Celina floors rugby superstar Monty Beetham

Violently ill and shivering with the cold at the premiere of her first international film Love Has No Language in Auckland on Nov 5, Celina Jaitley rubbed shoulders with the crème de la crème of New Zealand. And that too in the pouring rain.

"It was the grandest premiere I ever attended, " gushes Celina.Days after the premiere she's in a daze.

"800 Asians turned up to meet me besides the 325 formal invitees. We had the crème de la crème of New Zealand attending, including television film and sports personalities."

Prominent in the sports section of attendees was New Zeland's rugby star Monty Beetham who was quite taken up with Celina. Apparently his eyes trailed our Celina across the premiere venue.

Laughs Celina, "I'm no stranger to male attention. Though I met Beetham only briefly I believe he was quite taken up by what he called the Indian beauty. I was just floored by all the attention I got."

Hours before the premiere Celina wasn't sure she would be able to attend."I was down with this acute tummy infection. I was doubling up with cramps and pain. I really thought I wouldn't be able to attend. But at the last minute I squeezed into my Manish Malhotra gown and dragged myself to the red carpet. The effort was worth it."

The movie got a standing ovation. "Not only that people stood in the pouring rain for autographs and pictures. I tried to oblige everyone. The New Zealanders are extremely warm. As I shook hands them the freezing cold melted away. Never mind my gown shrank into a mini-skirt."

Celina cuts down all chances of a romance with her co-star. She describes her Love Has No Language co-star Ben Mitchell as scary and horrifying. "He scared the hell out of me with bugs and butterflies all the time.

Believe it or not I'm terrified of butterflies. And although the film is called Love Has No Language I couldn't understand anything he said because of his Kiwi accent.Maybe because I wasn't really in love with him."

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Want exposure? Catch Kim in a right mood

Kim Sharma has spent almost eight unsuccessful years in the industry.

After 'Mohabbatein' all her movies have flopped miserably. She has been reduced to playing bimbos or second fiddle to the leads in no good films like 'Yakeen', 'Tom, Dick, and Harry', 'Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana', 'Nehlle Pe Dehlla' etc!

No wonder the lass is frustrated no end.

The word is that Kim acts according to her mood swings!

If she's in a good mood she becomes great at giving sexy poses. So that very well explains all those glamorous sexy pictures of hers wit that 'false' pout of hers!

Catch Kim in the right mood, she apparently has a quite a lot to offer. In fact the people who work with her wait to catch her in the right mood so that the shoot goes well.

She's apparently very playful then and also displays her great love for animals.

But everything dramatically changes when her mood is bad!

The mood swings can be attributed to her being born on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp (her birthday falls on January 21). But who knows, this very thing might have only worked against her!

After all, no one wants an irritating moody actress who can't act! A long affair, then a break up with cricketer Yuvraj Singh and now a single status! This lady needs to think over and do something drastic to sort out her professional and personal issues!

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Aishwarya Rai kept under high security

Bollywood diva Aishwarya Bachchan is kept under tight security and director Mani Ratnam is making sure that no one from the media or her fans views the look donned by the diva for his flick Ravana where Ash is playing the character of Sita.

Mani always make sure not to release any pictures of his movies before the release. The shooting been held in the forest area is helping the director’s cause as no cars could reach the site and they need to travel in jeeps.

Arriving in cars, the stars get into jeeps for the final journey to the shooting spot. Even at this changeover point, Aishwarya is covered with a blanket or umbrella.

Well, it seems to be a z-level security for the actress.

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Quantum of Solace - Movie Review

Cast: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Gemma Arterton, Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric
Director: Marc Forster
Rating: ***

If "Casino Royale" was set up as a template for the new Bond actor Daniel Craig, "Quantum Of Solace" merely re-establishes this new order. All the major ingredients that go into making the Bond movies special are featured here. "Quantum Of Solace' doesn't thrill or break new ground, but it is still a very good Bond movie.

Director Marc Forster is an odd choice to helm a Bond movie since his previous hits - "Finding Neverland" and "Monster's Ball" - were not action movies.

While Craig returns to give a solid performance and the gritty style with raw action maintained from the previous movie, this movie does lack a coherent plot that at times undermines the whole viewing experience.

The movie continues with Bond seeking to find his lover's killers.

This Bond is very angry and leaves too many people dead in his trail. Bond soon finds himself in the midst of a nefarious plan of villain Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) who is posing as a crusader for the environment but secretly has a more sinister plan.

Hunting the bad guys requires Bond to travel quite a bit and this gives the filmmakers a good excuse to stage some action sequences. There is a chase on foot through the streets, a chase on speed boats and even a battle in the sky with planes. Through it all, Bond maintains his cool but never cracks a smile.

At times the movie takes itself too seriously. This Bond movie may be the least fun of them all.

His desire to seek revenge casts a dark shadow of a mood through out the movie and some well timed humour might have been refreshing. Gone also are the gadgets, along with Q. The one liner innuendos are also missing and for the first time, Bond's signature "The name's Bond, James Bond" has been dropped.

The action sequences are disappointing. This was the most expensive Bond movie made and the action does take place in some exciting locales. But the director makes a minor mistake.

He choreographed the action from up close. We are placed right in the middle of the action, but we are not clear on what's happening exactly. Sadly, at times we don't want to seem to care.

The actors do a commendable job. Craig clearly suffers from a script that could have exploited his range in talent more. His character comes of very one dimensional.

The Bond girls Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arerton are stunning but end up as props. They are not allowed to be fleshed out. There is a bit of a back story for Camille (Kurylenko) but even she is disposed off much like former Bond girls.

Craig is set to return for more Bond movies. He had a good start with "Casino Royale". With "Quantum Of Solace" he cements the new more gritty Bond, but at the expense of fun.

Here's hoping the Bond of the future will lighten up, have some fun, and not take himself too seriously. Not everything from the old Bond movies needs to be changed.

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Raima Sen gets a very Sexy makeover

It seems Raima Sen is bored of that demure good girl image of hers. Much like Soha Ali Khan, Gul Panag and Minissha Lamba in the past!

Raima has shed her inhibitions and clothes for the latest issue of the famous Men's magazine Maxim.

The Bong babe is being pictured in black and white lacy lingerie set, no less!

Umm…so another actress is desperately seeking attention. Wonder if this sexy makeover will alter things for her!

Looks like the babe's fed up of being confined to art house films like Chokher Bali, 'Antar Mahal' or bit parts in big films like 'Eklavya', 'Parineeta', 'Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd' or worse stills super flops like 'C Kkompany', 'Mukhbir' and 'Manorama Six Feet Under'.

Some others like 'Meridian Lines' and 'Migration' have remained stuck for long. Obviously poor Raima is mighty bored!

Now she's 'Teen Patti', 'Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye', 'Sunglass' and 'Mumbai Cutting'. Well, it doesn't seem that these movies will do something great for her. After all she's been around for long, but looks like stardom isn't meant for her!

Since she doesn't have much to say about her career, she prefers to talk in detail about her November birthday and how she plans to celebrate it.

She's said to the magazine, "My birthday is on November 7th. I'm a typical Scorpio. Last year the party was at China House, but this year, I'm planning to have it at home. Nothing's been decided yet. My parents are really cool. The best part is that I won't have to worry about organising anything as they'll take care of everything."

We wonder where she's headed after this sizzling act! Lingerie ads? Well, anything's possible in B-Town!

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