The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

Filmi double roles have always fascinated us. To make them possible, techniques like shooting in several layers, shooting with the help of chroma are common practice. But if we talk about Akshay Kumar's 8x10 Tasveer, there is certainly something unique.

Akshay's double role: The best sequence and the most challenging one too! No chroma shots, but frame by frame rotoscoping (technique of cutting out the images) done by Vfx house Prime Focus. All of Akshay's shots were shot twice in two different layers using a dummy character in front of him. Later, the dummy character was rotoed out from each frame and was replaced by Akshay shot in a separate layer.

"It was a long sequence and was shot on the boat where everything was shaking. As the part of the post production, we had to roto out Akshay in each and every frame; besides, all the shots needed to be stabilized because of the shake. The scene where both the Akshays are fighting was the most challenging one," says Merzin Tavaria, Creative Head, Prime Focus.

Frame by frame rotoscoping was done to replace the image

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

Dummy characters were used for the reference.

Dummy character was rotoed out frame by frame

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

The dummy character was rotoed out from each frame and was replaced by Akshay shot in a separate layer

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer
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Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan on his Knights

Kolkata Knight Riders have registered their first win in IPL season 2 and team owner Shah Rukh Khan now wants to put all the controversies behind and concentrate on cricket. He spoke to Vimal Kumar after the victory celebrations.

SRK: It's going to be difficult at times. People are not going to understand from outside. All I can tell you is: "You can love us, you can hate us, but you can't ignore us. We will try our best as humbly as possible. We will try and entertain everyone. We are open to be talking about the team the way we wish to. We love you and we are going to try our best. Whichever the part of the country you are in, make sure you are proud of Kolkata Knight Riders."

Q: IPL is shifted to South Africa. Rain is playing spoilsport. Your take on that

SRK: Weather is not something that even I can control or, you can control. It's unfortunate. But apparently, it is not seasonal rain here, either. So things happen like this. When the moment is big, the occasion is really important, small things can spoil it. But the idea was the IPL2 should be held. So forget the rain. Whenever it rains we just sing a good rain song. But beyond that, yes it's unfortunate. I feel sad that some of the matches are getting curtailed because of rain.

Q: You must be feeling happy that your team has started winning.

SRK: I don't think we have started winning. We have twelve more matches to go. I can't be happy so soon. But I am very happy that the team has started playing together. And inshe allah... as we go along the next twelve matches we will play together. As long as we play together, winning or losing is not important. I think if we are able to bring the spirit of the Kolkata Knight Riders into this, that is more important. So I am happy for the kids. I think they were very depressed after losing the first match. I am happy that they are happy now. But a long way to go.
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Finally! Aldaddin set to release

Sujoy Ghosh’s film Aladdin finally looks as if it is going to see the light of day with only its postproduction work remaining to be completed. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh and marks the debut of Jacqueline Fernandes who plays the role of Jasmin.

“Actually, shooting has been over for a while and there was only a few dance and song shots remaining which are now complete. So now, only the postproduction work is going on. Dubbing is almost done and the film is almost over. Amitabh ji, Sanjay and Ritesh have all finished their parts,” says an Eros International spokesperson. Eros International is producing the film.

“The release date will probably be July 24 this year,” adds the spokesperson. And even before its release, Eros International has announced the second part of I. Though, the stars of the sequel have not been finalised as yet.

Aladdin, which promises a combination of action, adventure, music and romance, with Amitabh Bachchan playing Genie and Ritesh as Aladdin, is said to also be filled with special effects.

Talking about his experience working with the legendary Bachchan, director Sujoy Ghosh says, “It was great to work with Amitabh Bachchan because the man has something in him. We enjoyed the whole shoot of Aladdin; it was like being at home. Amitji is so senior and behaved like a real gentleman.”
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Kareena, Shahid are back in business

They might not be looking eye to eye but they won’t let their work suffer.

Before she could leave the country to begin shooting for Rensil D’silva’s film with current boyfriend, Saif Ali Khan, a very harrowed Kareena was running in and out of the dubbing studio to complete dubbing for Milenge Milenge which stars ex-flame Shahid Kapur as the leading man.

Putting rumours to rest, Kareena said that she only had a date issue and that she is a thorough professional. She does not want to disappoint her fans in any way.
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Insider leaks KKR information on blog

Shah Rukh Khan is not going to be a happy person for too long; especially since an anonymous blogger seems to be telling the world what’s happening in the green room.

The blogger is penning down details of team strategy, happenings at the team meeting and gossip in the dressing rooms and other private circles.

The blog’s authenticity hasn’t been proven yet. The writer writes using either code names for the players (Lord Almighty for Saurav Ganguly, Sheikh of the Tweak for Shane Warne).

The management has condemned the poison pen writer and hopes to bring a stop to his posts soon.
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Shilpa Shetty will drive a Lamborghini

Raj Kundra is going all out to pamper his lady love, Shilpa Shetty.

The man has a passion for fast sports cars and now he wants to share it with Shilpa. He will be gifting her a suave Lamborghini since they duo loves their sports cars.

Since Shilpa loves zipping around in his Lamborghini, Raj wants her to have her very own in India.

We just hope she doesn’t zip around too fast here.

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Priyanka, Gerard bond in Jaipur!

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler is hot property – he’s been linked to not just Jennifer Aniston, but also Priyanka Chopra. But Piggy Chops has always maintained that they’re “just friends”.

They’re such good friends, apparently, that Butler is in India, not just to ‘discover the country’, but also to catch up with Priyanka. Gerard came to India on Tuesday morning and immediately left for Jaipur, where Priyanka is shooting for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s What’s Your Rashee?. He went to the sets of the film in hotel Shiv Vilas in the afternoon. Priyanka introduced him to the cast and crew. He had a long chat with Gowarikar about Indian movies and his projects in Hollywood. He also spoke to Hurman Baweja, and they both hit it off well.

“He’s a very down-to-earth person and curious about India,” says a source from the unit of the film. The actor, who’s booked in his own name, tried tying a safa, intrigued by the colourful dupattas that were being used in the shoot. “After Priyanka finished work, Gerard, she and some members of the unit set off for a sight-seeing session around the city in a bus,” says a source.

Gerard, who will stay in India for a few days, will go to Udaipur and spend a day in Jodhpur as well, after staying in Jaipur for two days. He will then go to Agra to see the Taj, after which he’ll proceed to Goa and a couple of places down south, if time permits.
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Fitness is a tripod stand: John

Ok, John Abraham may have the hottest bod, even though he believes that there are some actors who have far better bodies than he does... he told us himself.

Now, all these hunks have the usual “I work out regularly and eat right” kinda quotes that they keep throwing around. But Johnny Bravo made similar fitness tips a wee bit more interesting through his ‘innovative’ quote of the day. He said, “Fitness is a tripod stand. It has three legs. Good food, good sleep and good routine. Without all of that you aren’t really up to speed.” And as we write this, we think John is applying for a copyright on that one. So to the other six-eight pack dudes, this particular ‘tripod’ shouldn’t quite be picked up!
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SRK defends his Knight Riders!

Passion could well be Shah Rukh Khan’s middle name.

Be it his films or his IPL franchisee Knight Riders, SRK puts his mouth where his heart is. Like in this interview to BT hours after the Knight Riders scored their first points in IPL-II on Tuesday, after winning against Kings XI Punjab courtesy the Duckworth-Lewis method.

The turning point in that match, feels SRK, was that the entire team got into the act. “Dada getting quick wickets, Ishant Sharma doing his bit, and then Chris Gayle and Brendon McCullum coming out and batting like that, it was heartening to see the team supporting one another,” says SRK. But even as he states that the Knight Riders were “deserving winners”, he admits that the Knights are also “spirited losers”. “We were cold at the start of the tournament,” SRK says it as it is, when asked about the team’s dismal first performance against Team Hyderabad, “but the first few matches are all about team building and team strengthening, and we’re getting there.”

Over to the team. Is there additional pressure on the Knights to perform, considering the team has been mired in controversies from the start? “What everyone says need not always be true. We have a thought process behind our decisions, be it the multi-captain theory or the change of captain. We aren’t bothered by controversy, in fact, it brings us closer, binds us more, when the world puts us down, we find confidence and support in each other. We stick to what we believe in, we Knights are married to each other,” says the ever-positive Khan.

The Knights will play against last year’s champs Team Rajasthan today, tough match? “Each match is tough, because the pitches are unknown to us. But we’ll give Shane Warne and his team an entertaining fight!” promises SRK.
But the Bollywood star has a peculiar dilemma — he was born in Delhi, works in Mumbai and owns a Kolkata franchisee — how does he balance his loyalties?

“Kolkata is my playground, Mumbai, my home. It just shows I’m a true Indian, a walking, talking epitome of being a true Indian!” he laughs. But despite being the owner of the team, SRK knows when to step back and let others do the talking.

“When it comes to cricket, I am also an outsider. I let those who know the game make the decisions. I don’t know if a decision is good or bad, but I will support it nonetheless. I treat my team like I treat my children, and fans should support us in good times and bad. It should be from the heart...”

No wonder, then, that King Khan is their Knight in shining armour!
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Sanjay Dutt - Salman Khan war just got hotter

It seems Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt’s friendship has gone kaput. It is believed that the two actors are not in talking terms. Interestingly, Salman who is busy in campaigning for all his friends is not supporting Sanjay.

By campaigning for Sanjay’s sister Priya Dutt, Salman has proved that he is no more friends with Sanjay. Interestingly during his campaign Salman has always said that he is supporting his friends and good people. Does that mean Sanjay is not his friend anymore? Ahem!

When asked about it, Dharam Oberoi Business Manager of Sanjay Dutt informed that Sanjay didn’t approach Salman or anyone to campaign for him. He quickly replied, “No he hasn’t and he will never do that as Sanjay himself is a big star and he doesn’t need any actor to campaign for him.”

It can be recalled that Salman refused to be part of Sanjay’s home production film which rubbed him the wrong side. Since then the once good friends have swapped all ties!
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Purab Kohli swims with sharks

Bollywood actor Purab Kohli decided to take a trip down the wild side by diving into the great blue ocean in South Africa in the company of sharks - an experience he describes as the "most thrilling and scary moment" of his life.

While on a recent visit to South Africa, Purab, a trained deep sea diver, took a plunge into the ocean.

"I decided to do something different and went for this special tour. Soon I found myself in a cage which was attached to the boat. They put out a bait of flesh and blood and before we knew it I was surrounded by these gigantic creatures about 15 feet long," Purab said in a press release.

"As they drew close to the bait, the bait was pulled closer to me. Needless to say the sharks followed.

"Soon the great white hungry shark was barely 12 inches away from me and when she bit into that piece of meat I could see her saw-like teeth in full close up! So there I was, suspended in a cage deep down in the blue sea while this giant creature had lunch right next to my face! It was the most thrilling and scary moment of my life," he recounted.

The actor, who won rave reviews for his performance in hit film "Rock On!!", says he would love to experience such thrills again.

"She was so beautiful and scary at the same time. The shark was so close to me, it seemed she could kill me in a single bite with that jagged line of teeth. I am definitely looking forward to doing this again and recommend it to all," he said.
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Shahid gets Priyanka off booze

After her recent health scare, when she was admitted to hospital for a stomach infection, Priyanka Chopra has been strictly asked to go off alcohol. However, it’s not just the doctors but her boyfriend as well who has imposed this on her. Priyanka, who enjoys a drink or two occasionally, has been instructed by Shahid Kapur not touch alcohol for a while.

A source reveals, “Everyone close to PC know that she likes to drink. She never overdoes it, but when with close friends, she loves to have a glass of wine or champagne. But after she started dating Shahid, he disapproved of her taking to alcohol. Since he’s a strict vegetarian and doesn’t touch alcohol, he expects Priyanka to do the same.”

When Priyanka, also called Piggychops, was admitted to Dhirubhai Ambani complaining of food poisoning and stomach infection, Shahid was worried that it was be aggravated by alcohol. And he stepped in.

“Shahid had been advising Priyanka not to overstress herself. However, since she had given dates for Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee?, there was no way she could back out. Shahid has also been asking Priyanka to start meditating and yoga as means to keep her mind relaxed.”

While Priyanka understands medicine - her father is a doctor - she has bowed to Shahid's wishes.

Interestingly, Shahid was also responsibe for Kareena turning vegetarian. “Shahid has the habit of imposing his lifestyle on people close to him. Earlier it was Bebo and now he’s doing the same with Priyanka. Even though Priyanka has promised she will give up alcohol, only time will tell if she actually sticks to his ultimatum!”
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What's happening in Bollywood!

Of album and magazine releases all around town by some lovely ladies and few men

Picking Favorites: Madhur Bhandharkar unveils world cinema titles at the launch of their home video collection.

Gracing the cover: Actress Deepika Padukone on the cover of the April Issue of Filmfare Magazine.

Want a date: Model Pooja Misrra lands herself on the Kingfisher Calendar

Ever dog has its day: Gary Richardson celebrates the success of Pooja Missra on the Kingfisher Calendar

With the greats: Bappi Lahiri, Aadesh Srivastav, Mithun Chakraborthy unveil the music launch of singer Raja Hassan (right corner)

Budding Star: Upcoming singing talent Raja Hassan at the launch of his new album Yaad Mila De.
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Mallika at the launch of 'Mallika Milkshake'

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Deepika Padukone unveils Filmfare new issue

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