we all know his films and how he works for his actors.”

He refuses to bite the bait when asked if he, Ranbir and Karrina form a part of a conventional love triangle in AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI. Choosing to bypass the question, he only replies, “I am looking at enhancing my skills while shooting for the film. I am working harder on my Hindi diction and want to make sure that the performance gets noticed.”

Majority of critics have been noticing the rise of the young man who began with two successful films - 36 CHINA TOWN and NAMASTEY LONDON - before SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM proved to be a setback. However, he returned with a successful ONE TWO THREE even though he had minimal part to play in the film. A few weeks back when MONEY HAI TO HONEY HAI released and bombed, he was one of the few people in the film who were appreciated for their comic timing.

“Well, there has been an increase in acceptance over the period of time. I am sure I would win the balance critics as well over a period of time”, quips Upen.
Joginder Tuteja

President Bush’s gift to the team of Horn Ok Please!

We can certainly call it a gift from President George Bush to the entire team of Abdul Samee Siddiqui’s forthcoming film Horn Ok Pleassss…. Some time back they had gone to Dubai for a shooting schedule and were shooting non-stop for days together. Naturally everybody was tired and in need of a break. On the contrary, director/co-producer Rakesh Sarang wanted to finish the schedule as quickly as possible.

But looks like that luck was with others. George Bush came to visit the City of Gold and for security reasons, city came to a stand still. Shooting had to be cancelled and this is when Rakesh Sarang decided to humor his cast and crew. Comments Muzzamil, “he would turn down all our requests for a break, but suddenly he came to us and said that there is no shooting for the day. We were surprised, but didn’t wan tot look the gift horse in the mouth. So everybody jumped at this offer and then he even treated us all to an excellent lunch. The menu was selected by Rakesh personally and he made sure everyone is having good time.” It was later that everybody realized the true reason behind this sudden off, but who cares. As long as it was entertaining and fun.

Produced by Abdul Samee Siddiqui under the banner of Sunrise Pictures Pvt Ltd, in association with Sarang films and directed by P Rakesh Sarang, film Horn Ok pleassss…… stars Nana Patekar, Rimi Sen, Muzamil Ibrahim, Ali Asgar, Shaurya Chauhan, Nirmiti Sawant, Mukesh Tiwari, Vrijesh Hirji, Rakhi Sawant, Satish Shah and Kunika Kohli . It has lyrics by Salim Bijnori and Sajid Farhaad, story is by P.L. Mayekar & Rakesh Sarang, screenplay is by Rakesh Sarang, Mangesh Kulkarni & Ganesh Pandit, cinematography by Johny Lal, thrills by Sham Kaushal and art direction is by Shailesh Mahdik & Sheetal Kanvinde

Katrina Kaif bags it big in Bollywood

Katrina Kaif seems to be riding the crest of a bright new wave of success. The things have been happening to her career within just a matter of time, sometimes surrounding like a fairytale coming true.

She has given six blockbusters back to back in the recent times and as a result she has been signing some of the very best films. The actress seems to have her kitty full of projects and directors and actors are just dying to work with her. If the latest hearsay is something to go by then the actress has apparently bagged the lead role in a film which will be directed by the eternal romantic filmmaker of the Indian silver screen, Yash Chopra.

The celebrated director is going to make a comeback to movies after a long gap of four years. The film will have The Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan and The Megastar, Amitabh Bachchan leading the way. Can Kat ask for anything better?

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor!

She is currently going through the best phase of her career and also having a ‘nawabi’ boyfriend in her tow. Noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts what’s in store for the ’size zero girl’ Kareena Kapoor.

Born on 21st September 1980, Kareena is a No.3 ( Jupiter ) in numerology, a Virgo ( Earth sign ) ruled by No.5 ( Mercury ) & her destiny number also adds up to No.3. again ( 2 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3 ).

“Kareena will be entering the 29th year ( 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2) of her life which clearly focuses an upliftment in her personal life and she is most likely to concretize her relationship with Saif soon”, predicts Bhavikk. A favourable time for marriage is also indicated post September 2009 till September 2010.

“On the career front, her performances in her forthcoming releases ‘Main Aur Mrs. Khanna’ and ‘Three Idiots’ will be much appreciated”.

“She is correctly wearing a Yellow Sapphire and an Emerald stone and should not remove them at any point”, recommends Bhavikk very strongly

Drona Super Woman Priyanka

Drona Super Woman Priyanka. Check out the New Pics of Priyanka Chopra from the Title Song of Drona Movie.

'I am doing a comedy after a very long time'

At 73, the veteran director Shyam Benegal is one of the most enthusiastic people around. His new film, Welcome To Sajjanpur is ready for release this Friday, and the director clearly loves talking about it.

But when Patcy N went to meet him, the great director was running late. He needed to wrap up this interview quickly, as he had to be home in time to pick up his wife, and take her to watch the films, Tahaan and A Wednesday, back-to-back.

Benegal still squeezed in time to talk about Welcome to Sajjanpur, as well as his favourite films and directors these days.

Is it true that you have an item number in Welcome To Sajjanpur?

I have songs and dances. You can call them item numbers if you like but they are not. They are a part of the fabric of the movie.

After Mandi, this will be your second comedy. How come a comedy at this stage? Did you want a break after the seriousness of Bose? What is the film about?

This is not my second comedy but the third. First, there was Charandas Chor (1974), then Mandi (1982) and now, Welcome to Sajjanpur.

I am doing a comedy after a long time. There has been comic situations in most of my films but this is the first film where I have comedy all the way.

I had a good subject for a comedy, that's why I am doing one. Also, it's a romantic comedy, so that's a nice combination. It also has satire. It has politics and many sub-angles.

Welcome to Sajjanpur is a story set in today's Indian village. A village, which is remote but not isolated. It is connected by way of cell phones and television.

But the remoteness is emphasised because of the low level of literacy, like in most parts of India. So the educated people in that village can make a living as a letter-writer.

This is the basis of the film as well as the comedy in the film.

"Yes, I have joined the bikini bandwagon" - Minissha Lamba

A much coy Minissha Lamba is going through a massive image makeover. In her soon-to-be-released Kidnap, she would be donning a bikini which certainly comes as a surprise to those who have been following her career in films like Yahaan, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, Shaurya and Bachna Ae Haseeno.

"Well, it is shocking for quite a few people but if you ask me, I am really enjoying it all", says Minissha who has seen an eventful 2008 so far, "Seriously, I felt beautiful when I donned the bikini for Kidnap. And though people do ask me how comfortable I was with the thought of wearing a bikini, let me tell you that I was more focused on getting my body into the right shape than worrying about anything else."

Talking about her decision to join the bikini bandwagon, Minissha admits, "Yes, I have joined the bikini bandwagon. After all, not many girls are doing it even today, isn't it? In any case when you see Kidnap, you would realize that the makeover isn't for the sake of it. This was meant to be a part of the character and I was duly convinced that donning a bikini was indeed an integral part of the script."

While industry and cine-goers are definitely noticing this makeover, what were the kind of reactions that she got from people close to her - read friends and family? "We are not grown up in a conservative household and together, we watch a lot of Hollywood films", discloses Minissha, "Something like a bikini is hardly a culture shock since as a family, we are quite modern in our outlook and very progressive. In any case, everyone today understands that at the end of the day, it is just a part that you are playing for a film. The buck stops there."

By wearing a bikini for Kidnap, Minissha now joins the gang of young women who have willingly agreed to get into the costume for a Sanjay Gadhvi film. After Esha Deol (Dhoom) and Bipasha Basu (Dhoom 2), she is the new bikini girl for Gadhvi.

"And I am so very proud of that", exclaims Minissha, "When Sanjay told me that I had to go through this image change in Kidnap, I was game for it. I feel it was great to explore a new side of me. Going by the reaction that I am getting from people, I guess the experiment has indeed paid off."

Bollywood Actor Dev Anand brings love to Nepalese

"Bollywood actor Dev Anand has made great contributions to strengthen the relations existing at the people to people level by making some very popular films in Nepal. His film helped introduce Nepal's image in India. For the last four decades, Dev Anand's passion to visit Nepal has continued. Even at this stage, he came to Nepal to unveil his autobiography Romancing With Life. Although he is 85, Dev Anand still has the same charisma, and his smile still has the same power to steal hearts".said Spotlight magazine in Kathmandu.

It is always a pleasure watching Dev Ananda's movie and his acting. Dev Ananda's enthusiasm, passion for acting, and for working for the cause of beauty has always impressed me. I am not just praising Dev Ananda. It is a great quality to have an actor like Dev Ananda. His commitment, dedication and tireless efforts help movies and our hearts. Truly admirable.

"Dev Anand's films are best known for their successful songs. Most of his films are an expression of his world view and have dealt with socially relevant subjects. He always emphasises this in his interviews. He thinks that his films represent his personal points of view," according to Wikipedia.

Dev Ananda was born in Punjab. His film was Hum Ek Hain (1946). Dev was offered his first big break by Ashok Kumar.

Dev Ananda said in Kathmandu. "The way I have seen Nepal, most of you have not. It is a very beautiful country and we have many cultural and religious commonalities. I've traveled the world. Mark my words, no place in this entire universe is as beautiful as your country. Even in Switzerland, many things are man-made. Nepal is god-gifted. I appeal to all to go to Nepal, go to the high mountains. They're tremendous. That's Nepal to me."

Dev Anand is making a lot of difference in Nepalese hearts. We people certainly deserve better music and arts. We have beautiful art and music with abundant natural heart.

A Local artist Sanu Thapa said to me in Kathmandu "I am deeply concerned that we might have to develop our arts and dance along with music like Dev Ananda's acting. The old movies in Nepal that we have are perfectly fine and only needed development on music progress and emancipation. There is no need to destroy our old arts and dance. Indians and Nepalese dance and music have lasted for hundreds of years, and will continue for more times to come for the future generations," she said.

When I watch his wonderful acting it is certainly a reflection of all my emotions. His skills in creative acting is advanced. Dev Ananda become a world class actor now. That is something I aspire to as a poet. Dev Ananda's has evolved as a modernist, beautiful artist, emancipated actor, and purpose in his life.

I just hope the arts schools in Nepal develop as institutions like in India based on reality. Of course, every individual is responsible for new actions and ideas for music and arts. Everyone of us must follow the path as taught to us by our arts, culture, drama and our dance. Our arts and music are the basis on which we must live our lives. If this is not the case then our society, civilization would never have existed. If our society respects artists and place them in a respectable position them our arts will have true meaning. No arts, movie or music can survive by relegating artists to second class or subservient status as some societies tend to do.

To me, for all of Dev Ananda's beauty his isthe best acting in the world. Dev Ananda wants our way of life. If Dev Ananda and I join hands together, we can make a big difference in our arts world.

Priyanka Chopra performs with 'Son Of a Bitch'

Bollywood is known to be the 'Masala Industry' for nothing. The reason being this is one place whereby you can find millions of masala.

After having tasted 'videsi' tadka like, the latest one being Snoop Dogg in Singh Is Kinng, Bollywood is all set to say hello to an underground club called…hold your breath… 'SoB' (son of a bitch) in Goldie Behl's much anticipated venture Drona.

The song 'Oopcha' (whatever that means) which features none other than the sexy Priyanka Chopra, also features 'SoB'.

For starters, 'SoB' are a troupe from New Jersey and are known to perform at all the celebrity do in New Jersey.

News has it that Goldie Behl was so tad impressed with these guys that he actually brought them from New Jersey to Mumbai! And for those who have seen the guys performing simply swear by their blessedly agile bodies!

Speaking about his choice of the boys, Goldie said, "When I saw these boys perform at a high profile club in New Jersey, I was completely blown away. These guys were really good.

From there on, we initiated to get these guys down to Mumbai and start rehearsals for the song and it hardly took them two days of practice to get into the groove of the music and perform to their best take after take".

But there was something exceptional done by the boys that touched Goldie the most. Says Goldie, "What was really special was that after we finished shooting, they actually performed the entire song for all of us, at one go as a thanks giving gesture".

Wonder when Bollywood will be touched by such professionalism!

There is no cold war going on with Katrina Kaif

Malaika and Arbaaz's little son Arhaan seems to have taken after his Chachu Salman.The 4-year old boy has quite a crush on Katrina Kaif.

Far from sharing cold vibes with her brother-in-law Salman Khan's friend Katrina, Malaika Arora actually has a very close and indelible bonding with the boxoffice's wunder-babe.

"My 4-year old son Arhaan has the most incurable crush on Katrina. Whenever she's around I become completely unimportant to my son. It's a family joke…that Arhaan is smitten by Katrina. Every time Katrina and I speak she wants to know where Arhaan is so she could take him out."

Not just Katrina, Kareena too is a favourite with Arhaan. "When Arbaaz and I visited Kareena's location in Hollywood last month Arhaan became a total lamb. I ceased to exist. Everything was about Kareena only.

And I was shocked when my boy who gives me a hard time feeding him would ask for everything that Kareena ordered at restaurants and eat quietly without taking his eyes off Kareena."

So what are these stories about Malaika's cold war with Katrina?

Sighs Malaika, "There's absolutely nothing to this talk of my cold war with Katrina. I've no space or time for having these kinds of issues with people. I feel life is too precious for these kinds of run-ins.

It was written that I didn't attend Katrina's birthday. But I was shooting for my reality show and I couldn't make it. Is that a crime? Are there laws against skipping a family gathering because I was working?

It was said I didn't go to Katrina's birthday because I couldn't get along with her. Bullshit! And now we're supposed to have shared cold vibes with Katrina and Salman's sister birthday party. Why would I spoil Arpita's party by behaving like such a partypooper? "

Malaika says she's a total family woman. "These are very upsetting rumours because it involves the entire family. I'm such a family person. I'd drop anything for family. Katrina isn't someone I hang around with every day or go out with for coffees and lunches.

But she's part of our family and I completely respect her presence. But no, she isn't part of my close friends' circle. Both of us come from decent families. My parents would slap me if I misbehaved with anyone, least of all Katrina who's part of our family.

Sighing deeply Malaika says, "No one from Arbaaz's side or my own side of the family can accuse me of behaving highhandedly or aloof. I go out of my way for family. My mother would kick my ass if I behaved like a prima donna. Someone is obviously getting a lot of pleasure by spreading these rumours."

Is it someone from the Khan family? "I wouldn't know. But whoever it is, I hope he or she is having a good time."

Bong Babe Riya & Raima Sen Ritu Kumar Fashion Show

Bong Babe Riya & Raima Sen Ritu Kumar Fashion Show. Riya Sen and Raima Sen displays a creation by designer Ritu Kumar during the inaugural show of the HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai on September 16, 2008

Elegance personified: Neha Dhupia Walks Ramp

Elegance personified: Neha Dhupia Walks Ramp. Neha Dhupia displays a creation by designer Ritu Kumar during the inaugural show of the HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai on September 16, 2008.

'Fashion' is fun: Priyanka Chopra

'Fashion' is fun: Priyanka Chopra displays a creation by designer Ritu Kumar on the opening show of the HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai on September 16, 2008.
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