Payal Rohatgi Bikini

Hot Payal Rohatgi exposing body sexy pictures. She is a computer engineer by degree but then she later realised that she could make $$$ through her beauty and physique so she joined into Femina Miss India 2000 and entered the world of modelling and now is trying to get attention to shape her career through Bigg Boss Season 2

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SUPERMAN bonds with Indian action KINNG!

Sajid Nadiadwala as usual has managed the near impossible for KAMBAKKTH ISHQ. After getting the who's who of Hollywood to star in his magnum opus to be directed by newbie director Sabir Khan, Sajid is ready with yet another announcement. After Slyvester Stallone and Denise Richards, yet another Hollywood biggie joins the star cast of KAMBAKKTH ISHQ and it is none other than Brandon Routh. Better known as Superman from the SUPERMAN series.

Brandon's just finished shooting an extensive action portion with the hero of KAMBAKKTH ISHQ, the action king Akshay Kumar himself.

A source present on the sets revealed, "Akshay and Brandon had to perform a stunt scene together. It was the most crucial scene of the film. It was the most dangerous too."

"Brandon was very impressed with Akshay after watching him perform dangerous stunts for the film. He was surprised that in Bollywood actors performed the stunt scenes themselves."

"Also both the stars exchanged tips on fitness action and martial arts. It was fun to see them bonding. Brandon was very happy working with the team of KAMBAKKTH. As it is it was such a big coup to get Brandon. It is difficult to get him considering his phenomenal popularity as Superman. Kids simply love Brandon. And Brandon also means BOX OFFICE GOLD in Hollywood. Just like our Hero Akshay Kumar in Bollywood." Adds the source.

KAMABKKHTH ISHQ will be grabbing interest of children as well, as they will get to see their Superman sharing space with Indian action king Akshay kumar.
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I had watched KARZ only once - Shweta Kumar

Shweta Kumar would be joining the list of debutant actors in 2008 with the release of KARZZZZ though she is quick to confess that before signing the film, she had seen the original KARZ only once in her life.

"And to think of it, I was so small then that I hardly remembered much about the film", smiles Shweta, daughter of prolific producer–director Indra Kumar, "I had vague images about the film though I guess I had pretty much liked it when I had seen it."

Things changed for her the moment she signed KARZZZZ.

"I have lost count of the number of times I have watched Rishi Kapoor's KARZ in last one year. Earlier I could just recollect the gist of the film but now I guess I could rattle down each and every line from it. It turned out to be a helpful experience, though instead of copying Tinaji (Munim), I have concentrated on understanding the character", says Shweta who plays the part enacted by Tina Munim in the original KARZ.
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From 'Deewangee' to 'Desi Girl' - The fun continues

'Desi Girl' from Tarun Mansukhani directed DOSTANA has been unleashed all over the music channels and something that one can't miss in the song is the sheer energy and some electrifying sound and dance movements that the song brings with it. And guess what does 'Desi Girl' reminds one of? The track 'Deewangee' which was created by the same composer duo of Vishal and Shekhar for OM SHANTI OM.

The track boasts of the same vibrant feel, as evidenced in 'Deewangee' and Farah Khan's eye candy choreography only helps the cause further. Add to it Priyanka Chopra who looks oh–so–delicious while being draped in a saree and you know that Karan Johar has got it right yet again. With Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham flanking Priyanka Chopra from both ends as she dances away to glory, courtesy Vishal and Shekhar's foot tapping tune, you know that this is going to be yet another winner for everyone involved.

If 'It's the Time to Disco' became the talk of the town after KAL HO NA HO and 'Deewangee' turning out to popular even a year after it's release, there is no reason why 'Desi Girl' won't go on to scale further heights in weeks to come.
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EK VIVAAH AISA BHI throws a surprise

Barjatya's special bond with composer/lyricist Ravindra Jain is continuing with EK VIVAAH AISA BHI. Two years back, veteran Ravindra Jain's work was heard in VIVAAH. Though the music didn't quite win the heart of the critics and was also slow in finding audience's attention, it went on to do decent business as the film turned into a huge success.

Now, after the success of the Shahid Kapoor–Amrita Rao starrer, Barjatyas are back with EK VIVAAH AISA BHI (which is not a sequel to VIVAAH, as some are presuming) and for the film they have roped in Ravindra Jain once again. To be fair to the composer/lyricist, EK VIVAAH AISA BHI turns out to be a good album which throws a complete surprise since it has literally come completely unannounced.

Just like majority of other films/music coming from the house of Barjatyas, this one too has it's heart in place, as evidenced in songs like 'Mujhe Zinda Hai Woh' and 'Kya Soch Ke Aaye The'. The soundtrack boasts of simplicity and innocent with Ravindra Jain demonstrating that there is a place for a sound like this even in the times when Western sound is dominating the music of practically every other film.
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Bigg Boss almost disturbed my social life: Farah khan

After judging almost 4 reality shows Farah has got the title of an experienced and qualified judge. Judging reality shows according to her is at the back of her hand and she knows its an out and out entertainment for the audiences and the judges as well.

Q-Do you consider yourself a reality show junkie?
A-I am a big fan of reality shows and that's the reason why I have judged almost four of them and now this one is going to be my fifth one.

Bigg Boss used to be one of my favorite reality shows and I could almost feel my social life getting disturbed, but now as I see the contestants behaving like normal human beings I have started getting out of it. Nach Baliye has always been my favourite one.

Q- Unfortunately the entire outlook of the audiences towards reality shows have changed, they feel everything is made up over there. What do you think about this?
A-Yes, I agree to what they feel coz it really happens in some of the shows. I don't say that everything there is made up, but the judges are made to do certain things.

Fortunately such things have never happened in my shows and I will see to it that they never happen. Not only the drama it's the background music too which I just cannot stand.

For no reason there is always a background music which is played. Even the news channels are practicing it. In midst of a bomb blast news there's background music.

Q-Don't you feel there are excessive reality shows happening these days?
A-I agree to what you say but I feel that genuine reality shows are always preferred by the audiences. According to me the most happening reality shows were Indian idol; Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikh La Ja.

There were many of them where I could actually see that the people judging the show were more likely to be contestants. The lack of judges judging the reality show is actually showing now.

Q-There are hardly any known faces in Nach baliye 4. Dont you think that's going to affect its popularity?
A-That's true but I guess nothing can be done about it coz all the known face s have already participated in it and the one who are remaining are busy somewhere else. The main hitch about this show is that you need to participate in it as a couple.

Q-So don't you think a gap was required so that the known and popular faces could have participated in it?
A-Look if I talk on behalf of a viewer then I would want to see Nach Baliye every year. If you have become a fan of a particular reality show then you wouldn't want to miss it for a single year. Just like me, in spite of not liking Bigg Boss I still sit in front of the TV. Every night to watch it, coz it's not the liking it's the habit.

Q-Before signing for the show did you try to find out whether the contestants whom you are going to judge are up to the mark or not?
A-Honestly speaking I never thought about it. during my last show Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar I had a word with Star TV and that is when they asked me and I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Personally its one of my favourite shows so I dint bother to find out who the other judges or the contestants would be.

Q-Don't you think that with Arjun Rampal and Karishma Kapoor along with you the viewers expectations would go high?
A-I feel the viewers are really going to be happy after seeing such a mind-blowing panel of judges. This would be the first time when two bollywood stars would be seen as judges in the show. Normally they have a choreographer along with a director as a judge but with me they've got one on one free.

Q-In every reality show there's always a clash between the judges voting and the sms voting, keeping this in mind have you made any changes?
A-I have always wanted a fifty fifty opinion in my show. In Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar I almost changed the format of the show.

But I don't think we can neglect the sms voting coz that's the only way in which the viewers are attached to the show and how can we forget that they are the ones who actually help us in making the show popular.

Q-What would you like to tell about Indian Idol and Nach Baliye as there time and day of telecast would be the same?
A-There a lot of difference in both the shows as Indian Idol is a singing show while Nach is a dancing show and their viewers are also different. Given an option I personally would watch Nach Baliye than Indian idol coz I love to see rather than hear.

Q- Tell us a little about Happy new Year?
A- Happy New Year would be ready by the end of next year as of now we haven't started with the shooting of the film as I'm waiting for my kids to grow up so that I can take them with me wherever I go.
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I know Celina's strengths and what she is capable of: Shreyas Talpade

The new 'Sajjan' Shreyas Talpade has taken over from the Iqbal and Dor types to the one doing Golmaal. What say?
(laughs). In fact when I was in theatre, there was a lot of comedy I did and I really enjoyed doing the plays. It is difficult to make people laugh but I guess if you enjoy doing it then people will enjoy seeing it too.

You are the only new comer from the bunch of four lunatics by taking Sharman Joshi's place. Did your role demand to see Golmaal part one?
I have seen Golmaal part one and now we begin from where my director Rohit Shetty left the four mad men (laughs). It is a new story and they are not friends in this new series. Ajay Devgan's character works in a company and I work under Ajay. Tusshar is Ajay's brother in law.

What was more important for me was jelling with the entire team because the chemistry from part one had to be continued in part two. I had to look as a part of the team and not a new comer in the gang. It was possible only because of my director Rohit Shetty, who is a cool guy, who made me comfortable and secondly Ajay, Arshad and Tusshar were superb in terms of improvising, co-operating and supporting me. I was made to feel at home right from day one.

In a recent interview with Celina in Mumbai, she revealed that the two co-stars she'd love to work again and again are Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade. What makes you special in front of her?
(laughs) This was the first time I've worked with Celina and for her to make that remark is inspiring. I was so pleasantly surprised by seeing her dedication and her approach towards her character, even in terms of improvising, suggesting and adding certain things.

We did a lot of masti together. If you have a co-star who is so enthusiastic and charged up to contribute then its complete fun to work. The whole rapport goes much beyond than just sharing the screen space. The kind of rapport me, Tusshar and Celina now have is, touchwood, amazing.

We talk nonsense and can go on for hours together talking bull sh**, but we have a great time. I would any day prefer working with Tusshar and Celina.

Is there any of your film to look out for opposite Celina or Tusshar?
Well, in fact, Celina and I have worked in a film together called Paying Guest. It's a Mukta Arts film directed by Paritosh Painter who is a well known theatre personality. I've known Paritosh since college.

We were in the same drama team for five years. It was like going back to the college nostalgia thing with Paritosh. With Celina, I knew her strengths and what she was capable of. So we had a ball shooting together.

What's 'Paying Guest' all about?
It's about four friends who are looking for a place to stay as Paying Guests and for that what all they need to do. It's shot in Bangkok.

Wow, you again go to Bangkok then?
(laughs). Yes. Seems like I will soon be getting a citizenship of Bangkok.

Now that Golmaal is returning, is Shreyas going to 'Tha Kar De' everyone?
(laughs) It's definitely going to work brother. There is a shock element in the film but I am happy for the fact that I am able to maintain some sort of a balance in the scripts I am signing, whether it may be comedy, horror or whatever.

I am proud of Golmaal Returns. 'Tha Kar Ke' is inspired from the Rajnikant film Sivaji which Rohit Shetty saw and thought that we should have a song like that. And there was a bit of scope of such a song in the film.

So all of us felt that we should do it. It has some 300 dancers, 150 stunt men with blasts happening and cars flying over each other. It's a fun song which took about 12 days to shoot. I am not sure how much was the cost involved but it definitely cost the producers a bomb.

What makes Golmaal Returns different from other comedy films you've done in the past?
In a way the genre is same. It's slapstick, mad and over the top kind of comedy. But the kind of twists and turns that are there in Golmaal Returns are amazing.

It has somewhere maintained the kind of honesty and innocence that was there in part one. So you won't find stars in the film but characters. Golmaal Returns has maintained the flavour of part one Golmaal.

You will always be remembered as a boy in Nagesh Kukunoor's Iqbal. Now Aashayein is on hold. Is it something that you've discussed with your friend Nagesh about?
See, I'm not a part of Aashayein. John Abraham is in it. So honestly I don't know the status of the film and what is really happening with it. I was told that they have postponed the release date for reasons best known to them. The film is complete and I am sure it must've shaped up really well knowing what Nagesh's capabilities are.

Has Nagesh approached you for any of his forthcoming projects?
I'm not a part of the three films he is doing right now. Tasveer with Akshay Kumar, Aashayein with John Abraham and there is one more he is shooting for in Jaipur as we talk.

But you know, with Nagesh, he knows that I'll be there for him and with him whenever he needs me. He has already made it clear that if a particular character suits me then it's only me who will do it and no one else.

So, I go by his word and am looking forward to work with him again. Even though he is filming, there is this unpredictable quality in him that I like. He keeps you on your toes as an actor. He has given me two of my best films in my career.

Let's return to Golmaal. Any premiere plans of Golmaal Returns in London just like your previous film Om Shanti Om had in Leicester Square?
I don't know. But going by the buzz, the curiosity is very positive just like Om Shanti Om.

We would love to be there in London because London has given me my biggest blockbuster till date. So you can say it's my lucky venue and I hope someday even my solo films get released in London and we have a premiere there.

Any parting message for your fans who are waiting for a blast this Diwali in the form of Golmaal Returns?
Well, I am sure they won't regret. They will have a great time and if they are expecting a blast, they will get a blast. They will only come out laughing by the end of the film.

I'd like to thank them all for their support and even Welcome to Sajjanpur might release shortly. So I hope both my films are able to bring a smile on their faces.
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What is Vidya Malvade so proud about?

Vidya Malvade's reportedly super excited about the response to her new film 'Kidnap'. The fact that many critics have panned the film isn't bothering her at all. Some have even called her a non actress who 'can't act to save her life'. But Vidya's living in her own world and has 'reasons' to be happy about.

Apparently she's excited about her so called sexy avatar, a departure from her image in 'Chak De! India'. She's particularly pleased about the cleavage revealing outfits and the ravishing costumes she has donned in the film.

She's glad that people are comparing her and saying that she gave her on screen daughter Minissha Lamba stiff competition in the film!

She has also comfortably ignored the fact that many have been making fun of how the two ladies in the film tried to outdo each other with their skimpy clothes (Minissha of course got far more chances to do that)!

She's been saying, "I thought there was a very beautiful love story between Sanjay Dutt and my character. For me what worked was that lots of scenes were deleted and there is just one scene between me and Minissha to make a comparison that I look very young or like her sister.

For me it was very important to play this character. I don't come from a family of actors. I have struggled my way up till here."

Yeah, it must have worked for her since Minishaa's face gives away her age and she's doesn't really look like a 17 or 18 year old! That's another thing 'illogical' about this unreal thriller.

She's also said, "When I get a character which is really good, I am not going to give it up just because it is the role of a mom or a grand mom.

I am very clear in my head that even if I am playing a character older than my age, I will make sure that I perform in a way that it will seem real.

Now if people start offering me mother's role, I will say no to them as I have had already played one. If a good character comes to me in whatever form, I am going to grab it big time."

That's understandable since she's been struggling to make a mark for long in B-Town.

Vikram Bhatt's disaster 'Inteha' did nothing for her and only B grade movies happened after that. 'Cha De! India' helped but there were countless other girls to compete with.
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What sore losers men can be: Malaika

Malaika Arora is shocked by television actor Bhaktyaar Irani's behaviour on the grand finale of reality dance show 'Zara Nachke Dikha' and says he had an 'attitude problem from day one'.

The male contestants led by Bhaktyaar staged an en masse walkout at the grand finale of STAR One's show last week after they realised they were losing.

The show pitted eight female celebrities against an equal number of guys. While the girls' team had Swini Khara, Narayani Shastri, Jennifer Winget, Delnaz Paul, Karishma Tanna, Maninee De, Mouni Roy and Rupali Ganguli, the boys team consisted of Amey Pandya, Chaitanya Chowdhary, Amit Tandon, Ali Asgar, Bhaktyaar Irani, Gaurav Chopra, Manish Goel and Vikas Sethi.

'Bhaktyaar definitely has a huge chip on his shoulder. I've been on other reality shows, in fact 'Zara Nach Ke Dikha' was my fourth. But never have I encountered such bad behaviour,' Malaika, who earlier judged 'Nach Baliye' for the channel, told IANS.

This is the first time the 'Chaiya chaiya' girl lost her cool as a judge.

'I lost my temper and I'm not ashamed of it. The guys really behaved badly, especially Bhaktyaar, who I noticed had an attitude problem from day one. He's a good dancer, but he can't take defeat.

'Since the show was formatted as a men vs women thing it was only natural that either the boys or the girls would win. But Bhaktyaar and the other boys just spoilt three months of the time we all spent together as a family on the show.'

Malaika judged 'Zara Nachke Dikha' along with actor Chunkey Pandey.

'Can you believe what sore losers men can be?'

Malaika is still shocked days after the event.

'I've always maintained the male ego is the worst thing in the world. There's no way we women can deal with it. But to come on a reality show, promising to be fair and sporting, then to walk out saying the judges didn't know their jobs was honestly a bit too much to take. I was aghast.'

What appalled Malaika even more was the fact that Bhaktyaar actually lashed out at guest judge Saroj Khan on television.

'I couldn't believe what I heard when I saw Bhaktyaar lashing out at Sarojji. Come on, she's a veteran, a legend in her field. Bhaktyaar really needs to put his ego to rest before going to another reality show.'

The grand finale was not the only time Malaika had a problem with Bhaktyaar.

'Once earlier I had intervened on behalf of my colleague Chunky Pandey. I wish the boys on 'Zara Nachke Dikha' had displayed more grace and chivalry. They proved Indian men treat women as the weaker sex. Luckily, I've a husband (Arbaz Khan) who treats me as an equal. But who knows how my son will turn out!'

The experience has left a bitter taste in Malaika's mouth. And she may not do another reality show for a while.

'In any case, I like to take a biggish break between two shows,' she said
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Uday Chopra became too old for 'Kidnap': Sanjay Gadhvi

Director Sanjay Gadhvi gave Uday Chopra two of the best films of his career - 'Dhoom' and 'Dhoom 2'. But he gave the actor a miss in the recently released 'Kidnap' because he feels Uday grew 'too old' for the role.

Gadhvi wanted to make 'Kidnap' soon after 'Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai' with Uday in one of the main leads.

'The script for 'Kidnap' was being written in 2002, and the film was to be made right after 'Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai'. That time, Uday was supposed to do the film. Then 'Kidnap' kept getting delayed. Then 'Dhoom' happened and became a hit. After that we planned 'Dhoom 2'. So 'Kidnap' got further postponed,' said Gadhvi.

For 'Kidnap' Gadhvi wanted a young and fresh face and zeroed in on Imran Khan instead of Uday. However, he retained his first choice Sanjay Dutt for the other main lead in the movie.

'Sanjay suited his role perfectly, but Uday became too old for the role. Also, I feel that Ali's (funny) image from 'Dhoom' is still very strong in the audience's mind,' said Gadhvi.

'Imran is much younger than Uday. When I first met him, I felt he is an irregular guy. He's not the conventional person.'

Gadhvi says girls find Imran drop dead gorgeous, but he doesn't think so.

'Lots of girls and people would often look at Imran and say 'he is drop dead good looking', 'he's so cute', 'oh my god!' But I never felt that way. Drop dead good looking is Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.'

'Kidnap', produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd, released last week. The film was not received very well at the box office.

The crime thriller is about a young man, played by Imran who masterminds a series of events and circumstances that force a billionaire, Sanjay Dutt, to commit crimes to save his kidnapped daughter. Minissha Lamba plays Sanjay's daughter in the movie.

Critics have written off the movie, but Imran's performance has been lauded. The director too praises the actor.

'Imran was perfect for the casting because his body is different, his way of walking is different, his talking style is different and the best part is his eyes, they are very expressive. I liked two things in his eyes - they can hide pain and can even show pain if required. So that expressive thing about his eyes impressed me,' Gadhvi said.
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Abhi conveys 100 dialogues in one look - Joydeep

DRONA may be finding it tough to find a standing at the box office but its writer Joydeep Sarkar continues to be mesmerized with the performance given by Abhishek Bachchan.

''DRONA is a tough role to play'', says Joydeep, ''Still, Abhishek's performance is so layered. He may have fewer dialogues in the film but it was meant to be this way. With one look, he conveys 100 dialogues. There is something to discover in every scene and people will not be satisfied with watching the film once or twice.''

Elaborating on the characterization, Joydeep says, ''When we were writing the film, we always knew what are the characters we were writing for. Abhishek was always the central protagonist and we knew the kind of lines he had to mouth. In fact he went through quite a few rehearsals as well before the film went on floors.''

Talking about the experience during the film's shoot, Joydeep reveals, ''On the sets we all were completely surprised with the way Abhi got the portrayal of his character just right. It has a huge graph to it and Abhishek had to play the role of a young man who later saves the entire universe. Abhi brought around a very Eastern quality to his character which is analogous to the way Indiana Jones or cowboys have their own body language out there in the West.''

Detailing the difference Abhishek has managed to bring in his portrayal of DRONA, Joydeep says, ''See, out here we have our own philosophy, spirituality and an understanding of life. In West all this differs in a big way. It was difficult for an actor to get this understanding but to give credit to Abhishek, he got it bang on!''

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Hai Rabba, SRK-Aditya fire the first salvo!

Patrons who had frequented the cinemas and particularly the multiplexes to watch the two Eid releases, DRONA and KIDNAP, were in for a pleasant surprise, as they ran into the first official poster of the next upcoming blockbuster from the makers of the trendsetting DILWALE DULAHNIYA LE JAAENGE and the radical MOHABBATEIN.

It is but obvious that we are referring to the first look of the Aditya Chopra directed, Shah Rukh Khan starrer RAB NE BANA DI JODI that adorned the walls of many theatres and multiplexes. Not content with that, Yash Raj Films have also taken full page ads in Sunday's National dailies, both in English and the vernacular.

The poster shows a mustached, bespectacled middle class get up for Shah Rukh (Amol Palekar CHITCHOR looks?) with Anushka in a typical Punjabi salwar–suit peeping from behind Shah Rukh's shoulders. The poster carries a very interesting and arresting tagline, both in Hindi and English.

The Hindi tagline goes like this–'Har saadhaaran jodi mein ek asaadhaaran prem kahani chhupi hoti hai.' And the English tagline is �' There is an extraordinary love story in every ordinary jodi.'

Well, after seeing the buzz that the first poster is creating, one does not have to be a Nostradamus to predict the big opening when the film hits the screens worldwide on December 12.

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Eesha's marriage proposal to Sonu!

Eesha Koppikar has asked Sonu Sood a Rishta for marriage!

Yes thats absolutely true that Eesha asked Sonu a Rishta for marriage. No the pretty actress has no such plans of luring the happily married man Sonu Sood, as you must have thought so (by now). Actually its about those days when Eesha and Sonu were shooting for Rajshri Productions forthcoming film EK VIVAAH AISA BHI in full swing. At that time Sonus son Ishaan often used to visit the film sets to meet his daddy dearest Sonu and side–by–side also became very friendly with Eesha. He became so fond of her that he declared his love for Eesha. And it did not end here, but Ishaan also told his dad Sonu that hell marry no one but her. To this Eesha, whos also quite crazy about Ishaan, teasingly asked Sonu for his Rishta (not for herself) but for her future daughter. Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi! should we call it?

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