John loves his bike shoot

Bollywood's hot boy John Abraham recently got a chance to spend loads of time with his original love - bikes on a sunny afternoon as he posed for the cover of the latest GQ.

John's the cover boy for the newest edition of the magazine.

Unlike 'Dostana', John is showing no skin here and interestingly he loves doing photo shoots like these more than shooting for movies.

He says, "It's going to be a very retro biker shoot, something that I haven't done in ages. With lots of bikes but the old ones.The whole shoot is shot around these couple of bikes, with tyres lying around, oil and is the kind of space I would want to live in. I am very comfortable in this space."

Photographer, R Burman was super impressed too. He said, "The thing that really struck me about John is that he is very original. He is very organic; he doesn't have any airs, is very down to earth and it's fantastic vibration to work with him."

Johnny Boy's ways are unique indeed.

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Shahid gets himself a cool bike worth Rs. 15 lakh

Shahid is an enthusiastic bike lover. Recently he got himself a new bike. Not many know that that the younger icon of India got this bike only after his parents allowed him to do so. And for that he had to assure them that he would ride safely.

Says a source, "Shahid loves biking. When he was shooting with Ahmed Khan for Ishq Vishk Pyar Vyar, Shahid would go with him for long bike rides along the Western Express highway.

And now, he has gifted himself a new bike but only after his parents approval. Shahid's new bike is a midnight black, air cooled, sportsbike with high torque speed and 1670cc machine, costing around Rs. 15 lakh."

"Shahid chose black as he doesn't like anything bright, flashy and over the top but rather classy, understated and subtle stuff.

He is very possessive about it and insists on cleaning it himself. He has been biking a lot these days especially at nights and also while going for his shoots", siad the source.

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SRK is not ashamed of Slumdog

Many critics and prominent industry people have been fuming about the fact that the Oscar nominated film 'Slumdog Millionaire' highlights the poverty in Mumbai.

But the baadshah of Bollywood SRK has no problems with it.

He thinks that the poverty seen in the film is a reality and thinks it's wrong for people to become cynical when the film is getting international acclaim.

Khan, who has read the original book as well as the script says, "Isn't that (poverty and slums) a reality? If you (critics) have a problem with the word slumdog, why don't you look positively and see that there is a word millionaire or 'crorepati' also."

Khan, has returned from Los Angeles after a month-long schedule of Karan Johar's 'My name is Khan' and testified, "I have just returned from the US and people there have become crazy about the film and its music. The film's sound is also good apart from a good story and screenplay. The film deserves all awards."

However he doesn't regret turning down Anil Kapoor's role in the film.

He says maybe he wouldn't have done justice to the role of a game show host like Anil Kapoor. He was already hosting 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' (KBC) and later 'Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hai' during the time Danny shot the film and will do the new season too.

He adds, "I love awards and I hope to feature in a film comprising Indian cast and crew some day which will go to win these awards. The success of 'Slumdog Millionaire' worldwide is an incentive to all Indian filmmakers."

And we always thought that the baadshah was totally in love with Bollywood only and didn't really care about anything else. It's nice to see him talk with an international perspective for a change!

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When Rishi Kapoor romanced Ranbir's first crush

The newly launched show 'Oye! It's Friday!' has been making waves since weeks now, and this week's episode promises to be one of the best. We bring to you the reasons why this episode will be one that shouldn't be missed.

How often is it that you see the best of two generations together? The answer is quite simple, almost never. Adding another feather to multi-talented Farhan Akhtar's hat is this week's show which promises not just to enthrall but even and as always entertain you. The episode features the chocolate boy of the yesteryears-Rishi Kapoor and the current heartthrob - his son Ranbir.

Farhan's upcoming film Luck By Chance is playing on everyone's mind and Farhan being the genius that he is has crafted this special episode for the film LBC.

There are obvious points of interest that should not be missed which we make easier for our readers:

- Relive the memories of the father-son duo - Rishi and Ranbir during the shooting of the film Luck By Chance along with co-star Isha Sharvani.

- The experienced Rishi Kapoor shares his tale of the tough time he had gone through during the shoot and also reveals the fun moments on the sets.

- While Ranbir Kapoor bares his heart out to Farhan as he confesses about his relationship with the beautiful Deepika Padukone. And yes he also talks about his first crush…

Ranbir pours his heart out and admits that he felt cheated when he saw his dad, Rishi Kapoor, romancing his childhood crush Madhuri Dixit, a source from the channel said.

"Ranbir confesses that as a teenager, he had a huge crush on Madhuri and that he even had posters of her in his cupboard. He talks about the time when he finally got to meet her on the sets of 'PremGranth' only to find his father romancing Madhuri in the film," the source said.

- This 'roller-coaster' episode also features a stylistic and acrobatic dance act by Isha Sharvani, and an entertaining skating performance straight from Germany. It's an all-round expose with the Kapoors' on 'Oye! It's Friday!' on January 30th at 10:00 p.m.IST only on NDTV Imagine.

If all this wasn't enough to get you moving, the special episode also features the ever gorgeous and breathtaking performance by the beautiful Isha Sharvani and her dance troupe.

This Luck By Chance special episode of 'Oye! It's Friday!' promises to be a fun, moving and flexible episode this week. So don't miss it.

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I look up to Sush when it comes to style: Deepika

She is young and beautiful. Her style and attitude reflects through her personality. Being a youth icon she has been offered many fashion brands but being choosy Deepika became brand ambassador of Levis.

We asked her about her personal style and her favorite brands. Speaking about fashion she says, “I think when it comes to fashion there are certain things that will never goes out of style. Anything in black, saris and salwars will never go out of style. Denim is something that is here to stay will never go out of style.”

But who do you look up to when it comes to fashion? “I look up to Sushmita when it comes to style.” Deepika gives more importance to comfort when it come to fashion.

“I like to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable. I am not very band conscious person. One thing is most important for me is comfort. I have to be comfortable in whatever I am wearing.” She adds.

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Mallika Sherawat Hot Sexy In Mini Bikini

Sexy New Bikini Pic Of Mallika Sherawath

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If SRK dances with me I will do it: Chitrangada

After making a comeback through Onir’s Sorry Bhai Chitrangada was in news recently. Apparently this talented actress refused to be part of Aamir Khan’s forthcoming film Delly Belly.

Calling it as a rumour Chitrangada said “No nothing like that has happened. It’s just a misunderstanding. I too heard about it but no one came to me personally about the film. It just got out blow out of proportion. There was nothing like that.”

Chitrangada informs that she would love to work with Aamir in future. The actress doesn’t stop talking about Aamir. “I think Aamir has high credibility. He is amazing. He is a perfectionist and whatever he touches becomes perfect.”

This two film old actress is so much talented and all two films were non commercial films. “If a film makes sense to me I will do it. If Shahrukh dances with me I will do it.” she quips.

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John Abraham's pole stint

John Abraham has hurt his leg badly yet again.

It was while shooting for David Dhawan’s film Hook Ya Crook that the accident happened. A unit hand informed us that John had to slip down a 20-foot pole for a scene. He didn’t get it right and slid quite badly. Unfortunately for John, he landed directly on his leg. Despite being ordered take some rest, John quickly treated himself to some first-aid medication, and went pole sliding all over again. This time he got it right, and then rushed to the X-ray clinic. Talk about wanting to get it right, hook ya crook.
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Emraan Hashmi shares his plans for 'Raaz 3' and fatherhood

His "Raaz 2" has got an encouraging opening and actor Emraan Hashmi (pictured left) is all set to work in the third installment of the spooky thriller. He also feels secure enough to start a family now.

"We're trying for a baby and we should be parents by next year. One is never prepared for fatherhood. And if I wait to be fully prepared, it will never happen. But I'm getting into the mindset now," Emraan, who is married to Parveen Shahani, told IANS.

Talking about "Raaz 3", he said: "Yes we're on," said Emraan. "The third part will also be directed by Mohit Suri and I'll play the lead. The rest of the details are yet to be decided. The cast of the second 'Raaz' film was totally new. And I think I'm going to be the only actor common to 'Raaz 2' and '3'."

Emraan feels vindicated by the audiences' response to "Raaz 2", which also starred Kangana Ranaut and newcomer Adhyayan Suman.

"My wife kept telling me I should try the genre. I had never done horror before. It's believed in the trade that horror films open well and then soon fizzle out. But then it was also believed that a film looking at the seamier side of cricket ('Jannat') would never do well.

"I like to walk the lonely path. That's why you don't see me at parties and functions. Maybe that's why I play the part of the loner and watch another guy take away the girl I love," Emran said, drawing attention to his loser-lover's role in "Awarapan" and now "Raaz 2".

Emraan, who has been lying low during the publicity of "Raaz 2" thanks to all the focus on real-life pair Kangana-Adhyayan, says he didn't feel left out.

"Kangana and Adhyayan were a real-life couple. I can't concoct an affair just to be noticed. I was confident my work would speak for itself. Sure enough I believe people clap when I come on screen the first time. I do have fan base, though it might be small," he said.
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Deepika wants to launch her website

Deepika Padukone is very happy as she has been declared the most searched celebrity on Yahoo! India in 2008, beating competitors like Katrina, Bipasha and Kareena.

Though she is not an internet addict, Deepika is planning to launch her own website in order to stay in close touch with her fans and provide them with an update on her life and career. Apparently, she answers all the emails fans send her.

To begin with, she is searching for a suitable domain name for her website.

Even though Deepika plans to launch her website, she says she uses the internet mainly for emails and is not so much into surfing the internet. For that matter, she doesn’t even like sending an SMS. She prefers the good old telephone when it comes to connecting with her near and dear ones.
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Ash be next to join politics

After 'Munnabhai' Sanjay Dutt, it could be the turn of Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls as a Samajwadi Party candidate.

Samajwadi Party workers and leaders in Bihar have decided to offer Aishwarya the party ticket for the Madhepura seat against Janata Dal-United (JD-U) national president Sharad Yadav, a party official said.

In view of the overwhelming demand of the party workers, the Samajwadi Party Bihar parliamentary board has recommended Aishwarya's name to party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Senior party leader Tulsi Singh told IANS that a large number of party workers and people had requested him to convince Mulayam Singh to give the party ticket to Aishwarya from Madhepura. Singh is chairman of the party's state parliamentary board.

The Madhepura seat is held by the Rashtriya Janata Dal's Pappu Yadav, who is serving life imprisonment in Tihar Jail in Delhi for his involvement in the murder of Left leader Ajit Sarkar. His wife Ranjita Ranjan is a Lok Janshakti Party MP from Saharsa.

JD-U leader Sharad Yadav is likely to contest from Madhepura, his old seat.

In the last Lok Sabha polls in 2004, Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, the RJD chief, won from Madhepura by defeating Sharad Yadav. Lalu Prasad later resigned the Madhepura seat and opted to retain the Chapra seat.

Madhepura, a rural seat, is dominated by the backward Yadav caste. Last year, Madhepura was hit by devastating floods when the Kosi river changed its course after a breach upstream in Nepal.
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