Deepika Padukone goes on a much needed break

Deepika Padukone doesn't believe in being greedy and signing as many projects that she can to remain in the rat race, she is definitely a class apart.

A committed professional that she is, Deepika recently completed all her assignments on hand that included shooting TV commercials for all the five brands she has on hand apart from her pending films.

Now maintaining a low profile after the debacle of her last release, Chandni Chowk to China, Deepika has taken a much needed break before she begins her next film.

A close pal of Deepika revealed, “Deepika starts shooting for Farhan Akhtar starrer thriller Kartik Calling Kartik being produced by Farhan’s banner Excel Entertainment from April 4th.

She has been working constantly for the last few months that included Saif Ali Khan’s home production Love Aaj Kal apart from CC2C.

So now before she begins a long cycle of constant work again what with Farhan’s film and later Sajid Khan’s directorial next, Housefull with Akshay Kumar she wants to take some rest and recharge herself.

She is not in a hurry to sign multiple projects right now and is happy having only these two films on her hand.”

While what she intends to do in this break may not be revealed, but one thing is sure, she may finally get to spend some quality time with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, who too incidentally be shooting in and around Mumbai during this time.

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Pakistan's ex-Prez on Koel's couch

How often has a General from a contentious neighbouring country delightfully deigned to sit on a furry red couch? When is the last time you saw a quasi-dictator blush and giggle when asked about a beautiful Bangladeshi girl from his youth?

Talking about her chat with the Musharraf, Koel says, "I had decided, just like any other celebrity I invite on the couch, I would strive to get to know the person behind the drama.

By getting Pervez Musharraf, a man whose career has been coupled with coups, on the couch and peeling off the layers to reveal his hardly-ever-seen laughing, lighter side, I pulled off a coup of my own. You'd be a fool to miss it.

Here are excerpts from Koel's chat with Musharraf:

Koel: Gen Musharaf, you are a romantic guy at heart. Apart from serenading your beautiful wife in your young days as young officer, there was a particular incident involving a beautiful Bangladeshi girl that would have altered the course of your life as an army officer and perhaps the course of history.

But of course, the 1971 war with India broke out and every thing changed. Would you like to tell us little about that incident.

Musharraf: I don't think I would like to get involved in that. One does come across girls, obviously I am not leading a secluded life and that is where it stands.

Koel: It is almost like Indian movies you almost got court martialled for the sake of a girl. You got...

Musharraf: No, it was not because of the girl, I wanted to go to Karachi to meet my parents on leave, it wasn't because of the girl...

Koel: Then why were you going to be court-martialled?

Musharraf: Because I went a day earlier. For certain reasons, I got annoyed and may be I did a wrong thing, yes.

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Dharavi Children Rock with Timbaland Productions and Crew

It was very thoughtful of Jim Beanz to perform for underprivileged kids from our very hard-up section of the society. Motivated by the “Slumdog Millionaire”, Timbaland productions brought glitter in the eyes of these real life children by hosting a live show at Dharavi, Mumbai.

Timbaland Productions brought cheer among the children, although short lived, by Production crew along with the Accorn Foundation putting in joint efforts. And some of the most wanted performers ascended to show their support. The artists who performed live at the event were- Jim Beanz, Rebel of Timbaland Productions, Apache Indian and Amar. A local band named Sout Dandy Squad also volunteered to contribute their performance for the children.

We applaud Timbaland’s efforts to take some time out of their hectic schedule to do such an impressive act for those less fortunate. Here are some pictures from the live show that was especially for those special kids in Dharavi.

slum children with timbaland

slum children with timbaland

slum children with timbaland

slum children with timbaland

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