I am working hard to be in shape for Kiss Mix: Priyanka Kothari

A couple of years back when DARLING had released, Priyanka Kothari (then known as Nisha Kothari) had delivered a chartbuster item song in the form of 'Aa Khushi Se Khudkhushi Kar Le' [Darling] where she got naughty with Fardeen Khan.

Though she hasn't been very active in the Bollywood circuit ever since the release of the film (barring an occasional GO which was a delayed release), she is all set to return with a bang with AGYAAT.

The film features her a solo female lead and would also boast of a sizzling dance number which has been tantalisingly titled 'Kiss Mix'.

"Yes, that's my song in AGYAAT", smiles Priyanka who has kept a brave face in spite of those harrowing days that she had to spend to recover from her injury, "Don't you like the sound of 'Kiss Mix'? I find it quite cute actually; it is just one of it's own kinds."

When the shooting of AGYAAT had come to a standstill, only a few scenes involving Priyanka were waiting to be shot. The earlier plans were to have only song to be picturised but later 'Kiss Mix' was added as an after thought.

"This is one song which has excited me so much after a very long time. And before you call it as an item or a promotional number, let me clear this at the very onset that 'Kiss Mix' would be very much a part of the film", says Priyanka.

Priyanka adds in an excited tone, "I am hooked to the sound of the song and have really become possessive about it. Moreover, since the number is about a kiss, something which is a universal phenomenon, I am doubly excited."

Quick to find herself back on feet after an accident during the shoot of Ram Gopal Varma's AGYAAT kept her bedridden for a few weeks, Priyanka Kothari is raring to go. She says, "I am working hard to be completely in shape before the shooting begins for 'Kiss Mix'. I am concentrating on my diet, exercises as well as costumes."

Produced by Ram Gopal Varma and Ronnie Screwvala, AGYAAT has music by Bapi and Tutul. Other than Priyanka Kothari, the film also stars Nitin Reddy along with Ramu regulars like Ravi Kale and Ishrat Ali. Others in the cast are Harvey Rosem

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I goofed up by exposing so early in films: Payal Rohatgi

Actress Payal Rohatgi has no issues with exposing in front of the camera, but admits that early on in her career she might have shed her inhibitions for the wrong sort of films as she didn't know how "these projects would depict" her.

"Today many successful actresses are seen on magazine covers and are participating in bold photo shoots. Even in movies, it's a no-holds-barred approach for so many of them, " said Rohatgi.

"However, what really works for them is the fact that they are doing so in films where their male co-stars are pretty established, " Rohatgi adds.

The actress has made a concerted attempt during the last three years to choose her roles with care.

Rohatgi, who has also studied computer engineering, has since 2006 only been seen in relatively big budget films like Abbas-Mustan's "36 China Town", Madhur Bhandarkar's "Corporate", Priyadarshan's "Dhol" and Irrfan Khan starrer "Dil Kabaddi".

However, the repertoire of films from her past includes "Tauba Tauba", "Laila - A Mystery", "Chetna - The Excitement", "Mazaa Mazaa", "Mr. 100% - The Real Player", "Men Not Allowed" and "Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga".

She admits she made a mistake in her selection of roles early in her career: "My biggest goof up was to expose in women oriented films. This turned out to be a huge drawback for me as I didn't know the nuances of filmmaking at that time. I didn't know how these projects would depict me and how would they be eventually marketed."

"Look at Yash Raj productions. In their films too you find skin show on a regular basis. However, what works in their favour is the fact that these scenes are aesthetically done and they know how to market their films and project their heroines, " she said.

She is not against skin show but says an actor should be comfortable with it.

"Come on, let's be realistic. At the end of the day every actress wants to be hot. Everyone dies to have a great body, be fit and look glamorous, " she said.

Any regrets over the years gone by?

"Not at all! I don't regret my initial years as these were my learning steps. For a middle class girl who didn't come from a metro, I have done well and managed to establish myself to a good extent.

I have realised over a period of time that my earlier decisions were not good and I don't think there is a big deal in admitting that."

"It requires a lot of guts to figure out what was going wrong in your life and find a way to fix it, " she said.

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Shakira was right. Hips don't lie: Nandana Sen

During the shooting of Tips Films Prince with Viveik Oberoi Nandana Sen sustained a serious hip injury.

Now in deep pain the Rang Rasiya actress might have to cancel film shooting in New York for urgent hip surgery. Nandana injured her hip during a fight sequence.

“These things happen during a film. Can’t be avoided. My joint has sustained a major labrium tear. Only surgery can rectify it, and the soonest possible.”

Nandana got temporary surgery done so that her schooting doesn’t get disrupted. “It was a bit complicated and very painful. Steroid was administered directly into the injury track by scanning machines. It should work for two weeks.”

Although her worried family has advised her against it, Nandana hopes to complete Prince in these two weeks before going for permanent surgery. “I don’t want the shooting to suffer. But I’m suffering. Shakira was right. Hips don’t lie.”

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Neither our bodies were touching, nor are we kissing: Neetu Chandra

After facing the wrath of political affiliates while doing a bold and scandalous bikini photo shoot for a men’s magazine, actress Neetu Chandra has now developed cold feet.

Recently, while the actress was shooting for The Man magazine at a 3-star hotel with model Krishikka Gupta, a group of regular male customers started shouting “Jai Maharashtra’ slogans and threatened action from Raj Thackeray’s Maharashrtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). They even tried to confiscate the camera, resulting in the shoot having to be abruptly called off.

After talking about the incident, the actress has suddenly developed cold feet. In an attempt to backtrack and do a volte-face, Neetu has now stated on her Facebook account, “nothing like that ever happened”.

Earlier, Neetu was quoted by Mid-Day, saying, “The hotel management didn’t tell us to leave because of complaints from other guests but it was a mob of over 80 people that disrupted the shoot… They were being a nuisance and that’s why we halted the shoot.”

In The Asian Age today, she has given contradictory quotes feigning ignorance.

“I didn’t know anything about this controversy… It was shocking… Neither our bodies were touching, nor are we kissing… I am a Bihari and this can cause a lot of trouble.”

But publicist Dale Bhagwagar who broke the news, has stuck to the report. “It’s strange that Neetu is trying to take the media for a ride now, denying the whole incident. A lot of people were witness to it.

Above all, I have Neetu on record talking much more about the incident and indecent attitude of the group that created the ruckus and brought the shoot to a halt, ” said the publicist.

In Neetu’s words (recorded) to the publicist, she has stated, that “the shoot was about how men find sensual female bodies very attractive. It was aesthetically done but the public did not let the shoot happen and we had to cancel it.

The members of this group were chauvinist attention seekers. We are part of a hypocrite society and these were frustrated old men.

When females are around in bikini and swimwear, they (such men) always want attention… ke humein bhi dekho. But who wants to see them?”

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We kissed like real-life couples - Says Hrithik

Hrithik Roshan’s much awaited ‘Kites’ was unveiled at Cannes 2009. The film has Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut as his co-stars. The film has a much talked about lip lock between Hrithik and Barabara. Hrithik says that he was comfortable doing the scene and they did kiss each other in the scene like real lovers.

Hrithik says, “Why are we even talking about kissing? Is that such a big deal? Hasn’t our cinema grown up? Yes, there’re kissing scenes in the film, but nothing to make me squirm. In fact, I’d be more than happy and completely comfortable watching those kissing scenes with my wife, son and parents when the film is released.”

” ‘Kites’ is a love story. It’s about people in love. And what do people in love do to express their mutual feelings? In fact, it was Barbara Mori who made me realise how silly we look on screen while shying away from expressing love naturally.”

“We were both supposed to jump off from a rooftop at an impossible height. Before we did so our director Anurag Basu suggested I kiss Barbara since we were doing something death-defying and dangerous and potentially lethal. I reached out and kissed her on the cheeks.”

“Barbara turned around to ask why I had kissed her on the cheek. ‘Given the same situation with your real-life wife, Suzanne, would you kiss her on the cheek?’ I was floored by her logic.”

“And this time I kissed her the way real-life couples would in the situation. On the lips.”

Have a look as Hrithik, along with Papa Roshan and Barbara, arrives for the screening of ‘Bright Star’ during the 62nd International film festival in Cannes, southern France, Friday, May 15,

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Freida Pinto chosen to be the face of L’oreal

She may not be the prettiest actress, she may not have won the best actress award or may be the best newcomer award, but she definitely has something better than the rest of the bandwagon- she has the best piece of luck.

Talking about Freida Pinto, she is just one film old, but she has definitely made her presence felt in the world of glamour, be it on the national front or in the map of the world.

The reputed cosmetic brand, ‘L’oreal’ has chosen Freida to be the face of the cosmetic group L’Oreal Paris. With this she becomes the third Indian actress to be the face of the brand after Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor.

At present the actress is gearing up for her forthcoming project with Woody Allen, the shooting for which will begin in July this year. The film has top names like Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderes and Nicole Kidman.

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Did Aishwarya oust Sonam from walking the red carpet at Cannes?

According to the official announcement form L’Oreal on May 11th, Sonam Kapoor was supposed to walk the red carpet for the company at Cannes. Their announcement read:

“Raising the toast to celebrate the association, Sonam Kapoor was welcomed as the youngest member to join the L’Oreal Paris dream team that includes awe-inspiring beauties such as Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan), Penelope Cruz, Naomi Lenoir, Andie MacDowell, Beyonce Knowles, Laetitia Casta, Kerry Washington, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Yeoh, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson. 2009 will be a highlight year for the L’Oreal Paris brand in India as both its spokespersons – the iconic Aishwarya Rai and Sonam will represent Indian beauty and talent oversees at the Cannes Film Festival alongside other members of the dream team.”

However on May 12th they released another statement that read, “We do not want to take part in or encourage any controversy involving our spokespeople. There were adverse reports in certain sections of media after some comments by Sonam Kapoor, which were presented out of context.

Following this, in order to avoid further escalation, we have advised Sonam not to go to Cannes as was planned earlier, bearing in mind that there would be more interesting opportunities for future appearances in Europe for her.”

Sonam had expressed her joy about the fact saying that It was a dream come true for her to walk the red carpet amongst bevy of beauties like Aishwarya Rai, Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz for L’Oreal at Cannes Film Festival 2009. But now, Sonam has not been invited by the brand but is there with her father Anil Kapoor as a visitor.

With all her dreams shattered, there has been an array of speculations as to why Sonam was ousted from walking the red carpet at the last moment. Some say that Ash is the reason behind this. Ash always felt that she and only she was the international face of the brand and when she came to know about Sonam’s walking the red carpet at Cannes, she put her foot down due to which the company had to do away with Sonam at the event. At the Cannes festival press conference, Aishwarya reportedly called Sonam’s statements on the party day as juvenile and irresponsible.

However Ash’s spokesperson denies Ash’s involvement in the whole issue, saying, “She (Aishwarya) did not even know that Sonam was going to be at Cannes because she was there for just two days (May 13-14) where her days were packed with back-to-back interactions with the international media, fashion shoots for various European fashion magazines and other business meetings besides attending all the events at the festival.”

What could be the real reason? Any guesses folks?


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Bipasha Basu launches Fa deodorant for men

She is also the Brand Ambassador of Such Big Brands like Reebok, Sugar Free, Geetanjali and More. Talking about Bipasha Basu, the heartthrob of millions, the lady looked gorgeous and fit as ever at the launch of Fa deodorant for men at Taj Land’s End in Mumbai.

Well, if such a sexy actress endorses deo for men, we can already see many of them opting for the product.

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Katrina Kaif to perform at IPL finals

If the IPL mania was not enough on its own, brand ambassador of IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore, Katrina Kaif, is all set to perform at the finals of IPL2 at Johannesburg on 24th May where she will be seen gyrating to some of her songs and the Oscar winning Rahman’s song Jai Ho.

An excited Katrina says, “To be able to perform in front of millions of people is going to be a different high. It’ll be like walking the dream. It’s the biggest televised show and who won’t be excited! I am so excited that I forgot about being jet-lagged.”

Katrina Kaif is apparently expresses her disappointment on IPL shifting to South Africa saying, “We all know the reasons why IPL’s venue was shifted to South Africa, but I would really like it to be back here again because the enthusiasm, craziness and fan following for cricket in India is simply amazing…The whole experience is priceless. That is the time when we smile together and cry together.”

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Akshay and Kareena lock lips for ‘Kambakkht Ishq’

The upcoming flick ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ is probably the most awaited movie of the year, partly because it has an array of international stars and partly because it promises tons of glamour with Kareena Kapoor set to appear in a bathsuit. Now, you have yet another reason to await the movie. The beautiful actress will reportedly be seen in a steamy liplock with co-actor Akshay Kumar in the movie.

Sources say that Kareena was not quite comfortable with the idea as Akki has already been her elder sister Karisma’s leading man in many of her movies and at that time Kareena was only a 12-year-old little kid who would shy away from Akki whenever she accompanied Karisma to her shootings.

Also, Akshay was equally uncomfortable to do the scene as Bebo is just a kid in front of him. However, professional as they are, they did go for it.

Meanwhile, Kareena is Your browser may not support display of this image.all set to perform at IIFA awards where she intends to mesmerize the audience with her belly dance performance to be choreographed by ace choreographer Shiamak Davar.

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Salman Khan this time spotted with German Super Model

It seems that, it is very difficult for Salman Khan to live up with one love relation. He has been in relation with many including Bachchan family’s pride superstar actress Aishwarya Rai. His recent breakup with Katrina Kaif is also filled with lots of twist and turns.

But he, ultimately, is Salman Khan, this time into relation with German Supermodel Claudia Ciesla, Claudia met Salman in India during dubbing of her movie Apart from being model she also is a very good actress and singer. Currently Salman Khan is busy with shooting of TELE series “Power of Ten” and “Veer”. Hopefully, this relation of Salman may nurture to a happy ending

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Mallika Sherawat’s making everyone cringe!Blood, gore, awesome sound effects form the crux of Hisss. Sherawat plays a woman who becomes a snake and th

Blood, gore, awesome sound effects form the crux of Hisss. Sherawat plays a woman who becomes a snake and then goes on a killing spree. The gruesome killing scenes definitely make you cringe and so does the getup of Mallika clad in a snake costume. It is not at all like what we’ve seen in our Sridevi popularised Nagin films before. It is the Anaconda-esque version of Nagin.

The only problem is the film is directed by Jennifer Lynch of Boxing Helena (1993) fame. Her film had won her a Raspberry award for the worst director in 1994.

After disappointing her fans in a blink and miss role in The Myth, we’ve heard Mallika apparently has no dialogues in Hisss too! Ahem... we hope the film is as good as its promo though.

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World music in Shah Rukh's next

After the success of Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om, there's tremendous curiosity around Farah Khan's third project Happy New Year. While not much is known about the plot - except for the fact that it stars Shah Rukh Khan – Farah is looking to pull off a first of sorts with the music of the film.

At a a recent event when Farah Khan launched a new reality show, her co-judge and Main Hoon Na music director Anu Malik dropped hints about composing music for Happy New Year. "I have to laugh at Farah's jibes since I have to do the soundtrack for her next," Anu said. But this time Farah doesn't intend to stick only to the songs that feature in the film.

When we asked the director if Vishal-Shekhar have a reason to worry despite scoring a chartbusting album in OSO, she said, "I am looking at a completely different style of music for Happy New Year".

Farah added, "The movie requires a variety of sounds – which is why I don't intend on sticking to one composer. I hope Vishal-Shekhar, Anu and all the people I approach will help me on the music of the film". Farah added, "Bhangra Pop artiste Sukhbir might also do a special track for the film."

Speaking on the film's music, Farah further revealed, "I plan to go the World Music way for Happy New Year, as the script demands an international sound. The album will be more of an OST comprising a compilation of original and purchased tracks - as they do for motion picture scores in Hollywood".

Prior to Farah, Sanjay Gupta has experimented with the idea of having multiple composers in one film.
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What's happening in Bollywood Town!What's happening in Bollywood Town!

We know what King Khan is doing this summer plus stars lend support to the cause of cancer and 99 has reasons to celebrate!

What is King Khan up to?
Shah Rukh Khan is off to work again, leaving wife Gauri home with the kids during their vacation.
The star is leaving for the United States on June 3, to shoot for My Name Is Khan. He had planned an extended vacation with family but it will be interrupted by the shoot.
Sources close to him said that he had wanted to take the family along but this was not possible, though it might happen later.
My Name Is Khan is being made by Karan Johar and also stars Kajol, a regular with SRK and KJo. SRK hasn’t gone to London this year with his family, as he does usually. His summer was spent in South Africa, at the IPL.
And what is SRK doing next week?
If the director of Kal Kissne Dekha, Vivek Sharma, is to be believed, the star will promote his movie, which stars Jackky Bhagnani and Vaishali Desai.
Kareena Kapoor has done stage shows with Jackky to boost the movie, but Sharma said that while SRK would not do stage shows, he would do his bit. "When I met him last week he said I will ask audiences to go to the single screens and watch the movie," Sharma said, referring to the limited release the film is likely to get because of the strike against multiplexes.

In Aid of CPAA: Aftab Shivdasani, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Raima Sen and Arjan Bajwa pledge their support to the Cancer Patients Aid Associations.

Naughty Boys: Sohail Khan with his sons at the same event. The boys are having a gala time.

The Long and Short of It: Pretty Raima Sen looks nice and simple in her Anarkali outfit while Neetu Chandra keeps it short with an electric blue number with shocking pink flats. We prefer Raima’s traditional outfit versus Neetu’s I-am-trying-hard-to-look-hot number.

Celebration Time: The cast of 99 including Vinod Khanna, Amit Mistry and Cyrus Broacha celebrate the success of the film with the directors and producer. This is the first 99 event that Vinod has attended and it’s probably because it was in South Mumbai.
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In Pics: Neetu Chandra The Man Magazine Hot Photo Shoot

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SRK won't shake a leg at IPL 2 finale

While Shah Rukh Khan insists it's because of his shoulder injury, the pathetic performance of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is possibly the main reason

There's bad news for Shah Rukh Khan fans across the globe.

They'll miss King Khan in action, as he won't be performing at the grand finale of the IPL season 2, which will be held at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg tomorrow.

The finale will have a grand show put up by Cineyug's Morani Brothers and Development Network Africa.

Says a source from South Africa, "The Morani Brothers are very close to Shah Rukh and are scripting and directing the event.

It's strange that Shah Rukh, who performs in almost every show of the Morani's, won't be performing this time. In fact he's not even going t o south Africa for the finals."

Commenting on SRK not performing at the finals, Mohammed Morani, says, "Shah Rukh has been a part of most of our shows and it's sad not to have him this time. Actually, he's busy shooting and didn't have dates for the event."

Besides, a source adds that people had expected SRK to come for the IPL finals and cheer his team but apparently he's keeping a low profile, as KKR failed miserably in the tournament.

"Hence, Shah Rukh just wants to keep away from all the controversies and concentrate on his work," he says.

Speaking to MiD DAY, Shah Rukh said, "I won't be able to perform at the IPL finals this time as my shoulder is till healing."

A source close to Shah Rukh, dismissing the gossip, says, "Shah Rukh is busy completing his shooting commitments and hence, he's unable to attend the event.

Also, he's not keeping a low profile – it's just that there are no parties or social events for him to attend right now."

But a source from South Africa perseveres, "Shah Rukh performed at builder Kanti Govani's nephew's wedding, which was held on April 30. If he could perform then, why not now?" he questions.

Apart from Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty, the IPL finals won't have any big tinsel town stars performing this year.

However, Morani says, "As IPL is a global event, it will witness performances by Eddy Grant, percussionist Sivamani with 100 drummers, Akon, Miss Bollywood (South Africa) and quite a few internationals acts."
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In Pics: Kareena Kapoor Performs at ‘Kal Kissne Dekha’ Concert

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In Pics: Neetu Chandra at Big 92.7 FM's Promotional Signature Campaign

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