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Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 4 - Photos

‘No One Killed Jessica‘ Team At Big Boss 4 With Salman Khan
Rani Mukherjee on Bigg Boss 4
Rani Mukherji on Bigg Boss 4


Shweta Tiwari’s Enemy Shradha Sharma in Bigg Boss?

While the media in India has been going crazy about the possibility of Raja Chaudhary being brought in the Bigg Boss, season 4 house face to face with Shweta Tiwari and Dolly Bindra, another possibility is that Raja Chaudhary’s new girl friend Shradha Sharma could be a possible wild card entry. Not too long ago, Shradha Sharma in a free-wheeling interview had blasted Shweta Tiwari – Raja Chaudhary’s ex-wife – in the popular television magazine Showtime and even accused her of “sleeping around for work”.

Since then Shradha Sharma and Shweta Tiwari are sworn enemies.

Raja Chaudhary had openly declared in front of the media that Shradha Sharma is more talented and beautiful than his ex-wife. Since then and particularly since Shradha Sharma’s no-holes-barred interview to Showtime, Shweta and she are sworn enemies. Shradha Sharma cannot stand the sight of Shweta Tiwari whom she had accused of sending ‘goondas’ to harass Raja in the middle of the night.

Raja had even declared his intention to marry Shradha Sharma and had stated that the duo would get married next year 2011 after his divorce with Shweta Tiwari came through officially.


I am ready to get a ‘rakhi’ tied from Diana : Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh has been declared the winner of Bigg Boss 2. The results were given out by none other than the ‘Khiladiyo ka Khiladi’, Akshay Kumar.

The lattmar guy speaks to us about everything, from his girlfriend Sonel, to suspicius relationship with Diana and his urgency to win the Bigg Boss show. We got into a candid chat with the man himself.

“It feels great to win a reality show, especially if it is Bigg Boss. This is my second win in a row, MTV Roadies 5.0 and now Bigg Boss 2”, says Ashu as he is called by fellow mates. 1 Crore is a big amount, so what next?

“I really needed the money badly. The amount is very huge. I needed the cash for my personal means”.

We asked him what will he do now after leaving the Bigg Boss house?

“First of all, I will convenience my girlfriend, Sonel (of MTV Roadies 5.0). She wants to break off with me. I am ready to get a ‘rakhi’ tied from Diana. There was nothing between us.

I never knew the media would exaggerate the situation so much. Diana is a good friend of mine. But if people still have second thoughts about it I am ready to get a ‘rakhi’ tied from her”.

So now that he has won two reality shows in a row, is he open for other reality shows as well?

“Certainly, why not. I am ready for any reality show now. Be it dancing on the stage, or again an adventurous one, I am open to all. The very thought of winning two reality shows has given me enough confidence level for the third or the forth one. In fact I am open to films also. I don’t mind acting in any movie be it a big or a small role”.

Coming back to Bigg Boss, whom does he admire the most amongst his entire house mate?

“He is the one and only Rahul Bhaiya. He has given me the will power to stand till the end. I owe him big time”.

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Alina From Bigg Boss 2 in Bikini

Sexy Alina from big boss unbelievable bikini sexy avtaar i never expected this cute angel to be so hot in bikini anyways enjoy this hot pic and share with your friends

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Bigg Boss almost disturbed my social life: Farah khan

After judging almost 4 reality shows Farah has got the title of an experienced and qualified judge. Judging reality shows according to her is at the back of her hand and she knows its an out and out entertainment for the audiences and the judges as well.

Q-Do you consider yourself a reality show junkie?
A-I am a big fan of reality shows and that's the reason why I have judged almost four of them and now this one is going to be my fifth one.

Bigg Boss used to be one of my favorite reality shows and I could almost feel my social life getting disturbed, but now as I see the contestants behaving like normal human beings I have started getting out of it. Nach Baliye has always been my favourite one.

Q- Unfortunately the entire outlook of the audiences towards reality shows have changed, they feel everything is made up over there. What do you think about this?
A-Yes, I agree to what they feel coz it really happens in some of the shows. I don't say that everything there is made up, but the judges are made to do certain things.

Fortunately such things have never happened in my shows and I will see to it that they never happen. Not only the drama it's the background music too which I just cannot stand.

For no reason there is always a background music which is played. Even the news channels are practicing it. In midst of a bomb blast news there's background music.

Q-Don't you feel there are excessive reality shows happening these days?
A-I agree to what you say but I feel that genuine reality shows are always preferred by the audiences. According to me the most happening reality shows were Indian idol; Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikh La Ja.

There were many of them where I could actually see that the people judging the show were more likely to be contestants. The lack of judges judging the reality show is actually showing now.

Q-There are hardly any known faces in Nach baliye 4. Dont you think that's going to affect its popularity?
A-That's true but I guess nothing can be done about it coz all the known face s have already participated in it and the one who are remaining are busy somewhere else. The main hitch about this show is that you need to participate in it as a couple.

Q-So don't you think a gap was required so that the known and popular faces could have participated in it?
A-Look if I talk on behalf of a viewer then I would want to see Nach Baliye every year. If you have become a fan of a particular reality show then you wouldn't want to miss it for a single year. Just like me, in spite of not liking Bigg Boss I still sit in front of the TV. Every night to watch it, coz it's not the liking it's the habit.

Q-Before signing for the show did you try to find out whether the contestants whom you are going to judge are up to the mark or not?
A-Honestly speaking I never thought about it. during my last show Jo Jeeta Wahi Superstar I had a word with Star TV and that is when they asked me and I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Personally its one of my favourite shows so I dint bother to find out who the other judges or the contestants would be.

Q-Don't you think that with Arjun Rampal and Karishma Kapoor along with you the viewers expectations would go high?
A-I feel the viewers are really going to be happy after seeing such a mind-blowing panel of judges. This would be the first time when two bollywood stars would be seen as judges in the show. Normally they have a choreographer along with a director as a judge but with me they've got one on one free.

Q-In every reality show there's always a clash between the judges voting and the sms voting, keeping this in mind have you made any changes?
A-I have always wanted a fifty fifty opinion in my show. In Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar I almost changed the format of the show.

But I don't think we can neglect the sms voting coz that's the only way in which the viewers are attached to the show and how can we forget that they are the ones who actually help us in making the show popular.

Q-What would you like to tell about Indian Idol and Nach Baliye as there time and day of telecast would be the same?
A-There a lot of difference in both the shows as Indian Idol is a singing show while Nach is a dancing show and their viewers are also different. Given an option I personally would watch Nach Baliye than Indian idol coz I love to see rather than hear.

Q- Tell us a little about Happy new Year?
A- Happy New Year would be ready by the end of next year as of now we haven't started with the shooting of the film as I'm waiting for my kids to grow up so that I can take them with me wherever I go.
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Payal is Undisputed Queen of C-grade films: Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth, The drama for the ‘Drama Queen’, Sambhavna Seth has finally come to an end.

She now breathes fresh air (which she couldn’t in Bigg Boss house) and finally gets to see different people around her. Gone are the days of her ‘amusement and abusement’ in the Bigg Boss house. We get into a serious chat with her where she recalls her ‘melodrama’ in the Bigg Boss house.

She starts by saying that she lived each and every moment in that house. She did have some bad encounters though. She said she enjoyed doing the tasks which were assigned to her. She also had fun when it came the topic was entirely became ‘gossip section’

We decided to jump into she rivals in that house. To start with the lot-

Her Biggest Rival: Payal Rohatgi
“Payal is a sympathy gainer. She is no less than a beggar. The difference is that the beggar goes to various people and collect money and in her case its sympathy which she dies for. Payal said that she is well educated and an engineer and stuffs. Will a well educated person behave in this manner”? question Sambhavna.

She continues with a furious face, “Payal told me that I am a down market, low class girl. She even told me a ‘Baazaru Aurat’.

The fact is that all these terms were given by her but it suited her the best. It can be recalled that Payal was the one who had done C-grade films like ‘Tauba Tauba’ and many others. She says she wants an image change.

She wanted to show that she can do all the household work and even clean dishes and stuffs. She was dying to be termed as ‘A Decent Girl’.

“She used to wear a two-piece bikini and attract all guys and have fun with them in the pool. She was always interested in showing off her curves to people. She even got massaged by Rahul. She is the ‘Undisputed Queen of C-grade films’”, says Sambhavna with a happy and satisfied face then.

Rahul Mahajan:
“I don’t know if Rahul is really that famous as he pretends to be. He says he’s a big personality. But I personally think Rahul can win the Bigg Boss also. The best part that many don’t know is that he too says that he will win. Rahul said that he had already set the nomination and has a ‘kind of setting’ with the channel”.

Sambhavna recalls her first day in Bigg Boss house where Rahul came to her and said, “How many days do you want to stay, 3-4 weeks? Will your purpose be fulfilled within that period. He said that then only accordingly he will think and plan out other things.”

Sambhavna says, “That act of his was very annoying and then we decided to nominate him. He thinks too much of himself. Who the hell is he?”

“Raja and I shared a love and hate relationship. He was good to me as well as bad for me. I was the one who took the initiative to let everyone know that Raja was not a bad person by heart.

He, instead of thanking me started back stabbing me which annoyed me to the core. It was then I started my game plotting against him. But in the end I would still say that Raja is still not that bad person and is good by heart”.

Sambhavna says that Zulfi, the most silent one is still very dangerous and extremely cunning.

“Zulfi and Payal are worst of the lot. Zulfi pretends a lot. He is not what he is showing. He is very very cunning. I think he knows black magic and stuffs also. He used to sit down with candles and agarbattis late in the night which was scary”, says a scared Sambhavna.

Sambhavna says she speaks her heart which many don’t like because the truth is always bitter and never better. She does confess that she had played many games in order to survive. She recollects and says that if she wont have started the ‘groupism thingy’, then she would have been voted out before Rakhi and Monica.

When asked about a sudden change in her behavior towards Raja and Ashu, Sambhavna says, “I did everything for Ehsaan ji because he was very close to me and if I would have left the house he would be in a no man’s land. It was for him I decided to bend down”.

Sambhavna is happy to see people which she couldn’t past so many days, but says if given a chance (through a wild card entry) would still go back to finish some unfinished business and “kick some ass”
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Payal Rohatgi Bikini

Check out this hot footage from Bigg Boss's House featuring Payal Rohatgi in bikini entering the swimming pool. Bigg Boss is being aired on the new national television channel called Colors. Watch Bigg Boss Action daily at 10pm on Colors.
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