We are spoofing all the films from Sholay to Lagaan: Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan is someone whose mere smile electrifies the entire silver screen. Even though she has been around in the tinsel town for sometime now, she making her way to the place where she rightly belongs- the Top! Soha will now be seen in the comedy Dhoondte Reh Jaoge in which she is paired opposite Kunal Khemu. The film also stars Sonu Sood, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever and Asrani.

We caught up with the young actress for an exclusive interview where she spoke about doing "quality" films, the challenge of doing comedy and her love for journalism.

To start with, these days, the silver screen is seeing very less of the golden actress called Soha Ali Khan. Is that a conscious decision?
Hey! That's so untrue. I had two releases in the last year and have four lined up for this year. The idea is not to do too many films. I would prefer doing quality films over the quantity ones! You don't get the right kind of script pretty often.

You don't get the right kind of script that convinces you totally. I would much rather watch a film or maybe hang out with my friends, instead of doing a film in which I am not 100% involved in.

How are you feeling now? Nervous or excited with DRJ's release being just around the corner?
For any actor, it's pretty natural to be both excited and nervous, so am I! I try not to think about it. There's no point worrying too much.

You don't want to put your heart in the line as you will only land up being dejected, if the audiences do not reject the film. For any film that I do, I give my 100% and after that, I do not think about the film. But I will want to know what the audiences think of the film!

What's your role in the film?
I am playing someone very unlikely in the film. And I don't think that I have ever played a character is called Neha Chattopadhyay, someone who is so far removed from my personality.

My character is that of someone who is into street-theater and who stays in a chawl with her mama. Every time she gets nervous, she breaks into Bengali as she cannot speak Hindi that fluently.

How much of your role in the film do you identify with?
The dream that I share with her is that of becoming a Hindi film heroine. But the kind of film that they go on to make is something that I have never been a part of.

What's the film all about and what's your role in the film?
The film is more of a spoof, whereby we are spoofing from all the films from Sholay to Lagaan. With due respect to everyone, you can see me playing Basanti of Sholay, Simran of DDLJ, Ameesha of Gadar to name a few!

A very impromptu question. While 'playing' the roles all the leading heroines in one film, did you, at any point feel a particular role should have been offered to you?
Actually speaking, these roles are absolute landmark roles and have been such brilliantly played by the respective actors that I just cannot imagine the role of Simran being played by anyone but Kajol, Basanti by Hemaji, so on and so forth!

Maybe when we interview any of the Gen-Next actress a few years down, your fans must be hoping that they will say that DRJ was a landmark film and that Soha's role was something that cannot be imagined being played by someone else! What say?
Thank you sooooo much for the compliment!

Your last film Dil Kabaddi was a comedy whereby you shared the screen space with Payal Rohatagi and in Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, its Deepal Shaw. Does that mean that you are open for multi-heroine roles?
In Dil Kabaddi, it was an ensemble cast, were various characters were etched out for those roles. I like mine amongst all of them. As far as Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, it has a number of characters. I was initially a bit apprehensive about doing this role.

But it was a kind of film which I felt that I might land up regretting of not having done it. The good thing about this film is that though they have multiple characters, I am the only girl. While all the prime characters like Pareshji, Kunal Khemu, and Sonu Sood have well-etched roles, I am the only girl amongst the entire lot.

There must have been lots of memorable moments during the shoot of the film? Pease share some with us.
Since I haven't done any comedy before, this film had its memorable moments in terms of each and every frame.

Furthering what you just said, since you have worked on both the genres (comedy and serious roles), which of the two do you find tougher?
You get a lot of dialogues when you are doing a comedy. It also requires a certain amount of comic timing. For me, it's more challenging than doing serious roles. Because, when you are doing serious roles, you tend to get lots of help in terms of lighting, music etc...

What were the locations wherein the film was shot?
The chawl that we shot in Worli is a natural chawl in itself. There are lots of Mumbai places whereby we have shot the film. All in all, it's all a Mumbai-centric film! We have shot a few songs in Malaysia.

How was it working with Kunal Khemu as your co-star?
He is a seasoned actor. He, alongwith Paresh Rawal, has done theatre before. I really don't know if they have worked together before this film. Both of them form the highlight of the film. The film will work because of Kunal and Paresh. They, according to me are the lead pair of the film!

At one point, you wanted to be a journalist. So, what's it about the journo's job that you like the most?
I feel that my skills lie in my research. I enjoy reading the papers. I think that journalism is a great profession.

What will form your next set of films?
There's 99 which is an action comedy, followed by Tera Kya Hoga Johnny and Kunal Deshmukh's Tum Mile with Emraan Hashmi.

Lastly, can you give us three reasons for the cine goers to watch DRJ?
There's the storyline, great performances and superb comedy! One needs to just go and watch this film for sure.

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I am very comfortable with my body: Neetu Chandra

Hers has been almost a dream run in Bollywood, having worked with filmmakers like Priyadarshan and Madhur Bhandarkar in a short span since her debut in ‘Garam Masala’ a few years ago.

In just four years since her debut in Bollywood, Neetu Chandra has done variety of roles that range from a glamorous air hostess in ‘Garam Masala’ to the ‘’closer-to-life’’ street vendor in ‘Traffic Signal’ to a comic role as police officer in ‘One Two Three’ to the consort of the ‘Super chor’ Bunty in ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’.

‘’All the roles I have done over the last four years have been different from each other. For example, my role in ‘One Two Three’ was different from that in ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’, which in turn was different from that in ‘Traffic Signal’.

While ‘Garam Masala’ and ‘One Two Three’ had me in hardcore glamorous roles, ‘Traffic Signal’ and ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ had me in simpler roles,’’ Neetu Chandra, who will now be seen in the horror film ’13 B’ in the role of a housewife addicted to television said.

Her real life portrayals in ‘Traffic Signal’ and ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ may have established her as an actress adept at playing ‘’closer-to-life’’ roles but the actress insisted that it is the script of a film rather than her role in it that governs her choice of these roles.

‘’I don’t choose films according to my roles. Rather, I chose films according to the script. As long as the script is nice and the story is good, I do not care what my role is and whether it is glamorous or non-glamorous.

x Infact, I do not understand terms like Glamorous and non glamorous. If a script requires me to look glamorous, I will look glamorous.

Conversely, if a role requires me to look simpler, I will do so. I am very comfortable with my body and will wear whatever look the script demands,’’Neetu Chandra told in an interview on the eve of the film’s release.

Talking about her role in her next film ’13 B’, where she is features opposite South Indian actor Madhavan, Neetu said,’’I play a housewife. She is a very coy, shy kind of female, who is stuck to television like any other female in the house and how she realises that the television set has become a danger to her family.’’

She said though the role was closer to real life, it had elements of both glamour as well as real life.

Considering that she hails from a middle class family in Haryana, the going seems to have been good for Neetu in Bollywood.

‘’Things have been really nice for me in Bollywood. I was doing modelling when I was picked up for ‘Garam Masala’. Then ‘Traffic Signal’ happened.

I am extremely satisfied at the progress of my career from ‘Garam Masala’ to ’13 B’. My film ‘Traffic Signal’ got a National award, while in ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Lucky Oye’ I was nominated in the Best Actress category in the Stardust awards.

And, I am on the front page of Stardust this issue. Also, I am getting offers for good films. What more could I have asked for,’’ she said.

As an actor, Neetu said she drew inspiration from Akshay Kumar, Smita Patil and Madhuri Dixit.

‘’For me Akshay Kumar, who I worked with in my first film ‘Garam masala’ is quite and inspiration especially in terms of his sense of discipline. Being a sportperson like him, I see that he is very hardworking.

Infact, the kind of discipline he follows is amazing. I that sense, I feel that Akshay sir is very very inspiring and I look up to him.

Among actresses, I look up to Madhusi Dixit and late Smita Patil because I want to do the kind of roles these actresses did,’’Neetu said.

Her forthcoming films include a comedy ‘Khusar Prasad Ka Bhoot’, a film called ‘Mumbai Cutting’, which is about a serious issue. Then there is a film with Vipul Shah and another with Raj Kanwar.

Besides, I am also doing a film with Jagmohan Mundhra.

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STYLE: Clutch me if you can!

The film industry is a good place, they say, to look for the latest fashion trends. And what do you know. Everyone, just everyone, is clutching a, well, clutch purse! They are a convenient option, really. Who wants to lug around a bag with those delicate Cavallis, Emilio Puccis and Missonis?

These little beauties are basically designed to be ‘clutched’ in the hand. Some even come with straps to be slung around the shoulder. They are versatile, too, going well on everything from jeans, formal and Indian outfits.

As a fashion accessory, clutch purses are known to be evening bags. In the industry though, people prefer it 24x7. Here are some we spotted recently.

Purple perfect!
This shiny, sleek clutch is just the perfect size and makes a very pretty accessory. It adds a dash of colour that brightens up the chic black and white outfit. Sonam Kapoor knows her style!

Sleek, smart and safe!
The uber classy and sophisticated Karisma Kapoor plays it safe with a sleek black clutch, in sync with her dress and shoes.

White magic? Not really!
Never mind the colour and butterflies. But Farah Khan’s kurta could have been complemented better with a more ethnic clutch. It’s the large, distracting NY logo that takes it all out of sync.

Talk about subtlety
This clutch is broader than Shilpa Shetty’s waist! Kudos to her for attempting to start a new trend, but an unwieldy clutch can never a fashion statement make. Worse, an unwieldy, empty-looking folder-clutch. Uh-huh. Not appealing at all.

Mirror mirror
Now this is a very handy clutch. For that quick touchup, all you need to do is hold up the bag and the mirrors will do the work for you. The clutch has a Boho feel to it and goes well with Ameesha Patel’s bright dress.
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Amitabh Bachchan’s new look!

As always, it is impeccably stylish

Amitabh Bachchan is known for his impeccable sense of style. The actor wears his custom-made suits with as much panache and élan as he does his linen trousers and shirts. But on the morning of March 6, Big B fans were in for a treat.

Kicking off the International Indian Film Academy voting weekend, Bachchan arrived in cream linen trousers and a black jacket. Shorn off his signature French beard!

“This is for my role in my film PAA, for which I have begun filming. The film required me to take it off,” informs Amitabh, “But don’t worry, it will be back. I mean the beard!”

To a remark that he looked younger without the beard, he replied, “I am 67 years old and have been working for 40 years now. Ab kya young lagna (now looking young is immaterial)!”

Known to be punctual and, more often than not, early for appearances, Bachchan arrived over an hour late, wearing dark glasses. “I have been filming and, last night, we finished very late. We worked till 4 am. I am very sorry for being late.”

Check out Amitabh Bachchan’s sense of style:

Designer sunglasses. Check

A Longines timepiece to stay on time
PS Daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai is the Longines brand ambassador in India

Is it Holi already?
Check out the white leather shoes with the splash of red and purple!

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Paparazzi chase Salman's auto!

The media loves Salman Khan. Where he goes, tamasha is bound to follow. And Sallu didn’t fail to disappoint.

He came to the sangeet in a blue tee and jeans. When he stepped out at 4.30 am in a white shirt and high spirits, the press and TV cameramen knew big things were about to happen. The action began when a journo unwisely asked if Sallu had got the chance at the sangeet to patch-up with SRK. Visibly irritated by the question, Salman looked like he might pounce on the journo... but instead looked for his car. Nowhere in sight! Any other Bollywood biggie might have gone back inside, called for the car, and then given the driver hell.

Not Salman, he does things differently. Hailing a passing auto, he jumped in beside the driver and asked the astonished man to speed away. The media gave chase. Somewhere along the route, taking a leaf out of Michael Schumacher’s book, Salman asked the autowallah to surrender the controls to him. And he zipped off into the night. The story ended with his car being spotted and Salman Khan giving the autowallah a generous baksheesh. Amrita Arora and Shakeel Ladak, of course, missed the scene... but it provided the extra show to their sangeet on Thursday night.
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Ash is upset with Priyanka

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is upset with Priyanka Chopra for calling her beautiful but not mentioning her acting talent when she received the Filmfare best actress award.

While Priyanka Chopra is riding high after winning the Filmfare best actress award for her role in Fashion, things are not hunky dory for her on another level. Known for her usually restrained image and ever so politically correct statements, Priyanka rubbed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan the wrong way while giving her thank you speech after she received the award. This incident follows Priyanka's fallout with once-upon-a-time good friend Abhishek Bachchan who too is upset with Priyanka for wanting to groove to the same song ('Ma da laadla' from Dostana) which he had selected for the same function.

Priyanka said that she was very happy to be nominated (Fashion, Dostana) among the likes of the beautiful Aishwarya Rai (Jodhaa Akbar) and the talented Kajol (U, Me Aur Hum). Priyanka's euphoric statement however hasn't gone down well with Aishwarya.

Aishwarya is annoyed that Priyanka called her beautiful but said nothing about her acting talent.

An actor who was present at the function said, on condition of anonymity, "Priyanka should have chosen her words carefully. How can Priyanka sideline Aishwarya's acting abilities?"

"Aishwarya rarely loses her cool. But this time, she did. She is mighty upset with Priyanka," added our source.

We sent three text messages to Aishwarya but she did not reply. Priyanka too did not reply to our text messages.
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