Salaam Namaste Hot Scene

Hey guys check out this video featuring Saif Ali Khan and preethi zinta in love making scene from the movie salaam namaste

Ranbir and Deepika not happy with promotion of their kiss at IIFA

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor met each other after a long gap and they were so happy to see each other, both of them forgot that they were at the public place so when Deepika was going to receive Ranbir her boyfriend then they hugged and kissed each other. At that time IIFA team was also there and they shot that moment of their personal life and that scene was promoted by Star Plus at the IIFA function this weekend.

The question is what’s the problem if two lovers expressed their love in public?

As per the reports, Ranbir and Deepika are quite depressed on this issue and they talk on this matter with the Wizcraft, who is the official host of IIFA. As we have seen that presence of stars is decreasing at the IIFA functions from last few years. This year also many big personalities like three big Khan’s of Bollywood missed the IIFA function. Ranbir and Deepika’s have the first appearance at the IIFA but after this matter of promoting the lip-lock scene it is not sure that IIFA will able to get their popularity.

Salman And Katrina Join SRK

The King Khan Shahrukh is very excited for his tour ‘Temptations reloaded’ globally. His show at Rotterdam was very successful. It has been heard that rocking Salman Khan and his girlfriend Katrina Kaif have also joined Shahrukh in his world tour to encourage him.

These two Khans are planning to tour at European cities which includes Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf; even they are planning to organize one show at Paris also.

So Shah Rukh Khan after joining hands with Salman and Katrina wants to give competition to the Bachachans with whom his relations were not so good. So it is really a great tour after the entry of Salman in the Temptation tour of Shahrukh. Now these two Khans have made his mind to give close competition to the Bachachans ‘Unforgettable tour’. And it is also true, now this Tempetition Reloaded tour really affect the unforgettable tour.
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