Hey Ya - Kidnap Movie

Hey guys check out this hot song from the movie Kidnap featyuring Minisha Lamba in a bikini dancing her way on the beach and having a bash...


It's leaked out: Nandana Sen's Bosom

Yes, Nandana Sen's bosoms are revealed out. It was in a scene from Ketan Mehta's coming film, 'Rang Rasiya'.

For people who are already on the edge of their seat after reading this can silently calm down and get back to their seats because the censor board has already cut the scene saying it to be too revealing and eye-catchy for the Indian audience.

While scrutinizing the film, 'Rang Rasiya', the censor board saw that in a particular scene Nandana Sen's breast could easily be seen. Immediately after seeing that scene the censor board sent a notice to Ketan Mehta.

Ketan Mehta did confirm the news but said that the scene is very long and if cut by the censor board they will have to re-do it all over again.

Rang Rasiya stars Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen as leads and is already certified as an 'A' Grade film.

Shocker: Deepal Shaw mistaken for a house maid

A Wednesday's heroine, Deepal Shaw was mistaken for a house maid. The item girl turned actress was left shocked by this incident.

A friend of Deepal's told us, "Deepal had gone visiting another friend's house and as she boarded the lift, two more ladies hopped in. Very casually dressed in a Salwar Kameez, Deepal was her normal self sans make up.

Both the ladies looked at her up and down and enquired with her whose house was she going to? When she told her friend's name, they immediately replied back, 'Oh so you are doing their house work.

We are short of a house maid too. Can you manage to do it for us? If not then do you know any of your friend who can do it? We shall pay good money.'

Hearing this Deepal could simply not react and giving a half smile she instantly hoped out as soon as her floor came."

The friend adds, "Deepal shared this incident with all of us her friends and was very embarrassed about it.

But she didn't feel angry about the two ladies and she told us that may be they were too much engrossed in themselves and their problems in hunting the right maid that they failed to recognize her."

On her career front, Deepal has managed to achieve a rare feat of becoming the first actress in Bollywood history to perform a triple role in a Bollywood film. The former item girl is enacting a triple role in Navneet Baj Saini's as yet untitled film. In the film she is starring opposite Irrfan Khan, Lucky Ali and Ranvir Shorey.

Deepal Shaw had debuted with Mohit Suri's Kalyug, featuring Emraan Hashmi and fellow-newcomer Kunal Khemu in a role of a cabaret dancer.

She has also a Hollywood film Karma, Confessions and Holi to her credit which also stars famous international model Naomi Campbell along with Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda and is produced by Robert De Niro's daughter, Drena.

Poisonous Snake in Lara's Room, SRK faces Hell

Priyadarshan's dream town Pollachi where he shot some of his favourite films turned into a bit of a nightmare last week when heavy rains disrupted the shooting of Billo Barbar at a time when Shah Rukh Khan's dates were in the imminent danger of being wasted.

And if you think that was the end of Priyan's ordeal, here's more. One night an extremely poisonous snake entered Lara Dutta's room in Pollachi.

Recounts her co-star Irrfan Khan, "To her credit, Lara handled the situation very sensibly and bravely, probably because she didn't know how poisonous the snake was. If it had bitten her it would've been disastrous.

But then Lara is nothing if not spunky. I've realized that facing the camera with her was as challenging as co-starring with Tabu or Dimple Kapadia. Lara is the most underrated actress I've worked with."

More problems for Lara. Apparently her mom has taken ill very seriously.

Says Irrfan, "I could sense she was tense and dealing with a situation on the phone. But she never let it affect her work."

It wasn't just Lara who faced tough times in Pollachi. Shah Rukh and Irrfan Khan together with Lara Dutt faced hell and high water.

Priyadarshan just about managed to wrap up Shah Rukh's work before the mega-star had to leave to get back to Mumbai.

Says Irrfan, "Pollachi is one of the most peaceful spots in the world. Though prone to the monsoon vagaries that grip Kerala at this time of the year, never did we imagine that the weather could act so unpredictable."

Recounting their harrowing experience Irrfan says, "Suddenly during the last two days the weather acted up more than all of us who were facing the camera, ha ha. We were in a panic.

Because there was no way Shah Rukh could delay his departure. Priyan had to wrap up his work at any cost by Sunday. So we had no choice but to shoot through the rain. Which was harrowing. "

On the bright side SRK seems to have won himself even more friends.

Says Irrfan fondly, "Shah Rukh is as entertaining off camera as he's on screen. We all bonded big time. Now that he's no longer with us in Pollachi we find that spark is gone out of the unit. Seldom have I missed a co-star after shooting with him or her. Shah Rukh, I'm missing."

Irrfan has his family over in Pollachi. "I always take my wife and two sons to as many outdoors as possible, even if it means making my kids skip school. It's the only way we have of finding time together. In fact I'm out of Mumbai shooting till the end of the year. And I'll try to get them to come with me whenever possible."
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