Drona is not a super-hero film

Another director who's back after a sabbatical is Goldie Behl. There has been a substantial gap between his directorial debut BAS ITNA SA KHWAAB HAI and his second outing DRONA. "Two reasons, " Goldie spells out, "Nothing inspired me to start a film in the intervening period. Besides, I decided to dabble in television and establish my company."

He gets into an introspective mood. "I was completely disillusioned. I took failure to my heart. But with the passage of time, I realized that one should never take failure to heart or success to head, " the soft-spoken director states.

Goldie penned a couple of scripts in the intervening period. "And also made 3 / 4 films in my mind, " he laughs. DRONA was 'born' after a lot of thinking and brainstorming sessions.

Now this is important: A lot of people feel that DRONA is a super-hero film, on the lines of Batman and Superman. Is it? "It's not! It's a modern-day fantasy adventure. Let me clarify, we haven't copied the West or the East. It's an original concept, very Indian at heart, a desi film, but presented in a contemporary format, " he divulges.

Please continue. "I've grown up on popular Indian cinema and having grown up in a family environment, you'll see a lot of familial bonding in DRONA.

The bonding between Jaya Aunty (Jaya Bachchan) and Abhishek on screen is terrific, it's an extension of what they're in real life. In fact, Jaya Aunty is the trump card of my film, the real USP. And as a director, I must add that it's one of her finest works ever, " Goldie states with all humility.

Final words? "I am sure, DRONA would not only work with the Indian audiences, but also internationally, " he says. Amen!

Dil Kabaddi - Movie Preview

Set in contemporary Mumbai, the movie takes a close look at the evolving equations among urban couples and paints the metamorphosis amongst the relationships with a comic stroke.

The film tracks the lives of two modern day married couples Samit (Irrfan Khan) and Mita (Soha Ali Khan); Rishi (Rahul Bose) and Simi (Konkona) caught in web of boredom, loss of love and temptation.

The film starts with an announcement by Samit and Mita Of their separation, and follows the moral muddles and emotional crises of the couples over the next year and a half - as friends fight, separate, take lovers and, in a way, reconcile

The film is irected by debutante Anil Sharma

You can call me sexy and hot, I won't mind: Esha Deol

Esha Deol, daughter of actors Dharmendra and Hema Malini, says that her mom wouldn't mind her being in a live-in relationship before marriage and adds that her dream man should be like her dad.

"I believe in a love marriage and am looking for a guy who would have some qualities of my father, " said Esha, who will be seen next with Shiney Ahuja in "Hijack".

"I think every girl wants her life partner to have some qualities of her father and I also want the same. My father has been the closest man in my life till now and I'm familiar with his qualities and therefore want my man to be like him, " Esha told in an interview.

Although her parents are looking for a suitable match for her, the 25-year-old actress is not game for an arranged marriage.

"My mom is a modern kind of person and would not mind if I even go for a live-in relationship with someone. I think I would like to live with him for at least two years and then think of getting married.

"It's always better to know a person well before marriage than getting divorced later, " she quipped.

According to Esha, she and her mother share many interests.

"Both of us like dancing and acting; therefore we share a lot of common things among us. Besides, she has been a constant support in my life."

She said Hema is now trying to revive her banner H.M. Creations, which made Shah Rukh Khan starrer "Dil Aashna Hai" in 1992.

"My mom is very keen to revive her banner. She thinks this is the best time to start a project as the market has really grown during the past couple of years. Also, we believe in the saying 'make hay when the sun shines'."

Though they have decided to make a film, the script has not yet been finalised.

"We are going through various scripts, but nothing has been finalised yet."

Esha debuted with "Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe" in 2002 and in the last six years featured in several films, but success has eluded her so far. She was a part of successful films like "Dhoom", "Yuva" and "No Entry", but all of them were multi-starrers.

After doing glamorous roles in run-of-the-mill films, Esha now wants to do some meaningful cinema.

"Though I am happy with my sexy image, I want to do meaningful cinema. There is nothing wrong being sexy as most of the actresses feel proud if they are termed as 'sexy and hot'; so do I.

"But at the same time I want to do some films that also show my acting talent, " she said.

She is positive about "Hijack" and says it has tapped her acting potential in the right way.

"The role that I am playing in 'Hijack' is what I have never tried before. For the first time I will not be romancing my hero, neither will I be seen running around trees, not even in a dream sequence, " said Esha who plays an air hostess in the movie.

"My character is experienced and believes in herself and helps the protagonist, played by Shiney Ahuja, with all her experience in rescuing the passengers."

She rubbished reports that she didn't get along with Shiney on the sets of "Hijack".

"It is not true at all. Shiney and I get along well and I think the media reports of my strained relations with him were just a publicity gimmick. I'm looking forward to do another film with him."

Asked about working with debutant director Kunal Shivdasani, Esha said: "Kunal is an experienced ad filmmaker and he has applied his experience in making the film. He has shot the film aesthetically and also in a realistic way."

"Hijack", which also stars K.K. Raina and debutante Kaveri Jha in important roles, releases this Friday.

We did a mistake by making our relationship public: Deepika

If we go by the number of directors desirous of bringing the two together, it would seem Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are the hottest most saleable pair in moviedom today.

After seeing them together in Siddharth Anand's Bachna Ae Haseenon at least three big directors have decided to cast them together in their films and have in fact approached the pair with their projects.

Anees Bazmi (taking a break from Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif after Welcome and Singh Is Kinng), David Dhawan (getting away from his Govinda-Salman-Katrina-Lara comfort zone) and Raj Santoshi (who after working with Ranbir in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazak Kahani wants to take a longer break from his Ajay Devgan starrers) have all offered Ranbir-Deepika films.

But the pair is surprisingly reluctant to work together.

Says a source close to both Ranbir and Deepika, "They've definitely been offered films by Bazmi, Dhawan and Santoshi and are considering taking up at least one of these.

But Ranbir –Deepika are in no hurry to sign films together. Not after seeing what happened to Kareena and Shahid in all their films until their breakup and recently to Kareena and Saif in Tashan.

Ranbir-Deepika know the public gets satiated reading about real-life couples and seeing them constantly at events on television. The novelty factor is over.

Deepika would rather be seen with Saif in Imtiaz Ali's film and Ranbir with Katrina and Konkona in his forthcoming films rather than come together on screen repeatedly to entertain each other and bore the audience."

At the moment all the three major offers for Ranbir-Deepika are on hold.

Says the source, "They might finally take up one of the offers. As for the much talked-about film by Ranbir's childhood friend Vicky Singh, that has three leading ladies in it and Deepika might or might not be one of them finally. And that project won't be shot until 2010. In fact Ranbir hasn't even signed it as yet."

One thing is for sure. Ranbir and Deepika are in no hurry to sign films together and are in fact, reluctant to be seen together.

Says Deepika, "We decided to be open about our relationship and lived to regret it because the more open we were the more out honesty was misconstrued.

Our right to privacy was completely disregarded. So we've decided to be less public about our relationship. And we don't need to do films together to prove anything."

Celina reveals her girl trouble with Neha Dhupia and Riya Sen

Celina has just returned from London from an incomplete schedule of Tigmanshu Dhulia's King Con opposite Govinda. "The weather in London got bad. And we hardly did any work. Chi Chi had Rumi Jaffrey's film and I had to return to complete Hello Darling. So we came back."

She got into the Dhulia project at the eleventh hour. And she couldn't be happier. It is possibly the most fearsomely challenging role in the actress' career. "In King Con I play a stripper who's a kleptomaniac," Celina giggles.

"I died laughing when I heard my role. I'm having the time of my life. I got the role just a week before shooting. They weren't sure about how to make the girl look. I play this stripper who's half-English and half-Indian."

Celina's co-star is Govinda. She's all praise for him. "I've worked with so many leading men. He's one of those rare ones who never tries to flirt or make a pass. I don't know why people talk negatively about him.

Govinda is a very spiritual person." Now Celina has one more film opposite 'spiritual' Govinda. "We'll start working together on Aditya Datt's film. I know people are talking about me and Govinda. But he's just too nice."

Celina says she's finally able to focus on her career. "Earlier I was too much in love to give enough of myself to my career. But now I've realized work is all that matters. Love will come when it has to."

Celina was also in the news for her supposed spat with Neha Dhupia in Thailand last month. Celina clears the air.

"Neha missed her flight and arrived two days late. By then Riya and I were shooting a song in identical school uniforms. The director said the hairstyles should be different. But when Neha joined us she wanted the same ribbons.

I suggested different hair accessories to avoid looking identical. Neha got agitated and used unparliamentary language with me." Since this ugly incident happened in Celina's van the actress got upset.

"The next thing I knew stories about our spat was being spread in Mumbai." Says Celina, "A spat over ribbons with a co-star is not my scene. I'm also being accused of spreading stories about Riya and Paritosh Painter.

I reached Thailand three days late because my passport was stuck with the British embassy. I had to make up for lost time. I had no time for all this in Thailand. My mom and dad were with me in Thailand. We were constantly together.

As for Neha and me, we were hardly together. After Thailand I went straight to London. I had no idea about the stories being spread in Mumbai. I guess girls working together always causes trouble. We all have our insecurities to deal with. " On the brighter side Riya Sen called and apologized to Celina for believing she was spreading such rumours.

Tahaan Movie Review

Purav Bhandare, the central character in Santosh Sivan's TAHAAN, has elbowed Darsheel Safary, the child star of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR out of his top slot. There was no written confirmation about the fact that Darsheel was on top of the heap, but the fact that he now endorses so many products and is seen so often on television is a fair enough barometer. Bhandare goes one up. He has tremendous screen presence, is a fabulous actor and has brought alive the character of TAHAAN to endear himself to the viewer, just like Safary did in TZP. To put it in a nutshell, Bhandare is pure genius. Full marks to Sivan for entrusting this lad with the load of the film. But I suspect, like his character, Tahaan, where he is unknowingly being used by terrorists, Bhandare had no clue that he was the main protagonist of this film!

Before venturing into direction, Santosh Sivan was an acclaimed cinematographer and this time he blends the experience from both fields to come up with a visually appealing and a little disturbing, though thought-provoking film.
Visually appealing because he has captured the purity of the Kashmir Valley, in the way only he can. The beautifully snowcapped valleys and open roads, coupled with the dilapidated houses and fields of snow are visually brought alive on screen. Disturbing because, you feel for the child who is trying in vain to get back his pet donkey, Birbal, with who he shares a bond that no adult will understand. Disturbing also because in his desire to get back Birbal, he is lured into handling grenades with a promise of getting back his Birbal. Thought provoking because Sivan makes you leave the theatre asking questions about what really is happening in the Kashmir Valley and how the locals are living their lives there.
However, Sivan could have been clearer in his thought process as to what he wanted the viewer to go home with. According to me, there is a thin veil over the storyline, which, if lifted, would have given the viewer a clearer picture. I agree that not all movies need to be easy on the mind; you have to get the viewer involved. But something, somewhere in the script does not allow me to rationalise the move behind the plot. Having said that, I must admit, it's a good experience but not for the aam junta. It's for those who love their cinema in art form.

Apart from Bhandare, the lad who plays Idris (Ankush Dubey) is another bright spark in the film. I dare say that Anupam Kher, Sarika and Rahul Bose are just supporting cast.

Move over Safary, here comes Bhandare. On second thoughts, there's room for more talented children like these two.

Ratings: 3 / 5


It's going to be a spine-chilling winter!!!

While the mystery is continuing in production and on celluloid, there is one major clue that has been solved. Yes, the date for the theatrical release of the next blockbuster thriller from Bollywood, RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is now no more a secret. This spine chilling movie from Vishesh Films is going to hit worldwide screens on 23rd January 2009. This is the most anticipated release of 2009, with absolutely no other film to match up to its theme and style. It's definitely going to be a chilly winter that will keep you shuddering!!

RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is being directed by Mohit Suri and stars Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman.

''It is definitely thrilling to be ready to present Vishesh Films' next film to the world,'' says Mukesh Bhatt, ''RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES has been much talked about and long awaited by everyone, so here it is! Get ready to be spooked!'' Though only very few people are aware of the exact story of RAAZ- THE MYSTERY CONTINUES it is believed to be a supernatural thriller dealing with the myths and superstitions that are still widely existent in the contemporary Indian society. The film will tend to challenge one's beliefs about paranormal phenomena.

The blockbuster music of Vishesh Films' JANNAT - which is still ruling the charts - was released on Sony BMG. RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES takes this association a step forward with Sony BMG. Contrary to popular belief, RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is not a sequel to the musical blockbuster RAAZ - which is one of the biggest musical blockbusters of all time and the only blockbuster musical thriller of this decade!! It is an industry claim that Vishesh Films is amongst the very few that can create and carry off a film in the thriller genre, on par with stylized film making. So RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES has many people awaiting a watch!

According to insiders, the entire shoot for RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is complete. Post-production, which involves exceptional special effects is now in the process. Another scoop from insiders is that the music of RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is a notch above JANNAT!! Though most are skeptical on how this is possible, the select few who have heard the music simply vouch for the fact that Raju Singh and other composers have done a fantastic job!!

Shridhar Subramaniam, Managing Director Sony BMG says, ''We have had a very successful association with the Bhatts for JANNAT. The music of this film has ruled the charts and continues to be a hot favourite. I'm very certain that RAAZ - THE MYSTERY CONTINUES is also set to be a tremendous sensation and a great experience. We're all looking forward to this release.''

Looks like Sony BMG and Vishesh Films are ready to create more records across charts!!

RU-BA-RU features 10 kisses!!

Percept Picture Company's next Release RU-BA-RU features 10 kisses between Randeep Hooda and ROCK ON debutante Shahana Goswami

Percept Picture Company's latest venture RU-BA-RU starring Randeep Hooda and Shahana Goswami is a modern day love story of a couple who live in relationship. As per the script's demand both the actors had to share more than ten intimate kisses! Both Randeep and Shahana being professional actors didn't hold any qualms while performing the intimate act.

Shahana who is professional theater actress says, "A kiss is an eternal sign of romance and love. RU-BA-RU being a modern love story of a couple who are living in relationship for two years, the intimacy and chemistry had to be right. It was a part of my job to authenticate the relationship on screen, and Randeep being a thorough professional made me very comfortable before each scene'.

RU-BA-RU is all set to hit theaters on 12th September.
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