Now seduction also available on EMI

Two of B-Town's hottest people are set to sizzle together in the upcoming film 'EMI'. Handsome Arjun Rampal will appear in a hot dance number with sexy Malaika Arora Khan in the movie.

It's a fantasy song in which Malaika seduces Arjun. Apparently the twosome had to do a great deal of pelvic thrusts while shooting this song

Now after 'OSO' and 'Rock on', we know that Arjun can act too, but the same can't be said about Malaika. After all till date she's only shown off her dancing skills in all the movies she's done.

This is for the first time that she's playing a role and it's that of a fast and hot girl Nancy who enters Arjun's life and leaves him bankrupt.

Apparently Malaika too was apprehensive about working in the Sourabh Kabra's comedy as it was not just about flaunting her oomph quotient.

She was nervous but Arjun came to her rescue. He jokingly told her that he would teach her acting while she could train a non dancer like him.

Looks like Malaika's tips have been of good use for Arjun who's now even ready to judge a dance reality show ('Nach Baliye 4')!

The movie has Sanjay Dutt playing a recovery agent as well as Urmila Matondkar, Neha Oberoi, Ashish Choudhary and Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

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It takes a lot to stand in front of Kangana and Priyanka: Mugdha Godse

Wow, what a discovery. You think Madhur has found a diamond.
(Laughs) Madhur Sir has definitely found a diamond. Yeah, I am really glad that I'm a part of Fashion in a huge way.

But I guess, I have to give credit to myself also because it does take a lot to stand in front of Kangana and Priyanka. Therefore, I just hope that I manage to do that. So far so good.

It must've been a lot easier to act as a model in your debut film as you are a model by profession too?
It does sound good and easy from your end and you do get a psychological support but it's not a piece of cake. My character is nothing close to what I am in my real life. Not the kind of a person or a model.

So it's a completely different journey I'm going through in the film. So for me it was different. Acting and modeling are two different genres all together. In Fashion I'm not the kind of a ramp model that I'm off screen.

So what is Mugdha Godse in real life?
Mugdha Godse is a very simple girl. She is a bit shy also and not at all classy and I'm being frank here. I'm very bohemian and hippy by nature. Mugdha is a middle class girl, which Janet is not in the film. I am chilled out too.

Tell us a bit more about Janet, the role you play in the film.
Janet has a heart of a gold and she is not a highly successful model. It's a journey of a character and how she helps other people.

Few incidents happen in her life and she has to take some important decisions that leads to a few things. Fashion is an emotional journey for Janet. She is bold, outgoing and an outspoken girl.

Her language is completely different and she has been in the Fashion world for quite long to know what happens in front and behind the scenes.

Being a real life model, did you give a tip to your senior co-actor Kangana on ramp walking and what actually happens in the world of Fashion?
Not as such because she is a really good actress. She did not need any tips but she did ask me a few times, as to what we did after the Fashion show got over. We used to have a little discussion but I never gave tips to Kangana. I mean, Priyanka is senior to me in modeling. So I guess she should be the right person to give tips.

Madhur is known for his realistic take on his films. Are there any controversial scenes in the film?
I don't want to become the culprit by answering that question. You should probably ask this to Madhur Sir. Yeah, but if you can wait for two more weeks, you'll find your answer.

Any female models who've inspired you a lot in your modeling career?
I am a very big fan of model Jessi Randhawa who also happens to be my close friend.

I've seen her ever since I entered the Fashion world. I admire Nina Manuel she has fantastic skin. There are very few models in India who've got their own personalities and manage to carry them off well. I forgot another name here, Carol Gracias.

They all are my friends but I used to look up to them when I started off in my modeling career as they've all been here for almost a decade and I'm only five years old.

Are your friends doing a cameo in Fashion?
Jessi Randhawa has done one ramp show in Fashion and then Aanchal Kumar who is a good friend has also done a couple of ramp shows in the film.

Let's talk about the opposite sex here. Any male models you've looked up to?
(Laughs) I think my last favourite male models were Arjun Rampal and Milind Soman. I have a lot of male model friends but none are hotter than the two I just mentioned to you. Kuch maza nahin aaya baaki sab mein (laughs).

'In the Fashion world, you have to give up much more than just your morals'. That's the tag line of the film. Can you elaborate a bit more?
Everyone thinks that the film is going to show all the casting couch stories, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. This is what you feel when you hear or see the tag line of the film. But it's all about the emotional journey.

When you talk about morals, you talk about how you suppress your emotions and anger. I believe in creating my own moral rather than having it.

After the film, do we call you a better model or a better actress?
I think a better actress, after you see the film. I can now call myself a veteran in modeling because I've spent half a decade. Acting is something new I've tried and it's worked wonders for me, thanks to Madhur Sir.

And quit modeling?
I wouldn't say quit. 'Quit' is not the right word. Frankly speaking, modeling will always be there as that's given me the name what I am today in the entertainment world.

Yes, I won't be able to give that much time as I used to give before for modeling. But today you see film personalities walking the ramp and doing ad-campaigns, etc. So anything is possible.

Any other offers you've got besides Fashion?
There are a few offers, which I've got. I have signed a deal with Percept Picture Company for their next film. I'm reading scripts everyday and if something clicks, then I'll definitely do it.

What is Madhur Bhandarkar's way of working?
Madhur Sir can make any man or a woman act. He made me realize that I can act. When I met him first, I told him, "I can't act because I've never really acted in my life."

He confidently said, "Don't worry. Leave it up to me and just listen to me." He opened the right pores and put the right colors in my bottle and I discovered myself as a good actress. I am very thankful to him and I hope that Fashion does as well as Madhur Sir's previous award winning films.

How much of a physical change did you have to bring about in your role?
Because I've been a model, I was in a proper shape. I didn't have to work on my body but just maintain it. But in the future, if any role demands me to put weight, I'll do that and that's how an actor should be.

Are you afraid of the screen space you'll get in Fashion after it's release? I mean, you're a debutant and the film rests heavily on Priyanka's shoulders.
Once you see the film, you'll come to know that. If I can create an impact with one close up in a one-minute promo, I'm sure a few scenes in the film will only make it better. There are going to be hundreds of eyes in the cinema hall. So if you're good, you'll get recognized.

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My only close friend in the industry is Rekha: Hema Malini

Hema Malini caught in a zingy mood on her birthday.

Ageless, timeless, classic beauty….All these descriptions of Bollywood's resident dream-girl evaporate when you speak to the graceful beauty.

So matter-of-point to-the-point and comfortable in her space, you wonder is this the woman whom they called the only female superstar, who took no nonsense from any of her male colleagues and resurrected careers of many slumping male superstars from Rajesh Khanna in Premnagar to Manoj Kumar in Sanyasi.

On her birthday Subhash K Jha chats up with the ageless diva.

So what makes this birthday so special?
You tell me. People like you make it special for me.Believe it or not, I didn't know what a birthday was until I was 16 years old. I don't remember any birthday party as a child.

Even that 16th birthday party was organized by my producer Ananthswamy who discovered me for Hindi cinema in Sapnon Ka Saudagar. It was when he insisted that I have a birthday party I realized, 'My God, birthday mein party hota hai kya?'

What do you mean?
My mother never celebrated my or mine or my brother's birthday. I don't know why! Looking back it seems so funny. Sad, no? I think birthdays are big in North India, not so big in the South.

So after 16 you became addicted to birthday parties?
Once you become a star everyone is eager to celebrate your birthday. There would be a cake on the sets, co-artistes singing for me. I started looking forward to my birthdays.

So how are you bringing in your birthday this year ?
It started nicely enough two evening earlier with the Mahurat of Ek Thi Rani Aisi Bhi where I play Rajmata Scindia. I met Vinod Khanna, my parliamentarian -colleague who plays my co-star. He's looking so good these days.

We had done one of my favourite films Meera together many years ago. Now we're doing another film in the same Rajasthani ambience.

You haven't changed at all since Meera.
Neither has Vinod Khanna.

What about the birthday party?
I've kept that for Saturday when I'll be back from Tirupathi after my annual birthday visit with all my relatives. I like to have a birthday party every year for which family and close friends are invited.

Everyone is so busy with their life. Sab ek saath milte hain achha lagta.This is the one time during the year when I'm able to meet all the people who matter to me.

And who are they?
My close friends are all from outside the industry, except Rekha. I'll only call her. We're very fond of each other for years. We've been colleagues and friends for decades. I've invited her. I hope she comes.

Who's planning the party?
Esha and Ahana. Everything is being organized by them while I'm off to Tirupathi with about 15 of my relatives including the brother.

Will Dharamji be there at the party?
Of course he will. What do you mean? He has to be there.

And your fans, how do they connect on your birthday?
There're some fans for years who would go crazy if I don't let them wish me. I make it a point to take their call on my birthday. There's a lady from Nasik Lata Shirke. She's so fond of me. She sends all kinds of gifts like perfumes. I truly value this kind of love. And when you say no one in the industry speaks badly of me I feel my life is worth it.

When you visit Tirupathi on your birthday what will you be praying for?
I hardly have anything to ask for. I just want to be doing the right things in life. And to create new opportunities for myself. I can feel God with me all the time.Also I'd like to produce a film with Esha in the lead. I don't know why that isn't happening as quickly as I want.

What gift would you like this birthday?
Some new level of excitement in my life? Can you suggest something.

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Plastic surgery could be my next option: Himesh Reshammiya

After close to a yearlong of generation of hype and hoopla for Karzzzz, the film is finally releasing.
Yes, last one year has been quite eventful. Now is the time for audience to pass its verdict. It's a slick 2 hrs 18 mins film. I am really expecting it to take a good opening.

Exhibitors and distributors have been mighty excited about the prospects of the film. We are bringing the film out on close to 1200 prints globally, which is historic and next only to Singh Is Kinng.

1200 prints! Now that's quite a number, something which one relates only to a Khan film. Are we expecting the film to sustain similar print count in second week as well?
To answer you first question, 1200 prints is reasonable since we are making our presence felt in single screens as well as multiplexes in a big way. Yes, you can say that Karzzzz release is as huge as a Khan film. About the second weekend, how can I say anything at this point of time?

It would depend completely on how the audience reacts to the film in the first week. In the past, it has happened that shows had to be increased in the second week run of a film. You never know, this may happen in the case of Karzzzz too!

The way Karzzzz has been hyped 24X7, doesn't it scare you a little? Don't you feel you should let the film do the talking now rather than so much of hype resulting in people becoming extra demanding?
See, no hype is big enough. In today's market scenario, you have to pitch your film in such a way that the least it does is receive a very good opening at the box office. Because if that doesn't happen, piracy would only end up killing it.

Moreover, hype created for Karzzzz is justified. It is coming after the success of Aap Kaa Surroor; the songs have been chartbusters while the talkie promos have been received very well too. When the going is good, why not keep the momentum on?

You must be thankful to your producers for this.
Absolutely. I am happy that Bhushan (Kumar) is getting all his marketing skills in place to pitch the movie as well as the music, in just the right manner.

As a producer, he understands the medium and it is due to his marketing acumen that as many as 8 songs from the film have been placed across all music channels in 1 and a half months flat. It is unprecedented!

Would earning mega bucks over the opening weekend be satisfactory enough for you?
Good opening over weekend is the demand of the market but for me to be successful as an actor, the film has to do very well in three stages - opening, acceptance and sustaining power. This would be the true measure of the film's success.

Somewhere it was mentioned that your son is your biggest critic and likes predicting about Bollywood movies and music. What does he have to say about Karzzzz?
As you know, he was bang on about the music of Karzzzz. After the very first listening, he declared that it would be superhit and that's how it is today. He saw the first copy of the film, which just came out and immensely liked it. He has assured me that it would be loved by the audience and for me his assurance is like gospel's truth.

Has he been right in prediction of films, which haven't starred you?
Absolutely, he saw Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa, Race and some time back Rang De Basanti and said then and there that these movies would be huge successes.

Basically, he is just like any other normal kid of today who is cued into Bollywood in a big way. He is a movie buff and his judgment is mostly right. Now people can sometime go wrong as well though I sincerely hope that it doesn't happen for Karzzzz (smiles)!

Himesh, coming to you acting in Karzzzz, did you really feel that you could carry it off?
Basically, I believe that every true movie fan has an actor hidden in him somewhere! Agar aap 10-20 saal se filmein dekh rahe ho to kuch acting toh aap seekh hi jaate ho!

Yes, it's a different thing that you may or may not realize the potential of an actor in you. I sensed this a few years back and that is when I decided to take the plunge. Karz is my favorite film and I had to give it a tribute in some way. I am not trying to prove a point because I am not even 1% as good looking or a good dancer as Rishi Kapoor!

And you were still confident?
For me, Karzzzz is all about the belief that a common man can be a hero as well. He may not be the most good looking or dashing but he has in him the willingness and passion to do well.

On the sets, I was a newcomer with great actors like Urmila Matondkar, Danny Denzongpa and Gulshan Grover around. I had to really work hard to make sure that I am able to stand up in front of all these seasoned actors.

So my 'mantra' was to act 'dil se' and leave the rest to Satish Kaushik. He is the one who worked on each and every nuance of mine and corrected me at every step. Moreover, with a face like mine, I had to be extra careful that I don't do anything silly!

You seem to be openly criticizing your looks?
'Ab kya karen, jo hai usse badal to nahi sakte! ' My sister Roopa has been working on my styling for over the years. Maybe plastic surgery could be the next option!

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There was no trouble between me and urmila: Shweta Kumar

Making her entry with Karzzzz, not everyone must be familiar with the name Shweta Kumar, but we all know Indra Kumar her dad. Not wanting to hold her dads hand while climbing the ladder of success lets talk to Shweta about her character Tina in Karzzzz.

Q- Have you seen the original Karzzzz? What do you think about Tina Munim?
A-Yes, to get into the character I have seen the original Karzzzz a couple of times. As far as Tina Munim is concerned she was one of the finest actresses in her times. When you see her in this film it just doesn't seem like she is acting, she so natural. Everytime you watch the film you seem to fall in love with her.

Q- The viewers have loved Tina Munim in this film, do you think they are going to accept you in the same role?
A-I cannot run away from the fact that the viewers are going to compare me to her. But I would like to tell my viewers that I have tried my best to do justice to the character.

Theres no doubt that I have learnt a lot from Tina Munim for this role but I have played the character of Tina with my own style and not of Tina Munim's and I'm sure that none of the viewers are going feel that I have copied Tina Munim in this film.

But I would like to request the viewers that when they go to watch this film they should be clear about the fact that they are going to see Shweta Kumar and not Tina Munim.

Q- Are you regretting the fact that you have been cast opposite a senior actor like Himesh and not someone like Imraan or Shahid?
A-The day I was offered this film the only thought passed through my head was whether we both would look convincing onscreen., I had not even met Himesh at that time.

But the next day when I went to his office along with my portfolio I was surprised to see him, when I saw his style I was convinced that we would look great together onscreen. Now when we both are looking so good on screen I don't think the age really matters.

Q- How has Himesh made you feel as a co star?
A-Along with a light and fun loving work atmosphere he also made sure that I was comfortable.

I guess he knew how hard it is for a new comer as they are always tensed and nervous so he tried his best to make me feel comfortable coz he knew if I was not then it would in some way affect my work which would indirectly affect the film.

Q- What do you have to say about the other senior co stars like Urmila. Danny and Gulshan Grover?
A-I hardly have two or three scenes with Urmila but I got to learn a lot even in those little bit scenes. She is one of my favorite actresses. I have grown up seeing her films. Her film Kaun and Ek haseena Thi are amongst my favourites.

I was overjoyed as well as a bit scared when I learnt that I would be working with her in my film.Dannny and Gulshan Grover treated me like their daughter. Each one of them had a loving and caring attitude towards me.

Q- But I guess we heard that there was some trouble between you and Urmila regarding the costumes?
A-Absolutely not, like I told you we have two or three scenes together so there was no question of any trouble with the costumes.

Q- Did you find any difference in Urmila onscreen and in Urmila off-screen?
A-She came out to be a much better person off-screen as she was very friendly and supportive. As she is known as diva in Bollywood for me she was a diva and a perfectionist.

Q- Do you consider this launch as the best launch you could have got?
A-Yes, definitely.You tell what does a new comer actually want? A good director like Satish Shah, a big banner like Tseries, A good producer like Bhushan Kumar and a good star cast which we have. What better than this could I have asked for.the music of this film is already a big hit.

Q- After becoming a star do you regret that you have lost you r freedom and have to be more responsible types, you cannot roam around in public freely?
A-I guess to achieve something you will have to sacrifice certain things. Before entering this field I have lived my life the fullest and enjoyed every moment of it. Now I think its time to get serious and concentrate on my career, so I'm ready for everything.

Q- But don't you think you have given up your freedom too soon?
A-No not at all, infact I feel I've come in too late.Im starting my career when I'm 24 while Kareeena had started her career when she was 18. So I'm already late.

Q- Dint you feel that your dad should have launched you when you were 20?
A-Honestly speaking dad was going to launch me but he got busy with the shooting of Dhamaal and then I got busy learning dance and acting. When we both got free my dad started searching for a script for me.

In the mean while I got the offer of Karzzzz.I had never ever dreamt that I would be launched by some other banner, since childhood I always knew that my dad would be the one to launch me.

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Naughty Saif Ali Khan reveals his other plans!

Saif Ali Khan didn't always nurse dreams of being an actor!

It seems hard of believe but that's what Saif insists on

He's revealed at a recent event for children that his childhood dream was to become a secret agent or an astronaut as he liked reading about space.

But when his cricketer-father Mansoor Ali Khan told him that he'll get shot if he became an agent, he changed his mind!

Saif fascination still remains though. That's why Saif is planning to make a film called 'Agent Vinod' but unfortunately the movie is still taking time to take off.

By the way, a low budget movie with the same name came in the 70s and told the story of a secret agent.

As a child Saif had other 'interests' in school too

He was a mischievous kid and he revealed that a girl with really long hair had to cut it short after he applied gum on them.

Looks like the mischievous streak has helped him to play naughty boy roles in movies like 'Dil Chahta Hai', 'Hum Tum', 'Kal Ho Na Ho' etc so convincingly.

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Why Sharman & Rimi aren't a part of this Golmaal

Golmaal Returns is a movie which is red hot both inside as well as outside the industry.

Its Diwali release is expected to be huge, notwithstanding competition from Fashion and EMI and all eyes are on this Rohit Shetty film to take one of the best openings of this year. No wonder, expectations are sky high from this sequel to Golmaal.

However, there are questions around the exclusion of Sharman Joshi and Rimi Sen from the project. While Shreyas Talpade has replaced Sharman, Rimi Sen has made way for as many as 4 leading ladies - Kareena Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Amrita Arora and Anjana Sukhani.


"Don't look for any controversies here because there aren't any", says Rohit Shetty who is keeping super busy as his film gets closer to the D-Day, "Sharman was originally supposed to be doing Golmaal Returns and he had said Yes as well.

We had to shoot the film in Goa last December and had dates from everyone else. After December, it was difficult to get combination dates from other actors since Kareena had to shoot for Tashan in January, Ajay had to leave for U Me Aur Hum, Arshad was occupied with Shortcut and so on."

What happened to Sharman's dates then? "To everyone's disappointment, Sharman's secretary informed that he didn't have any dates available in December.

He had to report for Dilli 6 which was planned around that time but because of one individual; we couldn't have juggled around with dates of so many other actors. We had to take a call and this is how Shreyas stepped in", reveals Rohit.

But today, Sharman isn't a part of Dilli 6! "Yes, he did come back eventually as he wasn't doing Dilli 6 anymore", nods Rohit, "However, by that time Shreyas was on board and it would have been unethical to replace him. It was one of those scenarios where we couldn't do anything."

What about Rimi? She did eventually walk away in the sunset with Tusshar in Golmaal, isn't it?

"This was exactly the reason why we couldn't have enhanced this character further", says Rohit, "We wanted to make a series of Golmaal rather than a sequel per se.

If Rimi was present in the film, she would have had to be Tusshar's wife and that would have required us to take his family angle forward. We didn't want to do that since it would have continued the same storyline. Golmaal Returns is a series with four boys and hence we retained the boys but not Rimi."

Talking about his heroines in Golmaal Returns, Rohit acknowledges that Kareena's character is one of the most important in the film.

"My other three leading ladies would make their presence felt too. Celina has a good role to play, that of a South Indian girl. In the film she is not wearing revealing clothes or busy seducing people. Lengthwise, her role may not be the same as Kareena but importance-wise, it is."

How about Anjana and Amrita? "Anjana has relatively lesser screen time but in the second half of the film, especially towards the climax, she is hilarious in her own way. On the other hand, Amrita's character in the film is that of a totally dumb girl. You have to see it to believe it."

Rohit is quite confident about the prospects of Golmaal Returns. "We have been unpretentious in declaring that Golmaal Returns is not your classic-in-the-making. It is not a great film.

It is a 'masala' film and we are preparing people to expect the same when they walk into the auditorium. Our entire promotional strategy is centered on suggesting that Golmaal Returns is a hardcore commercial entertainer and a solid time pass at that."

So one should not be expecting drama or emotions, right? "Perfect", smiles Rohit, "The film is truly slapstick with no drama, no emotion-baazi and no seriousness.

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Katrina Kaif - Crystal clear about her career!

Katrina Kaif was shooting for Subhash Ghai's Yuvvraaj at the world famous Swavroski showroom in Austria recently.

Known for its landmark jewelry and showpieces, unit members began teasing Katrina saying that the rare crystal pieces would catch her attention more and the shooting work less.

"What piece of jewelry should I buy for myself? What piece would best adorn my home?" were the question, the unit members said, surely troubled Katrina. But surprise, surprise! Katrina Was only focused on her work. Her attention was completely on the Scene that was being shot.

"Not even once did Katrina's attention get drifted towards the showpieces and the jewelry. She was completely immersed in her work.

She was 'crystal' clear about her career. Anybody in her place would have easily given into the temptation of walking around the beautifully decorated store and shopped like a maniac. But not Katrina."

The unit members decided to honour Katrina's dedication towards her work. "We bought a gift from Swavroski for Katrina and presented it to her after the shooting got over. She was touched by our gesture, " a unit member revealed smiling.

The unit member added, ""Swarvroski usually do not allow any shooting To take place in their stores. But made an exception for Subhash Ghai's film. They even kept the store shut that particular day. But thousands had gathered to watch the shooting of the film.

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Priyanka meets Melanie Griffith-Antonio Banderas

The opening night on Friday of the Middle East International Film Festival went off like a dream.

Priyanka first bumped into the When Harry Met Sally star Meg Ryan at the opening. Apparently the two actresses bonded briefly but affectionately.

But the real bonding happened later at the festival's opening ceremony, when Priyanka shared a good two hours with Hollywood's hot couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

The couple was seen conversing very warmly with Priyanka.Banderas even expressed a keen wish to work with Priyanka.

"What you've heard is right, " says Priyanka. "I did spend come time chatting up with Antonio and his wife Melanie. We sat together at the opening. Antonio was extremely charming.He was familiar with the Bollywood film industry and the financial leaps it has made in recent years."

Banderas, in fact, spoke to Priyanka about the possibilities of a tie-up.

Priyanka was sitting in the front row with the Hollywood couple when Melanie turned around to ask, 'Are you the famous Bollywood actress?'

Melanie loves India and Bollywood.

So is Priyanka finally going interanational? "The language doesn't matter. It could be Hindi English or Punjabi it's all the same to me."

Fashion was supposed to premiere at the Middle East International Film Festival. "And that's how I found myself there. Fashion was supposed to be shown at the opening night of the Middle Eastern Film Festival.

But the post-production wasn't done. They still invited me. I was very hapy to represent Bollywood. I was in Abu Dhabi for just half a day. I went in the afternoon and returned to India late night, to Delhi for another event next morning.

There's too much going in my life: the dubbing of Fashion, promotion of Fashion and Dostana and my new film What's Your Raashee is starting."

When Priyanka walked into the posh hotel in Abu Dhabi she was like… wow this is meant for a holiday not work!

"For the first time I craved for a holiday. But I don't need to combine work with pleasure. Because my work is my pleasure. The opening ceremony then the after-party at Abu Dhabi and I left at 1 am. I can't even afford to be jetlagged. I love my work. I enjoy the rush. But I realized my body needs rest. I am petrified about not fulfilling my commitments. So far so good. I just need a holiday after Fashion and Dostana are released."

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* Celebs walk the ramp to raise breast cancer awareness

New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) Observing the Breast Cancer Awareness month, a line-up of celebrities and socialites sashayed across the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) ramp to spread the cause and show creativity of designer duo Falguni-Shane Peacock.

The show, held late Thursday evening, saw Bollywood actresses Sameera Reddy and Minissha Lamba and socialites Farah Ali Khan, Niamat Bakshi, Tanisha Mohan and Shivani Burman on the catwalk.

'Breast cancer is on a rise in India and so this is an effort from our side to make the ladies aware so that they give their breasts some TLC - of course some tender, love and care but also a touch, look and check to monitor regularly,' advised Devika Bhojwani, who survived the disease seven years back.

'This disease can be picked up quickly so it is important to go in for regular check ups and do self check ups as well. We should not take our health for granted,' she added.

Falguni and Shane, who did the show for lifestyle care brand Fiama Di Wills, said the cause was very close to their heart as the former's mother was diagnosed and cured of breast cancer at an early stage.

'We wanted to do something different this time and what better way to do it for a cause with so many lovely ladies walking the ramp for us. We have gone a little over the top, extra creative and wild with our clothes this time,' said Falguni.

The collection was all about exaggerated gowns which created an elaborate red carpet look in shades of reds, smoky grey, blush pinks, purples and off-whites. There were bejewelled ensembles in voluminous gowns with pink bows that signified the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Feathers flounced from shoulders and sleeves of gowns with hems of varying lengths. The cloth - more of organza - was bunched up and twisted with detailing like origami folds, and multiple tiers, pleated and folded to give a grand look.

Minissha, who wore a white short gown with a white feather trail behind it, said: 'Women need to wake up and please take care. Our health is our biggest priority and the essence and beauty of a woman lies truly in her breasts. Fashion was a very good way to promote breast cancer awareness as it celebrates feminity and womanhood.'

Apart from the show, Falguni and Shane are also setting up an auction for a special peacock dress that is short, a halter cut and heavily bejewelled. Even the outfit that jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan flaunted, would be auctioned at the WIFW venue Friday.

The money collected from the show would be utilised towards breast cancer afflicted women who cannot afford proper treatment.
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Priyanka's tryst with Hollywood stars Melanie, Antonio

Mumbai, Oct 17 (IANS) Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra bonded well with Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas at the Middle East International Film Festival in Dubai and apparently Spanish star Banderas expressed a wish to work with her.

The ongoing festival started Oct 10 and on the opening night Priyanka first met 'When Harry Met Sally' star Meg Ryan. At the opening ceremony, Priyanka shared a good two hours with Hollywood's hot couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

'What you've heard is right. I did spend come time chatting with Antonio and his wife Melanie. We sat together at the opening. Antonio was extremely charming. He was familiar with the Bollywood film industry and the financial leaps it has made in recent years,' Priyanka told IANS.

Banderas spoke to Priyanka about the possibilities of a tie-up, but the actress didn't comment on this.

When asked if she was going international, Priyanka said: 'The language doesn't matter. It could be Hindi, English or Punjabi, it's all the same to me.'

Priyanka's much-publicised movie 'Fashion' was supposed to premiere at the film festival.

'And that's how I found myself there. 'Fashion' was supposed to be shown at the opening night of the festival. But the post-production wasn't done. They still invited me. I was very happy to represent Bollywood.

'I was in Abu Dhabi for just half a day. I went in the afternoon and returned to India late night, to Delhi for another event next morning. There's too much going in my life: the dubbing of 'Fashion', promotion of 'Fashion' and 'Dostana' and my new film 'What's Your Raashee' is starting.'

Priyanka says when she walked into the posh Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, she was like, 'Wow this is meant for a holiday not work!'

'For the first time I craved for a holiday. But I don't need to combine work with pleasure. Because my work is my pleasure. The opening ceremony then the after-party at Abu Dhabi and I left at 1 a.m.

'I can't even afford to be jet lagged. I enjoy the rush, but I realised my body needs rest. I am petrified about not fulfilling my commitments. So far so good. I just need a holiday after 'Fashion' and 'Dostana' are released.'
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Aftab & Aamna 's Love Story!!

Full on romance is going on. People have spotted Aftab's car outside Aamna's building in lokhandwala and vice versa.
It is said “matches are made in heaven” but in bollywood it more seems like it’s made on the film sets. Aftab & Aamna didn't know each other before they signed the film, but they instantly connected with each other from day one. They fell in love on the sets of Anuj Saxena's Maverick productions film titles 'Aloo Chaat.'

Aftab is known for his charming attitude and was previously involved with Yana gupta. Aamna too was rumored to be seeing Rajiv Khandelwal, but they never ever accepted it. Aftab is very sensitive by nature and adores the woman he is in love with. He keeps telling Aamna to call him Faffy and not Affy which is often referred to him in film industry.

Aamna is equally in love with him. Full on romance is going on. People have spotted Aftab's car Aftab & Aamnaoutside Aamna's building in Lokhandwala and vice versa. Aftab has signed her for "Sab Se Peechhe Hum Khade Hain" his first production venture.

Aftab is quite well-known for hiding his personal life, but we think he should be man enough to accept it. After all it is he who chose to be in the entertainment industry where fans love to know about personal life. Sources also revealed that Aamna personally celebrated his birthday few months back, secretly in Los Angeles. These days she is also keeping low profile and is not even making any public appearances.

In a way Aamna has not only got a launch from actor Anuj Saxena (who is the producer of Aloo Chaat under his production house Maveick) in the form of a film but also a true love in the form of Aftab Shivdasani who is head over heels over her and vice versa.

Aftab and Aamna should better understand “Ishq chupaye nahi chupta”…. A leading tabloid recently carried their personal pictures letting the pictures speak thousand words. We wonder what the point in hiding their love, when the whole world already knows about it!For Gossips And Mirch Masala Log On To Bollywood Paradize

Mallika won't have any dialogues in 'Hisss'

Mallika Sherawat has often played the blabber-mouthed girl-next- door roles. However in her forthcoming film, Jennifer Lynch's Hisss, she won't have any dialogues. Mallika who plays a snake woman, will express her emotions and feelings through body language and expressions.

Confirming this, director Jennifer Lynch says, "Mallika is a snake so how is she expected to talk? She doesn't know the human language. The world of words and sentences is unknown to her. As a snake, she has other senses with which she communicates.

Even when she transforms from her snake from to the human one, she doesn't speak. Mallika kind of freaked out when she was told that she had no lines. As an actress, she is used to convey her emotions and expressions through dialogues."

A source reveals that this is Mallika's most challenging role to date. "It's not just mentally exhausting but also physically. She has to forget that she's human when she takes the snake form. Her body movements and expressions change. Her make-up takes about five hours to be put on and she has to wear contact lenses which resemble a snakes eyes all day, which is quite a painful ordeal."

When asked how Mallika is coping with these requirements, Jennifer says, "She is a sport and is doing everything possible in her capacity to make this role her best. She realises it's a big challenge but is fully determined to go all out to bring it alive on screen."
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Priyanka Chopra on Indian Idol 4

If the auditions of Indian Idol 4 on air had its share of fun, laughter and tears… now get ready for a spate of emotions and rush in the adrenaline as contestants gear up for the fiery test.

This Friday, October 17, will see the top 15 girls perform.

Flagging off the first episode of the Indian Idol 4 - Piano Round will be none other than the glamour girl and star of Madhur Bhandarkar's “Fashion” – Priyanka Chopra.

While Priyanka's presence will boost the confidence of the pretty little ladies, past “Indian Idol” winners will also be present to boost the morale of the girls.

Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya and Prashant Tamang will be there to support and cheer the girl's brigade.

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Deepika Padukone's favourite designer is Manish Malhotra

Model-turned-actress Deepika Padukone, who is in New Delhi to walk the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) ramp for designer duo Shantanu-Nikhil, says she does not follow any fashion trends.

"I believe in being comfortable in what I wear instead of wearing something in fashion that does not suit my body. I don't follow fashion trends," said Deepika.

Deepika says her favourite designer is Manish Malhotra, who is popular with most Bollywood icons.

"Manish always goes out of his way for me and does a good job. He also did my first film 'Om Shanti Om'," she said.

On Thursday, the actress was dressed in a one-shoulder, short salmon coloured dress designed by Shantanu-Nikhil, who are showcasing their collection at the WIFW as part of the sponsor show for personal care brand Fiama Di Wills.

"I am really looking forward to be a part of the show," Deepika said.

Deepika attended an event here to announce the winner of a Fiama Di Wills Beautiful Face 2008 Hunt, organised in collaboration with the Elite Modelling Agency.

Delhi-based Prerana Sharma was crowned winner of the event by the actress.

Deepika said: "During my days of modelling, I never got any such opportunity or platform to showcase my talent. But god has been kind to me."
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Shahid Kapoor's incredible chemistry with kids in 'Paathshala'

A man of few words, Shahid Kapoor is all set to don a new role, of a teacher, in Ahmed Khan's Paathshala. Shahid must have been a master of dance but now he has to prove his expertise in Music and English in the film.

Paathshala, as the name suggests, revolves around kids, and is set in a school campus. The film also has actors like Nana Patekar and Ayesha Takia playing key characters along with a bunch of renowned child artistes. The picture above displays Shahid grooving with the kids to the beats of a song. And we must add, he surely has an amazing chemistry with the kids.

Shahid has managed to touch everyone's heart recently with his performances in Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection. Now, it only remains to be seen if he can strike the emotional chord of the audiences, yet again, with Paathshala.
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Lolo, Bebo together!

Karisma and Kareena Kapoor will finally share screen space together on TV. The siblings will feature together in an episode of Nach Baliye 4. The Star reality show has Lolo as the judge while Bebo will be the celebrity guest.

The sisters have yet to feature in a film together. On Tuesday, Golmaal Returns producers (Ashtavinayak) pencilled her in to promote the film, on the reality show. She will be the only star from the cast who will be present. Considering that it is a dance-based show, the Kapoor girls will also shake a leg together.

The shoot will happen on October 20 and the episode is slated to air on October 24.

It is learnt that when Bebo was informed about the plan, she was thrilled and agreed without even a moment's hesitation. As all eyes will be on the twosome, they are looking forward to make it a memorable experience for them, the participants as well as the audience.

Says Kareena, "It is a reputed show and Lolo is there, so I'm really excited about being on it. Golmaal Returns is very close to my heart. It's crazy and I had a blast shooting for it. I'm sure the audience will have one watching it too."

Along with Karisma, Farah Khan and Arjun Rampal are also on the panel of judges that has telly couples gyrating to B-Town tracks for the coveted title.
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SRK rides Knight Riders wave

Industry sources say, Khan’s popularity has soared after his association with Kolkata Knight Riders, with many Kolkata-based brands looking beyond Sourav Ganguly, tagged ‘maharaja’ of Bengal, and pursuing the ‘baadshah’ Khan’s endorsements instead.

Shahrukh Khan has emerged a brand that is selling not only through Bollywood movies but also through new endorsements.

Industry sources say, Khan’s popularity has soared after his association with Kolkata Knight Riders, with many Kolkata-based brands looking beyond Sourav Ganguly, tagged ‘maharaja’ of Bengal, and pursuing the ‘baadshah’ Khan’s endorsements instead.

Moreover, Shahrukh Khan, who gave two hit movies in the year - Om Shanti Om and Chak De India - reportedly earned more from the advertisements and endorsements.

Khan’s most recent endorsement after Indian Premier League (IPL) was with Linc Pen, one of the largest players in the branded pen industry, which appointed Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador.

This is also the first time that Linc Pen has opted for a celebrity brand ambassador to endorse its products.

According to Deepak Jalan, Managing Director, Linc Pen, “Shahrukh Khan is someone who personifies style, entertainment and popularity and these values resonate perfectly with our brand attributes. Moreover, Shahrukh cuts across age groups and demographics and appeals to a universal audience just like our products and was therefore a natural fit for the brand.”

In hand phones, Shahrukh Khan endorses Nokia.

According to Nokia India managing director D Shivakumar, “We are planning to bundle exclusive content featuring our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan for handsets sold in India.”

Nokia recently bundled the full length ‘Om Shanti Om’ movie in Nokia N96. It will look at bundling video clips and music of Shah Rukh Khan movies in the handsets.

Shahrukh Khan, on his part, would extend collaboration with Nokia for such possibilities through his production house Red Chillies Entertainment.

Khan also has Kolkata-based Emami to add to his long list of endorsements.

Khan is reportedly paid Rs 5 crore every year for his association with Emami.

Emami is known for having the maximum number of celebrity endorsers including Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, Sunny Deol, cricket captain Sourav Ganguly and also Amitabh Bachchan.

Shahrukh’s ad campaigns for Emami include ads for Chyawanprash and few other herbal healthcare products of Emami. The Kolkata-based Emami gets more than half of its revenues from their personal healthcare range.

Emami’s prime catch, however, has been Amitabh Bachchan, who is its umbrella brand ambassador, though he was signed on for Emami Fast Relief and Emami Navrattan Oil. Bachchan reportedly is paid a remuneration of Rs 10 crore - Rs 12 crore per annum, for this endorsement.

This year, Shahrukh Khan, who gave two hit movies in the year - Om Shanti Om and Chak De India - reportedly earned more from the advertisements and endorsements.

Also, Shahrukh Khan gets Rs 1 crore for being present in a function arranged in India.

Shahrukh Khan currently endorses more than 30 brands, including Pepsi, Hyundai, Airtel, Videocon, Sun Feast, Tag Heuer, Dish TV and Mayur Suitings.

According to TAM Media Research, Shahrukh has logged 4.25 million TV seconds in 2007 and has endorsed 39 brands. He was followed closely by Amitabh Bachchan, who logged 3.16 million seconds, having endorsed 36 brands.

However in 2008, Aamir Khan has been the highest paid star-endorser having bagged a fee between Rs 12-Rs 15 crore per annum for his last three commercials, including Tata Sky, Samsung Mobiles and Parle Monaco biscuits. Khan’s competition?

Till a year ago, the gap between Shahrukh Khan, the No 1 player in Bollywood, and Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan was big.

However, now, Akshay is the highest-paid actor currently getting Rs 17 crore for a film, and Aamir having produced two super hits in Taare Zameen Par and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na which have grossed Rs 220 crore, has pushed up Aamir Khan’s market value in sync with Shahrukh Khan.
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Priyanka Chopra at the launch of 'White Ribbon Initiative'

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Amisha Patel at the launch of 'Nailspa'

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Shilpa and Shamita Shetty at book launch on Oneness University at the BSE

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Celebs at the relaunch of Poison

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