Wardrobe malfunction is very classily done: Priyanka Chopra

At Fame Adlabs on Wednesday afternoon when Priyanka Chopra walked the ramp for the last time in Fashion she got a standing ovation.

And the one to get the most emotionally moved was her dad.

Watching Priyanka Chopra play the small-town girl who leaves home to become a model in the metropolis was a deeply emotional experience for Dr Ashok Chopra.

Says the emotional daughter, "He just broke down. Watching my character Meghna in Fashion he saw his little girl from Jamshedpur going all the way to Mumbai to become Miss World.

In fact his sense of identification with that whole portion in Chandigarh where I'm this plump Punjabi girl leading a sheltered life with her parents, was very deep, " says Priyanka from Dubai where she attended the Fashion premiere on Thursday night.

"I identified deeply with those scenes where my character is trying to find her way in Mumbai. The only difference is my my character Meghna knows exactly where she was going. I had no clue.

Also, my dad never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. He was concerned yes. But never disapproving like Meghna's father. In fact my dad moved to Mumbai to be with me when I decided to move to Mumbai."

Days after the film's release there's a sense of outrage about the fashion industry being shown as a place of constant undercutting and heartbreak.

Protests Priyanka, "It's like that in any competitive field. We slogged hard on the research. Madhur and I gave our life and blood to the film. I was in discussions over the script with Madhur for five months before I said yes to Fashion."

Priyanka wore a short dress a Gavin Miguel for the Dubai festival.

Some cast members of Do Knot Disturb who were shooting in Dubai came for the premiere.

Says Priyanka, "We had David Dhawan, Lara Dutt and Riteish who were shooting in Dubai. Then we had the royalty from Dubai. Earlier we had a special screening of Fashion for the modeling world in Mumbai.

I had a ball catching up with the old times, screaming and shouting. The best thing is that the fashion industry supported us in such a big way. But people from the fashion industry love Fashion.

We've definitely taken real-life incidents from the ramp. Even the wardrobe malfunction scene is so poignant. The designers, models, choreographers…they were all supportive."

Carol Gracias whose wardrobe malfunction scene has been taken in Fashion, saw the film.

"She loved the film. Carol thought it's very classily done, " says Priyanka. "The coolest thing is that my film has taken an initial opening on the basis of one heroine's presence (me). That surprises me because that goes against the rules of the film industry."

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BBC to produce next season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa

The third season of the dance reality TV show “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” will now be produced by its original format owner BBC.

“Yes, it's true, if there is another season of 'Jhalak...', BBC will be producing it themselves as they have set up their own production office in Mumbai, and this time around they would not like to outsource it to a third party, ” said Siddhartha Basu, head of Synergy Adlabs that produced the previous seasons of the show.

The show, based on BBC's “Strictly Come Dancing” and loosely based on American show “Dancing With The Stars”, pairs celebrities and professional dancers to compete with other pairs in various dance forms on a highly competitive stage.

According to Basu, Sony Entertainment Television, on which the show was aired, licensed the format from BBC, and also commissioned the production from them. Sony TV then in turn commissioned Synergy Adlabs to produce the show.

While TV actress Mona Singh won the first season of the show, actress Prachi Desai bagged the top honours in the second season.

The next season is expected to go on floors in summer 2009 and dance maestro Saroj Khan might be one of the judges on the show.

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I will do TV serials after retiring from movies: Rambha

South Indian actress Rambha rubbishes reports that she is doing television soaps and says she will move to the small screen only after taking retirement from big screen.

"People are making up stories on the basis of my judging a reality show on a TV channel. I may think of a television career if roles offered excite me. But that will happen only after I retire from the big screen. I am choosy about my roles, " Rambha told.

She accepted the offer to judge a reality show because she liked the concept, she said.

"I am still a sought after heroine. The forthcoming Tamil movie 'Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru' features me as the female lead opposite Prakash Raj, " said Rambha, who has done more than 100 films, including some in Hindi.

In a career spanning 16 years, Rambha has played lead roles opposite top Bollywood heroes like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty, Govinda and Mithun Chakraborthy.

Born Vijaya Lakshmi to Telugu parents, the squint-eyed actress adopted screen name Amritha and later changed it to Rambha.

Her uncanny resemblance to late Hindi actress Divya Bharti was one of her claims to all-India stardom.

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Who stole Rahul`s heart?

Ahh…the dramatic love story continues… Raja and the 'IT' couple of the house seem to be enjoying a lazy morning, resting comfortably on the beanbags outside.

When Rahul slips away for a while, Raja and Monica begin discussing her relationship with Rahul. Monica states that she refuses to make any commitments before meeting Payal….

We must see that! Unedited! Later Rahul jokingly asks Raja to press his chest so that he can fall off to sleep to which Monica asks him to check how strong Rahul's heart is!

Raja light-heartedly comments that Rahul must have a dozen hearts to which Rahul quickly replies that he has just one and that is for Monica!

Awww…. how sweet, that would make any girl weak in her knees! If only we believed you!

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Multinational companies reject Slumdog Millionaire

Mercedes-Benz and a multinational soft drinks company insisted on removing their logos from scenes in "Slumdog Millionaire" because they did not want to be associated with a Mumbai slum, the film's director says.

The film, based on Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup's rags-to-riches novel, premiered Thursday night at the gala closing of the London Film Festival to critical acclaim and is predicted to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

But director Danny Boyle told The Times newspaper that Mercedes-Benz and the drinks company believed their brands would be sullied if shown in a Mumbai slum - the film's setting.

He said Mercedes-Benz pulled out of a chase scene that culminates with a slumlord in dark glasses emerging from a white saloon car.

“The thing (you did not see) was the Mercedes logo on that car, ” Boyle said after the screening.

“We had to take that off because Mercedes don't want to be associated with being in a slum. We wanted to use a Mercedes because… this guy, this gangster would drive a Mercedes... But if you use Mercedes then clearly you have to get permission, and we asked for their permission and they refused it, ” the director said.

The paper said Friday Mercedes-Benz apparently gave permission for its logo to appear on the gangster's car when it was parked outside his mansion and on a car hired by wealthy American tourists.

Boyle also spoke about having to disguise the logo of a global drinks company. “There is a scene where the kids are on a rubbish dump and they get offered these bottles of… popular fizzy drink.

“Not only were we not allowed to use their name, basically we had to paint over the label on the bottle as well.

“So we ended up paying tens of thousands of pounds painting out these symbols which are meant to unite the world, aren't they?” Boyle added.

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A new look for Sanjay Dutt and Kunal Kapoor

Designer Shabina Khan has designed a special new look for Sanjay Dutt and Kunal Kapoor who play the lead strars of Rahul Dholakia's (Parzania) next, Lamha. The film is reportedly a mature love story and is being extensively shot in Kashmir and deals about various subjects and issues including army, terrorism, Kashmiri Pandits mass exodus etc.

Sanjay Dutt's role in the film is that of an undercover cop. Shabina has given Sanju a new look that's absolutely stunning. Dutt has been made to looks raw and very rough and tough just like the way undercover cops look.

Kunal Kapoor plays a Pathan in the film. Shabina has stylized his look and costumes accordingly. Shabina did a research on the Pathan. Also with the kind of look that Kunal has, Shabina's costumes gel very well with his tall personality.

Anupam Kher plays a freedom fighter in the film. Director Rahul Dholakia says "It is too early to talk about the look right now but yes the film is based on Kashmir and will throw light on different issues ranging from terrorists, the army, the displaced Kashmiri pundits and the locals. Bipasha plays a fundamentalist and she would also do a lot of stunts in the film."

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Salman grooming students of WWI on the sets of Yuvvraaj

Everyone saw a different side of Salman Khan on the sets of Subhash Ghai's musical extravaganza 'Yuvvraaj'. He turned out to be quite a stellar attraction to some of the students of Whistling Woods International, not in the class but in the gym.

While shooting for a particular portion of 'Yuvvraaj' in the Goregaon Filmcity region it was quite a site to see Salman hanging out in the WWI gym bonding with students and even giving them lessons in grooming and physical fitness.

The actor who is playing the lead singer in forthcoming 'Yuvvraaj' emphasized the importance of physical fitness, look, and style. While asked about his experience with interacting the new generation,

Salman says with a grin "It was really fun to see these future actors, technicians in such a high spirit. It used to be an informal sessions with them while working out, I will always prefer to pass the knowledge spontaneously rather than sitting in a classroom.

My advice will always be that an actor must spend a lot of time and care for his body and face because this is the only instrument with any actor to play the role and to exhibit his talent of acting on a big screen." Yuvvraaj is slated to release on 21st November.

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Cinema >> Titbits << Previous Next >> Add to My MSN Add to My Yahoo The first charismatic host on OYE… It`s Friday Your Friday evenings are

Your Friday evenings are filled with witty, vivacious, glamorous, crazy, humorous and juicy entertainment…without leaving your home!

It's entertainment – plain and simple. One-hour of cutting edge humour, dazzling performances, news making guests, edgy style all rolled into one… it is the greatest entertainment extravaganza ever!

Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to present Oye… It's Friday only on Imagine and presented by the one and only Farhan Akhtar. !

"This show is something I want to watch… it has no rules and no boundaries… and its only aim is to entertain. I've done a lot of different things in my life and career and the reason I want to be a part of Oye.. It's Friday is because it is so excitingly unconventional, " says Farhan.

Farhan is the first in the line of seriously irreverent, seriously interesting personalities that will host Oye…It's Friday on Imagine. These hosts will switch and swap over the course of the series and will surprise and entertain you week after week!

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Ek Vivaah...Aisa Bhi is not a sequel to Vivah

Debutant director Kaushik Ghatak says his "Ek Vivaah...Aisa Bhi" is not a take-off on Rajshri Productions' last hit "Vivah" and insists that the family drama is a completely fresh project.

"'Ek Vivaah...Aisa Bhi' is not a sequel or a remake of 'Vivaah'. There is no carry forward of any character or the story from 'Vivah' in the film. It is a completely fresh project with a fresh story, " Ghatak told on phone from Mumbai.

"The film has been titled such because it is the story about a couple who stay away from each other for 12 years due to circumstances, but after a mutual understanding.

"The understanding between the two is difficult to find even in married couples. Their love binds them together for such a long period of time before they get married and that's where the title of the film comes from, " he added.

Releasing Nov 7, the film is written by Sooraj Barjatya and Ashapurna Devi and stars Sonu Sood and Eesha Koppikhar in the lead as Prem and Chandni.

Other actors include Alok Nath, Smita Jaykar, Vishal Malhotra and Chhavi Mittal.

Selecting the lead characters was not an easy task for Ghatak.

"I did a lot of study on both the actors - watched their films before meeting them. Eesha has done almost all types of roles and I think Sonu is a little underrated as an actor.

"When I narrated the characters to Eesha and Sonu, they understood the intensity and emotions of their characters as well as the story and were completely into it. Once I started shooting, I realised I could not have found a better Prem and Chandni as my characters, " he said.

Ghatak also says that "Ek Vivaah..." is personal to him and has an individual appeal, as it will allow the audiences to draw personal inferences while watching it.

"The surrounding of the story is very close to my heart. Like the protagonists in the film, my wife and I waited for seven years before getting married. Also, offering prayers to the basil plant and lighting the lamp...that the audiences will watch Eesha doing in the film...is what we have been watching our grandmother and mother doing in real life.

"Every little nuance from real life has been kept in mind while making the film and I am sure common people will appreciate and associate with it as their own story in their sub-conscious, " he said.

However, unlike other movies, "Ek Vivaah..." does not boast of an exhaustive pre-release promotion.

"Rajshri Productions have their own strategy of a slow release for their films. They want the audience to watch the film and appreciate it but they don't believe in over-publicising.

They have done whatever is needed to inform the people and now they want the film to get publicised by word of mouth, " said the director, who has been in the trade for almost a decade.

Not many people know that Ghatak forayed into showbiz as an apprentice assistant to filmmaker Anurag Basu, whom he regards as his "Godfather". He started his first independent show as a director with Bengali serial "Amra Povashi" on Alpha Bengali and with Balaji Telefilms' "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" in Hindi.

He then wielded the megaphone for shows like "Sanskruti", "Shhh...Koi Hai", "Sanjivani - A Medical Boon", "Pyaar Ke Do Naam... Ek Raadha, Ek Shyaam" and "Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki".

Ghatak's works are known to be women-centric, which also shows in his movie.

The director said: "Women's psychology is the least explored area on the Indian screen. We always tell the story of the hero and not the story of the woman. I have always wanted to portray family values and explore a woman's psychology in what she goes through in life - handling it with a lot of love and respect."

Ghatak is at present waiting for "Ek Vivaah..." to hit the screens and is "juggling with a couple of more ideas" for a new film.

At the same time, he doesn't rule out returning to the small screen.

"I'd surely love to do TV some time in the future. TV has a kick of its own and is very fast paced. It has its own deadlines and meeting them is challenging, but fun, " he said.

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The glum Kapoors!

Looks like once upon a time on-screen couple, Sri Devi and Anil Kapoor don't really share a warm relationship with each other off screen! This in spite of being devar and bhabi now! As we all know, Sri Devi is married to Anil Kapoor's brother Boney Kapoor.

The duo was seen together in public after a long time at the felicitation function of Anil and Boney's father Surinder Kapoor where the entire Kapoor Khandaan was seen together.

The reports are that at the function the brothers appeared sullen and not warm to each other. Same goes for Sri who seemed lost in her own world. It looked as if they were posing for the camera just for formality's sake.

Anil was the first one to leave the function thereafter.

Maybe they feel that looking grave would make people take them more seriously!

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Tabu follows aunt Shabana

Shabana Azmi is a well known activist apart from being an actress. Now her niece, actress Tabu too is aiming to follow her foot steps it seems.

A source revealed, "Tabu had recently gone to America for a few days. Not many are aware that this trip wasn't meant for shooting any film. Tabu had actually gone there to participate in March by a women's organization there.

This women's march was in protest of domestic violence against women. Tabu after participating in this protest march also interacted with the local press and expressed her views about the issues."

Well with declining film roles and age no more on her side, Tabu seems to be slow and steadily opting for another full time profession it seems! She also as a guru in her own family in her aunt Shabana Azmi so it doesn't look a hard path for her ahead!

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Kashmir's Mirwaiz Umer Farooq invites Sanju and party for lunch

The cultural assimilation of Kashmir into India just got a little easier.

In what could be considered a historic move to make Bollywood feel welcome in the troubled Valley, the Mirwaiz (official spiritual leader) Umer Farooq invited producer Bunty Walia for tea to his residence on Sunday afternoon, assuring the anxious producer that the Valley is open to Mumbai's cinema re-consolidating itself as a cultural centre.

And now the entire cast of Bunty Walia's Lamhaa including Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor have been invited for lunch to the Mirwaiz's residence.

In the light of the troubled recession in the Valley of the Dal, this invitation from the spiritual leader who has the entire Kashmir Valley supporting his ideology, Walia's interaction with the Mirwaiz acquires huge creative and commercial ramifications.

Says the excited producer, "My tea invitation wuth the Mirwaiz went off really well. He turned out to be an intelligent and articulate man with a great knowledge of our cinema."

The Mirwaiz spoke to Walia of the great love that the people in the Valley have for Bollywood and how it can be renewed vigorously.

Says Walia, "Though the Mirwaiz doesn't have any favourites he said people in the Valley love Bollywood stars and movies. He was happy to know Lamhaa would bring such a large Mumbai crew to Kashmir."

Sanjay Dutt and Co's lunch with the Mirwaiz is expected to be fixed as soon as the unit catches its breath in the Valley.

"We hope to take up his invitation in the next two weeks, " promises Walia as the rest of his unit sigh in relief after having secured supreme protection by the top-most spiritual leader in the Valley.

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Kareena Kapoor rules!

Kareena Kapoor rules! Golmaal Returns biggest opening ever!

Golmaal Returns has opened to packed houses and Kareena Kapoor has once again proved her clout at the box office. The czarina of Bollywood has been the highlight of Golmaal Returns.

Kareena had been featured prominently in the publicity which was actually a strategy to promote the film and the strategy has paid off and how!

A trade analyst reveals, " Golmaal Returns has recorded the biggest opening ever and the fact that Kareena was centrestage in all the publicity and the fact that the film has worked and how has proved that she is the biggest draw."

. Golmaa Returns is a sure shot hit and possibly Super Hit if it sustains into second week. The film started with excellent collections in the morning and is doing extraordinary well in the evening shows across the country.

The bookings are extremely strong for tomorrow as well which means the film should record excellent figures over the extended weekend.

The opening for the first day is earth shattering and a bumper 95-100%. The film has matched historic openers like Om Shanti Om and Singh Is Kinng on day one in terms of capacity though the film has been released on a lesser volume of shows than those films.

Its the best ever openinmg that Kareena has ever had and it's time for Bebo to celebrate.

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I strongly feel that Singh Is Kinng really helped me: Sonu Sood

Recently, Sonu Sood got a first hand taste of the celebrity status he has gained post the super success of Jodhaa Akbar and Singh Is Kinng. He visited his home town in Punjab and was shocked to find that throughout his short stay there, there were 150-200 people thronging at his residence to meet him or at least have a glimpse of him.

On being queried, Sonu at first makes light of the happenings in his life. "It's ok, let's not make a big deal about it. It happens. I should consider myself as a real star once I start delivering hits all by myself. I am hoping Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' proves to be a major happening in my career as a solo lead."

Sonu Sood acknowledges though that it has been the Singh Is Kinng effect due to which his presence in the home town was celebrated to such an extent.

"I strongly feel that Singh Is Kinng really helped me. After all, it was a huge commercial success, though it was only after visiting Punjab that I realized the impact the film has made. It is amusing to see people running behind you and absolute strangers visiting you at home. That's the magic of Singh Is Kinng ", says Sonu who had a good kick start to the year with Jodhaa Akbar.

"I guess I have been successful in getting the right balance of films on my plate.

There is a large commercial audience which wants to see you in a Singh Is Kinng kind of a setup while there are others who appreciate you more if you get to do an intense role in Jodhaa Akbar. It's ok, as an actor you have to cater to both the segments of society", he reasons.

What made him refuse Mukesh Bhatt's Jashn in that case? Wasn't this film (which is being directed by Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala) allowing him to cater to any particular segment of society?

"Somehow I was not convinced about the script", admits Sonu, "I am sure Vishesh Films make great movies with great music. But I have to decide my own course too. I have some good movies of mine lined up and now for me to sign a film, it has to be something really exciting; something really better. In any case, why such a hue and cry about me choosing 'not' to do a film. In democracy, you are allowed to choose, right?"

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Kareena is not ready to forgive the Bachchans

The Kapoors and the Bachchans have been thick Bollywood pals for long. Until of course the much publicized Karisma Kapoor – Abhishek Bachchan breakup happened!

Of late there has been news of the family friends getting back together.

But according to fiesty Kareena they are just rumours as nothing of that sort is happening or likely to happen in the future.

She has reportedly said, "The 'patch-up' decision cannot be taken individually. This one's quite complicated, since the two families are involved now. There's no truth to the news-report about our teaming together. There's no project on the cards either."

Apparently she was miffed with Abhishek too as there were rumours of him being responsible for getting her replaced with Priyanka Chopra in Karan Johar's 'Dostana'.

Kareena sings another tune altogether and says, "I have moved on. Karan is a brother and he has offered me a far more challenging role in his next film that will be directed by Rensil D'Silva."

It seems Kareena's actually not ready to forgive the Bachchans yet.

Abhishek had apparently also extended the olive branch and said that he would love to work with Bebo again as she was his first heroine which makes her very special. But Bebo really seems totally uninterested!

She's too busy concentrating on her career and enjoying the luck bestowed upon her (even a senseless 'Golmaal Returns' has done well) to think of the Bachchans! Maybe she'll change her mind when the days are bad!

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Karan Johar finds Shilpa Shetty the hottest!

There were many options open for Karan Johar to do the sizzling item song – Shut Up and Bounce in his produced Dostana. Many top line actresses were willing to do this number shot in Miami for free for the sake of working under his prestigious banner – Dharma Productions. But Karan zeroed down on Shilpa Shetty. Why you may ask? Well Karan's reply is, "Because she is the hottest!"

He adds, "We finally zeroed in on Shilpa because she has the best body in town. She has done a fantastic job but credit also goes to choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant and music director Vishal Shekhar. Shilpa's number will be the introductory song along John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan."

Tarun Mansukhani who is making his directorial debut with Dostana too was impressed by Shilpa's professionalism. He says, "Shilpa was comfortable wearing anything for the song. We were to shoot the song in seven days but completed it in four days flat."

Shilpa agreed to be a part of Dostana immediately, not only because it was a Karan Johar production but also because it had her favorite team of film crew members such as – Manish Malhotra as the stylist, Mickey Contractor for the make up and Latika for her hair.

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Kim Sharma: I'm not dating any Australian

Kim Sharma has no time for love.

The actress is pretty amused with an international magazine that has openly claimed that Sharma is dating an Australian. It was also reported that the two have been caught red handed cootchie cooing in each other's arms.

Kim can't stop laughing at this story. Quips the actress, " Arre I am very much single. What is this news?" when questioned.

A close friend of Kim said, "She is very much single and not ready to mingle. " The friend said that Kim's sole focus was to concentrate on her career right now.

"Kim is so much immersed in doing work that she does not have time for love.. Also she is happy being single at the moment."

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RGV ropes in Big B, Riteish, Gul for Rann

Ram Gopal Varma has roped in a huge ensemble cast for his up coming next, Rann. Apart from signing his favourite actor, Amitabh Bachchan to play a pivotal role, the maverick filmmaker has also got in Riteish Deshmukh, Sudeep (hero of Phoonk) Gul Panag and Paresh Rawal to play important parts.

Manisha Koirala too gets a new lease of life in Bollywood as Ramu has cast her too in his film. She is back to Ramu camp after almost six years gap since Company (2006).

"When News Channels, Political parties and Industrial czars are the principal movers and shakers in a film, there is obviously a tremendous scope for high drama.

This is not so much my conscious intention as the director of the film, but the very demand of the subject matter. Having said that, even the so-called high profile people at the end of the day are, 'people'.

And no matter how powerful they are, they are not without their share of insecurities, egos, jealousies, and dilemmas." states Ramu in his blog about Rann.

Explaining in details each and every cast member of his film, Ramu states - I really enjoyed the process of casting for the incredibly exciting and thrilling characters of Rann.

The cast of Rann -

Amitabh Bachchan as Harshvardhan Malik - The founder of the first ever private news channel in the country INDIA 24/7, the Harvard-educated Harshvardhan Malik is India's most respected media personality. He is a hardcore upholder of journalistic ethics. No wonder his Channel is battling for survival!

Riteish Deshmukh as Purab Shastri - Armed with a degree in journalism, Purab Shastri truly believes that the media should be the check point for the people of a country, and therefore, it should report news, instead of manufacturing news.

Purab's thinking sets him apart from most youngsters of this country. While everyone is chasing their individual dreams, Purab aggressively wants to work towards a better India. Needless to say, a clash between Purab and the powers-that-be looks inevitable. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!

Sudeep as Jay Malik - A go-getter and highly aggressive and ambitious son of Harshvardhan Malik, Jay looks at his Dad's news channel purely as a business enterprise that must make profits to justify its existence. He hates that his competition is doing better than him.

Manisha Koirala Nalini Kashyap - She is the programming head of Harshvardhan Malik's news channel, INDIA 24/7. Having been in the industry for long enough, she has developed a practical view of how things operate here.

And this comes in direct conflict with what her boss Harshvardhan Malik, thinks. Juggling the cut-throat world outside with the idealistic universe of her boss, Nalini Kashyap has her job cut out.

Paresh Rawal as Mohan Pandey - It is every politician's dream to become the Prime Minister of his country. To that extent, the leader of the opposition Mohan Pandey is no different from his contemporaries. The only difference being - if the need arises, Pandey can and will kill to get the coveted chair.

Gul Panag as Nandita Sharma - The assistant of an ad filmmaker, Nandita Sharma someday hopes to bag an independent feature film. She is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend Purab. Nandita is smart, educated, and intelligent.

She is also highly indifferent to what's happening in the country, and first thinks about herself and her man, before anything or anybody else. On both counts, she represents the youth of India.

Mohnish Behl as Amrish Kakkar - He was the first to have the VISION and the foresight to realize that even the business of delivering NEWS can be made ENTERTAINING.

Amrish therefore can be safely held singularly responsible for taking the television news industry to the dogs, or to the heights, depending on how you see it.

His channel is no less than a shady brothel, the content that is NEWS is no less than a cheap hooker, and Amrish Kakkar - the most powerful pimp around.

Rajat Kapoor as Naveen Shankalya - Apart from being the son-in-law of Harshvardhan Malik, is also one of the topmost industrialists of the country.

Despite this, he is the most insecure man on earth, and won't rest till he becomes the number one industrialist in the country. His best buddy Mohan Pandey becoming the Prime Minister of India will surely help his cause.

Raima Sen as Yasmin Hussain - An ex-model, and fiancée of Jay Malik, Yasmin watches TV, reads gossip columns, and for most part, takes everything that is dished out to her, AT FACE VALUE. She does not understand the intricacies of power games, and hidden motivations behind actions of people.

The resources at her disposal to know what is true and what is not, are limited. She is not innocent, and she is not clever either. Yasmin therefore epitomizes the 'common man'.

Rajpal Yadav as Anand Prakash Trivedi - A creative editor, Anand Prakash Trivedi has a knack for sensationalizing even the driest story and making it sound like the story of the decade with super catchy headlines. More than any filmmaker, he makes far better movies. Only, he calls them NEWS.

Well, looking at the starcast of RGV's Rann, one can say that this in itself is a 'breaking news'.

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Hollywood hunks love Bollywood hotties

What's with our Bollywood babes bragging so much about being admired greatly by Hollywood biggies?

Will Smith has been a great fan of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's beauty and appeal for long. He's talked about his admiration for her openly and during his visit to India some two years back.

He also said that he had offered her the leading lady's part in 'Hitch' but she couldn't do it! Appearing in big talk shows in the US and doing a few small time international flicks must have made it possible for Ash.

We only wish this appreciation had actually helped her to bag a big mainstream Hollywood film as well!

The others have made sure that they are not left behind either. Mallika Sherawat had screamed from rooftops about Jackie Chan being completely floored by her. Later it appeared that she was shooting her mouth off for her 'few seconds role' in her disastrous international debut 'The Myth'

Pictures of Kareena Kapoor and Sylvester Stallone were splashed across the media recently. There were talks about him finding her pretty, wanting to work with her and so on.

However there were claims that Stallone only did the Bollywood film- 'Kambhakt Ishq' because he was in a financial soup. Maybe that's what made him talk overenthusiastically about Kareena!

Now there's news of Priyanka Chopra spending time with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith at the opening ceremony of the Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF).

Reportedly Banderas even expressed a keen desire to work with the actress and also talked about his knowledge of Bollywood and the financial leaps it has made in recent years.

The heroes haven't been far behind either. There have been Hollywood fans of SRK and mostly Akshay King Kumar after he shot for 'Kambhakt Ishq'!

We only wish the so called admiration would produce a true blue international star from India too much like how the South Americans Benicio Del Toro, Gael García Bernal, Salma Hayek etc or the South East Asians Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh or Gong Li have made it!

Or is it just big talk and no action for us?

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A Very Happy Birthday Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

If you remove sunset from the ocean, then, Serenity becomes meaningless

Likewise, if you remove Aishwarya Rai from Divinity (and vice versa), then, not just divinity but also humanity becomes totally meaningless! That's the magic of this lady, who celebrates her birthday today. Aishwarya is someone, with whom, the terms like elegance, stunning, striking, dazzling, gracious, gorgeous, beautiful etc...find themselves so very obliged and honoured, only to be merely associated with her!

Today is the day when even the best of writers and poets find themselves in a tight spot, because they find it so very difficult (read 'impossible') to describe the beauty in mere words.

It's Bollywood Paradize ultimate honour to be wishing the dew-kissed beauty Aishwarya, a Very Happy Birthday. You too can honour yourself by posting your best wishes belowFor Gossips And Mirch Masala Log On To Bollywood Paradize

A Very happy Birthday Shah Rukh!

Some of the world famous abbreviations are VIP: Very Important Person, CBI: Central Bureau of Investigation, UFO: Unidentified Flying Object, AIR: All India Radio, FIR: First Information Report, to name a few. But the abbreviation that not just precedes but also supercedes them all is 'SRK'...yes... our very own SRK- Shah Rukh Khan. Here is a man who celebrates his birthday in style on November 2, and has every reason to do so, for he came to Bollywood with no 'famous surname' but worked his way through and made his surname topping all the existing ones! That's Shah Rukh Khan for you, the man who allegedly has 30 hours in a day and who does not know the spelling or meaning of the word 'fatigue'.

Bollywood Paradize gives you a chance to wish Shah Rukh Khan - the star, the legend, a Very Happy Birthday, by simply posting your message below
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Akshay is now Khatron Ka 'Richest' Khiladi

Akshay Kumar is going to break all possible records of hosting TV shows by Bollywood stars by getting a whopping Rs. 2.5 crore per episode to host the adventure reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi's second season.

Sources close to the Khiladi Kumar revealed to us, "He has been approached by COLORS channel and Endemol (the show's makers) to once again host the reality show series.

They have also agreed upon the price quoted by him which is a staggering Rs. 2.5 crore. His popularity is on the rise and with the year 2009 looking all set to make Akki invincible at the box office what with highly anticipated releases of his mega budget films like Chandni Chowk to China, Blue, Tasveer and Kambaqqt Ishq.

Akshay was very popular as the host and it helped the new launched channel then COLORS grab a lot of eye balls resulting in high TRPs."

Akshay by getting Rs. 2.5 crore per episode will be the highest ever given to any Bollywood star. Akshay has now proved who is the real "King" when it comes to money making!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 2 aka Fear Factor 2 will not be shot in South Africa where the first season was shot with 13 Bollywood and modelling world beauties. This time a new city will be tapped. Also this time there will be a mix of male and female celebrities this time.

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