Salman and Shah Rukh fight at Katrina's B'day Party

No one could anticipate that a star-studded birthday party of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif would turn into a battle of the two Indian super stars - Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan - dividing the industry into two camps.

The two superstars were caught in a war of words on the July 16 party that Salman threw for current girlfriend Katrina, which later turned ugly.

Salman was reportedly instigating Shah Rukh from the beginning of the party by speaking about their reality shows - "Dus Ka Dum" and "Kya aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?" respectively. Salman claimed that his show "Dus Ka Dum" had garnered more TRPs than Shah Rukh's, said sources.

Salman scoffed at Shah Rukh by saying that in spite of being a super star he could not make his show a hit.

Shah Rukh initially did not pay any heed to Salman's comments. The final blow came when Shah Rukh made a comment on Salman's ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, inviting a furious retaliation from Salman.

The incident occurred late in the night, when many of the guests had left.

Though Aamir Khan tried his best to resolve the dispute that arose between Salman and Shah Rukh on Katrina's birthday party, the two are not in a mood for compromise as both have got the support from their well wishers in the industry.

Salman, who is known for his loyalty towards friends, got supportive calls from old time friends like Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Khanna, said sources.

Fardeen Khan and Zayed Khan also showed their concern for the actor by calling him.

Ranbir Kapoor, who worked with Salman in "Saawariya", was the only newcomer to jump into the camp fight by calling him to express his sympathy, sources added.

If Salman had his supporters, so did King Khan. Veterans like Yash Chopra and Javed Akhtar called Shah Rukh to enquire about the incident. Besides, Karan Johar, Sajid Khan and Farhan Akhtar once again proved their loyalty towards the actor by offering their support.

Kunal Kohli also called the actor to know about his well being.

"While Salman has the support of actors, Shah Rukh has the support of the directors. It's an advantage for Shah Rukh, " remarked an industry watcher.

The star-studded birthday party of Katrina Kaif was attended by Bollywood bigwigs like Aamir, Kareena, Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar, Rajkumar Santoshi, Kunal Kohli, Salim Khan, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Nikhil Advani, Prakash Jha, David Dhawan, Anees Bazmee, and Manmohan Shetty, among others.

Kismat Konnection - Movie review

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Juhi Chawla, Om Puri, Boman Irani, Vishal Malhotra, Himani Shivpuri, Haider Ali, Shehnaz Anand, Karnvir Bohra, Amit Varma, Dimple Sharma
Story: Rahila Mirza
Screenplay: Sanjay Chhel, Vibha Singh, Sai Kabir
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Director: Aziz Mirza
Ratings - *1/2

Maybe there is on one in this world who doesn’t believe in kismet but for that single reason you can’t blame or over emphasize the issue of kismet. But the story of the film depicts little more.

Just like any other Bollywod flick, in this film also, Raj (Shahi Kapoor) and Priya (Vidya Balan) meet each other. But despite feeling love for each other the only thing they develop for each other is pure hatred.

But see the kismet connection hidden in such a chemistry which turns bad luck of Raj, who has been fighting for getting a better work for last five years in the field of Architecture, into a good one. Raj comes to his fortune teller Hassena Banu Jaan (Juhi Chawla) and describes everything to her.

Banu tells him that Priya is his lucky charm and for a better future he should always take her with him to wherever he goes for his job.

Raj agrees on it and takes Priya to a meeting with Batra & Gill, a company that wants to construct a shopping mall. But soon Raj comes to know that the proposed mall is going to be made by demolishing Priya’s community centre.

Priya helps Raj without having any idea about what’s going on. But as soon as Raj gets the project, the reality comes into open for Priya.

For the sake of love Raj proposes Gill (Om Puri) for building the combination of shopping mall and community center but Gill denies it.

At the end of the story Priya’s kismet helps Raj once again and Mr. Batra (Boman Irani), friend to Priya and partner of Batra & Gill, accepts Raj’s proposal of making the shopping mall beside the community centre.

Shahid must remember that audience’s expectation regarding his characters in films has touched the sky after the success of Jab We Met and he must accept films keeping that in mind only.

At the same time he must avoid playing the stereotype characters. On the other hand Vidya has tried her best to live the life of her character but unfortunately the character, especially her outfits, hasn’t suit her level best.

I guess she must not attempt this kind of characters. Juhi Chawla is excellent in the character of Hassena Bano but the lose bangle in her hand made audience think about possibilities that forced her wearing it.

Few scenes with Vidya made us realize like Juhi’s jewelries are put on Vidya. Om Puri and Boman Irani are good as usual. Himani Shivpuri proved with two scenes that character maybe small but it has to be strong. There is nothing to talk about other characters of the film.

Despite its length of 2 and half an hour, the film seemed longer and unusually slow. Aziz Mirza has chosen beautiful locations but he better has understood that beautiful locations cannot make beautiful films. Music and lyrics are not to the marks.

Expectations of watching a good film may drag a lot of audiences to the theatre but they better know in advance that the film has nothing extraordinary to offer the audience. People will surely fail to connect to the film, if not to the stars.

Yes, I'm wearing a Bikini: Priyanka

Priyanka was shooting in Miami for Karan Johar's romantic comedy Dostana.And she had a ball.

"I've worked with Abhishek and John before. But never like this. Their bonding is infectious. Dostana was one big party. It's a beachside sporty film. And I'm very much a water babe. The director Tarun Mansukhani's is new but his wit sparkles.He's written a really urbane tongue-in-cheek comedy."

So has she changed her mind about wearing a bikini? "The producer Karan Johar didn't ask me to wear a bikini. And I wouldn't be comfortable in one. But this is a beach movie. So it's only natural that I get into beach-wear. And I don't mind at all. Because everyone else will be wearing even tinier clothes."

Priyanka Chopra can't stop raving about the new love in her life.

"No, his name isn't Harman. It's someone called Boo, a pet robot teedy-bear who accompanies me everywhere in Love Story 2050. He's all pink and the cutest creature on earth. I want to take him home."

Explains the actress, "I was aware of Boo from the time he was conceived. It was Harman Baweja's sister Rowena who thought of Boo. I don't think it'd have happened without her. I've watched Boo acquire a life right in front of me. So it's quite an exciting process."

So attached has Priyanka become to Boo that she wanted to carry him home after the shooting. And the Bawejas who've watched Priyanka stand by their project from the time Kareena Kapoor opted out, would be only too happy to let Priyanka have Boo.

Says Priyanka, "This was one film that's filled with gadgets and electronic toys. But Boo is special. Because he's mine. Love Story 2050 is my second hi-tech film after Krissh. And I'm doing one more Drona.

But Love Story was special because I did my career's first double role with two different looks for the two halves set in two different periods. Boo was part of my futuristic look. I feel this film carried sci-fi in India to another level."

Interestingly Love Story 2050 will be followed by another FX-motivated adventure saga Shankar's Robot. Priyanka had been signed for it when it was a different set-up with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

"When FX turned a corner with Krissh I was part of it. Now when it somersaults with Love Story 2050 and Drona I'm part of both.Am I proud to be in these projects, or not?"

Amrita Rao poses for Verve

Wow! That was my only reaction when I caught a glimpse of all transformed and re-invented Amrita Rao on the covers of the fashion magazine ‘Verve’ this month. The petite-girl-next door has finally changed her ways for better and looks nothing less than a glam diva with sensuality pouring from her eyes on the pages of the magazine. Her painfully delicate frame just makes her perfect.

The girl has had much happening this year with Bollywood films, Pakistani video and a superhit movie in south as well. No, wonder there is a glow on Amrita’s face!

Three popular bollywood stars in top 10 of the Forbes list

The bollywood stars Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan have now came in the Forbes list of 10 celebrities from all over the world who have helped the mobile companies in increasing the sales of mobile phones to a great extent. US publication Forbes which makes the list of richest persons in the world.

On the one hand Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Nokia and helped in increasing the sales of Nokia, on the other hand Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan appears in the advertisement of Samsung and Motorola Phones respectively.

The other personalities, who came in this list are football star David Beckham who is trying to increase the sale of Motorola RAZR2 mobile phone, Tennis player Maria Sharpova promote Sony Ericsson phone, car racing driver Danica Patrick and world famous Musician Usher, Andy Lau, Rain and Fergie.
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