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I would give Himesh a 10 on 10 for acting: Satish Kaushik

Satishji, for starters, with Karzzzz being just released, are you nervous or super excited?
I am very much excited because Karzzzz is one film that reminds me of my young days, when I used to be a 'dreamer'. Those were the days when I was just dreaming of turning into a filmmaker.

In other words, I would like to say that Karzzzz is my tribute to 'that' era of films. For me, this film is more like representing the eighties era and bringing it to the era of the 2000's!

What made you choose on the remake of the original Karz?
The concept of remake was something that had already been decided by Bhushan Kumar and Himesh.

I was contacted later. When they told me the story, I became too excited. I was also very much aware of the fact that it is going to be a 'big' film, for the very reason that it was coming from the stable of Bhushan Kumar and T-Series!

Also that, Himesh hummed some tunes to me from the film, which got me further more excited. With all of this going, how could I say no to the remake of the original Karz!

What's your opinion about Himesh's acting skills? Have you seen him in his debut film Aap Kaa Surroor?
Of course, I have seen Aap Kaa Surroor and I simply loved him in the film. I have also seen him perform on stage and one needs to give it to him for such a massive fan following! The kind of music that he had given in Aap Kaa Surroor was simply phenomenal.

After I saw the film, I was totally floored by his screen presence. He has got very dreamy and lost eyes complemented with a very sweet smile. Overall, he is a very wonderful person. As far as his acting skills are concerned, I would give him a 10 on 10. For Himesh is one person, who is passionate about whatever he does.

Since I have dealt in theatre before, I was tad sure that I will be able to extract nothing but the best out of this man! Now that Karzzzz is complete, I can very confidently say that the whole 'confusion' about Himesh being an actor or a non-actor will be laid to rest! His performance in Karzzzz is totally FANTASTIC!

In one of his recent interviews, Himesh admitted that Ranbir Kapoor would have been a better choice for Monty's role and also that he would have ensured the film's Box Office success? Do you agree with him?
I always believe that any actor can do any role. Having said that, I would also like to add that the Himesh's 'version' of Monty would shock the audience for sure.

The general mentality is that when you expect certain things out of a certain actor, and when that actor delivers something that was not expected of him, it is translated into a certain amount of shock value. Himesh, in the role of Monty is one such shock value experience.

As far as his statement about Ranbir is concerned, all I can say is that it's indeed very sweet on behalf of Himesh to have said that. But, as far as I am concerned, I will still stick on to Himesh as my choice for the role of Monty.

It's a universal fact that Himesh is a very religious and superstitious man. Were there any clashes of interest due to that in that terrain?
Not at all. Himesh and I were always on the same wavelength. And I have known him for quite a long time. By now, we know each other's working pattern.

How was the overall 'Himesh Reshammiya' experience?
Hailing from a theatre background, the 'actor' in me was taught (during my struggling days) that, for an actor, 'listening power' should be more important than the 'verbal power'.

According to me, a good actor is someone who listens more than he speaks. And I found this quality in Himesh. He was totally open to my way of direction. He is someone whom I would call as a 'Directors actor'.

Also it's a sheer delight to even listen to him. He knows all the ups, lows, pauses, modulations and the stresses of every sentence. The overall 'Himesh Reshammiya' was simply fabulous!

What made you cast Urmila opposite him?
Urmila was always my first choice. She has time and again proved herself as a path-breaking actress in every film. I know her since her Masoom days, wherein she played the lead. I just couldn't think of anyone besides Urmila for the role of 'Kamini'. And trust me; Urmila as 'Kamini' is simply outstanding in the film.

Satishji, having introduced actors like Tabu, Tusshar Kapoor, Bhumika Chawla, and now Shweta Kumar. What do you have to say about Shweta? Do you feel that she has the potential to make it big?
I take it as my responsibility when any newcomer comes to me. And I feel really nice connecting with them. I always treat my seasoned actors on a huge platform.

And as far as the newcomers are concerned, I have the added advantage of training and moulding them in the best of their capacity and not by thrusting myself and my style on them!

As far as Shweta is concerned, I think that she has a huge potential to make it big as an actress. She is very cool, casual and tad comfortable in front of the camera.

Apparently, Simi Garewal, who played 'Kamini' in the original Karz, had commented that Sushmita Sen, not Urmila, was more suited for the remake. What's your comment on the same?
As I always said, any actor can play any role. If she (Simi) had said so, I respect her statement. But I will still stick on to Urmila as she is someone who matches the persona of Himesh to the 'T'!

Has the 'original' Monty, Rishi Kapoor, seen Karzzzz? What were his comments on the same?
I still have to show it to him. But he is a very dear friend and moreover a fantastic person. When we started the film, it was really sweet and endearing on the part of Subhashji and Rishiji to wish us good luck. Rishiji also attested the music of Himesh in Karzzzz and also told him that he deserved a pat on his back for making such a wonderful score.

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I had watched KARZ only once - Shweta Kumar

Shweta Kumar would be joining the list of debutant actors in 2008 with the release of KARZZZZ though she is quick to confess that before signing the film, she had seen the original KARZ only once in her life.

"And to think of it, I was so small then that I hardly remembered much about the film", smiles Shweta, daughter of prolific producer–director Indra Kumar, "I had vague images about the film though I guess I had pretty much liked it when I had seen it."

Things changed for her the moment she signed KARZZZZ.

"I have lost count of the number of times I have watched Rishi Kapoor's KARZ in last one year. Earlier I could just recollect the gist of the film but now I guess I could rattle down each and every line from it. It turned out to be a helpful experience, though instead of copying Tinaji (Munim), I have concentrated on understanding the character", says Shweta who plays the part enacted by Tina Munim in the original KARZ.
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KARZZZZ theatrical promo - Superb

T–Series and Himesh Reshammiya are going all out to ensure that their film takes one of the biggest openings of 2008. They would shortly be unveiling their theatrical promo of KARZZZZ along with the release of KIDNAP. This writer had an exclusive dekko at the 3 minute long promo and the only way to describe it's after effect is – 'KARZZZZ is surely going to be one sure fire box office success'.

Himesh doesn't just prove that he has grown leaps and bounds as an actor; he also shows his prowess as someone who just in his second film as an actor has done well enough to grasp the grammar of what is expected from a commercial hero. Some of the notable sequences highlighted in the promo are:

– Himesh's confrontation with Urmila where he challenges her on killing him in his previous birth

– Flashback shots that are interspersed brilliantly along with the current day sequences

– Himesh's emotional scene with his mother from the previous birth (played by Rohini Hattangadi)

– Background music centered on the remixed theme tune of 'Ek Haseena Thi' is a killer as it keeps the tension high throughout those 3 minutes

– Striking visuals captured by director Satish Kaushik who not just keeps the dramatic portions intact but also showcases the outdoor locations of Johannesburg

– Last but not the least Himesh's angst around Kamini (Urmila) who just romanced and then married him, only to kill him later

Surprise element of the promo truly is Himesh Reshammiya as it clearly acts as his show reel. For those who thought that AAP KAA SURROOR – THE MOVIEE was a fluke; they just need to have one look at the promo of Himesh which shows him in a different light altogether. If the actor/composer/singer was more subdued in AAP KAA SURROOR, he is sheer dynamite in KARZZZZ where he gives a serious account of himself, especially in the dramatic portions.
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Karzzzz - Music Review

Karzzzz has quite a bountiful to offer for those who want their music albums to be fully loaded.

No wonder, apart from 8 original tracks and one rearranged version of the title song, there are as many as 10 remix tracks, hence making Karzzzz a bouquet of as many as 19 tracks.

Also, when it is an album by Himesh Reshammiya, it is bound to have his stamp from start to finish. This is pretty much apparent as his name is present in credit details for each and every song.

First to come is 'Lut Jaaon Lut Jaaon' which could well be termed as a title song due to the word 'Karz' being heard at regular intervals.

A number which comes across as a brilliant lounge track courtesy the supporting vocals of Harshdeep who creates a haunting effect in the background, 'Lut Jaaon Lut Jaaon' is a highly catchy number that one can't stop humming after just one listening.

The song which carries a deeper meaning due to the essence of revenge being imbibed in the lyrics, it is bound to be the highlight of the film. The 'remix version' that follows is such that it would be surprising if a music video isn't created around it.

Seemingly based on the same setting as 'Om Shanti Om' from the original Karz, 'Hari Om Hari Om' is the next song to arrive. A dance number which has been rendered with a punch with Himesh Reshammiya, it has enough current day ingredients embellished in those 5 minutes.

In fact this is the only number which find two remix versions for itself - an 'Indian Mix' and an 'Electro Mix'.

While the former may find its way into festival pandals due to religious sentiments that the arrangements manage to bring with them, the latter indeed carries an electrifying mood to it which is bound to work on the dance floors with blazing lights and the works helping its cause.

Now comes the kind of sound which Pritam has almost patented in his music, courtesy songs from films like Race, Jannatand Kismat Konnection.

Words like 'Tandoori Nights' may not really make one enthused about what would follow next but Himesh actually does the impossible by creating an entire composition around these words which makes 'Tandoori Nights' the most catchy of all so far.

Add to it Sunidhi Chauhan's voice which suits Urmila Matondkar to the 'T' and you know that this one is going to reach the top of the charts.

A dance number, 'Tandoori Nights' has an interesting 'remix version' as well which succeeds in it's purpose of making you search for those dancing shoes all over again.

Just when one thought that Karzzzz is primarily made of dance numbers (not that one minds that) comes a pleasant surprise in the form of 'Soniye Je Tere' where Himesh Reshammiya goes back to his Indian classical route.

However, he keeps the sensibilities of the urban youth also in mind and amalgamates the modern-day sound with a line or two in English as well, hence making 'Soniye Je Tere' yet another chartbuster track in the offering. As a singer too, Himesh excels particularly in this number which requires him to go into high pitch.

He doesn't disappoint at all, nor does Tulsi Kumar who has a few lines to add as well, in this love song that comes in an even better 'remix version'.

The best song of the album comes soon after in the form of 'Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki' which reminds one of the terrific compositions that Himesh had created for Ahista Ahista two years back.

Pure Indian in its feel and arrangements with no interference whatsoever from any Western instrument, 'Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki' is a love song that one can play on in a repeat mode.

Sameer's lyrics deserve a special mention here as the lyricist keeps the writing simple and yet so engaging. A smooth flowing number which lasts close to 6 minutes, one wonders if there was really a need for its 'remix version'.

However, after hearing this version, one doesn't quite find it bad though the original still remains to be the first choice.

For Himesh's fans and followers, there is a vintage track in the offering with the arrival of 'Sisak Sisak Ke'.

A foot tapping song about being prepared for some tough moments to follow when in love, 'Sisak Sisak Ke' is yet another solo track by Himesh Reshammiya that has English rap-n-reggae interspersed in the proceedings.

Though this one too goes well with the mood of the album, it isn't quite a number which one may classify as being exclusive to Karzzzz (as most of the numbers before this ha

ve been) and could have fit into any other Himesh Reshammiya composed album. Ditto for the 'remix version'.

However, 'Tere Bin Chain Na Aave' which follows is in the league similar to that of 'Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki' as it maintain it's Indian quotient and comes across as yet another unadulterated number.

With a 'ghazal' feel to it, this one has Tulsi Kumar getting yet another number to her credit. Belonging entirely to Himesh Reshammiya, 'Tere Bin' quenches the thirst of those looking for some pure Indian melodies.

Yet another track that one may have wanted to be rather untouched, 'Tere Bin' too finds a 'remix version' attached to it. However, thankfully it is interestingly done due to which one don't mind its presence eventually.

After those three dance numbers at the beginning, Himesh takes a romantic route for the rest of album, something that is visible yet again with the arrival of 'Masha Allah'.

This is one number that one doesn't quite mind hearing in its 'remix version' as it only re-emphasizes the passionate mood of the album.

It is nothing less than a test of sorts for Himesh Reshammiya to get into the big shoes of Kishore Kumar for singing one of the most popular tracks ever that has been churned out in Bollywood.

Recreating 'Ek Haseena Thi', Himesh is careful while both singing as well as composing as he keeps it all under control without going over the top.

While the lyrics are kept as it is, the number is slightly re-arranged without compromising on the intensity of the original. Shreya Ghosal is his singing partner in this duet which is bound to result in goose-bumps all over again when heard in theaters.

Now all director Satish Kauhsik has to do is enhance on the dramatic quotient of the original and give audience a grand finale which lingers in the memory for time to come. Karzzzz is bound to arrive like a hurricane and make sure that it creates ripples at the top of the charts.

Himesh Reshammiya knows his Karzz toward his parents

When bollywood singer-cum-actor Himesh Reshammiya made his entry in film industry everyone liked his work as composer but then he become singer also and every said said he is a nasal singer. He made his debut as a actor with Aap Ka Suroor everyone written him off but he was not bothered about it and now he is coming with his forthcoming movie Karzz let’s see whether this time Himesh will be able to get good response from the public or not? But one thing which everyone liked in Himesh is his love and respect toward his parents.

Himesh’s father had already given music in some old movies. But now his father has made his plan to work with his successful son. This Jodi of father-son would be composing songs for the future projects.

Himesh is very much emotional and sensitive toward his mother. June 29 is very much special for him because this is the day of his mother’s birthday.

Last year Himesh’s debut film Aap ka suroor released on June 29 which was a birthday gift for his mother. This year also he gave the music for Karzzzzz to Bhushan Kumar on the same day. This shows the importance of his mother in Himesh’s life.

This love and respect toward his parents proved that he is a good son to his parents.

Reliance buys Himesh Reshammiya starrer for Rs.3.5 bn

Mumbai, June 13 (IANS) After making inroads into Hollywood and buying about 250 movie screen chains in 28 cities across the US, Reliance BIG Entertainment (RBE) has now acquired theatrical and other rights of a Bollywood film at a whopping price.

Recently, RBE bought the world theatrical, satellite and Internet rights of T. Series' much talked about film 'Karzzz' for Rs.3.5 billion (Rs.35 crore). Apparently, this is the highest price a movie starring composer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya has got so far.

Of course, T. Series mounted the movie at a lavish scale and reportedly spent Rs.2.8 billion (Rs.28 crore) on its production.

'Karzzz' is the first of the three-movie deal Reshammiya had recently signed with the company for an undisclosed amount.

Apart from the Rs.3.5 billion it has already received from RBE by selling the remaining rights of the movie, including from music sales, T. Series is expected to earn at least another Rs.2.5 billion or so.

'Karzzz' is a re-make of Subhash Ghai's hit movie of the same name which was released in the early 1980s. Indra Kumar, who had himself given a number of hits in the late eighties, has directed 'Karzzz' and his daughter, Shweta Kumar, makes her debut in it, playing the female lead opposite Reshammiya.

The cast includes Urmila Matondkar, Danny Denzongpa, Gulshan Grover and Raj Babbar.

Newbie Of Bollywood Jennifer Kotwal From Karzz (Himesh Reshamiya)

Introducing Himesh’s New Heroine - Jennifer Kotwal in Karzzz
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