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Revolutionary: Indian girl with 2 husbands

Mona Chopra gets double  Kiss!!

Mona Chopra gets double Kiss!!

Shock continues..

She has given advertisements in the media for the same and has received a good number of resumes from the guys. And, then she selects two out of them and has sex with them to test their stamina and their way of sexual approach. Both pass the test.
Now she is confused as to which guy to select. Finally she decides to marry both of them!
She gets the Mangalya Sutra from them in a lavishly arranged marriage. But how could she share her bed with the two? Very simple! She prepares a time schedule to manage her two husbands.
From Monday to Wednesday she would live with her husband no.1 and from Thursday to Saturday she can enjoy with her second husband. Sunday is the day of abstention for her
Would  be a double  drilling..?!
Would be a double drilling..?!
Based on this revolutionary theme a film might be released in Tamil soon. By God's grace it is not the original imagination of Tamil creators. This film was first made in Hindi with the name Something Special and later dubbed into Telugu. Now the Tamil version of the same is waiting to be released.
It is needless to say how may adult scenes have been pasteurized in such a movie. In fact the main aim of the producer in selecting this kind of a story is to accommodate more sleaze and make the box-office cash registers go ringing.

Bollywood bombshell Mona Chopra (also known as Sherlyn Chopra) is playing the role of the controversial wife. The Tamil title for the movie is Thappu Pannitom Mannichirunga.

Mona Chopra

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