Nymphomaniac from Bheja Fry: Cricket = Orgasm

Nymphomaniac from Bheja Fry: Cricket = OrgasmShe was termed as 'nymphomaniac' in 'Bheja Fry' (2007). Couple of years after the release of the films, she continues to be stuck with that image even though she has worked in different films ever since then.

While 'My Friend Ganesha' (2008) saw her playing a young mom, recent release 'Kal Kissne Dekha' (2009) had her play a bombshell professor.

This is not all as she has also worked on films like 'My Daddy Strongest' (with Kumar Gaurav) and 'Mr. Bhatti On Chutti' (with Anupam Kher), both are which are ready and slated for release soon.

Meanwhile, she is glued to television and is happily following cricket.

Though she is disheartened that India is out of contention for retaining the title as ICC 20:20 Champions, she continues to be positive about the fact that India will bounce back in many more championships to come.

On India's loss
It's disheartening, yes. We have one of the best teams in the world, yes. We surely did try our best to win, yes. But then anyone looking at predicting the outcome of a match is a fool.

On Dhoni's captaincy
Captaincy is all about thinking ahead of the play, not about responding to it and Dhoni is an excellent captain.

On India's twin religion - Cricket and Films
In India there are only 2 religions - Cricket and Films. I think it's the greatest thing that God ever created on earth - certainly greater than sex. But sex isn't too bad either. Cricket civilizes people and creates a gentleman out of a man. I want everyone in India to play cricket and I want ours to be a nation of gentleman.

On her own love for cricket
I love watching cricket. I am sitting at home glued to the television watching every single match. Cricket is too exciting to miss. Nothing excites me as much as cricket. However, I have never played it. After all, it requires one to assume such indecent postures.

On cricket being named so
I wonder why it’s named after an insect. Cricket is a psychological sport - 90% of cricket is played in the mind. Modern cricket is all about strategy - its a beautiful & highly stylized medieval war substitute.

On comparing cricket with an orgasm
Cricket is a brilliant game, cricket is the magic of chasing a dream, cricket is beautiful. Cricket is actually indescribable. After all, how do you describe an orgasm?

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Who says Katrina can't speak proper Hindi?

Who says Katrina can`t speak proper Hindi?Who says Katrina can’t speak proper Hindi? She’s been practising constantly with friends and in her dubbing, so much so that Katrina has almost lost her voice.

The dubbing for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has taken its toll on her throat. Raj Kumar Santoshi is always known to be very particular about his actors’ lamguage. For Ranbir in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani who has a lot of colloquial Hindi to speak, he has personally been supervising the dubbing.

But Ranbir is a very skilled dialogue deliverer. And getting the rustic colloquialism right is a cakewalk for him

For Katrina dubbing is the most difficult part of the acting process. After all she was initially dubbed by professional artistes. She finally won the right to speak on screen in her own voice in spite of a thick British accent.

And now Katrina Kaif is going through the worst tribulation of her brief career.

Dubbing for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is the most challenging thing Katrina has ever done.

“I don’t have any colloquial lines like Ranbir. I play this Catholic Bandra girl who’s very dramatic. She’s funny to others. But not to herself.

So when I cry I have to cry real tears but make sure they come across as funny First of all the lines are not comic in the dubbing theatre. So I’ve to recreate the laughter on the sets in a studio without knowing if I am being funny enough.”

For Katrina it’s excruciating. “I don’t know whether I’m getting it right or not. I’m doing the dubbing under supervision. But this is the most difficult film I’ve dubbed for.”

Now that she’s almost finished dubbing she plans to go through the entire dubbing in Santoshi’s film and re-do the portions Santoshi isn’t satisfied with.

A bigger challenge now awaits Katrina. In Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti she must recreate all the rhetorics that she mouthed on stage in front of thousands of spectators. as a female politician.

“The speeches I made have been taped. Now I have to listen to them, get the accent tone and voice quality right and dub in a studio.”

Easier done than said.

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Kareena Kapoor tells why she'd never wear a bikini again

Kareena Kapoor tells why she`d never wear a bikini againIf you thought 2008 was the year of Kareena Kapoor then wait till you hear what's in store for this stunner in 2009.

"For starters, " she begins as she packs for her much-awaited week-long vacation in Europe with Saif Ali Khan, "I'll finally be moving into my new home in January. It's just a hop and skip away from where I stay on Hill Road in Bandra. I can't give up being close to my mom and living in Bandra."

The home in a building called Queen will also have a new apartment for Kareena's mother. "Of course my mother is moving with me. I can't live breathe or take one step without my mother. The only difference is she'll now have a separate apartment. But we're still on the same floor."

As for the home that Saif is preparing for the two of them, Kareena shrugs, "That won't be ready for another two years. That's how long it's going to be before we get married anyway. Right now my diary is filled up till 2010. There's no space for even a runaway marriage."

Kareena has in fact decided to gift her mom much more than just a new home. She has made her mom a New Year promise.

"No more bikini shots for me. I mean I'm very happy with the kind of attention and adulation I got for getting into a bikini in Tashan. And I wasn't uncomfortable wearing it. Why should I be? I've the physique to carry it off. But that's it.

My mother didn't like me in a bikini. Also the kind of work that I'm doing now in 3 Idiots or Renzil d'Silva's film doesn't require that kind of exposure."

With her super-star daughter being extremely busy with her career and Saif, mom Babita has a lot of time on hand.

"She now does a lot of charity work with charitable institutions like the Mount Mary Old Age Home in Bandra and other places. She's a very giving woman. I should know.She scarificed her own career and joys to bring up my sister and me."

Not too many people know Babita is half-Christian.

Reveals Kareena, "Her mother was a Christian and father a Sindhi. So we are as fond of the church as we're of the temple. Christmas is a big event for us. That's why I needed to rush home at this time from Philadelphia to be home for Christmas before taking off for my holiday."

Surprisingly Kareena is full of praise for her supposed arch-rival Priyanka Chopra. "I don't know why so much is made of our rivalry. We're in totally difference spaces. She does her own films. I do mine. Whenever we meet she's really sweet to me. I don't understand why we're made out to be two squabbling sirens. Please, we're grownup women."

As far as conducting a career goes Kareena's role- model is Aishwarya Rai.

"I love the way she carries herself and the roles she's choosing after marriage. I'd like to follow that pattern when I get married."

But that's a long way off. At the moment Kareena is just happy being with Saif.

"He may appear to be very volatile and undecided, just like me. But actually he takes all the right decisions on my behalf. He's totally into his books while I love films. I keep him clued in to what's happening in the industry.

Right now we both want to see Ghajini before we leave for our holiday. We're both Aamir fans. Ater Ghajini I think the next film Saif will see will be my 3 Idiots. And this time it won't be for Aamir."

Kareena is also packing some scripts for her holiday. "I'm definitely going to read some scripts and select the right films to do after 3 Idiots and Rensil's film. I've to find films that justify my presence."

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Priyanka Chora shell-shocked by Gowariker's Outburst

Priyanka Chora shell-shocked by Gowariker`s OutburstAshutosh Gowariker’s comments on Priyanka Chopra not deserving the Best Actress award at a recent awards function, has left the industry shell-shocked.

While the actress has withdrawn into a dignified silence she has told friends that Gowariker who’s currently directing her in What’s Your Raashee said what he felt and that she holds no grudges.

Too private and dignified a person to speak against anyone Priyanka has apparently made up her mind to finish her work on Raashee and move on quietly.

Says a source, “It’s not a good time for Priyanka. Shayad usski raashee achchi nahin hai, pun intended. What’s Your Raashee is the toughest role of her career.

Priyanka not only had to enact twelve parts she also had to assemble all twelve parts on the screen together for the climax. It sapped her. She even fainted on the sets.

And now after having won every single popular award for Fashion it’s a shame that she was publicly told that she didn’t deserve the award, and that too from her own director.

Anyway Priyanka is a professional. She hasn’t allowed her breakup with Hurman to affect her on-screen chemistry with him. She won’t let this incident sour her.In fact she jokingly told a friend she hopes to be back at the awards with Raashee.”

Fashion director Madhur Bhandarkar is far more openly vocal.

“I’m shocked by what Ashutosh had to say. We’re friends and I admire his work. More than us, our wives are very close friends.

If he felt this way he should’ve shared it with me and Priyanka, not spoilt the golden moment for her on stage. Priyanka got every popular award. Doesn’t that prove she deserves it?”

What shocked Madhur more was the fact that the criticism came from Priyanka’s own director. “He’s working in What’s Your Raashee with Priyanka. That’s what makes his outburst more baffling and contradictory.”

Gowariker seems to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way the awards function.

One of the hosts for the evening says, “After Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh did their skits on Anil Kapoor and the best films of the year Ashutosh Gowariker stormed back -stage and gave Boman and Riteish a firing.

What’s his problem, yaar? Who appointed him the industry’s resident MNS?”

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Soha is one of those who would never give up

Soha is one of those who would never give upBollywood actress Soha Ali Khan's "new appeal" and "mature" looks helped her bag "Tum Mile", says Kunal Deshmukh.

"I needed someone like Soha who has the looks that still have a new appeal despite being in the film industry, but could also bring in some maturity to her character. I did not need a newcomer and hence it was my idea to cast her for 'Tum Mile', " Deshmukh told in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

"In fact, it was for this reason that I cast her opposite Emraan (Hashmi) and it has turned out to be a brilliant casting. She's done her job very well and I am so happy to have roped her in the project, " he added.

"Tum Mile" is a romantic movie about a couple stuck in the July 26, 2005, Mumbai deluge.

Co-produced by Sony Music and Vishesh Films, "Tum Mile" is Deshmukh's second directorial venture after "Jannat".

"We needed to recreate the deluge and had to shoot in water for over 12 hours a day for 'Tum Mile', but rather than throwing tantrums, Soha showed exemplary levels of energy on the sets, " said Deshmukh.

"Soha was like GI Joe (military-themed action figure). She didn't get tired at all and never stopped. She kept on working. She is one of those who would never give up, " he added.

Deskhmukh feels that Soha, who has appeared in films like "Rang De Basanti", "Mumbai Meri Jaan" and "Ahista Ahista", is yet to get her due in the Hindi film industry.

"She has been very good in her career so far and is getting better. She is an extremely talented actress. Unfortunately, she hasn't got a great role yet to show her skills but eventually she will, " he said.

"Tum Mile" is tentatively slated for release on July 24.

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Soha denies doing intimates with Shiney

Soha denies doing intimates with ShineyForget mindless blood and gore, PNC's next horror-cum-psychological fare, Accident, will really send a chill down your spine and keep you on the edge of the seat.

Produced by Pritish Nandy and Rangita Nandy, the film stars Shiney Ahuja, Soha Ali Khan, Rahul Dev and others.

The cinematography is by Abhik Mukherjee of (Bunty Aur Bubli and Chokher Bali fame); The Accident is a 'classic psychological horror film, which shows the deterioration of a woman’s mind'.

The film is about a couple moving from California to India, and meeting with an accident soon after. The woman loses her child, creating an emotional rift between the couple. Life takes an eerie turn after they move to a certain bungalow

. There on, the condition of the girl's mind deteriorates... or does it really? Or are supernatural powers at play? As director Abhijit Chaudhuri aka Dadu (the renowned ad film maker in the league of Sudhir Mishra and Anurag Basu) puts it, "The Accident is horror in the tradition of The Tenant.

It is more a mind game than a blood-fest. Scary and freezing because the fear is immediate and palpable." Soha seconds this thought, as she says, "It (the film) has an international quality to it... As the film progresses, it will keep the audiences guessing."

Well, another reason why the film is in news is because of some intimate scenes between Soha and Shiney.

The duo has shared the screen in Khoya Khoya Chand earlier. Soha refutes that there are too many intimate scenes or too much intimacy in them.

She says that there isn't a lovemaking scene, as such, and there are only silences and shadows. Though the actress has no qualms about doing such scenes, she admits to drawing a line if she is not comfortable.

Lately, media has been speculating about the completion of the film and when we contacted the Mr. Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Vice President, Pritish Nandy Communications, he added, "We have completed more than 90% shoot of the film.

We need to shoot just three to four more days. The scenes would require Soha Ali Khan and Shiney Ahuja. We will be shooting the solo Soha scenes and other patch works first.

Once we get fresh dates from Shiney Ahuja we shall resume the shoot and wrap up the film."

When asked about the reports published in various websites and news agency that the fate of the film is undecided, Mr Mukherjee added, "Certainly not. The film is almost complete and we would release it whenever we are ready with it.

It's a new kind of cinema, a treatment which is not seen on Indian celluloid. Moreover I am very confident about the fact that people will get to see a talented filmmaker like Abhijit Choudhuri and writer Arindam Mitra.

Horror films will get a different definition with The Accident." So, the audiences need to get ready to get spooked out.

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People meet me on streets and say Sir Ek Gaali Do Na: Raghu

People meet me on streets and say Sir Ek Gaali Do Na: RaghuRaghuram who gave nightmare to the contestants in MTV Roadies, got candid in an interview talking about his film, fundas and future. Reality show specialist will be for the first time dealing with fiction with the film 1-800-love. So guys get geared to expect many unexpected avatar of his.

On film offers…
Rajeev and I have received many film offers. But the fact is that we don’t have time. I turned down the offer from a big production house over date issues.

Very sarcastic remark came from him saying oh! Raghuram does not have time and has date issues. I was doing Roadies then. I said yes Raghuram has date issue more than your biggest star because Raghuram is an employee and usse chhutti ki arzi deni hoti hai. I can’t stand up and say hey shoot for me anytime.

On his film debut…
I desperately needed a break from work and had decided upon a sabbatical. But very next day I got a call from Abbas Tyrewala. I am playing an integral part in his film 1-800-love that stars John Abraham and Abbas’s wife Pakhi.

I’m not playing negative character but it’s a normal personality like in Jaane Tu… Genelia’s fiancĂ©, he was not a villain, he was a certain character. My look will be the same in the movie. mujhe wig pehna diya jaayega toh koi pehchaanega hi nai.

On Abbas Tyrewala…
If you see Jane Tu Ya Jaane Naa…there are no black, white or grey characters. I like Abbas bhai because he does not look at the world as black or white. We do meet such characters in life. Abbas was looking for that character that has personality like me.

He auditioned lot of people but nobody fit the character thus he approached me. I told him personality toh theek hai but performance is your department as I am not the born performer.

I had only met him at the premier and once for the celebration of his movie along with my wife Sugandha Garg. She did not recommend my name at all for my film. As I have barged unknown number in my phone Sugandha conveyed me that he (Abbas) has been trying to get in touch with me.

On Roadies after-effects…
I use to get weird calls including death threats at odd times. Once it was three in the morning. A guy called Arjun constantly kept calling me. I told him that I don’t take calls at this time. He still kept calling but I did not answer. Guess what he messaged me saying baat karle baksh dunga, Warna tu gaya.

I was like Mare ja raha hai baat karne ko karle jo karna hai…I did not speak to him. Then I changed my number but again my new number got leaked on Orkut. So I got unknown numbers barged.

I am very private person in fact I stop going to places where people start staring at me. Log kehte hai bewkufi hai what if someone has some serious work with you. I am like gaya toh gaya but I don’t wanna be bothered.

At times mujhe log street pe milte hai they say sir ek gaali do. Yeh kya baat hui…Fir mein gaali deta hoon they say thank you. Its strange log gaali sunna chahte hai mujhse. The say sir aapse ek baar fadwaani hai.

On acting career
I do not want to come on camera. I opposed to my best for even roadies audition. Only reason that I agreed was that I knew what I want out of a Roadie and I could speak Hindi. I am a person who will execute behind the camera.

Acting is what I never wanted to do but I’m passionate about music. Cameras don’t make me nervous but I am edgy about acting. It is altogether different that I have been doing so far.

If meri wajah se retakes hote gaye toh mereko bahut burra lagega. Films are far more expensive than shows. Kya hoga yaar! Mereko sabse bada tension yeh hai ki kissi sad scene mein koi ro raha hai aur mein hass pada.

On future in acting…
I never ever planned Bollywood. I don’t anyway foresee a long career in film industry for myself because of the way I look, I won’t experiment either.

On Childhood …
We are from South Indian middle class family where you have to study, get a good job, get married and settle down. We were not that good student. All our focus was in making a better student. There were no extra curricular activities that we would take part in.

I now feel that it was a mistake. We were not good in studies because that did not interested us. Music interested us, story telling interested us. We did drop out from college and started working. It’s almost 15 years now. Everyone can do everything but only few people excel.

Maths class mein har koi baithta hai, log 100% bhi laate hai aur mere jaise fail bhi hote hai. Meine ek baar zero laaye the, fir maine mehnat ki mehnat ki aur agle test meine ek laaye tha. Ussi class mein mere bagal mein baithne waals usse 25 mein se 25 lata tha.

Seekhaya toh sabko jata hai lekin who kuch log hote hai jo seekh jaate hai. So it is all about if you have an aptitude you can become an actor. If you are good at some thing you should get trained and then you improve with experience.

MTV, I and Rajeev share a connection. Our energies match. No channel would like to show our idea but MTV loves it. So it’s fun to be here. Why go else where.

On VJying…
People think who can gel their hair and go to gym can become a VJ. VJying too needs an intrinsic talent. According to me Nikhil and Ranvijay are the best presenters we have. But all I and Rajeev can do is we can express ourselves most effectively. If some shows will require us as a personality we will do it.

On his Love for music
Rajeev and I always had affinity towards music. When we were 5 months old we would react to the emotions of the song. If it is sad song we would cry and if it happy song we would laugh. I do play guitar but I regret not learning Karnataka music.

Our teacher said that they can be brilliant singers only if they can sit still for an hour. So they refuse to teach us. We use to do choreography in college and continued it for 5 years. I am also associated with a band called Agni. I wrote Roadies theme song, I wrote song for Team Diva with Agni.

Lot of my friends asks me to cut an album but I believe though I am a better singer than most of them but it does not mean that I can come up with an album. Sonu Nigam, Jagjit Singh, ….they are so good, that is the standard of singing.

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Sonakshi Sinha finally says Yes to Salman Khan

Sonakshi Sinha finally says Yes to Salman KhanWill she, won’t she? Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi was offered a role by Salman in a film to be produced by Arbaaz Khan.

But Sonakshi, apparently in two minds about a film career, decided not to do it. She had studied fashion designing and that’s what she wanted to pursue as a career.

The girl hadn’t bargained for Salman’s persuasive powers. Apparently he kept asking Sonakshi and her parents (who are very fond of Salman) until they finally relented.

And now Sonakshi has finally said yes to the untitled film which begins shooting in a couple of months.

Says a source very close to the project, “Salman saw Sonakshi at the Fashion Week and told her to lose 10 kgs. Sonakshi decided to lose 30 kgs. And not by starving herself. She maintained a balanced diet, went to the gym regularly and embarked into water sports. Within no time she was stunningly slim.”

That’s when Salman got doubly persuasive and that’s when Sonakshi relented.

The film will be directed for Arbaaz Khan Productions by Anurag’s brother Abhinav Kashyap. This would be Arbaaz’s first production.

Apparently the director went to Arbaaz to sign him an as an actor. Arbaaz offered to produce it.

Says the proud father Shatrughan Sinha, “Acting was never on the cards for Sonakshi. But I remember as a child she was very cute and I had promised she would do an ad. This is perhaps a fulfillment of that promise. As long as she doesn’t compromise the dignity of our family I’ve no objections to her doing films.”

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Kareena Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?

Kareena Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?New Delhi media was in for a shock as Kareena Kapoor staged a walk out of a press conference in the city where she was present to promote her upcoming film Kambakkht Ishq.

Visibly upset and fuming with anger, she marched towards her suite when a female reporter questioned her if she would be willing to go totally nude for camera if the script demanded so.

Informs an onlooker who was present at the venue, "The question shocked her. Just a few minutes back, she had patiently handled queries regarding her professional life.

She had also commented around wearing a bikini in Tashan and now Kambakkht Ishq mainly because the 'script demanded it'. Though averse to doing so in future projects, she admitted that she would keep the subject and story in mind and would do 'anything' that is required by the script."

Though it was a diplomatic stand on affairs, things went a little too far when an over zealous reported popped the question - 'Would you mind going nude for a role?'

"This was it", adds the source, "Kareena lost her cool at that very moment and rather than choosing to blast the reporter and create a scene, she simply aborted her stay at the press conference.

The flabbergasted reporter didn't know what hit her. The event coordinator too felt disgusted about the entire incident and found himself in trouble as this situation was totally unforeseen."

The source continues, "There were problems for Kareena from the very beginning of the event. First and foremost the chosen venue itself wasn't conducive enough to handle a large media that had assembled.

Around 100 odd reporters and journalists had gathered in a room that wasn't large enough to host a mega celebrity press conference like this. With the claustrophobic venue not helping the cause enough, queries like these were enough for Kareena to blow her fuse."

For media and the film, director Sabbir Khan came to rescue though. He handled the situation well by staying on at the venue and continued to interact with the reporters.

"Yes, Kareena was justified in walking out but Sabbir too did all to ensure that promotion of Kambakkht Ishq didn't get impacted", says a fellow reporter, "He realises that the film is just a few days away and didn't want any bad blood to spoil the show. He had a thin rope to walk on and did pretty well in rescuing the event from turning into a complete disaster."

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Revealed: Why Kangana and Adhyayan broke up

Revealed: Why Kangana and Adhyayan broke upWe all know love birds Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut have broken off but then how is Adhyayan taking up the break up? We found out.

Adhyayan has stated that he has always been very open about his love for Kangana in the media and was more vocal about his love for her.

He is candid enough to admit that the reason it did not work out was simply because it was very important for him to focus on his career right now. He is just one film old and with only that one big film Raaz 2 working well whereas Kangana is four years old in the industry with also 10 films down.

If he misses the bus now he won’t be able to catch it again and especially in a field like this where 2 lakh people are coming everyday to Bombay to become a star.

States Adhyayan, “I can’t afford to mess it up. I haven’t taken my father's help and neither have I told him to make a film for me. I’m doing it all for myself. I don’t want to take a chance. We are still friends for love can always wait and career won't.”

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Katrina Kaif is miffed with Imran Khan?

Katrina Kaif is miffed with Imran Khan?Since last few days Mumbai tabloids have been carrying reports about how a miffed Katrina Kaif has walked out of Sanjay Gadhvi’s 7 Days in Paris because of her to be co-star Imran Khan’s constant interference in the scripting.

We caught up with Katrina at the New York press meet where she cleared air about this so called controversy.

Katrina’s reply to our query on the same was, “The script is still being done. So once it’s complete I will take the call.”

She further went on to add, “It’s much more fun working with younger co-stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Imran Khan, since we are of the same age and there’s a certain connect.

Though I have worked with senior stars but there is a certain respect and restraint while working with them. With the younger heroes I am more carefree.”

Katrina Kaif, who has made a mark in Bollywood with her stunning looks coupled with acting talent, also says that she will never do a film for money.

The 24-year-old actress, whose earnings support her family of seven sisters, said there are times when she feels that she needs the money being offered to do a particular film.

"I am in a panic situation. But, If I succumb to such pressures, I know the audience will not respect me, " Katrina told in an interview.

The actress, who made her debut in Bollywood with box-office disaster Boom has not looked back since finding success with Akshay Kumar starrer Namaste London.

Looking back at her career Katrina says that she considers her journey so far as a learning experience.

"I went through a learning phase and I consider myself lucky to have learnt discipline from my co-stars Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Salman. They have helped me to strengthen my fundamentals, " she said.

"But if you stagnate, the growth is over. I have done many comedy films. Success of films like Partner, Singh is Kinng gets you to a very wide audience reach. But for greater gains, you need to take greater gambles. If it works, you get respect and recognition, " Katrina said.

Katrina is optimistic about her upcoming Yashraj film New York with John Abraham and Niel Nitin Mukesh, which is releasing on June 26.

"When I first asked director Kabir Khan about my character, he told me that Maya is like every girl... she is you without make up and costumes. I realised that he was telling me to be myself in the film, " Katrina said.

"When I saw the film last week, I saw me. I can't be myself in every movie of mine. But when that happens, the film has to be special. I was taken aback at Kabir's grasp of the subject and story telling style, " she said.

The actress feels that the audiences should not go with pre-conceived notions to watch New York.

"The film has all Indian emotions, but its narrative is very English movie style. New York may not be a typical masala entertainer, but has all the right ingredients to connect with the audiences, " the actress said.

Katrina may have signed hard-core films like Rajniti and Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani but she does not want to be part of preachy, art house movies because she believes that cinema is a medium to entertain.

The star feels that it is time for her to give 100 per cent priority to her career at present because she does not want to be complacent and disappoint her audiences.

"I am not working to earn a living, but I am living movies. I am finding me enjoying the process, " she said.

'Aajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani' with Ranbir Kapoor will be her next release, followed by Akshay Kumar's De Dana Dhan.

"We will start shooting for Rajniti from August end. So far, we have shot the political portions in Bhopal, " she added.

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Wake Up Sid - First Look

Wake Up Sid, Ranbir Kapoor,Konkona Sen Sharma,Rahul Khanna
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No Sallu at Kat’s b’day!

Remember the tamasha that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan created at Katrina Kaif’s birthday last July in a Bandra restaurant?

How could anybody forget the incident that threatened to split Bollywood down the middle with that other Khan, Aamir, doing his best and failing to patch up the prickly differences that cropped up and still exist between Sallu and SRK! Well, it’s birthday time again, and this year, the sensitive Katrina, who is under a lot of pressure already within and outside Bollywood, seems determined to make her party a happy, safe and stress-free occasion.

The actress is taking off for a rare, full-family reunion in London this July to coincide with her birthday on the 19th. Katrina, while not admitting that the idea is to keep out Salman, has confirmed that she is planning a family holiday in July. “I’ve been burning the midnight oil to make myself free for my family and I’m exhausted and stressed. I can’t wait to go home. Though I’ve met parts of my family on every visit, all of us eight siblings have not been together in nine years... can you believe it! I really want to do this,” said the actress.

She’s the middle sister among seven girls of the Kaif family and has always said it was a traumatic experience to wrench herself away from this family cocoon in London and make a career on her own in Mumbai. According to close friends, Katrina was petrified of the isolation in her adopted place of residence. That’s why when Salman’s family took her in their fold, she reciprocated their affection and remains eternally grateful to them.

Today, the fact that she wants to return home and rejoin her family on an occasion when Salman last year created major embarrassment to her, suggests Katrina’s trying hard to gently move away from her adopted family in Mumbai. She, of course, will be the last to admit this. To BT, the gorgeous actress just said, “I’m so looking forward to being with my sisters. My brother is also going to be in London for the first time in years with all of us sisters. It’s not a holiday for me. It’s a necessity. And nothing can stop me from making it happen.”
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Katrina and Neil make appearance on Salman show Dus Ka Dum to promote New York

Salman Khan appears in a jolly good mood on 10 Ka Dum's latest episode, with Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh making an appearance. When a young woman in the audience comes up with a request, he quickly asks: "Are you asking for your money back for Yuvvraaj?" She requests Salman to do a waltz with Katrina on the show
a la Yuvvraaj.

The two gladly oblige but not before Salman comes up with, "Subhash Ghai has now edited the film and reduced the running time, so please will someone go and see the film now?"

The audience cracked up at all his one-liners. But don't they always? Why can't someone ask him something uncomfortable and rile him up? Now airing that would be entertainment!
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Kaminey - First Look

Kaminey, Shahid Kapoor,Priyanka Chopra,Amol Gupte
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Madhur shocked at Ashu's outburst over Priyanka award win

Ashutosh Gowariker's comments on Priyanka Chopra not deserving the Best Actress award at a recent awards function left the industry shell-shocked.

After Farhan Akhtar told Ashu that his comments were in bad taste that same night, now Priyanka Chopra has found another knight in shining armour Madhur Bhandarkar, for whose film Fashion, PC got the Best Actress award.

While Farhan relayed his words personally to Gowariker, Bhandarkar is more vocal, "I'm shocked by what Ashutosh had to say. We're friends. More than us, our wives are very close friends. If he felt this way (about PC being underserving) he should've shared it with me and Priyanka, not spoilt the golden moment for her on stage. Priyanka got EVERY popular award. Doesn't that prove she deserves it?"

Madhur was shocked that the criticism came from Priyanka's own director, "He's working with Priyanka in What's Your Raashee. That makes his outburst more baffling."

While the actress has told friends that Ashu said what he felt and that she holds no grudges, she has apparently made up her mind to finish Raashee and move on quietly.

Says a source, "It's not a good time for Priyanka. Shaayad usski 'raashee' achchi nahin hai. What's Your Raashee? is the toughest role of her career. She has had to play twelve parts. It sapped her. And now after having won every single popular award for Fashion it's a shame that she was publicly told that she didn't deserve the award!

But she won't let this incident sour her mood. In fact, she jokingly told a friend she hopes to be back at the awards with Raashee."
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In Pics: John, Katrina and Neil at New York media meet

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Close-up horrors

Whatever has happened to the once-gorgeous Manisha Koirala? She is looking shockingly gaunt. Result of crash dieting? We no like, Manya.

Kat has a bump....Not of the nice kind. She has a big bump on her forehead, the kind that you get when you walk into a glass door, which you don't notice because you are too busy talking on the phone.
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I will never do a film for money: Katrina

Actress Katrina Kaif, who has made a mark in Bollywood with her stunning good looks, says that she will never do a film for money.

The 24-year-old actress, whose earnings support her family of seven sisters, said there are times when she feels that she needs the money being offered to do a particular film. “I am in a panic situation. But, If I succumb to such pressures, I know the audience will not respect me,” said Katrina.

Katrina, who made her debut in Bollywood with box-office disaster Boom has not looked back since finding success with Akshay Kumar starrer Namaste London. Looking back at her career Katrina says that she considers her journey so far in the industry as a learning experience.
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