Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is the hottest actress in Bollywood
Kareena Kapoor is at an All Time High. She has a slew of big banner movies lined up in the next 6 months. The 27 year old Bollywood actress is also looking very hot and she probably will have a great 2008 coupled with her hot looks and big budget movies…

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Fab to Flab, Ayesha Takia to bid goodbye to films

Ayesha Takia has been the sweet innocent girl next door ever since she made her debut almost four years back.

The 'innocent' image has been so dominant that Jag Mohan Mundhra the director of the Indian version of 'The Forty year virgin' where she was supposed be the lead heroine, is panicking after Ayesha revealed that she intends to settle down and not pursue her career further.

First the other simple girl of B-Town Amrita Rao, walked out of his movie and now Ayesha's retirement plans puts him in a tight spot.

He says that innocent girls in B-Town are rare.

Yes, that's very true since everyone wants to be as bold as the Katrinas, the Kanganas, the Priyankas and the Bipashas of B-Town. It's truly easier for women like that out here!

Even the likes of Minissha Lamba, Gul Panag who only did simple girl acts and even Soha Ali Khan have had sexy makeovers after they made not too many gains being simple and sweet.

Now Ayesha's been lately fighting the flab and has appeared in plenty of inane films like 'Salaam-e-Ishq', 'Kya Love Story Hai', 'Fool and Final', 'No Smoking', 'Sunday' and 'De Taali'. But in 'Dor' she exhibited her talent, and if there were more chances like that, Ayesha might have shone brighter as an actress.

Since she has a biggie with Salman Khan in the form of 'Wanted: Dead And Alive' and another Nagesh Kuknoor (who brought out the best in her) film 'Eight by Ten', chances are people might get to see something interesting from this cherubic faced chick again.

And in the world of the not so innocent, the presence of a demure dame is highly required.

Ayesha might just realize that and decide to work post marriage too!

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Priyanka has five looks in Fashion

Priyanka Chopra's look in filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar's much-awaited Fashion goes through five subtle but distinct phases, tracing her journey from Chandigarh to a top model in Mumbai.

"We followed the journey of Priyanka's character Meghna Mathur from the time she comes to Mumbai from Chandigarh to become a supermodel in five phases. It's a very natural, subtle progression," said Rita Dhody, who has done the styling for the movie, which is a take on India's fashion fraternity.

"Initially, she is shown as a very hep character with loud colours - everything is matching in her attire from the lipstick to nail polish to even her shoes. It's a very look-at-me look," Rita said, explaining Priyanka's character in Fashion.
"But when the first change occurs, the colour palette begins to change - her make-up becomes light. Then, when she becomes a model and a supermodel, the contrasting change is very visible. When she starts losing it all, she becomes very edgy - everything from the colour palette to the make-up becomes softer to show she doesn't care any more about her looks before her resurrection takes place," the stylist said.

Releasing on Oct 29, Fashion also stars Kangana Ranaut, debutante Mugdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan, Arjan Bajwa and many of the who's who of the fashion industry.

Rita, who runs a company, Ananda, which works on the embroidery silhouettes of international brands like Armani and Chanel, said the actors' look in the film is based on a classic approach on contemporary fashion and not any existing trend.

"It is very contemporary and a very much today's look, but my idea was to streamline and take it to the classic side than making it trend-based," she said.

Rita revealed that the styling for Kangana's character in Fashion would make "audiences feel sorry for her".

"The movie begins with Kangana's look as a supermodel. She is very thin so we gave her short dresses with low necklines that wouldn't look vulgar as we wanted the image to stick to people's mind that she is a supermodel who is very comfortable with her body," she explained.

"We also used Kangana's hair in an exotic manner. We cut it short but kept her mop of curls to make her look more vulnerable when she loses it all. During that phase, she is also shown sporting long t-shirts that would make audiences feel sorry for her," Rita said.

Debutante Mugdha Godse, who plays a failed model, sports a "bindass" look.

"Mughda's look in the film is a fusion of rock and a grunge to give her the survivor look as a B-grade model who would do anything before we clean it up, making her more chic and glamorous. We gave her a little bikini top and a t-shirt slashed up like a choli (blouse). She also sports a pair of chains and ankle boots," she said.

"She's got a very tiny waist so we tried showing it. We gave her really low-waist trousers and a beautiful tattoo on the side of her hipbone. Her hair was cut short and infused with a strong essence of red in it," she added.

This is the first time Rita has done the styling for a film and she admits it wasn't an easy job.

"A lot of detailing went into the film from jewellery, clothes, colour and accessories to nail polish. We had to make sure that everything was in sync with the frame and complemented each other and for that we even worked on the junior artists. We wanted to make it look very authentic and real.

"We didn't try to sensationalise it by making it more bling or costume-based. I had to restrain myself from going overboard as Madhur can't take over the styling and there were huge time and budget constraints," said Rita, who has helped in positioning and building global brands like Dolce & Gabbana (D&G), Chloe, Stella McCartney and Fendi in India.

"We had 11 character-based ramp shows in the film as part of the story line that were very much thought about. There is also a lot of jeans and shirt that have been used in the movie to show the models in real life," she added.

Rita confessed that she is exhausted with her maiden venture and plans to "refresh" herself before signing on another project.
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Gangster Abu Salem serves legal notice to Monica Bedi

Extradited gangster and accused in the 1993 bomb blasts case Abu Salem today served a second legal notice to Bollywood actress Monica Bedi, informing her that she was his legally wedded wife and did not have the right to marry any other person.

In the notice, Salem said that both of them were married in a mosque at Los Angeles in America as per Islamic laws and hence she was not entitled to marry any person unless he divorced her.

Monica BediThe don’s notice, however, said she was free to marry anybody but only after he divorced her.

In the earlier legal notice sent to Bedi, the jailed gangster had said though it would leave him heartbroken, he would not deny her a divorce if she so desired.

Salem said he loved her and was deeply hurt and distressed by statements that she never married him. Dignified silence in this private matter would have been most appropriate, the notice said.

He said his anguish and anxiousness were multiplied as he was unable to communicate with Monica since he was in Arthur Road jail since 2005.

According to a hindi movie producer, when Salem was in India a free man, and was extorting money from Bollywood during this period, he did manage to get Monica work. Producers feared for their lives, and most of them were forced to sign Monica at gun point. Now Salem was in jail, but still kept a tab on Monica, which scared the industry, he added.

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Imran Isn't shying away from the adult content of Delhi Belly

Ranbir Kapoor had opted out of Delhi Belly with a squirm, protesting to producer Aamir Khan that he wouldn't be able to watch the film at the premiere with his parents.

But Imran's cool with the sexual content of his mamu's film, "I'd have no problem watching it with my mom or girlfriend. I have a cool rapport with my mom."

Imran has been attending workshops for Delhi Belly. "We started shooting from October 4. Delhi Belly is in English, so it's inherently limited in appeal." Imran has lost weight for this role, "I needed to lose that muscular look. So I've stopped gymming completely. I'm not exercising at all. And I'm eating as much as I want because I'm not prone to fat at all. For Kidnap and Luck, I needed a bulkier body."

He continues, "I played a daredevil and had to jump off the 20th floor. I insisted on doing it myself although the body double was present. I got a shouting afterwards from my mom, girlfriend and Sanjay Dutt. In fact, Baba phoned Aamir to complain. That's how Aamir got to know about it.

Having jumped from that height, I've lost fear of stunts. My next action film will have to be really big. I grew up being thrilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. I had decided that if I were offered those kinds of stunts, I'd do them on my own."

After Aamir heard that Imran had performed a dangerous stunt for Kidnap, Aamir called Imran home and gave him a dressing-down.

Says Imran, "He said, 'You have to be more responsible towards yourself and your family.' He's right but I don't know if I can listen to him in this case."
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Akshay Kumar and Vijender Kumar at a special event organised by 'Make a Wish' foundation

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Arjun Rampal, Farah Khan, Karisma Kapoor at the media meet of 'Nach Baliye 4'

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Big B goes home with Abhi-Ash

The Big B was discharged from Lilavati hospital, Mumbai, yesterday on the auspicious occasion of Karvachauth. He was admitted on his birthday after he complained of severe abdominal pain. His son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were there to take him back home. We caught the superstar on camera as he left the hospital. Take a look!

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Talismaan- Trailer

Watch Talismaan
Bollywood Movie - Trailer Starring Katrina Kaif | Amitab Bachan | Rani Mukherjee | Aishwarya Rai | Gayatri Joshi | Mallika Sherawat | Yana Gupta | Deepal .

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