Katrina Kaif denies being on Twitter

Katrina Kaif is not on any networking site like Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut etc.Apparently there is some fake person posing as Katrina Kaif on Twitter and is spreading out the news and talking to people on her behalf. There is someone who is impersonating Katrina Kaif and it is causing trouble. A source close to Katrina said, “There is someone who is impersonating Katrina Kaif and is talking to people pretending to be Katrina Kaif.” The Source further added, “Katrina had got a call from a famous director asking how was the script which he discussed on twitter yesterday, to this Katrina was shocked and explained to the director that she doesn’t use networking sites at all.”“Another incident happened when Katrina got a call from a famous studio head about another project, as discussed on Twitter yesterday. To which Katrina was stunned and replied that she never uses Twitter to talk to any one,” adds the source. “On Tweeter the person pretending to be Katrina has been telling people how the Rajniti shoot is going in Bhopal. Seems like this impersonation is reading a lot of material that has been published and hence has so much information on the same,” quips our source.Hot Mallika Sherawat Videos From Murder Hot Scenes

Katrina Kaif
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