Did Kangana Ranaut really go nude?

These are completely false and baseless reports. There has been a variety of speculation in the media that critically acclaimed actor Kangana Ranaut will be doing a nude scene in her upcoming Telugu film Ek Niranjan. These are completely false and baseless reports.

Kangna Ranaut has no nude scene in this or any of her upcoming films and has clearly stated that she will not be essaying a role in cinema that requires nudity in any of her movies.

In the film, directed by Puri Jagannath and produced by Aditya Ram, Kangna essays the role of a guitar teacher opposite South Indian actor Prabhas.

An out-and-out commercial movie, Ek Niranjan gives equal importance to romance, action, fun and emotion.

Meanwhile the actress has slowed down on her projects. She has just two movies on hand. Kangana has complete shooting for Rakesh Roshan’s Kites and is concentrating on her next venture Once Upon A time with Ajay Devgan being directed by Milan Lutharia.

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Akshay - Katrina stranded in a hotel

Akshay Kumar and Katrina ended up in an unusual spot literally.

Revealed a unit source, "While shooting for Ratan Jain's De Dana Dhan, the lead pair of the film Akshay and Katrina were to be shifted to luxurious seven star hotel.

The reason being Akshay wanted a hotel which showed the IPL matches. Now Ratan Jain the big hearted producer that he is, decided to get his entire unit there and not make them feel left out."

He further added, "Now it so happened that while the rest of the cast and crew showed promptness in shifting from their earlier hotel to the new seven star one, Akshay and Katrina somehow ended up reaching a late due to prior commitments at the new hotel.

But that proved to be their undoing as by the time they had arrived all the luxurious suites had been alloted to the rest cast and crew.

Now these other members were not willing to let go off their luxurious suites for Akshay and Katrina. This put the poor producer in a fix. But finally somehow adjustments were made and the embarassing situation was brought to an end."

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Actress illeana Sexy Wallpapers

Is Ileana bigger than many young heroes? Well, she almost demands as much money as a big hero gets for a

film. Illeana has now emerged as the highest paid actress in South India. For producer Bellamkonda Suresh’s film

with Tarun to be directed by K Vijaya Bhaskar, she is reportedly taken Rs 1 Crores (remuneration plus

accommodation and transport charges).In South India, no heroine has charged Rs 1 Crores as remuneration for a

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Rakhi Sawant's Hot Photo Shoot

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Freida’s rock show

It’s official. Freida Pinto is among the most beautiful people in the world. Don’t believe us?

Well, it is true. In a leading magazine’s list of 2009’s most beautiful people in the world, Freida is rubbing shoulders with stars such as Christina Applegate, Michelle Obama, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie, to name a few. As the stars continue to shine down on this beautiful Indian actor, we asked some significant Puneites about their take on her triumph.

Socialite Monika Trivedi congratulates Freida, but also feels that she has a long way to go. “Freida is attractive, and she was at the right place at the right time. I think she needs a little more time. She needs to mature as an actress. Even maturity can be seen as beauty. But, otherwise, good for Freida,” says she.

Actress Mugdha Godse lauds Freida for this accomplishment. “Freida definitely deserves it. She is the happening person right now. I haven’t made a list of my own. But, if I ever did, Freida would definitely be on my list,” she tells us
Pantaloons Femina Miss India-World Pooja Chopra believes that everything happens for a reason. And, she feels that Freida deserves her success. “Whatever accolades Freida has received and will get in future is because she has done a fantastic job. I loved her work in the film, and I’m sure she struggled before she achieved success. I don’t really know where she would be on my list, but she would definitely be on it. We should all be happy for her,” affirms Pooja.

Actress Manjari Fadnis says, “I think it’s great, and it’s good for Freida. I wish her all the best. But, I wouldn’t have her on my list. There are a lot more beautiful Indian women like Madhuri Dixit-Nene or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who I would see on my beautiful people’s list.”

No matter what the views might be, Freida Pinto has definitely become a show-stopper. With accolades greeting her from all over the world, she knows she is the star everyone will watch out for.
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Minissha wants to be all bloodied & bruised

That Minissha Lamba is a versatile actress is something that we all know but not too many of us know that she takes a keen interest in the bat and ball game.

In town recently, we caught up with the actress who was busy catching up on the IPL action on television. “Cricket is fun, especially the new T20 format! It’s a complete entertainer. Even women love watching this game. And why not? It gets over in just three hours,” Minissha says.

But cricket is not the only game that gets her adrenaline pumping. The actress turned out to be quite a sport as she adds, “I like tennis also, as your heart is always in your mouth. Also, I’m fond of adventure sports like river rafting and scuba diving.”
Little wonder then that Minissha is keen to indulge in some kick ass action, “I am looking forward to doing an action film where I am all bloodied, bruised and aching.” Whether she gets to don this avatar remains to be seen, but the actress will soon be seen playing a village belle in Shyam Benegal’s Well Done Abba.

From a bikini babe in Kidnap to a village girl in Well Done Abba, the actress is sure excited about her new role in the film. “It’s really interesting and I have had great fun reinventing myself. Also, I had to learn the Dakini dialect for the project. It was really tough, not only for me but also for my friends.

During my learning process whenever they used to call me I would talk in Dakini and they thought that I’d lost it,” laughs Minissha. Dubbing her experience of working with Shyam Benegal a “dream come true,” the actress says, “I count myself lucky that Sir chose me for his film. In fact, I couldn’t believe it was happening. He has been making films even before I was born.”

Recounting her experience with the veteran filmmaker, she adds, “We were shooting at 43 degrees in Hyderabad. While the youngsters would have a tough time in that heat, Sir would be there from 8 am till pack-up. He wouldn’t even go to his vanity van. I admire his passion and energy. During lunchtime we would all sit together and Sir would regale us with his tales. I would walk into the set with my head bowed down. Every time I sensed that Sir wasn’t happy with my performance I would feel shattered. But if he liked any particular shot my day was made.”

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Bipasha Basu to endorse a luggage brand

The luggage brand, which Shahid Kapoor endorses, recently approached Priyanka Chopra to be part of their second sub-brand ad.

Obviously the brand wanted to cash in on the budding romance between the pair. But the actress quoted a whopping amount and now Bipasha Basu has been signed by the luggage brand, which caters to the youth and comes in vibrant colors.

It was Bling who cracked the deal for Bengali Bombshell. A source reveals, "Bipasha will be shooting for the brand solo. The shooting will start next week in a Mumbai studio. Anaita Shroff Adajania will style Bips for a photo shoot that has been planned before shooting the ad."

Shahid and Priyanka will be seen together in Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey, which is slated for release shortly.

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Kangana Ranaut hangs out with Barbara Mori's brother

At Priyanka Chopra's party on Thursday night, Kangana Ranaut and Kite actress Barbara Mori's brother Kintaro were in high spirits and pretty much kept to themselves all evening.

Says the source, "Kangana came alone as Adhyayan is in Bihar campaigning with his dad.

She and Kintaro were dreamily dancing in one room and appeared to be in their own lost world. They met each other on the sets of her film Kites, where he'd accompany his sister."

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Preity Zinta got Italy in Mumbai for Italian watch brand ad

Preity Zinta got Italy in Mumbai recently. The actress shot the ad with Neil Nitin for an Italian watch brand. Since the actress had to leave for the IPL, she could not travel to the country and so Italy was created in Kamala Mills Studio in Mumbai.

A source reveals, "Being an Italian brand, The owners wanted the ad to be shot in Italy. But Preity had to fly to South Africa for IPL. They didn't want to postpone the ad till the IPL ended and hence decided to recreate Italy in a studio in Mumbai. They sent staff from here to Italy for recce and finally recreated the set in India."

The source continues, "They also wanted to get an entire set of the Italy Gondola, but time didn't permit. The commercial was shot in exactly two days. A few Italians were flown in for that authentic feel."

GM (Marketing) Ms Shardah Uniyal confirms, "We wanted to shoot in Italy and our team had also gone to Italy but Preity had to leave for IPL and we did not want to postpone the launch, so we recreated the set in India."
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Celina Jaitley denied entry in dad's pub

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley was denied entry in a Bangkok pub and restaurant owned by her dad, courtesy the short school uniform which she was wearing.

The guards not only failed to recognise her but also suspected her to be underage and stopped her from going inside.

Celina was shooting for "Paying Guest" in Bangkok and one of the sequences required her along with the other leading ladies Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen and Sayali Bhagat to be dressed in a school uniform.

Why did she choose to hop over to the pub dressed like that?

"First and foremost I had no clue that guards would stop me at the gate. Also, I was in the middle of a sequence and didn't feel like getting in and out of costumes. I was anyways enjoying myself in a school dress and though it may have scandalised quite a few out there, I didn't mind that at all," Celina told IANS.

"In the first place, it was anyway quite funny to be dressed in a tight white shirt, red and black short skirt, hair band, white socks and black shoes. And then this incident happened where I was denied entry in my own pub. It was as funny as it could have got," she added.

Celina tried to catch the attention of her dad through the glass pane. She waved at him and shouted along till the time he managed to realise her presence at the pub.

"Imagine his shock at seeing his girl dressed up like this. He was in a meeting with his business associates and they all had a collective expression of disbelief on their faces. My dad just came out, spoke to me for a while, lent me some money for shopping and went back in. He was so sure that he didn't want a girl who may not have been underage but definitely looked like one get into his pub. For him, rules are rules," she said.

After this, Celina walked into the nearest luxury mall for shopping.

"I made sure that I blew away all the money that I had laid my hands on. I wasn't allowed to get into the pub and I vowed to make up for that lost opportunity," she said.

Directed by first timer Paritosh Painter and produced by Subhash Ghai, "Paying Guest" also stars Shreyas Talpade, Ashish Chaudhary, Javed Jaffrey and Vatsal Sheth and Celina says: "It was back to being in school and eight of us were having a rollicking time."

The film is ready and the release date would be announced after the stand off between producers and multiplexes is resolved.
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"I'd never do a nude scene" - Kangna Ranaut

The forever-flighty Kangna Ranaut returned to Mumbai from a grueling month-long shooting of a Telugu film to horrifying rumours of how she had done a nude scene down South.

Kangna is enraged. "Nude? I'd never do a nude scene in my entire life even if someone makes me to do it at gun point. I come from a very conservative background. If my parents were to ever see that I've crossed the line of morality, they'd drag me back to Himachal. Yes, I've done aesthetically-shot pictures which reveal my physique. And why not? I've worked really hard on getting my body muscular and toned."

But nudes? "No way. I've never posed in the nude, never will, no matter how right the zeroes on the cheque are. I've an inbuilt censor code."

So how did these rumours of going 'all the way' start? "You tell me. Journalists started calling up my Telugu director Puri Jagannath in Hyderabad while we were shooting. He, poor man, was so scandalized he almost had a heart attack. Puri is one of the most successful and respected filmmakers of Telugu cinema."

Clarifying that there are no nude sequences in the Telugu film Kangna says, "Even the much-hyped 'nude' scene in Raaz 2 was a hoax. I wore a body suit in the bath tub. I don't think taking off all of one's clothes is a cool thing to do."

Kangna is back in Mumbai for a couple of days only for costume and makeup trials for Ekta Kapoor's Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.

"I play the only glamour element in the otherwise-dark film. This would be my most glamorous role. My look has to go from the late 1960s to the 1970s."

Kangna's clothes are being done by Manoshi Nath who did the 'stylized' look on Dibakar Banerjee's Oye Lucky! Luck Oye!

Says Kangna, "The challenge in Ekta's film is to look glamorous without any body exposure. I think it's possible."

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In Pics: Times Food & Nightlife Awards party

Asin with Mr. Vineet Jain, MD, Times Group at the Times Food & Nightlife Awards party at hotel Maurya Sheraton in New Delhi. (BCCL/Manoj Kesharwani)

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In Pics: Hrithik, SRK arrive at Feroz Khan's prayer meet‎

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