How could people be so insensitive?

Udita Goswami is shocked. And this has nothing to do with her stint in Bollywood. In fact this time around it is sheer lack of sentiments from people which has left a bad taste in her mouth.

The story goes like this. Apparently a few days back she came across a stray puppy near her apartment. Seeing it cry in pain, she enquired about the owner but realized that there was none. Also, from her fellow neighbors, she was informed that the puppy was in such a stage for last many days.

"And to think about it, no one came forward to help it. How could people be so insensitive? I was shocked by people apathy", exclaims Udita who is an avid dog lover and already owns three dogs.

"On inspecting it further, I realized that she was unable to walk at all. Apparently there was some internal injury which had resulted in her being immobile.

I was almost in tears when I carried her to a doc and requested him to inspect her further", details Udita who promptly took the puppy home and made her a part of her extended family of dogs.

"I started nurturing her and in a matter of two days, she was on her feet - Literally! I keep joking with my friends that perhaps she was just acting all this while because she was destined to join my family. Otherwise what else describes her miraculous recovery in 48 hours flat", laughs Udita.

"The dog is now closer to two months old but she is already bullying her much 'senior' three dogs at my place. It is fun to watch them squabble over minor things. In fact I have also hired a trainer to make sure that my four dogs are well behaved", says Udita with a smile.

"Well, the funny part is that instead of the dogs being trained, I am being trained instead on how to understand what they want and to make them understand what I am looking from them.

In any case, I am not looking at 'Tommy, fetch this' or 'Mambo, sit down' kind of commands for them. I want us all to talk and understand a common language and it comes so much handy when I reach back home after a hard day at work."

Talking about the work front, Udita is currently acting in two films - 'The Man' and 'Fox'. Incidentally both the film stars Sunny Deol in the lead though Udita is not wiling to disclose whether she is paired opposite him in any of the two films.

While 'The Man' sees her in a special appearance, 'Fox' features in a full fledged role. The films are directed by Sunny Deo/Neeraj Pathak and Deepak Tijori respectively.

When Mallika got Rahul into bath tub

It seems Shah Rukh Khan started the trend and others are happy following it with glee.

Some time back Shah Rukh Khan was seen waist down in a bathtub full of roses as he gave the world of advertisement a new definition by facilitating a role reversal of sorts.

Instead of a woman endorsing a beauty soap, something which has been a trend for decades (and would hopefully remain so in time to come), Khan enjoyed the attention of beauties around him as he soaked himself in wet rose petals.

Now Rahul Bose too has followed suit and done so the same at the behest of Mallika Sherawat. However, this time around, it is not done for a commercial but the film Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam.

For one of the romantic numbers in the film where Bose has tried to demonstrate his six-packs for quite some duration, Rahul and Mallika have shared some cozy moments together. However, it is disappointing for quite a few since instead of Mallika, it is Rahul who enjoys all the pleasures of being treated to a rose petal bath!

The song in question is 'Marmari Bahen' which is the only bon fide romantic track in Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam. Sung by Shaan and Mahalakshmi Iyer, the number reminds of many a romantic track that Mallika has been a part of since her KHWAHISH and MURDER days.

Also, she has gone ahead with a holds-no-bar approach in the song as she proves to be quite an eye candy in her revealing costumes.

No wonder, it must not have required Rahul much persuasion to join the show!

Directed by Sanjay Chhel, Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam is touted to be a riotous comedy which also features Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon other than Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat. A VENUS production with music by Anu Malik, the film is looking at a 22nd August release.

Aamir Khan's desire surprised me

During an interview to television channel recently, Aamir Khan had admitted to enjoying only one film in last few years and it was Anees Bazmee directed No Entry. He had even further said that its unfortunate that no one nowadays offers him such a whacky film.

We found out that just weeks after that interview, also having seen Welcome, the selective Aamir Khan himself approached writer - director Anees Bazmee for role in his film. He expressed his wish to star in comic caper written and directed by him.

An excited Bazmee states, "I was pleasantly surprised and at the same time thrilled when Aamir called expressing his desire to act in a film by me. I had a subject in mind for Aamir.

I then narrated him that story and he even liked it. But, it was a very serious subject. Aamir in turn wanted to to a comedy film with me. So that particular project didn't work out!"

Bazmee further adds, "Aamir is known to work only with complete bound scripts and I am known to never work with one! He actually rightfully asked me to give him a bound script and I am one director who does not believe in bound script.

I have an habit of making last minute improvisations in the script on the sets at times as I am never really satisfied with what I have written before.

If fresh ideas come to my mind then I implement them on the sets itself. So I never really end up bothering to write down a complete bound script." with new ideas.

So I never got down to writing a script. I get frightened sitting alone amidst a lot of white papers while writing a script! But direction is more enjoyable as one is surrounded by various people from varied background. Perhaps thats the reason I have still not been able to write that one bound script for Aamir till now."

How could Ishmeet die like this?

Remembering 'Voice of India' contest winner Ishmeet Singh as a 'wonderful', 'down-to-earth' and 'sincere' person, members of the Indian music industry said they were shocked by the drowning of the 'dynamic singer' in the Maldives.

The 19-year-old, from a middle-class family in Ludhiana, Punjab, had gone to the Maldives for a promotional event with the music company with which he had a contract.

The singer left Mumbai Tuesday morning for the Maldives, where he was to perform Aug 1. However, he drowned Tuesday in a swimming pool at a beach resort.

Music composers Jatin Pandit and his brother Lalit Pandit, who co-judged Ishmeet on 'Voice of India' (VOI), told they were shocked by the news of Ishmeet's death.

Jatin said: 'I am shocked. He was an innocent boy. Ishmeet always had it in the back of his mind that he had to be the 'VOI' winner.

I had even been to his house in Ludhiana and had food with his family. I know everyone in his house. I can't believe he is no more. If he would have continued with the same zeal, he would have made his mark in the industry.'

Lalit revealed that he was working with Ishmeet on his album that is still in the composing stage and said the young singer's death 'is a very sad and terrible action of fate'.

'Ishmeet had recorded a song for one of his albums with me and it had turned out very well. I will see to it and ensure that the song is released and his voice reaches the people of India. His death has totally shocked me, ' he said.

Lalit blamed the organisers 'who send such young and talented singers abroad for shows'.

'I am sure there must have been a lapse in security, ' he added.

Ishmeet had Nov 26 last year won the 'Voice of India' singing contest, pipping his closest rival Harshit from Uttar Pradesh in a keen contest. He was given the winner's trophy by melody queen Lata Mangeshkar.

Supporters of the singer voted heavily for him from Punjab during the finals of the contest. Even though Harshit led the votes tally in most regions of the country, the final count went in Ishmeet's favour due to heavy voting from Punjab.

Harshit, who was close to Ishmeet, said: 'It is so sad. I was to perform with Ishmeet on the forthcoming event and was about to fly out on July 31 from India. I wish I was there with him so that such an accident could have been avoided.'

'He always did the right thing in life and I hope God pays him well for his good deeds. May his soul rest in peace, ' he added.

Monty Sharma of 'Saawariya' fame met Ishmeet just 15 days ago and the news of his death has come as a blow to the music director, who is currently judging the second season of 'VOI'.

'I met him for a show in Kolkata. I am shocked to know about him. He was such a down-to-earth and a simple person. I think he was very dynamic as a singer and the country has lost a good voice, ' he said.

TV anchor Mandira Bedi was shooting when she heard of the news and she was left 'aghast'.

'I don't know what to say. Shocked is the word. He was a really wonderful person and an equally good singer. I was confident that he would have a bright future ahead.

But this news is really sad, ' said Mandira, host of the recently concluded music reality show 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar' from which Ishmeet was eliminated before the final round.

After Saif who is Rosa’s next?

Rosa was heart broken after been dumped by our hunky Saif. She started keeping a very low profile (obviously who won’t), but then again we saw Rosa attending fashion shows, events, premieres, and partying late at nights.

We thought she was quite strong to handle everything by herself. Lesser we knew someone else (who was very close to her) was also there to lighten her problems as well as give her the shoulder.

Yes, Rosa seems to have found solace in someone’s arms. Now who this someone is a mystery. The only thing known about him is the fact that he is not from Bollywood.

Through our sources we came to know that the lucky guy is someone named Chetan Gara. So when we asked about him from Rosa asking if she is in a relationship with him, Rosa’s voice deepened (as if she’s been caught). She said she is in a meeting (please note: she had told us that she is at home in the beginning of her conversation) and added that she can’t talk before hanging up.

Hmmm…We really wonder why is Rosa playing this game of hide and seek with us. She should learn something from Saif who openly told the world about his relationship with Kareena.

For the time been we would like to inform Rosa that playing hide and seek with us won’t matter much because sooner or later that person’s identity will be revealed (as it happens in the end of every game).

Upset Katrina planning to dump Salman Khan

Rumours are rife that one of the hottest couples in Bollywood, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, is heading for splitsville. The final blow to their relationship came in the form of the spat between Salman and Shah Rukh Khan on Katrina's birthday.

After splitting from his former girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, Salman had finally cashed in all his emotions on Katrina, but he seems to have lost her too as she is quite upset with him. Industry sources said Katrina is no mood to forgive him for his behaviour with Shah Rukh on her birthday which attracted much media attention.

The sources said that after the incident Salman and Katrina are not on talking terms.

'Katrina is blaming Salman for the entire episode, ' said a common friend.

Katrina opined that Salman should have restrained himself as he was playing the host. 'But certain things are not in anyone's control and it is destined to happen, ' Katrina told a leading TV channel in an interview.

A close friend of Salman said: 'He is good at heart. He took initiative for the party to please Katrina. But everything went wrong.'

Salman and Katrina's relationship was already going through a rough patch. Katrina's ambition is the reason for Salman's anguish. The British-born actress has long stopped taking his advice regarding her professional life, which irked the actor.

Salman, who is known for his hot temper, had objections to Katrina's choice of films, her co stars and even the outfits she wore for some films.

Now you'll say Govinda and I are going to have kids

Celina Jaitley is presently busy making wedding plans for her brother but she is livid at the rumours of linking her with her Money Hai To Honey Hai and Chai Garam co-star, Govinda.

The ex-Miss India denying the rumour states, "We both are good friends and that's all I can say.

We worked together in Money Hai To Honey Hai and he was involved in my surprise birthday party celebrations on this film's set that is why may be perhaps we have been linked. People have already said so much about us.

But now that I am doing Aditya Dutt's Chai Garam with him, people will say we are going to have kids soon. I simply do not understand these link-up rumours business! Earlier when I did steamy scenes with Aftab Shivdasani in Red, that time how come no one linked us.

I have not even held Govinda's hands in the film let alone being with him anywhere else apart from the film sets. I am paired opposite Aftab in Money Hai To Honey Hai."

Celina has busy year ahead to look forward to. She is eagerly looking forward to Rohit Shetty's Golmaal Returns, Mukta Arts three films. Manohj Tiwari's Hello Darling, Paritosh Painters Paying Guest and one more venture.

There is Aditya Dutt's Chai Garam, Tigmanshu Dhulia's next and Sunil Darshan's forthcoming project. Her list of films does not end here.

She has two English films Love Has No Language and Quest Of Shehzaad added to her long list of films too now.
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