Mallika Sherawat's that one special Kiss

Guess what's turning out to be the USP of Mallika Sherawat's upcoming release Ugly Aur Pagli? Those 99 slaps that she has in the offering for Ranvir Shorey.

Believe it or not but in this upcoming riotous comedy from the house of Pritish Nandy Communications, Mallika slaps Ranvir a staggering 99 times

. And all this happens even as the two are shown to be love birds in the film. One wonders if Ranvir was a real sport to this treatment mainly because at the end there was also 1 kiss reserved for him, as indicated by the film's tagline - 99 SLAPS 1 KISS!

Ugly Aur Pagli is the story of Kabir (Ranvir), a carefree guy who has been studying engineering for ten years now.

However, his life goes through a spin when he meets the quirky and kinky Kuhu (Mallika Sherawat). Though Kabir always wanted a girl to love, never in his wildest dreams had he imagined to come across someone like Kuhu who would make him do crazy things.

And what were these crazy things? Well, nothing less than dancing around circles, run semi naked, ride cycles without seats or wear high heeled ladies shoes! Well, 99 slaps were just a few more add-ons!

A desperate Kabir tries hard to escape Kuhu's clutches, but in the process only ends up falling in love with her even more! Will he survive all her insane demands and tantrums?

Ugly Aur Pagli brings together Mallika and Ranvir for the second time after Pyaar Ke Side Effects. In fact it is quite a jump for Ranvir who has graduated from being Rahul Bose's sidekick in Pyaar Ke Side Effects to being the leading man in Ugly Aur Pagli.

So what if his role required him to be a receipient of 99 slaps!

As per the makers of the film, Ugly Aur Pagli is touted to be 'This Summer's Craziest Comedy'. Ugly Aur Pagli is directed by debutant film maker Sachin Khot and has music by Anu Malik with lyrics by Amitabh Varma.

Shilpa and Shamita shock everyone

It’s just a few days that Dharamji da puttar Sunny exploded with the news of getting backed by frontline directors as his assistants in his forthcoming ‘debut’ film as director. Now it’s turn for Shilpa and Shamita to shock people with their freaky announcement.

It’s after the big jalwa of Big Brother that Shipa almost evaporated from the B-market. And about Shamita, well, better we don't spend words on her tiny career.

But guess what the two sisters were cooking all these mundane days? No, not even the wildest of your guesses can touch the nearest of the Shetty sisters’ thought zone.

They are planning to explore the field of film production. Yes, that’s how coolly they opened mouth explaining such Bollywood shaking information.

“Yes, we are coming out with our own production house probably by next year. It’s still in the planning stage, ” soft goes Shamita. That means Shetty sisters will no more ask for money, instead they will pay the Bollywood!

Reasoning about her absence from the screen for so long, the choti Shetty further adds, “This is also a reason why you are not seeing much of me on screen. Right now I am concentrating more on my production project.”

The actress has just completed her item number for Hari Puttar but she seems very cool about the dance number. It’s probably because she is still lost in thoughts of dictating whole crew of her upcoming flicks.

Or maybe she is feeling very nostalgic about her acting career which never paid her the kismet she dreamed about.

Well, we only can wish best of luck for an upcoming producer duo. Or should we farewell actor sisters? Anyways, forget it!

Revealed: How Vidya Balan and Shahid's affair started

Post his break up with Bebo, Shahid is hitting the headlines yet once again. Thanks to his latest affair with Vidya Balan! Everyone is talking about it, but no one knows how it all started.

Contrary to many believes that it was Shahid who was on a rebound and found solace in Vidya’s arms, it was Vidya who took initiative and got something flowing between them.

It was on the sets of Kismat Konnection in Canada. They had never met each other or interacted before. Upon that, they were supposed to shoot an extra intimate romantic scene.

Needless to say, both were nervous and not at ease at all.

A birdie from the sets reveals, "Shahid is an introvert and takes time to open up to people. The unit was worried because Vidya and Shahid had never met each other before. Worst it was the first day of the shoot and the scene to be shot was a romantic one."

But then our Vidya is one hell of a girl. She decided that enough is enough and she is going to break the ice between the both.

"Vidya just walked up to Shahid. "Autograph please, " she said placing an autograph book before him. The move took Shahid by complete surprise and he broke into laughter.

The scenario changed completely. The atmosphere suddenly seemed warm and friendly. And what's more the romantic scene was okayed in just one take, " the source adds.

Vidya confirmed the incident saying, "Shahid and I had not known each other. He stood aloof and so did I. I decided to break the ice and begged for his autograph. An embarrassed Shahid did not know where to look. We have turned good friends since then."

Just good friends! We wonder if everyone is lying about them!

Kismat is making Vidya and Shahid's Romantic Konnection

He had a nationwide shocking break up with Kareena but he didn't utter a word, he was paired with Amrita Rao still he stood numb but now even though his pairing with Vidya was much on speculation, this time the chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor could not bear this and has opened his mouth for the first time. Too hot to resist!

The romance between Shahid and Vidya blossomed on the sets of Kismat Konnection (maybe the film was, tough unintentionally, named to suggest both reel and real life star connection). But see the kismet!

Shahid is not ready to accept the fact behind the fiction. He says that both of them are just good friends! Well, we may consider the friendship as the fist step towards love. But Shahid has problem with that also.

"I am single now so everyone will link me with anyone, " Shahid gets little indignant.

People have been talking about his and Vidya's love connection from the very beginning of the schedule of this film.

They both spent 15 days together in Toronto on the shoot and came close to one another as because they had no other choice. Think again.

Firstly, the break up between Kareena and Shahid, then followed the Amrita episode which also flopped miserably and see, now Shahid is with cool Kerala beau Vidya. That’s how kismet draws people to their connections. Shahid, are you still looking for more clues?

I'm open to doing anything: Gul Panag

While even small names in the B-town feel like staying in their own cocoon and prefer to come roles to their ways, Gul Panag is the name who, despite having critically acclaimed roles in her wallet, doesn’t look at her professional life in that way.

All set to think positive, the beau believes that work cannot come her way walking all the way from the director’s desk. “I cannot sit home and expect work to walk to my door step.

It is possible that there is a great role out there and probably the director hasn't thought of me. So I have no problem approaching directors and auditioning for roles, ” explains the dimpled diva.

But it’s not the end of her positive approach towards her profession. She thinks that she should not think about what kind of roles she is offered with as it’s a matter of her job and directors should think of it better.

“I am open to doing anything. I am an actor. It's an actor's duty to do as the script demands, ” Gul opens her heart. Besides, she is not afraid of going to any extent for her character.

So, the next time you see your dear Summer 2007 girl slipping her robe from her silky shoulder, don’t even think of dropping your jaws in surprise as she will still has no problem retaining her charm and dignity for every frame. Believe me.

I wish I had someone to cuddle: Diya Mirza

Known for her Ms Goody Two-Shoes Image Diya is currently enjoying being bad in Hyderabad.

In Suparn Verma's Acid Factory she plays a girl locked up in a factory with four men with apparently no way out.

She's being made to do the most impossible stunts. But Diya doesn't mind.

Diya is the only woman in the entire script. "What I enjoy is being one of the boys. I'm doing everything that the boys are being made to do. And that includes all the stunts.

After playing dainty utterly feminine roles I'm enjoying being put on a harness dangling from ropes, jumping from heights, kicking and punching. In spite of my dainty image I've always been a tomboy. "

What Diya enjoys even more is being mean.

"My character is bad through and through. No apologies. No justification. She just enjoys being bad. I like bringing that dark side of me out on screen because there's way I can tap into it in real life.

I like the surprise element in my role in Acid Factory. I remember seeing a film with Julia Roberts where she was a schoolteacher by day and quite naughty in the night."

Diya just finished shooting with the Big B in Shoojit Sircar's Shoebite.

"Though we were co-stars in Shootout At Lokhandwala we didn't have any scenes together. In Shoebite most of my vital scenes are with Mr Bachchan. And believe me it was like going to acting school.

He taught me one thing I'll never forget. 'To be a good actor you've to be a good listener.' I'm going to follow that mantra, " says the quietly attentive Diya who admits she's an introvert.

"It was hard for me to come out and play the aggressive bad girl in Acid Factory or be part of the goofy comedy in Kunal Vijaykar's Fruit & Nut. I'm basically quiet and shy. I like to read and write."

Diya admits there's no man in her life. "Oh, the amount of men I'm linked with! Where's the time? Sometimes when I see my my friends with their soul mates I do wish I had someone to cuddle. But then I quickly move on to something else."

New man in Sonam Kapoor’s life

Looks like Sonam Kapoor has found her new love in Kunal Kapoor. This Bollywood Kapoor Jodi is nowadays often scene roaming around coffee shops, malls, etc with hand in hand.

Looking at the recent happenings in both the stars life they really could heal each others broken heart. Where Ranbir Kapoor dumped Sonam for hottie Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kapoor too had a break up with gorgeous Dia Mirza.

So the couple could surely understand each other’s situation and try to bring happiness on their respective lives. Especially, Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam was so depressed after her break up with Ranbir that she went for a 2 months hideout.

But we would like to warn this emotional girl about Mr Kunal who has not only ditched Diya Mirza but also has an flirtatious history of dumping Raima Sen.

Being an emotional girl we would recommend Sonam to think twice before moving ahead in her relationship with this flirt natured guy.

Riya Sen - Once a leading lady now just an item

She was last seen as a leading lady way back in 2006 when she appeared opposite Shreyas Talpade in Apna Sapna Money Money. The film was a success but Riya Sen was in mood to get into a signing spree.

Waiting patiently for the right roles to come her way, the pretty young girl who has also been seen in successful films like Shaadi No. 1, Plan, Qayamat, Jhankaar Beats and last but not the least Style, has been keeping herself busy by being a part of item songs.

Her mini appearance amongst a horde of girls was definitely noticed as she burnt the dance floor in the sizzling title song from the film Heyy Babyy (2007).

The song turned out to be a chartbuster and Riya was noticed once again in spite of presence of a dozen odd sexy sirens like Celina Jaitley, Koena Mitra and Amisha Patel alongst others.

Now she has got a platform set for herself to make a further impression with the film Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein where she has got an entire item song shot exclusively on her.

Titled 'Sajan Mera', a number where Riya is seen in yet another sizzling avtar of hers, it also features the film's lead Sarwar Ahuja who appears to be all pensive and troubled as per the demand of the situation in the song.

Along with Sarwar, who had debuted with Khanna & Iyer last year, the film also stars Tabassum's grand daughter Khushi who would be making her debut as a leading lady. The film is produced by Rajesh Gupta and directed by Manish Goel.

Incidentally Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein was recently in news since the makers had gone on record to state that Riya wasn't cooperating with them for the promotion of the film.

Apparently Riya, who has a cameo role in Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein, felt that the makers only wanted to cash in on her name and popularity to promote the film. This is why she was demanding close to Rs 3 lakh just to promote the film.

Though there hasn't been an official word on this from Riya, the makers have made it clear that they won't bow down to her demands since the film's promotion was planned with an extremely tight budget due to Hum Phirr Milein Na Milein being a small-budget film.

When Aishwarya and Abhishek had a huge fight

Well, the things are not always the same as they look like. This is how the B-town trend has been growing since its puberty.

Take for example the Bollywood couples who flaunt their giggling happiness in front of the media, quarrel and fight while those clicking flashes get away. I know you must be ready to give example of the recently hot couple Abhi-Ash.

Even I would be happiest with their example. But, you see, it’s Bollywood and no one can compare between matters of parde ke aage and parde ke pichhe.

You must be thinking of it as some kind of gag but I am in no mood to do so. Even you will get serious knowing about the matter.

Actually, there’s news that this beautiful couple who had gone to attend IIFA awards function, created a hell lot of a drama in the lobby of a hotel.

It’s been heard that Jr. Bachchan wasn’t happy about Ash getting a little loud while they attended the award function and wanted her keep a low profile. But Ash ignored him and continued to be her real self.

This gradually got into Abhi’s mind and by the time they reached their hotel the things got out of control and they had an open discussion regarding the problem. Later, it’s said that Abhishek asked his personal security guards to escort Ash to their room.

Hoops! No one should have ever expected things like that from a nice and understanding couple like theirs; especially when Big B always is found escorting and guiding his favourite bahu.

Should we think a little further about the Abhi-Ash future? Will Abhi again shout at Ash? Well, you still look doubtful! But you must understand that Abhi-Ash always look greener on the other side of the camera.

Raima is as crazy as I am

No one could bring Karisma and Kareena Kapoor together. The last time two Bollywood sisters came together it was for proud-mom Shobhana Samarth's Hamari Beti.

Even there Nutan and Tanuja, the first pair of famous screen- sister in Bollywood, didn't come together as sisters.

And when Deepak Tijori cast Shilpa and Shamita Shetty together in Fareb, they played rivals in love!

Big mistake. With a super-active media images from celebrities' real lives define their celluloid roles in audiences' minds.

"If I do a film with Esha I'd have to play her mother. Nobody would accept us otherwise, " says Hema Malini.

For the first time the two hot and in-the-news Bollywood sisters Raima and Riya have decided to come together as sisters. And the director chosen for the task is young Vicky Chopra.

Riya is eminently kicked by the idea. "I've been dying to work with my sister. Although she's a year older to me and although we look very different (she looks like my grandmom Suchitra Sen, I'm more like my mom Moon Moon) Raima is like my twin.

We've been staying together in Mumbai for three years now. And there's not a thing about our lives that we don't share."

Riya and Raima have been waiting for the right opportunity to come together. "We had offers earlier. But nothing worth considering seriously. It made sense for us to be cast together only when we played sisters.

I don't think audiences would accept us together as anything but siblings. We're going to have a whale of a time playing sisters."

Vicky Chopra is Vir Chopra's son and Vidhu Vinod Chopra's nephew. The idea of casting the two Sen sisters together came to him when Raima worked with Vinod in Parineeta and Eklavya.

Says Riya, "Most people think Raima is the sober sister while I'm the wild one. Little do they know. Raima is as crazy as I am."

Meet the surprise package of JTYJN

While Imraan Khan continues to hog the limelight for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa with Genelia D'Souza making her presence felt with her trademark smile, there is one face which is quietly waiting for it's turn to be noticed with the film's release this Friday.

It's the face of Manjari Fadnis who is the second leading lady in this Abbas Tyrewala debut directorial ventGenelia D'Souzaure and is already being touted as the surprise package in the newest romcom to hit the screens.

"And to think of it, I was the last person to be signed for the film, much later than all other major characters had come on board", says Manjari who is self admittedly quite nervous as the D-day has arrived.

"I had to go through a stringent process though to be a part of the film", confesses Manjari who had made her debut as the leading lady with Rok Sako To Rok Lo four years back, "I am told that there were quite a few girls who had auditioned for the role. Guess my hard work, luck and last but not the least, patience, eventually paid off."

Patience is one virtue that Manjari has certainly demonstrated since apart from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa and I Am 24 (which she has completed), she is waiting for the response to JTYJN.

As per sources, she plays the love interest of Imran Khan who has Genelia for company as his bum-chum pal. It is in the course of their journey that Imran and Genelia come closer which results in a love triangle of sorts with Manjari involved.

"Let me not comment on the film's storyline as it is for you to check out", teases Manjari.

"I am not in a hurry to sign any films as Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa is a big project", says Manjari whose Bengali film Faaltu recently won a National Award for itself, "I didn't want any inconsequential film to arrive in the time when I believe that Jaane Tu... would help shape my career in a big way. I am waiting for the big day which is now just a few hours away and looking forward to how audience and industry reacts."

Imraan is bored by uncle Aamir

Knowing to be perfectionist, Aamir Khan may have been going all out to promote nephew Imraan’s debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na but Imraan doesn’t look to be impressed by his uncle’s acting style.

“Perfectionists are boring. Aamir is so irritating. He is perfect. Sometimes that is a bore. I can’t be that good really,” utters Imraan Khan. The young boy also feels that Aamir has grown too old to portray the character of a hero. “I call him old man sometimes. And he gets angry at that. Recently he got a hamstring, I SMSed him ‘serves u right ol’ man. You should play your age now - a father,” jokes out Imraan.

Well, this lad surely seems to have a lot of guts otherwise who other newcomer would have dared to utter any such thing against superstar Aamir Khan! Maybe he is taking a much to advantage of being Aamir’s nephew.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic Review

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, a fair attempt by Kunal kohli, with a good combination of peppy music, laughter, pyar and magic for the kids! The story is about Ranbir Talwar(Saif Ali Khan), a cold and emotionless businessman who has from the beginning of his life been subjected to loss of love. Losing his mother at a young age, he is much accustomed to being the one who takes his award and leaves the party first. But one night, when he is the cause of an accident resulting in the death of two other people, leaving their children orphaned, the court decides to give custody of the children to him, to take care of and be responsible for.

Along with his bimbo girlfriend (Amisha Patel), whose primary concern in life is the new release of Prada bags, he takes up the responsibility rather lightly. But on the other side, the four children - Vishisht, Iqbal, Aditi and Avantika are waiting to meet the mThoda Pyaar Thoda Magican who brought them to this state, and at any price, take their revenge. One day when the children can tolerate it no longer, and they pray to god to get them out of staying this way, God (Rishi Kapoor) listens in, and sends down his favourite angel Geeta (Rani) to help them. Ranbir brings in the Nanny (Rani) for them, and THAT is where all the magic begins. From how he finally gets them to like him, to the "thoda" pyar right at the end.

Saif and Rani have done a good job on the acting, and while the movie is an entertainer, it does tend to bring a sense of Tara Rum Pum deja vu along with it, with the kids and the "rona dhona" that comes with it... The songs however are in no way crying material, what with Shankar Ehsaan and Loy outshining themselves with the tracks in this movie! Nihaal ho gayi being immediately one of the favourites, and Lazy Lamhe with Amisha Patel sizzling it out is another favourite. While the other tracks like Bulbula and Beetey Kal se, with Rani dancing it out aren't as peppy, they do get the mood of the movie set in place!

Over-all, a good movie, a good watch for children and Rani Mukerji fans. But if you didn't enjoy Tara Rum Pum, chances are, you're not going to enjoy this too much. Nothing too unpredictable about the story line here, so don't expect too much suspense! The love between Rani and Saif kicks in only in the last 20 minutes of the movie, so let's not expect too much romance either! A clap for the songs, and a one time watch for this one!

Love Story 2050 Review

It’s the same age old Love Story set in 2050

Director: Harry Baweja
Producer: Pammi Baweja
Music: Annu Malik
Lyrics: Javed AkhtarLove Story 2050
Screenplay: Harry Baweja, Rowena Baweja
Dialogue: Mayur Puri
*ing: Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Dalip Tahil, Archana Puran Singh, Harsh Varisth, Mehzabin Sarela and others

It’s a beautiful dream for those who love living in the dreamlands only; but what about the audience who are quite bored with repetitive Bollywoody love stories!

Karan Oberoi (Harman Baweja) is the only son of famed businessman Mr. Oberoi (Dalip Tahil). Karan is not happy with his father as because his father is more interested in cars, business and achievement than his only son. Being very lonely and having the thought in mind that his unfortunate accidents would bring no loss to anyone, Karan always prefers to play with danger. In the course of the mundane story, Karan meets Sana (Priyanka Chorpa) and for obvious reasons (love, I mean to say) they decide on getting married. And here comes the twist. Sana meets an accident and she dies leaving Karan all alone.

On the other hand the Love Story has Karan’s uncle, Dr. Yatinder Khanna (Boman Irani), who by profession is a scientist. Dr. Khanna has been working on a time machine for last fifteen years so that he can poke into the future to how the things will change (obviously).

Karan meets Dr. Khanna and recapping Sana’s dream about entering the year 2050, they go to the year 2050 with the time machine. Entering the future Karan comes to know that Sana is now the best rock-star of the world living in Mumbai and is named as Zaisha. Ultimately Karan succeeds in getting his love, Sana alias Zaisha, back to the present with the help of QUTY and BOO, two robotic dolls taking care of Zaisha.

Harry Baweja has beautifully taken care of direction as well as the story but at some places the story becomes little slow. Music and lyrics of the film looks nice but at the same time it appears little difficult to say that songs will look something like that with flying cars in the year 2050. Priyanka has worked well in accordance with her character. Whether Harman’s resemblance with Hrithik is a bane or boon is a quiz immaterial but his impact on the screen is quite impressive. Boman Irani has depicted his character quite well. Archana Puran Singh looks good in her charaPriyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja in Love Story 2050cter of Priyanka’s mother.

The first part of the film is based on the love story between Priyanka and Harman and the funny thing is the second part of the film is also based on their love story. The only difference is the second part happens in the year 2050.

Coming to the much hyped special effects, Harry has proved it a mark in Indian film history but it’s quite difficult to say whether the world, especially Mumbai, will look somewhat like that in the year 2050. This possibly is the first Indian film that marvels in special effects and people seem really amazed but at the same time few people are inclined to believe it a copy of some Hollywood flick. Being neutral it’s better to buy both the opinions. One funny thing is, even in 2050, corruption remain our inseparable characteristic. On the other hand the robot snake shows the fatal future of today’s reptiles (?).

QUTY and BOO show the great creative status of the director but the size of BOO is little small than what people have expected it to be. The film, flaunting a budget of fifty crore, must have earned a cool amount from Lux and Lawman. At the same time, the brand owners must be feeling good thinking about how their brands will be famous among stars even in 2050.

Well, it’s time to say adieu to you all but before signing off it’s better to say that you must watch the film once to witness Harman’s acting, special effects and not to forget, Mumbai in 2050.

MTV Splitsvilla Prianca Sharma in Bikini

MTV Splitsvilla Prianca Sharma in Bikini

Hot Riya Sen for Agni Jewels

Bollywood’s one of the hottest and bold actress may not have a successful career in the Bollywood but her boldness and glamour has made many companies to make her brand ambassador for their products. She became the brand ambassador of IPL’s official website to add glamour portion to it and now Riya Sen has given some hot poses for Agni Jewels.

Riya Sen is the right choice for Agni Jewels brand promotion and she has not depressed the officials with her stunning look and her hot poses will certainly will be helpful for the brand.

You guys can check it yourself whether she has done justice to brand or not with her hot poses.

Love Story 2050 had its premiere in London

Harman Baweja is all set for grand debut to Hindi film industry. Harry Baweja didn’t left anything to make successful debut of his son. Promotion of the film was awesome and they also launched kids merchandise to attract kid’s audience to the film and making it big for his son Harman Baweja debut film Love Story 2050 premiered at a West London theatre on Wednesday.

Priyanka Chopra and Boman Irani walked the red carpet with ease but Harman Baweja was looking bit nervous. Priyanka Chopra was dressed in black with silver jewelry on it and she was looking hot as ever and it was looking as she was participating in a beauty contest.

On occasion of premier, Harman Said”, I was bit nervous but seeing such a positive response from fans now I am really excited.”

On other side Priyanka Chopra was really happy and she said”, It’s good to be in London again and happy to see so many people here and excited by seeing their response.”

Love Story 2050 will hit the silver screen on July 4 and hope it will work well and fans will get some good movie after so many flops from last few weeks.

Shilpa Shetty collected 63000 pounds through kisses for charity purpose

Recently, the hot and sexy Shilpa Shetty won the Global Diversity Award 2008 which was held in London and during the function, she announced to sell her ‘kiss on cheek’ for the charity purpose. She got the appreciation from the public for his kind act.

This hot actress won the global diversity award accompanied with British racing driver Lewis Hamilton for her contribution globally. This actress was able to win the popularity outside India after winning the title of Big Brother.Beside this; the beautiful actress also helps the organizers of the function in collecting 63000 pounds for the charity, this charity amount will given to Silver Star Appeal who runs the mobile diabetes assessment units.

Shilpa Shetty took the dinner with British Prime Minister Gorden brown at Wembley immediately after the charity auction in the function; she has announced that the winner would get the kiss from me but on the cheek. She found it better to declare it that the kiss will be on cheek. Because there had been lot of controversy created at the time when Hollywood star Richard Gere kissed her in public during an AIDS awareness event in capital. Hindu Nationalists filed a case against her so she didn’t want to create any further confusion.

A young man donated 12500 pounds for the dinner and received three kisses from the sexy Shilpa Shetty on the cheek.

Shah Rukh Khan to play Dus Ka Dum with Salman!

The Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan, who is also the host of Kya aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai will play in Dus Ka Dum which is hosted by his close friend Salman Khan. When Salman Khan called Shahrukh to play in his show Dus Ka Dum then he accepted immediately to play the game with Salman. He is working very hard to gain the TRP of the show and inviting Bollywood stars is one of the formulas to increase TRP.

Till now Salman has invited many popular celebrities on the show which includes Indian players Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan singh. Salman also played with Aamir Khan and his nephew Imraan Khan. Three khans played very well and created great fun on the show Dus Ka Dum. Now he is planning to play the game with Rani and Preity so for this conversation is going on with the organizers of the show.

It is expected that the three bollywood star Rani, Preity and Shahrukh will play Dus Ka Dum with Salman in the month of August. Shahrukh gave his acceptance because of his friend Salman. Just like Salman, Shahrukh has also the opportunity to invite Salman in reality show Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai which helps him in increasing the TRP of his show.
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